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  1. ALOvera, sorry, but I just checked my stash. After I pull out the ones for Whiskey Dave, I don't have enough left to get you some. Wish I had more.......... Sam
  2. I'll have to check, but I think I can spare a few more. I'll PM you either way. Sam
  3. I have extra brass. It's mixed head stamp, deprimed and tumbled. I can fit close to 400 in. Small flat rate USPS box. Not sure what it's worth? Maybe around $25 shipped? PM me if you want some. Sam Sackett.
  4. Dakota,. Appreciate the offer. Wear size large shirts. Boots I'm good on. I am going in for shoulder surgery today, so will be out of shooting for a while. I'll try to show up at a few shoots and spot of something. I'll see you in West Point and we can discuss the . Thanks again, Sam.
  5. Making the release lever swing both ways isn't hard. I did this to my Stoeger. Remove the stock and the release rod and spring. That allows the locking lug to pe pulled back, allowing you to pull the locking lever out of the top of the action. Notice there is a "bump" on the left side of the top of the round part. That bump is what is stopping the release lever from being pushed to the left. I filed that off f mine and reassembled. Now my release lever will swing either right or left. NOTE:. I am not a gunsmith, just a kitchen table tinkerer. It worked on mine, but do his at your own risk. Hopefully others will chime in, either for or against this mod. Sam Sackett
  6. J. Mark Flint - If you gave any of those clothes left, I would appreciate some. I am just getting started and they would help my costuming. I have spent about all I can to get the guns & heavy stuff Thanks!! Sam Sackett
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