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  1. I think that the above is bad advice. Why force people to shoot outside of the way they normally do? There is a bunch of ways other ways to provide a challenge in stage design to keep it interesting.
  2. From Facebook. Please keep in mind that if you have registered late, you might not have gotten on the posse you wanted. Changing one person around is not as simple moving one person as most of the posses are full at 17 shooters. Published by Drake Robey "We are up to 248 registered shooters as of last night Following is an alphabetical list with the posse assignment beside the name If the number starts with a 1, that indicates shooting Friday Morning and Saturday Afternoon If the number starts with a 1, that indicates shooting Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning Max posse size is 17 ALIAS POSSE Alchemist Belle 202 Amaduelist 106 Angel Eyes Carson 210 Appalucy 210 Apple Annie 110 Ara Tiest 209 Arcadia Outlaw 202 Avocatessa 209 Aw Dacious 103 Badlands Bob 110 Bama Cowboy 208 Barkeep Casey 203 Ben T. Iron 209 Big Bama Bradshaw 106 Big Bore John 209 Big Country 201 Big Iron Ranger 208 Billy Blaze 106 Bitterroot Jak 110 Black Jack Lee 108 Blackfish Kid 106 Bluegrass Bob 105 Bo Dacious 103 Bogus Jim 201 Branchwater Jack 202 Brass Tacks 203 Brown Summit Kid 205 Buck O. Billy 208 Buckey O'Neill 106 Bucky Buckskin 202 Bud Light year 210 Buffalo Trace 105 Buford Tanner 103 Bulldog Jackson 206 Bush Ax Jack 208 Bushrod 102 Buslin' Belle 110 Buster 105 Cactus Jack Slade 201 Cahawba Kid 208 Canoe Creek Kid 101 Captain Bill Burt 108 Cardboard Cowboy 205 Carolina Reaper 205 Carolina Yankee 202 Cassalong Hopidy 108 Cat A Tonic 210 CBeaux 201 Chas B. Wolfson 110 Cherokee Maddog 106 Cherokee Sgt 105 Chickie Winsome 110 Christian Mortician 208 Cleve 205 Coosie 105 Copperhead Joe 210 Cotton Mouth Cole 203 Cowboy Jon 206 Crawdaddy 102 Crazy Case 208 Dakota Lil 106 DC Madcap 106 Deacon Henry 209 Dead Lee Shooter 108 Deadly Don 206 Deputy Short Stack 209 Derringer Di 103 Deuces 203 Dew R Dye 105 Diamond Jake 205 Diamond L Pete 203 Dirt Road Dude 103 Dobber 102 Doc Bard Parker 201 Doc J.H. Huckleberry 209 Doc Monday 106 Doc Roy L. Pain 201 Doc Southerly 205 Doc WHO 206 Dodge City Dixie 201 Donald Duke 202 Double Barrel 202 Drake Robey 202 Dungannon Gunner 206 El Camino 103 El Chivo 209 El Viejo Lobo 208 Ellie Gant 210 English Tom 101 Fast Eddie 108 Fire N. Fallback 105 Fireball 110 Firstshot 208 Fox Creek Stitcher 208 Foxplay Kid 108 Foxy Filly 205 Fretless 208 Garnet Gal 209 George Emmett 102 Graver Bill 208 Graywolf Tate 105 Grey Horse 102 Groundhog 102 Gunnby 202 Gunner Down 209 Gunsmoke Girl 103 Hanso Lowe 103 Hell On Heels 105 High Cotton Kitty 103 Hopalong Mac McLin 208 Horse Doc 210 Hoss Blocker 201 Hoss Cantwrite 209 Hurricane Charly 101 Iron Cowboy 108 J. M. Brown 106 J.P. Law 110 Jimmie Gunnfighter 202 Jodi Coyote 106 John Derringer 102 John E. Law 201 Josie Grace Underfyr 110 Kentucky Drifter 110 Kid Flash 108 Kid Nama 202 Knot Hardly Dunn 105 Krazy Kajun 110 Lawman Mark 206 Lead