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  1. We have a monthly Rimfire match that uses a speed steel format at the range. No real problems with timer picking up shots, not much moving. Folks are using revolvers and semi autos in this match. We also have a PCC match with a Rimfire division. The only time the timer doesn't pick up a shot is if the shooter out runs the TO to the next shooting position, which happens. Our TO's make sure the first shot and the last is picked up. True, here is North Alabama we could get ammo when a lot of places could not. Even before the shortage some of the more out of the places where having
  2. The range is Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting, we host SASS, USPSA, Steel Challenge, PCC and NRL 22 matches. At the Range we have 48 RV camping spots as well as rooms for rent on the range. These can be rented for monthly shoots. The North Alabama Regulators host the Alabama State and SE Regional Championships. Branchwater Jack is our stage writer he does a Great job with stage design and keeping things interesting. Yes Barkeep hangs out with us at The NAR shoots, we let hang around because of his free bar. That and he likes to hug Badgers.
  3. Seems like I heard somebody @Captain Bill Burt rebuilt their Camaro to help deal with creek jumping. Full on Mad Max er...Mad Bill
  4. The camping ain’t going to be quite, we got folks registered and paid. We can always go Armadillo Gigging if we run out things to. Got a couple of those critters on camera.
  5. Give this another go around to get the word out.
  6. Why? That is simple! The 10mm is a Planet Wrecker Magnum in a pistol. In a long gun it would turn into a Galaxy Wrecker Magnum.
  7. Ah the bottle targets. I love those things. Always hated the secret stage. It was a bunch of fun but hated it in the state shoot.
  8. Bought a used one thinking I would replace the Mec 9000. I loaded on it for a while. More solid feeling machine than the Mec. Several other nice features on it. I did not like the loaded hull ejection. Cutting a hole in the top of the loading bench was a no go for me. Loaded shells dropped on to the bench top was also a no go for me. Sold it and kept the Mec.
  9. There are a few other World Championship matches in other sports that do not even have international competitions. For Our world championships we at least competitions in other countries, those folks can travel when permitted. So ya EOT is a legitimate WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!
  10. Creeker it sounds like a good idea, except for one thing. The buzzer. When that dang thing goes off stuff happens. The best laid plans of Cowboys go astray when the buzzer goes off.
  11. When I was looking doing this project with NRV's I called Ruger. At that time said they would not make a 38-40 due to the possibility of the rim touching, they also explained that the 38-40 case was inside of their minimum distance for space between case rims. Alan Harton is who I talked to about this conversion. He said the cases might stick a little due to variances in case rim between manufactures.
  12. Pee Wee at our long range match's we are ringing steel. All of the SASS LR Side Matches I have shot, we where ringing steel. I would say that +/- .1 is acceptable variance. Other will disagree but we are ringing steel not shooting small groups. The standard for powder scales is +/- .1, so you can weight each charge to the exact weight and still get a variance.
  13. Dang It Dan if you mind, share the smith you are working with. I had a pair that I was going to have converted a while back.
  14. Apparently around 2007 in was again available in the US with regulated levels of Thujone. Although that may not be the case. Might have been the 1990’s. I do know I can buy it at the Liquor store. Taste wise the The Absente brand is one of the better ones. “Thujone acts on GABA as an antagonist (opposite to the effects of alcohol). As a competitive antagonist of GABA, thujone alone is considered to be convulsant,[4] though by interfering with the inhibitory transmitter GABA, it may convey stimulating, mood-elevating effects at low doses.”
  15. We make our own! Called Whoop Your Donkey. Guaranteed time travel of at least 3 hours into the future. Your milage will vary. We are in no way responsible for unsound decisions that made while drinking WYD. This includes but is not limited to Bank Robbery, Ordering obscene amounts of food at a drive through window, wandering mindlessly through the woods, hugging skunks and other shenanigans.
  16. He has been known to do that. Thinking maybe we should have a Absinthe warm up night. Wednesday or Thursday. That should put people in the right frame of mind.
  17. That is all part of the equation. With Absinthe 1=3
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