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  1. They put primers and powder on a semi truck to ship it. It is not temperature controlled. Don’t see a need to keep it cool. Ammo does not cook off in cars in the summer time. Heck I was in Utah this last summer outside temp 111 degrees. The box of 9mm in the tow car did not cook off. Additionally it is none of the movers business what is in your boxes. Last time we moved the primers, powder and loaded ammo were boxed up and the movers moved the stuff. The guns went with me.
  2. Max emailed you. Thanks Pard Boolit Boomer I still have 600. will PM you with details.
  3. Max did not get the PM or an email.

  4. Have sold 1200 of them. Still have a bunch more. great big ole blue bin full.
  5. Barkeep I would recommend a box stock Steven’s for you. Maybe a Sears SXS something along those lines. They have been around forever and fit the durability requirement. As a matter of fact there is a SXS hanging on the wall in the cabin at the range that you could try. It might be an old Brazilian gun with sticky firing pins.
  6. I have 1200 rounds great big ole container of once fired 308 Winchester brass. Most all of the head stamps should be Remington. Brass has been run through a sonic cleaner and rinsed. Price is $15 $10 per 100 Plus shipping A small flat rate shipping box will hold 100 pieces. Shipping would $8.60. A medium flat rate box will hold up to 600 pieces of brass. Shipping would be $15.05 I can do PayPal or certified check for payment. Great big ole container of once fired brass.
  7. The person (s) who designed a small pistol primer 45ACP case should be kicked in the nuts until they die.
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