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  1. sarcasmn

    Shotgun choke

    What kind of choke does everyone prefer on their shotguns and why
  2. sarcasmn

    1897 shotgun

    ok now that thats out of the way, how do you modify a 97 and a model 12?
  3. sarcasmn

    1897 shotgun

    I am about to retire from the police department and would like to try Wild Bunch shooting. I found a 1897 still in the box. Are they shootable right from the box or would it need to go to a gunsmith first?
  4. Yes sir, I saw that and replied but there was a sale pending so I do not know the status. Thank you though
  5. Looking for a 1897 pump shotgun for Wild Bunch found what I was looking for thanks to the great community here
  6. I'll take it if it's still available
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