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  1. I wear programmable hearing aids that are open to air. I found that using the silicone swimmers earplugs (from the drugstore) stuffed In over the hearing aid insert, then switching the aids to the noise program works pretty good. Turn the hearing aids down so I can just hear the conversations around me and good to go. I also have the Walker Silencer units, but they don’t stay in my ears very well. They work loose ant then they don’t work well until I reinsert them. Sam Sackett
  2. You might want to save the originals spring. My Stoeger started popping open with a lighter spring once it got broken in. When I took it apart, I noticed that the lock lever was not going up into the barrel lugs very far. Maybe 3/16"??? So by the time I shortened the top arm of the lock to let it travel farther forward into the lugs, the original spring seems lighter (less compression maybe??). That's the way I'm running it now. Seems the real reason it it was popping open was due to the lever not engaging the lugs deep enough. Sam Sackett
  3. i saw your ad. BUT.... I already had those carriers, sooooo... I passed up the good deal. I think your prices are in line. Sam Sackett
  4. Dave Cardin, Bucky Buckem had a set posted a couple of days ago. You might want to send him a note. Sam Sackett
  5. Dusty, don’t want to get too personal, but if these fit you, what is your pant and shirt size. My poor pea brain can’t wrap itself around your description. Sam Sackett
  6. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I am nearsighted and wear progressives. I tried to shoot with my progressives and the front sights are always blurry. One day I got frustrated and took my prescription glasses off and put on regular safety glasses (no prescription). Yee Haw! The targets were blurry, but I could make them out OK. The front sights - I could see them quite clearly. Well, at least a lot better than with the progressive glasses on. Since them, I just wear regular safety glasses when shooting. Makes it kinda hard to pick brass or spot, but my shooting improved. Sam S
  7. Good response, Abilene!!!! I agree clean them when I clean the gun. Not very often at that. Sam Sackett
  8. Sam; size 44-46....caliber 38/357 and priced at $275.00  shipped. it is posted, but hard to see.

    thanks for the heads up.


  9. Might want to list belt sizes and price? Also what cartridges fit. 38/357 or 45? Sam Sackett
  10. Dakota,. Appreciate the offer. Wear size large shirts. Boots I'm good on. I am going in for shoulder surgery today, so will be out of shooting for a while. I'll try to show up at a few shoots and spot of something. I'll see you in West Point and we can discuss the . Thanks again, Sam.
  11. J. Mark Flint - If you gave any of those clothes left, I would appreciate some. I am just getting started and they would help my costuming. I have spent about all I can to get the guns & heavy stuff Thanks!! Sam Sackett
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