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  1. Revolving wheel for Axe throwing. Things are about to get sporty.
  2. Said in a deep dark ominous voice. “You are number 113!”
  3. It was brass with a tight primer pocket. Seated the primer it was a bit tight and boom. I can't remember the brand brass right now. 38 Special. With some extra special in it. Double cannelur. Possible military brass.
  4. I also have never had that problem with my 550. The 650 has been exciting twice.
  5. No more primer tube detonations. Well that sure makes reloading boring.
  6. I have good friend last name Fleagle lives up here in North Alabama.
  7. Shooters list is updated almost. We have updated the schedule with some additional events
  8. Psst.... he is donating a bottle of Scotch. The bourbon will be drank ahead of time. I will toss in a bottle Bourbon for the Red Dot class. Thinking something with a linage, a well established brand, maybe something General Grant drank. Ah I have it! A Bottle of Old Crow!
  9. We should try this. I will inform TSA they missed something. Pretty sure there will be an invasive body search after that. Phantom"It is just a screw" TSA guy" Screw me? No screw you" This thread might derailed now.
  10. Gun parts can not be carried on. Great big ole sign at the TSA check point. They can have to checked. Given that you pay for extra checked gas( ya gotta love auto correct on the iPad (bags)) these days it might be cheaper to ship it. Given how damaged my gun cases and luggage have gotten flying it be safer to ship it.
  11. We added a 4 stage Warm Up Match in the morning and afternoon!
  12. Figured we needed a new thread with some updated info. Schedule of Events Thursday, October 24th 8:00 am Registration Opens 8:00 am - 12:00 pm RO1 and RO2 Classes at the Pavilion 9:00 am Black Powder Match - Stages 6-10 9:00 am PCC Match at the Rimfire Range 9:00 am Warm Up Match - Stages 1-4 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Side Matches Stage 6 - Rifle Stage 6 - Pistol Stage 5 - Shotgun Long Range (between stages 5 and 6) 12:00 - 1:30 pm RANGE IS COLD 12:00 pm Registration Opens - Lunch Available 1:00 - 3:00 pm RO1 and RO2 Classes continue at the Pavilion 1:30 - 3:30 pm Side Matches Stage 6 - Zero Time Rifle Stage 6 - Zero Time Pistol Stage 5 - Zero Time Shotgun Long Range 1:30 pm Rimfire Match at the Rimfire Range 1:30 pm Wild Bunch Match - Stages 6-10 1:30 pm Warm Up Match - Stages 1-4 3:30 - 4:30 pm Southeast Region Territorial Governor Meeting at the Pavilion 5:00 pm Posse Marshal walk-through - Meet at stage 1 5:00 pm All firearms put up 6:00 pm Ambush Social at the Pavilion 6:30 pm Potluck at the Pavilion. Sign up list will follow. 6:45 pm Bring your best Home Brew. What is a home brew? Any spirts that you distill or brew or any spirit that is distilled or brewed in your home town. Friday, October 25th 7:00 - 8:00 am Breakfast available at the Pavilion 7:00 - 8:00 am Registration Open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Vendors Open 8:30 am MANDATORY Safety Meeting and Opening Ceremonies 9:00 am Shoot first 5 Main Match Stages. 12:30 pm Lunch at the Pavilion 5:30 pm Barkeep’s Saloon is open at the Pavilion 6:00 pm Dinner at the Pavilion 6:45 pm Side Match Awards at the Pavilion 7:00 pm Sawyers Texas Hold'em Tournament. 7:00 pm. Gaming night at the pavilion on the range. 