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  1. Closest I can come is one of these... Fun to shoot, a little "flippy" but not hard to control at all. Recoil is not excessive. And not SASS Legal for some unknown reason. (But it should be!) Got permission to pair it with these at one local club... Used 'em with my Lightning rifle. Shot the match clean.
  2. In the US, it's a fanny pack. In the UK, it's a bum bag. In the US, it's a truck. In the UK, it's a lorry. In the US, it's a mustache. In the UK, it's a moustache. In the US, it's a hood. In the UK, it's a bonnet. In the US, it's a windshield. In the UK, it's a windscreen. In the US, it's a trunk. In the UK, it's a boot. In the US, it's a French fry. In the UK, it's a chip. In the US, it's a chip. In the UK, it's a crisp. In the US, it's a rotary. In the UK, it's a roundabout. In the US, it's a dessert. In the UK, it's a pudding. In the US, it's a line. In the UK, it's a queue. In the US, it's aluminum . In the UK, it's aluminium. In the US, it's a buck. In the UK, it's a stag. Nothing more than that.
  3. With regards to wrapping the lever to restrict finger movement, it seems to me that would look odd, and kinda defeat the purpose... Wouldn't it?
  4. Yeah, those Remington shells were Ducks Unlimited commemorative ones. After I fired them, I learned, to great irritation, that they were berdan primed. I was most vexed.
  5. What are the 4 brands? I have Magtech, a small handful of vintage Remington, and some WWII commemorative Winchester that's loaded with 00 Buck, so I don't know when I'll shoot it. I also have some Rocky Mountain Cartridge, but they don't need sizing. I used to say the same thing about no need for gluing, and about 90% of the time, that's true. But every once in a while I had the crimp only card pop out, so I started Elmer's gluing them in place. Works fine and blasts clean away. (And I shoot smokless in 'em.)
  6. The only problem with them is that they don't really resize the brass. I discovered this after the first time I fired my Magtechs in my original Winchester 87. After using the RCBS dies, they would not fit in anything except the 87. So, I got the CH4D's and then they went back to fitting in everything.
  7. Never heard of them. I have the CH4D's and I will swear by them. You get what you pay for.
  8. Well in all likelyhood, I won't be shooting again till next March at the earliest, probably April. At least, locally. If I make it out West, who knows?
  9. Uhm... Okay. But it's actually a shotgun. Can you be more specific? I am pretty sure it's a No. 1.
  10. I was doing some research on my own 73 rifle, and while I was doing so, I came across a reference that Winchester stopped making them in 1923. That means that ALL of them are at least 100 years old. So to any pards out there who are using an honest to goodness made in Connecticut real Winchester 73, kudos to you for using a centenarian rifle.
  11. So, after all that work, the barcode is still there, and the gun is noticeably defaced. Yeah.that's a great thing to do!
  12. I was wondering if there are any folks knowledgeable about the Remington Rolling Block that could help me identify one in my collection. It was sold to me as an antique, Model 1867. Here's a few images of the guns markings. The Tang... Left side of frame... Right side of frame... Top of barrel... As you can see, it's a 12 gauge shotgun. Bottom of the barrel... No idea what any of these markings are. A stamping on the butt... In the most recent issue of American Rifleman, there is a short article about Rolling Block shotguns that were recently imported by Simpson Ltd, so I went to their website, and found this one. It's in really nice shape, and I think it was well worth the asking price. I am looking forward to shooting it. Can anyone offer any guesses as to any specifics about the gun?
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