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  1. Darn! I wish you were closer. I sure could put those to good use. You’ll find a buyer quick. Sam Sackett
  2. I replaced my New Vaquero original springs with Wolfe 19/30 springs. Have had no issues with FTF with any brand of primers. Have used CCI, Winchester and Federal. They all went bang except for a couple when I dragged my thumb on the hammer. That I can’t blame on the primer. Sam Sackett
  3. I have to load mine at 1.530” for my Interarms Rossi. That is usually right at the top of the lube groove. Only issue with this is that the crimp doesn’t hold a lot of pressure on the bullet, so most powders will give a dirty burn resulting in sooty cases. No problem with setback as long as the crimp tucks into the lube groove a tad. Chootem, Sam Sackett
  4. I have one of the early Interarms imported Rossi 92’s. It’s my main match gun. It’s very slick and I have had no issues once I found the right cartridge length and bullet noses. It really likes the Lee 125 RF and also does well with a TC bullet. Keep the OAL at around 1.535” and it doesn’t care whether it’s 38 or 357 brass. Just load to that length and crimp where it may. Usually right at the top of the lube groove. I like it so much I bought a Browning B92 to keep it company. I like the old Rossi better though. Sam Sackett
  5. Chop it small enough to fit in the pot, melt down, flux and skim a couple of times, pour into molds. Sam Sackett
  6. I agree. This isn’t the first Stoger that wasn’t inletted enough. This allows the recoil forces to hit there, instead of inside on the anchor lug. Relieve the inletting and get those forces moved back inside where they belong. Once that is done and the stock is bedded into the anchor lug, glue and pin the cracked area. Should last a long time. Sam Sackett
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