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  1. For about 10 years, I wear nitrile grove as I usually load lead bullets. The large size is a little too long for me and I have two pour out the finger tip, but, the medium ones I have are too small. They’re getting expensive these days. 10-15 years ago, I had my blood checked for lead. 40 years of reloading. No lead! Why do I wear gloves now? Soft lubes and cleaning solvents and oils. Uriah
  2. German Jim, Length .29” l think I know the cause of it. Most of my 45-70 rifle cases have their primer flash drilled out somewhat (uniform). Then, I place a drill reamer Inside and clean up the flash hole from the inside. This drill reamer actually putting an angle to the flash hole. The piece of steel media was wedged in the flash hole and the inside of the case. It was stuck fast. I tried to push it out with a pen, but, had to resort to a hand held decapped rod. Uriah
  3. Folks, I rarely use steel media, because of the concern over the steel media being left in the cases, especially rifle cases. My brother did some cases for me. 45-70 case with steel media stuck. No rapping of the case could dislodge it. I generally use ceramic or corn cob media. Comments? Uriah
  4. About all I can see, there’s one hole drilled and tapped in the forward receiver. New stock, mount scope, and scope, I would make it in to non-original A4 Sniper rifle.
  5. Rip Snorter, I called them direct and talk with Al. He said they can send me a motor for $115, SOLD. Thank you for not giving up on me. Uriah
  6. Rip Snorter, The UV-18 was purchased in 1980 and it gives great service. All it needs is a motor replacement. I have seen threads from 2009 with the same problem, no motor replacement. Respondent to the thread had no help, other than by a Dillon. I tried to contact out them two years ago by email, contract us, and got no response. I sent another, thru “contract us”, two days ago,. We”ll see. Thanks, Uriah
  7. Folks, Has anyone we replaced the motor on a Thumler UV-18, vibratory tumblers? I’ve been all over the Internet, they don’t have a direct replacement. The motor on Thumler’s is a Fasco 1/30 hp, 3000 rpm, No. 7121-5777 The closest motor I could come up with is from Grainger: FASCO HVAC Motor: Open Air-Over, 1/30 HP, 3,000 Nameplate RPM, 1 Speed, 115V AC, Stud Mount, CWSE The shaft a little long, but, that’s all I can see. Has anyone have another suggestion? Thanks, Uriah
  8. I have missed a case or two that got stuck together. The center stud on a running vibratory cleaner makes somewhat easy to pry them apart, the stuck cases are inverted on the stud.
  9. Ronnie, I think every one is hinting at caliber conversion. I have a 1917 colt. There is a gap in between the the fixed recoil shield and the cylinder of.09”. It doesn’t look like yours accommodate a half moon clip. Maybe my gun is the odd one. Have you tried it with the half moon or full moon clips? Does it have board through chambers or 45ACP chambers? i’m sorry about this stuff, Uriah
  10. I seat mine with the last lube groove showing about 50%. If a seat the ones you have pictured here, I’ll get a lead ring around the case when I extracted it (that can’t be good?). When I have the last lube groove about 50%, I get a ring of lube around the case. Uriah
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