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  1. She’s smart enough to keep her finger out of the trigger guard too ! Sam Sackett
  2. Cabelas sells the Hunter brand holsters. They were running around $30. May be a bit more now. I don’t know which model will fit your guns. When I started CAS I bought a couple for my Vaqueros. Took the guns in the store to check fit. Once i got the gun fund back up I bought a Mernickle rig. The Hunters are now for my gun cart. Sam Sackett
  3. Welcome aboard. Shooting good isn’t all that it’s about. It’s all about having FUN! And being safe while doing it. Shooting well is icing on the cake. That takes way more effort than most of us are willing to apply. I enjoy trying to shoot clean and staying above middle of the pack. That’s Fun! Good folks and good times. Sam Sackett
  4. Nothing special. Lyman 31141, lubed with Ben’s Red over 27 grains of IMR 4895. Mixed cases crimped with Lee collet crimp die. Sam Sackett
  5. Not sure about the belief Marlins with micro groove won’t shoot cast bullets accurately. I have a 336 30/30 with micro groove and it shoots cast bullets as tight if not better than condominiums bullets. It will shoot them better than I can hold with iron sights and old eyes. Here is a target with cast bullets at 50 yards. The first three were me setting the sights……… Sam Sackett.
  6. Tease! I an in Buffalo, NY in the middle of …. Dropped from 40 something yesterday to now 4*. Wind with gusts up to 55-60 mph. Been snowing since this morning. Blowing so bad we don’t know how much fell….. forecast is 2-3 feet before it ends. And you’re talking about flip flops………. HaHa! Sam Sac
  7. Now that I like! Amazing the way his carved waves flow right into the grain of the wood. Awesome?! Sam Sackett
  8. Watch Newsmax or One America News. More to the point than even Fox. Sam Sackett
  9. Weeeeelllll. He got it off the truck………. His part is done! Sam Sackett
  10. BP lube will work for low power stuff like SASS, but not when you get into higher velocity rifles. Then I’d use a dedicated smokeless lube. Just my nickel…. Sam Sackett
  11. I wouldn’t shoot them in below freezing weather, but if you’re above the fifties I’d give them a try. Can’t hurt as long as you watch out for squibs. Sam Sackett
  12. Should be able to use the 32 Special die. The case head and shank are the same size for both. All you are doing is swelling the neck to make 32 out of 30/30. Make sure your expander plug is clean and polished and that you lube inside the case neck before sizing. It’s also a good idea to mark the case so that it’s identifiable as something different than 30/30 as the head stamp states. easy peasy ……. Sam Sackett
  13. I have 30/30 brass that I can spare if you decide to go that route. It’s easily enough done. Sam Sackett
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