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  1. I just can't resist.... "A preachment my friend, your about to receive, on John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the temptations of Eve..." Edited the video myself, the old fashioned way. On videotape. Without timecode
  2. One of John Wayne's SAA's, which looks perfectly normal, apparently started life as a Bisley model according to its factory letter. So, it had to have been converted. So, I don't see why an Uberti could not be so changed. However, it's not just a simple swapping of the grips. It's probably a LOT easier to trade it for one in the configuration you want than to change this one. On the other hand, I CAN tell you that you can swap bird's heads for a plowhandle just by swapping them. All I had to do was some minor fitting of the stocks.
  3. I can only go by what I have.... First Gen Colts Second Gen Colts Third Gen Colts Uberti Armi San Marco Great Western {original} JP Saur I like my 2nd Gen Colts best. First and Third are a close second. And I think I'd have to go with the Armi San Marco's in third, as they are the "least different" from the Colts. The "silly safety" is just a double notched cylinder pin. Nothing weird with the hammer, no rotating pins, no transfer bar or frame mounted firing pin. That being said, the others are all of good quality and are reliable shooters. Of course my Sm
  4. Another. and perhaps simpler, solution is to use hollow based bullets and load the same way you would any other bullet. I use a .358" hollow base bullet for .38 Short and Long Colt, and sometimes .38 S&W. This bullet will work for older guns in the caliber with a .375" bore as well as in newer guns when they switched it to a .357" bore. That way you don't have to do separate loads depending on which gun you use them in.
  5. Hey, that''s the thread I started a couple of years ago. Was nice to read it over again. Funny, but a lot of it does touch on what you suggest not be discussed. Sorry about all that if I made a boo boo.
  6. Those wads never give me any trouble in my 97s, 87s, or my Parkers. Or in 20 gauge, my Stevens pump. And it's a lot of fun seeing all the debris and confetti they spew on the line.
  7. About a week ago, I came across an Uberti 66 in .22LR AND an Uberti 73 in .22LR. The 73 was used in good condition, and the 66, which uses the same frame as the full sized Henry, was new old stock. Both were under a thousand, in the 900+ range. I was seriously considering getting one, or both, of them. Fast foward to today, when I have the money. They are both gone. Oh well. Better luck next time, I guess.
  8. I saw one for sale a few years ago, and as someone who already uses and loves the Lightning, and .32-20 caliber, it looked intriguing to me. I do recall asking about its legality for SASS, but I don't remember what the verdict was. Several pards did say they would not object if I showed up with one though. They felt like how certain other "modern" designs that are evocative of guns of the era are legal, this one would be okay under the same line of thought. Given how it only has a 7 round capacity, it does have a built in handicap, but so does the Spencer. In the end, I decided against
  9. I think it would be fun to shoot a match with .22s sometime. I never have, but I do think I'd enjoy doing it once a year or so if the option existed.
  10. Hi everyone. I regret to announce that it's been over a month since anybody bought a copy of one of my books. So, I am gonna promote a bit to see if I can drum up some sales. The series title is, "The Chronicles of Analamar" and so far three books have been released on Amazon.com in both e-book for Kindle and paperback versions. Book I: The Constable and the Chief Captain. After many years of peace, the Three Kingdoms are once again threatened by their old enemy, the sorcerer Borak. Or are they? While there is evidence that he has indeed risen again, there are t
  11. Late in the evening about sundown High on the hill and above the town...
  12. Of course you did. They are the lyrics from "What's Up, Doc?" Bugs Bunny's themesong.
  13. I'd say do this. I have 3 .32-20 rifles. A Winchester 73, a Winchester 92, and a Colt Lightning. None of them have ever given me a lick of trouble. (Well, the 92 was missing a screw that held in the mag tube, and I discovered that the hard way, but once it was replaced, no problems) I also have a 1st and a 3rd generation Colt SAA in the caliber. Again, no problems.
  14. All brass shells are great. And you can load 'em smokeless if you want to.
  15. Which I still don't understand. Well, yeah, I do. "It's not a 97" I guess that's what I don't understand the reasoning behind.
  16. In my opinion, there is really one reason to go with a 20 gauge; you found a really cool one at a gunshop and decided you wanted to have it. And that's the best reason to use any gun. As of this typing, the only 20 gauge I have is my grandfather's Montgomery Ward pump that he bought during WWII. It's not a SASS legal gun, but I have shot a Zoot match with it. I load Magtech all brass shells for it, as that was easier and less expensive that tooling up to get everything needed to load 20 gauge plastic. Yes, smokeless. I keep thinking I'd like to get SxS 20, just for the v
  17. Nice looking rifles. I too occasionally clean out the safes to check over everything in them. It's always fun to do that. I remember once I had EVERYTHING out of all 5 safes, and realized I could open a store if I wanted to. How the HECK did that happen? Long barrels on our long guns are a great. It makes them long, afterall. I prefer 30" barrels, with full chokes on my shotguns, and I prefer 24" ones on my rifles. I just like 'em better that way. I do have some with 20" tubes of course, and they can be fun to shoot as well, but overall I prefer the longer ones.
  18. My van seats twelve... Although, if I wanna have room for guns and gear, I gotta take the third back seat out, which limits people capacity to eight.
  19. OH.... I have one of those too. Fascinating gun. As far as it's "peculiar functionality" is concerned, it tends to not work properly. Very accurate gun, and fun to shoot, but not at all a quickly operating one. I only run CB Longs in it. I actually took it to EoT a few years ago. It proved to be a jam-o-matic.
  20. For a .22 rifle, this is the best one I have, and to be honest, the only one I have a pic of. I'll try to remedy that soon. To the surprise of not many, I have a Colt Lightning made in 1899. Very sweet gun. (Just ignore .45 pistol beneath it. )
  21. The two tone one was one of the first pistols I ever bought after turning 21. It is a nice shooter. I've always believed the frame to aluminum. I vaguely remember reading something somewhere that suggested that it might be stainless steel, but I don't think it is. The barrel is marked "Frontier Scout" and the serial number is 31XXXF. According to Colt's online serial number lookup, it was made in 1958. The gold one is a California Bicentennial model, but the online serial number thing does not return any results. (That happens a lot...) Also a nice shooter.
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