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  1. Some questsions... Does gunshop have a website? How much are they asking? Would you shoot one if you owned one? These look intriguing to me, and if the price is right....
  2. We all know about Uberti and Pietta. The names USFA, Armi San Marco and the new Standard Manufacturing ones have been mentioned here from time to time. But, the longer I am in this game, the more I learn of the existence of other makers of the SAA. So, is there a definitive list of who all has made copies of the Peacemaker over the years? Or more accurately, could we come up with a complete list here by working together? I have a feeling that if I had such a list, I'd start considering obtaining examples of as many of them as I could, just to say I have examples in my collection. I already regret passing on a vintage Great Western for less than 300 dollars at a local shop. But what else is out there to keep an eye out for? I don't mean importers, I mean the actual maker of the different clones.
  3. Who made this? It looks a little different from a real Colt. First thing I noticed was the thicker topstrap. Then the odd markings. Got a pic of the whole thing?
  4. A few clubs used to run matches where you could use anything that was made in or before the end of World War One. You could use Main Match type rifles, or you could use "rifle caliber" rifles, either reloading as needed for the required ten shots, or even use two rifles. For pistols you could use 1917's Webleys, Nagants, Smith and Wesson Model 3 DA's, and so on, or a 1911, Luger, Broomhandle, and so on. You could use just one pistol, or any two pistols you wanted to get the needed ten rounds. Everyone seemed to have the needed holsters and everything was loaded with lead bullets. Sometimes there would be fifteen rounds, requiring one of the pistols to be reloaded. For shotguns, you could use a 97, 87, or a SxS, but the repeaters dominated because you loaded up the magazine at the loading table. Everybody shot the same category. I saw people using all sorts of combinations of guns. It's not all that common anymore, sadly, but it was a lot of fun. But there is nothing to say that you can't run such a match and call it whatever you want. Around here matches like this were called, "Wild Bunch."
  5. What would you all this then? Of course, it's a brass frame so it's black powder only.
  6. And at the moment, I think you are the front runner! As odd as this may sound, I actually looks like it might be fun to shoot the durn thing.
  7. Well, when I decided to go all brass, I just got the RCBS dies and an single stage press that would accept them. I eventually got the CH4D dies cuz the RCBS ones don't resize all that well. Didn't matter when I had only 1 shotgun they went through, but eventually, I found that at depending on which one I fired them in, resizing became necessary. That's what I recommend. More up front cost, but well, I think it's worth it. Kinda like how if I ever get a Winchester 1901, I'll get all the needed stuff for reloading all brass for that gun. Not cheap at all, but if you wanna shoot that gun, it's gonna cost you anyway.
  8. Eek! Is that thing even legal? Could not not it be construed to be sawed off shotgun?
  9. The thing that I find so hideous about angle eject, and everything that came after it, cross bolt safety, tang safety, rebounding hammer, is that none of these things were needed, and they messed up a perfectly good rifle. And in my estimation, they are not "really" Winchesters either. Oh sure, they were made at the old New Haven plant, but they were made by US Repeating Arms under licence. To me, there are really 3 eras of the model 94. 1. The Pre-64 era. These are the guns made by Winchester from 1894 to 1964. 2. The Pre-83 era. These are the guns made by Winchester from 1964 to 1983 3. The Post-83 era. These are the guns made for Winchester by others from 1983 onwards. They incorporate angle eject and other icky things. If you want to say that the made in Japan 94s are a 4th era, I won't argue with you, but to me, they are just a continuation of the Post 83 stuff. With regards to the "Pre-83" designation, that is, as far as I know, a phrase that had its origins with me. It is my mission in life to see it become a common phrase to describe the post 64 guns that were made before the addition of angle eject. It has not caught on all that widely yet, but I have seen others use it here on the wire occasionally. I first started using the term in the late 80's when I worked at K-Mart in the sporting goods department. Feel free to make it a wide spread term!
  10. Well, if you wanna go down this route... Angle eject, cross bolt safety, sights are far from traditional. I personally find the cross bolt safety much uglier than the tang safety and rebounding hammer, but those are gross as well.
  11. I can't make up my mind. Is that a 93 or a 97? I see indications that suggest both. But it's so badly damaged I can't be sure. How frustrating.
  12. Let me add another vote for a spacer dowel in the magazine. Load your ten rounds, the the dowel. This will negate the need to do the "Henry Hop," and prevent your hand from preventing the chambering of the last couple of rounds. They are available, as far as I know, in only two calibers, .44-40 and .45 Colt. Mine's a .44-40. Other than loading, it's really not all that different from a 66 or a 73. Plus they have a high coolness factor.
  13. Actually, the gold is one of the things that I actually like about how this pistol looks. If I ever do decide to restore this pistol, or just do something to make it look better, I'll keep the gold parts as is.
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