Bone 102 Lefty Young Gun 208 Let's Go 206 Lil Fellar 101 Lil Tink 101 Little Dead Drewzter 205 Llew Silverhand 102 Loco Perro 102 Long Colt Luke 108 Long Colt Tommy 203 Long Gulch 210 Long Wolf 209 Loose Cinch 210 Lucky Lead Pepper 203 Madame Moog 206 Marshal Rico 103 Marshal TKD 210 Max Payne 108 May B. Knott 110 Midnight Rider 102 Midwest Hale 202 Mister Badly 101 Moog 206 Morning Glory 201 Mr Black 105 Ms. Jewel 108 Mustang Dave 205 Myra Venge 205 Noah Fitz 208 Null N. Void 108 Nunnfaster 105 Ocoee Red 106 Ophelia Payne 108 Palmetto Traveller 103 Patsy Montana 206 Pecos Pete 203 Picket 101 Pinky Buscadero 201 Pistoleer 103 Pokerface Bill 206 Poncho 102 Possum 110 Prairie Dog Kid 102 Preacherman 106 Purly 101 Raindrop Renegade 103 Randy Saint Eagle 201 Ranger Dan 110 Razorback Red 205 Realtree 206 Reno Mustang 201 Ringer 210 River City Bly 208 Rowdy On The Red 201 Rowdy Rube 209 Rubicon Ryder 205 Ruff Kut 205 Runs With Scissors 110 Sable Starr 102 Sandhills Slim 108 Sapphire Rose 203 Scarlett Darlin' 205 Scotch Before Noon 210 Scrub Oak Willie 209 Shagbark Steve 101 Shamrock Sadie 105 Shelleen 206 Sherriff AB Dupree 203 Shiner Bock Bob 203 Shootin Sharyn 108 Shorty Butte 103 Shyster's Revenge 201 Sidekick 101 Six Packin' Jan 209 Sketchy Sue 210 Slater 101 Slippery Stew 102 Slow Jen 101 Smart * 106 Stagecoach Shell 205 Steady Habit 206 Steel Rail 203 Steelshot Scott 205 Stingray 202 Sue Nommy 203 Sunny Girl 105 Swift Stoney 202 Tampa Flash 206 T-Bone Dooley 210 Tennessee Snuffy 106 Tennessee Tombstone 210 Tennessee Whiskers 105 Tennessee Williams 101 Tequila Rita 106 THE Notch 203 The Outlaw Travis James 110 The Rainmaker 103 Tick Ridge 209 Tilly Two Spurs 202 Timber Steel 206 Tin Can Sailor 205 Tom Bullweed 105 Toolman 201 Toothpick 202 Trail Bandit 208 Tucker T. Fudpucker 103 Tuff Stuff 101 Tullamore Dew 210 Two Step Net 101 Tyrel Cody 102 Uncle Ethan 209 Whiskey Creek Johnson 210 Whiskey Ro 108 Widder 101 Wiggley Down Under 106 Wild Phil Hickok 203 Willy Joe 102 Witchy Woman 105 Yazoo City Gal 103 Yohan 203"
  3. Saturday evening we will be having the awards and costume contest at the range. The food will be catered and we will have a wait staff onsite. The menu will be heavy hors d’oeuvres, meatballs, cheeseboard, chicken tenders, vegetable tray, smoke sausage, pork sliders and desserts. We will have the band The Creekers playing after the awards, so stay and socialize with us. Friday evening we will have the Steak dinner on the range with music and Karaoke. The meal is not included in the shooters fee.Thursday Evening is the Potluck dinner. So please bring something to share. Porkys will have breakfast and lunch available Thursday thru Saturday. Thursday there will be a Cowboy Yard Sale under the Pavillion.Thursday there will be a RO 1 & 2 class going on. You can sign up for this by replying to this email. Class time 9:00 to 3:00Thursday there will be a ladies shooting class starting a 9:00 am at stage 6:00.Sunday we will have a 5 stage match to benefit Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Barkeeps bar will be open each night.
