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  1. As long as the fired length of the shell is the same as or shorter than the length of the chamber, you are good to go.
  2. I have been running the Magtechs in my 97's and my 87s for years with no problems. I do put a very slight taper crimp on them to hold the overshot card in place and to facilitate loading, but I am not sure I have too. I have a handful of Rocky Mountain Cartridge shells that came to me loaded, and they cycled through my 97s magazine with no problem. Those are so thick, you CAN'T crimp then, and you'll need to glue the shot card in place. They also cycle through an 870 no problem. They run through, but not work the action, on a Browning Auto 5, even though the same powder charge in a AA
  3. I have not purchased any for a while. But they are fairly easy to find online, and Cabelas carries them as well. I don't keep track of how many times I reload 'em. I just keep going until they split, but I am pretty sure I get several reloads. I use Winchester large pistol primers. I use Red Dot Smokeless powder. I don't know why people think you can't use smokeless with them. I have some older Remington all brass hulls mixed in with my stuff, and they seem to be internally and externally identical to the Magtech brass. I now show you a pic of two of
  4. In the days before the SASS rules for Wild Bunch came along, many clubs allowed you to use any two pistols you wanted revolvers or automatics, loaded with 5 rounds each. (Occasionally there would be a 15 round string that require one of the pistols to be reloaded, but let that go.) Well, there was nothing more funner than going up to the like with a 1913 vintage 1911 on my right hip and a brand new Colt on the left that was made the same as the WW1 ones were made using WW1 era reproduction flap holsters. (Being a southpaw, I searched high low to find an Ambi safety that looked just like t
  5. I saw the title of this thread and was expecting something about Tim Allen.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, Palewolf. I only mentioned it here because of how silly this whole thread was getting. I thought it sorta fit the tone.
  7. Something was mentioned in another thread, and it made me realize what was of the most fun things about shooting all brass shotshells is. Is it that you always get your brass back without having to ask like you often do for plastic ones? Nope. Is it the really cool way they look when you are using them? Uhn uh. Is it myriad of questions you get when people wonder how you can possibly make 'em work with smokeless powder? Nada. Well then what is it? It's all the dust and confetti like debris that spits out of
  8. Does anyone else not like the new look of the Wire?
  9. I was gonna say get a conversion cylinder for the 1860 to make it a .45 Colt. Then you can use it for black or smokeless. Just don't put the stock near it when it's got the conversion cylinder on the frame.
  10. Identical ancient feces, alternate solar time period.
  11. Sweep the targets in any order or style. If you hit them all, it's a hit. If you miss just one of them, it's a miss. [Maximum of one miss per sweep] Call it, "A clean sweep." Or... Sweep the targets in any order or style. If you hit them all, it's a hit. If you miss just one of them, it's ten misses. Call it an "All or Nothing sweep"
  12. Oh good grief.... It's so hard to keep track of all the names of the various sweeps, some of which have more than one name, that mandating a change to a well known one is just silly. I get the notion that "progressive" has some negative connotations, in that it's what liberals call themselves because they don't like to use the word liberal anymore, but so what. We are using it in a much more realistic and literal meaning. Saying we shouldn't use it is just political correctness in reverse. And as Prairie Dog said, "The same sweeps are called different things in di
  13. What about these? Boy, this has taken a turn for the silly...
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