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  1. Ah, the Bisley. Fascinating gun to look at, and I always thought I wanted one. A few years ago, I got a chance to handle one, I believe it was Driftwood Johnson's, and I didn't like the way it felt in my hand, so I stopped wanting one. Then, about 2 years ago, I found one for sale in .32-20 for an excellent price. So, after hemming and hawing for a while, I bought it. Soon after that, I went to the range with these guns... And I shot a clean match. Real Winchester 92. Real Colt Lightning, Real Winchester 97. Previously mentioned Bisley. 3rd Gen Colt. All rifles and pistols in .32-20. I brought the two rifles because I had just replaced the ancient and weakened original magazine springs. Both rifles now work properly. I had not used the short barreled 97 in a long time, so I took it out for a change. Once I actually got to shooting, I really didn't notice any difference between the Bisley and the standard SAA. I even switched hands half way through the match. (I shoot double duelist style.) I was just concentrating on shooting and did not pay the differences any mind. I enjoyed the Bisley so much that I did not hesitate to get another one when I found another for a relatively inexpensive price. Sooner or later, I'll take 'em both to the range for a shoot. Now if I could just figure out how to cut this foam to fit.... Bisley revolvers are fun.
  2. Neither my original Winchester, nor my Chiappa have he drop two. But I have found that if you push down the lifter, you can then drop two round into the action, and that will work. It's probably not as efficient as a true drop two modification, but it can be done. And you can still stoke the magazine.
  3. Why would you modify it? As much as I love my original, I gotta get me one of the long barrel Chiappas so I can occasionally shoot smokeless with an 87. But they've got screw in chokes. I HATE screw in chokes.
  4. Another pard here east of the Hudson once told me that the Chinese 87s are nearly perfect copies of the oiriginals, which were built for 2.5" shells. You will probably find that the shorter shells will work better. I know that even though my Winchester has had it's chamber lengthened to 2.75", it works much better with Magtech 2.5"s than it does with AA's. My Chiappa on the other hand, digests 2.75" shells with no problem, but occasionally stovepipes the shorter shells. Go figure. BTW, Reverend, you said you are from New England. Have we me?
  5. I have no pics or videos of me using them, and while I am normally a 97 guy, I do use my 87's from time to time. 87 #1 is a real Winchester with a 30" full choke barrel. (Of course) Although it's black powder only, it's a lot of fun to shoot. 87 #2 is a Chiappa in "Terminator 2" configuration. You might wanna call it a "Mare's Leg Shotgun." Technically not allowed under SASS rules for some reason, but but still a lot of fun to shoot at local clubs that will let you. And here's a pic of the Winchester with some other things. The 87 is just plain fun to shoot.
  6. My Dad did the same thing to an American Bulldog. Unfortunately, he lost some of the parts. Maybe I'll take it to a gunsmith to see if he can bring it back to life.
  7. There are also hollow based round nose bullets that work very well. In my own pair of Uberti replica '58 Remingtons, I have also used .360" bullets for .38 S&W with good results. That being said, since I have obtained some true antique's chambered for .38 Long Colt with the much larger .375" bore, I have standardized .38 Short, and .38 Long Colt with the .358" RN Hollow Base from Buffalo arms. It comes from them lubed for either smokeless or black powder, and I do sometimes also use this bullet for .38 S&W when I can't find proper larger bullets, or when I have some of that pesky undersized Winchester nickel brass. I also have a Pietta 1860 converted to .45 Colt, and an Uberti Walker converted to that caliber. The Krist Konversions are fun to use, and fairly easy to install. And if the fancy suits use, loading the .45 with Black Powder for use in the Walker will get you a lot of smiles.
  8. My nephew is of the opinion that he'll have one custom made. I think he said he was considering Turnbull. He apparently has more money than he knows what to do with.
  9. My nephew is active duty USMC, based in San Diego. He gets out in November. and will be leaving Kalifornia to return to the People's Republic of Massachusetts. Oddly, while our pistol rules are worse than California's, our rifle rules, aside from "assault weapons" are not so bad. I figured those big cartridges would all be roll your own, but I had not thought of brass being hard to find. Considering how difficult to get .45-60 brass for my own 76, I shoulda thought of it. He really wants a "powerful" gun. Maybe I can convince his to go with .45-70 in a modern made '86 and develop "maximum" loads for use in that rifle. That would still have a lot more oomph than the way I load the cartridge, everything must be Trapdoor safe for me. An interesting aside is the .45-85-285, a Colt proprietary cartridge for use in their large frame Lightnings. It was designated an express cartridge, and used the exact same case as the .45-70, but the light bullet had a much higher velocity, and the rifle twist was designed for that. For that rifle, I load a 300 grain bullet instead of a .405 one, and it has good accuracy. Anyway, all of this was extremely interesting. Thank you for all the info, and if there is anything more to add, I look forward to it.
  10. There are cartridges out there in our game that are bigger than .45-70. I know from personal experience that .45-70 can be a nasty shoulder thumper, but that with the right powder/bullet combination, it can be "downloaded" to become a very pleasant shooter without losing its long range ability. But when I think of those "bigger" cartridges, be they .45's with more powder, or .50's, I just find myself thinking that they can't be anything but recoil monsters. And I also know that excessive recoil causes me to start to flinch after just a few rounds. Now, I know that the Spencer round is no big deal. I've never fired one, but I assume .50-70 can be made to be manageable as well. But what about some of those really big buffalo and/or so called "express" rounds? Are they rather punishing to shoot? Can they be downloaded, but if they are, are you in "what's the point," territory? I mean, isn't a downloaded .45-95 just a long cased .45-70? I am curious to know what experience with these things are. Part of the reason is that that I have a nephew who for some reason wants a .50-110 86. (I think that's the round.) He's not a Cowboy shooter, yet, but I am wondering if he's just gonna hurt himself. I have suggested a 76 in 50-95 as still big not not as nasty, but that's also an assumption on my part. At this time, he's saying he wants to go smokeless, and is not interested in black powder. So if anyone knows anything, please let me know. Cuz when all is said and done, I don't really know anything about those big fellows.
  11. I have a nice wooden box with foam in it that I rescued from the rubbish pile. If I were to replace the foam, with is cut to put some device in it, the box is just big enough for a pair of Colts. I am thinking I'd like to use it as a display/storage box for my two 4-3/4" Bisley revolvers. Anyone know where I could possibly get a new foam block with the properly shaped cutouts made?
  12. To me, the big ones look suspiciously like leather flip flops that have had a holster slipped into them.
  13. Well, based on the pic on Taylor's website, it looks more like a "full size" Colt than a Colt .22. Also, you can see the firing pin in the gap between the frame and the back of the cylinder. That suggests to me a hammer mounted firing pin. But no idea what that means for how many clicks it has.
  14. Pump love? A 97 has always been my primary main match gun, and it always will be. (Although the Parker does come out once in while, as does the 87 for the occasionally variation.) I will NEVER be that fast though. But I still have fun. Now what I'd really like to do, just for fun, is set up some targets and have someone record me going though them with these guns... Would that count for pump love?
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