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  1. Good response, Abilene!!!! I agree clean them when I clean the gun. Not very often at that. Sam Sackett
  2. Sam; size 44-46....caliber 38/357 and priced at $275.00  shipped. it is posted, but hard to see.

    thanks for the heads up.


  3. Might want to list belt sizes and price? Also what cartridges fit. 38/357 or 45? Sam Sackett
  4. Question.. Noticed the item #3 pants sizing is reversed from item #2.. Is item #3 actually 32 waist x 34 long? If this is a typo and they are actually 34 waist x 32 long, I'll take them. Otherwise, I'll pass. Sam Sackett
  5. ALOvera, sorry, but I just checked my stash. After I pull out the ones for Whiskey Dave, I don't have enough left to get you some. Wish I had more.......... Sam
  6. I'll have to check, but I think I can spare a few more. I'll PM you either way. Sam
  7. I have extra brass. It's mixed head stamp, deprimed and tumbled. I can fit close to 400 in. Small flat rate USPS box. Not sure what it's worth? Maybe around $25 shipped? PM me if you want some. Sam Sackett.
  8. Dakota,. Appreciate the offer. Wear size large shirts. Boots I'm good on. I am going in for shoulder surgery today, so will be out of shooting for a while. I'll try to show up at a few shoots and spot of something. I'll see you in West Point and we can discuss the . Thanks again, Sam.
  9. J. Mark Flint - If you gave any of those clothes left, I would appreciate some. I am just getting started and they would help my costuming. I have spent about all I can to get the guns & heavy stuff Thanks!! Sam Sackett
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