  4. Our local Cabelas was not that good compared to some of the others I have visited before Bass Pro wrecked the chain. They did at least carry Cabelas brand clothing. Which I found to b pretty good. An XL shirt was a XL shirt, not a L marked as a XL and called a slim XL? I believe that the lack of Rugers Vaqueros is due to them not being in production. I might be wrong but is what I was told at the LGS who is a huge Ruger Dealer.
  5. If you are going to shoot it at the regional you will need to a lead bullet, no copper jacket at all. CSA bullets has 30-30 bullets. They will be at the regional.
  6. I have not redone the map for the dry camp spots. How ever most of the guy who are tent camping camp along the edge of wha5 was the corn patch strip last year. This year it is just going to be tilled up earth. Pretty much pick a spot and camp.
  7. We where at 185 on Monday, I have talked to a bunch of the camping folks, who have confirmed camping but not sent in apps. Maybe they are just planning on partying at the range?
  8. So a different question. Which gunsmiths could fix this and what would be a rough estimate on the cost?
  9. What ever was being done to that chicken is illegal in Alabama. Maybe not in Tennesse but definitely illegal in Alabama.
  10. Well I purchased this Stoeger SXS a while back for Tullamore Dew to shoot. Action work was said to have been done by a well known gunsmith. It was pretty slick when we got it. Thought she wanted to switch back to a double. She finally decided she was ready to switch. Practiced loading it, got comfortable with it and off to the range we go. She fires it with our light Cowboy loads and it pops open. I fire it and it stays closed. So I run a few rounds through it and then it pops open when I fire it. Check the top lever, it is not moving when firing. Put a stiffer top lever spring it, still opens when firing. Although now I can pop the action on hinge and it pops open. Must be lever lock. So I purchase a new one from Midwest Industries. Install it, with some fitting required. Test fire the gun and it stays closed. So off the range. About 20 rounds into the test session it starts to open on firing. Just about an 1/8 of an inch this time. So… this leads me to believe the lugs, which have been ground on and polished are the issue. Thinking specifically the locking surface probably had to much material removed. Thoughts?
  11. Web page is up to date... well as update as it can be. At this point we have 170 plus shooters with entrys arriving Dailey. Schedule has updates to it. Live music Thursday evening. Karaoke Friday evening Live music Saturday evening. Pretty sure Whiskey Creek will having some Hill Billy Shenanigans some where in there. We are having a pot luck on Thursday evening
  12. We use Practiscore. Pair a Commander Shot timer with it and you have a great system. The timer sends the score to to Practiscore via Bluetooth. https://www.amg-lab.com
  13. Equal parts of Absinthe & Wild Turkey American Honey over ice will slow down the cracker crew.
  14. This might be shaping up to be a SPAMagedion.
  15. See updates to schedule. We are holding all the events on the range.
  16. BTT thanks for the offers on a unfinished stock, think I need to stick with a take off.
  17. The posse assignments will be made by Drake Robey. Posse Marshal’s will be picked by Reno Mustang.
  18. Well there has not been a ghost chicken sighting in a while, however there are still a 1000 ways to... at Cavern Cove. Schedule update. The Creeker's will be playing on Friday evening. Whiskey Creek is bringing a bit fun from the Hillbilly Nation capital, Black Gold. Scotch B4 Noon should have his home-brew Octoberfest beer ready. Any of you have something entertaining that you do at your annual shoot let me know, it might get included in the entertainment.
  19. I reached out to SKB, no response, they called back and are out of stock on the buttstock. BTW new stocks for the older guns are being made in Turkey. Looked at Macon gun works, Cottage Craft works, figured I would give it a go on the SASS Wire.
  20. I reload standing up. So the strong mount is a must.
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