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  1. So... How much does it cost? The prices for the various side matches are listed, but not the main match itself. Do you have to be a "conventioneer" to sign up for side matches? Does that cost more?
  2. Three million for one gun? I doubt if even a custom made left handed Spencer in .38 S&W that is gold plated would cost that much.
  3. I had a similar problem with round that fit in my 92, 73, Lighting and 1st Gen Colt would not fit in the 3rd Gen. I thought it might be that the chambers were too tight, a problem I'd encountered in .44-40, but I wasn't sure. For one thing, some rounds would chamber, but others would not. So I inspected some of the ones that didn't, and when I compared them to the ones that did, the only difference I could see was that the crimp was less than perfect. So, instead of crimping and seating with the same die, I seated with the seating die, and then crimped with a Lee Factory Crimp Die. Pr
  4. I have one in .45 Colt. I have not tried black powder in it. It is a very well made and good looking pistol, and I really like it. Of the several calibers listed on their website, I have only one I have seen for sale is .45 Colt. I got mine via Midway. They seem very hard to come by, and I have no idea how many have been/were made.
  5. Sounds good to me. If my work schedule permits, this is on my wish list to do. Is there a link to your website?
  6. Was re-looking for this thread as I am considering trying to come because the side matches look interesting. But I do have two question based on the above.... 1. So, the Iowa Irregulars hold their shoot in Illionois? 2. Is the reload for the Shotgun Star "off the clock?" 6 targets with a gun that has a 5 found magazine will require one. Or, can you have five in the mag, one in the chamber to start?
  7. Well, if you have a "Curios and Relics" FFL. that allows you purchase "Curio" and "Relic" type firearms across state lines, have them mailed to your door, and a few other quirks. The law defines them as over 50 years old or being or primarily collector interest, as opposed to being a practical weapon. Since, generically, a "relic" is an old artifact of days gone by, I figure it's logical to consider that "relic" firearms, with regards to what the law is defining as such, are relics, and that "curious" would be guns that are not yet over 50, but have some sort of "curiosity" to them that le
  8. Based on the above, I've always thought of anything over 50 years old as a relic, and anything under 50 but "on the list" like a Colt Sheriff's model, to be a curio.
  9. I've "known" this for a long time, but today I had an epiphany of sorts. Today I took possession of an item made in 1901. That makes it 120 years old. If it was anything else, it would be an "antique." But because it's a gun, it's a "modern" firearm. Isn't the difference between the real meaning of words and the legal definition grand? Well, it is a "relic."
  10. I ship shotguns/rifles USPS. Ammunition UPS. Never shipped a pistol. I go to the Post Office/UPS Shipping hub to double check procedure before I bring the package.
  11. I have two 92's in .44 Magnum. A pre-safety Rossi, and a rebarreled Winchester. I have found that with Specials, I got a lot of stove pipes and other "malfunctions." So, I just switched to downloaded Magnums. Now the guns work just fine. As far as blowback goes, my primary main match gun is an AWA Lightning in .45 Colt. I know it exists because my cases are all sooty. I just clean the gun after the match. I don't really notice the blowback unless I actually make an effort to pay attention for it. It's not a debilitating thing.
  12. I have a Spanish copy of a Merwin and Hulbert, and it is an excellent firearm. I would assume that other European "knockoffs" would be of similar quality. I can't see them going to all the trouble of creating a copy and it not being a good shooter. The locals would have just spent the extra money/effort on a real one if the local reproductions were not serviceable.
  13. I find that, caliber aside, my Uberti American and Schofield are fairly accurate looking replicas. The dimensions are off a little, but they are well made reproductions. I don't own one, but I have handled the Uberti Russians and comparing them to real Russians I am hard pressed to see much of a difference. Even the caliber is correct. I have not handled any reproduction New Model 3's, but I have two real ones. If you want to shoot black powder, that's the way to go. IMO, the New Model 3 was the best of the lot, but the American has a coolness factor that is hard to deny.
  14. I would love a chance to shoot in Europe. But the cost and the hassle of getting my guns and ammo over there (no pun intended) would be very expensive, I'd think.
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