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  1. got it.. Thanks Sam Sackett
  2. I’m confused on this. I understand that shooting out of category was the second possible P in this stage, but I thought the “progressive” penalty was pertaining to repeatedly shooting “without having all the correct item for the category”. I was under the impression that one could not receive more than one “P” per stage. please explain further. Sam Sackett
  3. Is there a way for “the powers that be” to change the indexing on the “Stuff for Free” ? If it came up last post first it would be easier to find the recent posts. Just thinking. …… Probably not a good thing. I get into trouble that way. Sam Sackett
  4. I wear regular hearing aids. They came with a transmitter that hooks to the TV. Wife mutes the TV, goes up to bed and I listen through the hearing aids. During the day, if the volume she can hear isn’t enough for me, I switch to the aids. Perty nice. But pricy…. Sam Sackett
  5. Yep. Change nipples and use either. I swapped out my TC Renegade from # 11’s to musket caps but changing the nipples. Works great! Sam Sackett
  6. Drat! Missed it by 18 minutes! Sam Sackett
  7. I can cast up a bunch if you need. Swap for 45 Colt brass, RCBS 150 FN bullet mold, etc. Sam Sackett
  8. OK. Mine is a standard barrel OM 3 screw convertible. Sam Sackett
  9. By “Hunter” do you mean a 6 1/2” barrel? Might have one. Sam Sackett
  10. Sweet deal! He’s my favorite author. Sam Sackett
  11. I agree with RipSnorter. It’s one thing to shoot ammo I have reloaded myself, but to shoot ammo from “Joe” that I have never met is a different story. Not sure I’d take the risk. If you were local and we knew each other, I’d love to take you up on your offer, but…….. To sell reloaded ammo, I believe the seller would need a license. That brings the legality into the discussion. If you decide to sell the brass outright, let me know. I wish you luck. Sam Sackett
  12. Just checked. Out of stock! That was quick. Sam Sackett
  13. I’ll take the Lyman 45 round ball molds with handle. PM sent. Sam Sackett
  14. My mistake. I was going by what shows up on the web page. I reduced the price today. If it doesn’t sell, back in the closet it goes. Sam Sackett
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