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  1. With regard to never needed to resize your Magtech all brass shells, that may or may not be true. Originally, I was using the RCBS die with no problem. But the only gun I was running these shells in was my 97 and a Parker. Then I shot a match using a real Winchester 87. Nothing fired out of it would fit in any other shotgun. That's when I got the CH4D's. So, it all depends on how widely you wanna use these things.
  2. Loading all brass shells is fun, and contrary to popular opinion, you can load them with smokeless if you want to. I have the RCBS died, but they don't resize. So, I use the CH4D for both 12 and 20 gauge. I may add 16 in the near future. Expensive, yes, but it's a one time investment. And if you have older shotguns with short chambers, it's actually easier than trying to trim plastic to the proper length. (But not impossible. I do that as well.) I say go for it.
  3. Now, you see, there is one of the main reasons for ideas like this! More guns used in more ways equals more shooting equals more fun. And it's only 10 shots. And not at all long range. So it won't take all that long. The more combinations you can come up with for side matches, the more fun with more stuff you can have.
  4. Not too long ago, I suggested that a cool side match would be as follows... 2 shots from a single shot pistol, any caliber from .22 Short to .50-70. 2 shots from a single shot .22 rifle. 2 shots from a single shot rifle in a main match pistol caliber cartridge. 2 shots from a single shot rifle in a "rifle caliber" cartridge. 2 shots from a single shot shotgun. Pistol could be optional, or done in "categories" with and without the pistol. Would not it be cool to show up with these to shoot it? From top to bottom.... 12 Gauge .45-70 .32 S&W .22 RF .22 LR The pistol was my Dad's.
  5. LOL! Well, that's my bad. For some reason, I misunderstood the line to mean 11.5mm. Silly me.
  6. Looking at it more.... On the top, I can see what you think might be a 5. Don't see how it could be a three. But I am not sure it's anything other than a pit. It's in the wrong place the be a 4th number, and it's much fainter. On the lower, I still can't see anything that might be a 4th number. As it if the third is a 5 or a 6.... I think it's a 5. I really must thank everyone. This has been helpful
  7. Well I'll be a son of a gun! I had not even seen the top numbers! Third number on the bottom I thought might be a 5, 6 or a rust pit, but now after seeing what is clearly a 5 on the top, I think the lower is also a 5. As to after the 3rd number, top and bottom, they still look like pits to me. Wow, it's good to ask for help. People see things you didn't.
  8. Interesting. I'd've thought they had M2 Brownings. Musta been a French retrofit? What was this gun?
  9. One of the most annoying things on old guns is that when you try to look at the hidden markings under the stock, or inside of a latch or what have you, that there is all to often some pitting right in the spot where the marking is, making it hard to read. So... What do people thing THIS is? The 7 is clear, but after that, I dunno. My initial reaction after looking at it with the naked eye is that everything else was just random putting blobs. But when I took this photo, and looked at it on my computer screen, especially without zooming out, I am convinced that it is 7 1 something. That something might be a 5 or a 6, or a pitting blob. So, I thought I'd ask if anyone else has any opinions. This by the way is from my new to me .45-70 Rolling Block that I think may or may not actually be a Remington. These are the ONLY markings anywhere on the entire gun. (Okay, I have not looked on the bottom of the barrel yet, but the stock is stuck pretty tight to the barrel and I don't wanna damage it.) The bore is flawless, and neither the seller nor I think it's original to the gun, but it's been on there a long time. Wanna get the stock off to see if there are any marks or not. What is interesting is that number may or may not be the serial number. I am no expert, but what information I have been able to track down says that Remington did not serialize these things in the early days, as there was no requirement to do so. They only had "lot numbers" which means several guns may have the same number. On the other other hand, I have also read that plain receivers like this one were made by Remington, left blank, and sold to the armies of other countries. They were left blank so the government that purchased them could put their own numbers and markings on them as they saw fit. So this might be serial number 7 1 whatever given to it by whomever over in Europe. Given the shape of the 1, with the top hook but no base, which is a very European wan of making numeral 1's, this is a distinct possibility. (I will try to do more research.) Anyway.... What do people think that number is?
  10. I know. I put an ambi safety on my Colt reproduction 1911 when they first started making them again. But the trouble is that while back then I was able to find an ambi that looked like original equipment, those don't seem to exist any more. Every one on the market is extended or otherwise strange looking. And, the idea of getting one that is GI surplus and has an ambi put on it by the government is an idea that really appeals to me.
  11. If anyone has purchased one of the so called "Range Grade" 1911's from the CMP, the ones that they say are shooters, not collectors, and probably modified in various ways, and you have determined that you actually don't want it after all, I might be interested in purchasing it from you. The only proviso is that I want one with an ambi safety, which the description said is a possibility. Doesn't matter all that much who made it. Other mods don't matter either. PM me if we might be able to do business.
  12. You know, if/.when it finally does hit the shelves, there will prolly be a huge run on it and it'll vanish again
  13. Well, the creek has risen.... The shoot I was gonna go to tomorrow has been cancelled for various reasons. Don't worry, I will still do the comparison, I am just not sure when. But when I do, I will make the appropriate posts.
  14. I did not know Winchester made any in .45 Colt that early. The only pistol caliber m-94's I knew of prior to 83 were the .44 Magnums, and the .44-40 in the Winchester/Colt Commemorative set. When/where did you get yours? It might be a real rarity. Got pics?
  15. I always wanted to have one of these Pre-83 94's, just to have one in the collection. I very much doubt that unlike some other things I got for that reason that it will become a favorite go to main match gun. I'd *almost* like to compare mine to a post-83 angle eject, safetied, rebounding hammer messed up one, but not really...
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