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  1. Yeah, yeah, I know. Various novelty pistols exist in this, and in other "true rifle" chamberings. But it is not a "coventional" pistol round. But what the heck. If I can ever find one, I want want of the old Century MFG .45-70 pistols. I am also some day gonna find me a pistol grip stock Winchester 86 with a 16" bbl and cut off the butt of the stock to make a "true" Mare's Leg. (Or as much of it as can legally be removed and still be not an SBR) I'll call it a Buntline Mare's Leg because I won't cut the barrel. I'll show up at a match with those on my hips. After ever
  2. I'd open it to any rifle made before 1900. I'd not care what caliber it is in, even if it was a caliber that was added to the lineup after the turn of the century. Thus, the Savage 99 and the .405 Winchester would be okay. Don't have either of those things. Just wanna make it as "open" as possible. Others have mentioned the Krag and the Hotchkiss. My thought? Why not? What would I use? I have a few options... 1. Colt Large Frame Lightning: .45-85 2. Winchester 86: .45-70 3. Winchester 95: .30-40 4. Winchester 94: .30-30 5 Wincheste
  3. There used to be a club around here that did it, but I am not sure if they still do.
  4. Cat makes a good point about calibers that are already familiar. That would make a lot of sense, and it would also more than likely mean that .30-30 and 45-70 would be the most prolific calibers. Based on what I've seen said on the Wire here over the years, I think .38-55 might come in third. As to what GUNS will fire those cartridges, well, there were Winchester, Marlin and others for all of them. Other calibers, and the rifles that shoot that shoot them, will probably show up from time to time, the same way that things other than Colt/Ruger and .38 and .45 do. It's interesting to s
  5. Ah, that does make sense. But I had truthfully never heard that nickname. I went over my head and beneath my knees.
  6. Heh heh. Okay. I'd have no problem with the Krag. I'd like to use my Winchester 95 in that same caliber. But in all truth, I'd prolly wind up using my large frame Lightning.
  7. One could argue that spaghetti westerns were of the B variety.
  8. True. But would the demand for 76's suddenly increase, causing Uberti to make more of them? Here's another odd wrinkle. Would pards who like the 73 gravitate to the 76, 92 shooters the 86, and so on and so forth?
  9. This is purely speculation and nothing more. But if we were to add a second rifle to the typical stage, shooting 5 rounds from a rifle that the cartridges are not compatible with pistols, which rifle/caliber would likely come to dominate the selection? My own guess as to what would come to dominate: The Winchester 76 in .45-60. My reasoning is pretty simple. The 73 dominates the main match. The 76 is just a giant 73. It would not be long before people figured out how to short stroke them and give them the same enhancements as the 73's have. Caliber would likely be .45
  10. I don't have a problem with the long sleeved shirts, and about the only time I ever wear one is at a SASS shoot. Sure, when it comes to 95 degrees and 97% humidity, which can happen here in New England a lot, I just drink a lot of water. And I am actually happy I don't have to put on more sunblock. But... Uh oh.... He mentioned Wranglers...
  11. A mark IV Webley in .455 would be too big. So would a Mark IV .38. The Mark III .38 and the the .32 caliber Webley's might be okay, but I am not sure. A general rule of thumb can be worked out this way. They are supposed to be "small framed." It is also said that an SAA Sheriff's model is NOT a pocket pistol. So, since small frame is not actually defined, then if the frame is smaller than an SAA frame, you are at least in the ballpark. There is a maximum barrel length as well. There is actually no stated caliber restriction. (Unless some things have changed since last I read
  12. I may be taking a trip later this year to Akeley, Pennsylvania. Are there any SASS clubs nearby?
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