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  1. 1 box of Win 87 gr 1 box of Win 117 gr 1 box of RP 117 gr Two singles Win 100 Silvertips 38 cases - 30 Win and 8 RP. I believe they’re once fired, save for one of the RP. They don’t exhibit a ring around the Brass. $200 and shipping, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, and wherever else it’s illegal. Uriah
  2. I thought I’d deprimer them and offer them up for sale. The primer pockets flash hole are a bit tight. It cost me a decapping pin in only the first 10 rounds (RCBS universal decapper). Is there a small size decapping pin for the resizing die? Thanks, Uriah
  3. I do this with the 38-50 Remington Hepburn. Tight chamber. I screw the sizing 1/2” away from the locking ring. The bullet readily moves within the 1st grease groove, but, stopping when it encounters lead.
  4. https://www.buffaloarms.com/408-411-custom-expander-fo-van408411.html Expander .408 -.411
  5. I go with .459 -.461 (bell) out of Buffalo Arm .459 bullets I go with .379 expander for bullets .377 in my 38
  6. I do it in open garage. Turkey fryer. Mold oven, typically I get one reject, -2 gr. Lots of room.
  7. Ballistic products is working on one for the progressives. I just talked to them last week. Not out yet. Uriah
  8. Stranger, My Shiloh Sharps 1874 has 2 screws securing the to blocks under the barrel. There is no give in the barrel blocks, it might has well be screwed directly in the barrel. A lot of the single shots follow this pattern (Ruger #1 is the only exception that comes to mind). ONLY if the rifle tends to string shots (taking a lot of shooting), it can be relieved where the forearm meets the receiver. Uriah
  9. Stranger, Resting the barrel on the cross-sticks is the way to go. Accuracy, kind of like a long barreled pistol versus a short one. The forearm is attached to the barrel anyway. I could see interrupting the harmonies on a free floating forearm, but, it isn’t. 4-5” rest point below the muzzle, just so that you’re gun doesn’t fall or the sticks or damage to the front sight. Uriah
  10. X Mark, Does the lever closed all the way when you grip the rifle? I have a Shiloh Sharps that had a weak lever spring, 1999 production, 2004 failure year. The lever rammed my middle finger every time I would fire it. Shiloh replaced it at the Quigley. I like the single trigger. Mighty tempting. Uriah
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