7:00 pm Free Bourbon / Whiskey Tasting with Black Patch Distilling Saturday, October 26th 7:00 am Breakfast Available at the Pavilion 9:00 am Shoot Final 5 Main Match Stages 12:30 pm Lunch available at the Pavilion 6:00 pm Costume Contest at Guntersville State Park Lodge 6:30 pm Awards dinner (included in Shooter Fee) at Guntersville State Park Lodge 7:15 pm Door Prize giveaways 7:30 pm Main Match & Costume Awards at Guntersville State Park Lodge Need to Register for the shoot? Need info about side matches? Need info about vending? Just need more info? Go to our web site.https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/ambush-at-cavern-cove We will be posting a who is registered so far list in the next couple of days. Our camping is full it filled up some time in December. We hope to see all of our friends at the shoot. Registered shooters so far. 1 Jack B. Hammer 2 Sheriff Mickey 3 Jessie Saint Ann 4 Buster 5 Sunny Girl 6 Drake Robey 7 Taska Jim 8 J.M. Brown 9 Stonefire Slim 10 Colorado Aspen 11 Dingo Dave 12 Sixgun Sallie 13 Ozark Outlaw 14 KY Wind Breaker 15 Ruff Kut 16 Rubicon Ryder 17 Myra Venge 18 Max Payne 19 Ophelia Payne 20 Badlands Bob 21 Scarlett Darlin' 22 Tucker T. Fudpucker 23 Krazy Kajun 24 Smart * (Smart Asterisk) 25 Hopalong Mac 26 Mustang Dave 27 Sandhill Slim 28 Ms. Jewel 29 Fancy Filly 30 Marshal TKD 31 Tullamore Dew 32 Dungannon Gunner 33 Navajo Kid 34 Deadly Grace 35 Ironhorse Jim 36 Doc WHO 37 Hunter Sam 38 Sawyer 39 Bill Carson 40 Cleve 41 Bama Cowboy 42 John Derringer 43 Larry Earp 44 Trail Bandit 45 Null N. Void 46 Buck D. Law 47 Graywolf Tate 48 River Rat Randy 49 Black Mike 50 Dirty Deadeye Don 51 English Tom 52 Ramblin Royce 53 Cardboard Cowboy 54 Foxy Filly 55 Shorty Butte 56 Deadwood Blackie 57 Let's Go 58 Gator Bait 59 Lady Gator 60 Sweet Anne 61 Doc O'Bay 62 Big Six Henderson 63 Desperate Dan 64 Dew R. Dye 65 Cherokee Sargent 66 Mr. Black 67 Desparado Don 68 Medicine Creek Johnny 69 Hoss Blocker 70 Elm Savannah 71 Montana Colt 72 Lawman Mark 73 Tennessee Jake 74 Branchwater Jack 75 Alchemist Belle 76 Donald Duke 77 Reno Mustang 78 Dodge City Dixie 79 Texas Mac 80 Texas Flower 81 River City Bly 82 Doc Bard Parker 83 Morning Glory 84 Big Iron Ranger 85 Barkeep Casey 86 Double Clutch 87 Imis Twohoton 88 Jersey Bratt 89 Bushrod 90 El Carrera 91 Lightning McCoy 92 Longshot Luther 93 Judge Roy Bean 94 Justice Lily Kate 95 Hot Tamale 96 Hawkshaw Fred 97 Annie D'Vine 98 Scotch Before Noon 99 Sketchy Sue 100 Stampede Sam 101 Robyn Hearts 102 Amaduelist 103 George Emmett 104 Lead Bone 105 Capt. Cowan 106 Poncho 107 Purly 108 Two Step Net 109 Carolina Reaper 110 Jackalope 111 Anita Margarita 112 Papa Dave 113 Tyrel Cody 114 Willy Joe 115 Sidekick 116 Col. Falcon Tuscarora 117 Ben T. Iron 118 Ara Tiest 119 Bama Kid 120 Crawdaddy 121 Hand Cannon 122 Side Saddle Sue 123 Ironhead Smith 124 Double Barrel 125 Sixgun Seamus 126 Cayenne Kay 127 Pecos Pete 128 Ranger John Paxton 129 El Viejo Lobo 130 Two Ponies 131 Jimmie Gunnfighter 132 Fast Eddie 133 Canoe Creek Kid 134 Tennessee Snuffy 135 Kontankerous Tee 136 Miss Half Pint Kay 137 Tombstone John 138 Confederate Colt 139 Jasper Jack 249 T-Bone Dooley 250 Elli Gant
  13. Match Prep. Arrive on Saturday morning between 9:00am and 11:31 am. Set up motorhome. Talk to others who are camping. Eat lunch Set steel if needed. Paint targets. Time for Happy Hour. Then Dinner either at the range or Mexican Place. Then a few drinks while sitting around the campfire telling stories. Wake up next morning and shoot.
  14. Sir you have citied for abusing dead equine.
  15. Go to this link and input your info. Recoil calculator https://jbmballistics.com/cgi-bin/jbmrecoil-5.1.cgi
  16. Rolan Sorry to hear about Bea. You have mine and Tullamore’s condolences and prayers.
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