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  1. German Jim, I had the misfortune of ordering in 25 pounds, thinking that it would be all right for the 45-70. Same for the KIK powder. I could get neither one of those to shoot. The only things I use those powder for his practice offhand for my 45-70 hunting loads, 50 - 100yds, CAS, and shotguns. Uriah
  2. 45 S&W in pistols, 25 gr FFG Diamondback, 45 PRS (235gr I think), 600 fps. Uriah
  3. Stepnmud, You can calibrate the thermometer with a 5/8” open end wrench applied to the underside of the scale. I usually have 25:1 and a melting point of 605°. You have to set it for 605° and when the solution is half solid and half liquid. I generally have the lead at 730 - 780°, depending on caliber and garage temperature. Uriah
  4. It’s very hard to come up with the bore on a 3 land rifling. The good news, black powder and 25:1 lead tin bullet, 405 gr, it will slug up to the bore. Uriah
  5. Abilene, I’ve got one of those. No help with the Magtech. I use arbor press, about 1/10 inch from bottom-out. No matter what I did, it wouldn’t go in all the way. Like you, I use an 1/2 inch deep well socket to get them out. I’ve chambered the magtech empty cases in a modern shotgun. No problem. Sliding the empty cases in to my Parker and LeFever Damascus shotguns, that same 1/10 inch wouldn’t go. I’ve got all brass Winchester and UMC hulls. They fit my guns perfectly, no resizing. I eventually got someone to run them on a lathe with a mandrel. I had one box done. Then the empty cases would fit in my Parker and Lefever shotguns. I lost two of the magtech cases, due to splitting, on the initial fire. Eventually, I’ll anneal them. All the other magtech let go. Uriah
  6. Once in a while, I get an unforeseen 9 mm stuck in a 45 caliber when I’m dry tumbling. I turn my Tumbler on and then hold the 45 case up of against the center stud. In about 10 to 15 seconds, I can pull the 9 mm out easily. Uriah
  7. Gunsmith, is there a chip on the second photo, in the butt stock? Or is that a reflection? Uriah
  8. You can’t receive messages. Adjustable trigger? I don’t see it in their sales information. Automatic safety? I SEE it in their sales information. Uriah
  9. What type radical does it have? Cross wire? They have several types.
  10. I’ve got an assortment of vintage 1970s bullets. I’ve also got 30 M1 carbine bullets. $.12 a bullet + shipping. Uriah
  11. I’ve also that got a 1903 A3 with an RA 8-43 barrel. CMP gun, Greek return. Two groove rifling and a pinned stock rather than the Cross bolts. Uriah
  12. Winchester cases? I get 63.5 1.5F Swiss and just touch it, .012-.02”, with Jones 535gr 45001 1180 fps with of a REM or Starline cases. Like smokeless, the smaller the case the more efficient it is. Uriah
  13. Slow Poke, This is how I load the 4570. Fire form brass, no resizing. 20:1 or 25:1 lead tin, .459 sizing, vigilante lube or SPG CCI BR2 primers. Winchester second. Primers wads under the primer, newsprint. (You could dispense with that, little effect) Expand slightly - the case will chamber, and accept the bullet. That’s takes trial and error to get right. Used a drop tube. 64 gr 2F, you want to compress the powder .05 - .10” Vegetable wads, topped with newsprint wads (prevents the wad from sticking). Used a compression die. Don’t use the bullet to compressed the powder. Seat the bullet. I only have to use the straight line seated on 1 in 50. I generally will you the cartridges in a box, bullet side up, for two weeks to a month. That way the lube sticks so I can withdraw them, and not lose the bullet. For years I use a blow tube on the 45-70. Had to go to wiping with the 38-50. If you go to the blow tube, deep breaths. The air in the lungs are 100% humidity, the air in the airway is not.
  14. Sheldon Wade,


     I will take the 380 ACP, if it’s a 3-die set. I don’t know what else it could be, but you never know.


    Al Loquasto

    4074 141st Ct W

    Rosemount, Mn 55068




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      ok alan I sent a request for the $38.00 to both the phone number and the email so which ever one works, already have the dies boxed up and ready to go priority mail. will ship tomorrow after I receive funds and thanks



      got the transfer w3ill ship tomorrow thanks



      got the transfer w3ill ship tomorrow thanks


      here is the tracking number for dies from priority mail   9114 9023 0722 4445 6590 70

  15. Springfield Rifle, carbine, 1895, or single shot? Just asking.
  16. At what distance? 45 caliber with peeps sights, 220 gr maxi. 75 yards, pop can accurate. 100 yards, 4". 220 yards, around 18".
  17. Track of the Wolf

    Do they still have tha swivel canon?

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