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  1. Beautiful! Scary, but beautiful…..
  2. Must be something in the water??????
  3. I live in Virginia and we are fortunate. We have seen at least one albino deer in our back yard every year. This year it a piebald. Very unique. Sam Sackett
  4. Here is a link to the Redding powder measures on the Titan website. They list the 3BR with the universal only and also one with both the universal and pistol measures. https://www.titanreloading.com/product-category/redding-reloading-equipment/redding-powder-handling-equipment/ Hope this helps. Sam Sackett
  5. Plus 1 for the Redding #3. The newer ones have small and large metering chambers. I have 3 of the old original #3’s that had a standard metering chamber. The micrometer adjust is really nice. It allows recording a setting and going right back to the exact charge when I set up that caliber again. I have had no issue running 2 grains of Bullseye. This measure does not really like stick powder, but for flake and ball I’ll take it any day. Sam Sackett
  6. Pm sent. They are available here locally…….. Sam Sackett.
  7. Thanks for sharing this video. I have heard of the 92 being modified to shoot 45 ACP, but this is the first I have seen one. I shoot an Interarms Rossi 92 in 357 for cowboy action and really like the action. Sam Sackett
  8. I use whatever scrap lead I can get. Old plumbing lead, stick on wheel weights, etc. I run the pot at around 725 and pour away. I get occasional rounded driving bands and bases, but they still shoot good enough for our distances. I have even used pure lead sheeting. Most of our loads are light so as to be soft shooting. I think more problems arise from having bullets too hard and getting blow by from them not obdurating enough to seal in the bore. Just my two pennies. Sm Sackett
  9. If Slim doesn’t have enough for your needs, send me a PM. I think I have some I could let go. Sam Sackett
  10. From what I understand, traveling is one thing, stopping for a couple of days for a match is another. Federal law protects you while traveling through a restricted state, but once you stop for more than a gas up, you are then under local, state, law. That’s when things get sticky. I used to live in Upstate NY and had my carry permit for over 20 years. When I moved out of state, they forced me to give it up I still have a lifetime sportsman hunting license for NY. I have Va resident and other state non resident carry licenses. I asked the NYS police if I could bring my handguns into the state and use them to hunt or participate at a range. The Officer just kept saying “Don’t do it!” No way, no how. Just my experience. Sam Sackett
  11. I have a similar Renegade in 54 cal. Mine is the Hunter model with the single trigger. Deadly accurate past 100 yards with a patched round ball. Someone is getting a real deal at this price. Sam Sackett
  12. Send PM with phone # if interested. Have pic, but it won’t attach. I have three mechanical pencils and three packs of lead as follows: Pencils: Staedtler 980 Dietzgen 3162 Dietzgen 3162 C Lead: Round tube Germany 2H Round tube German 4h Flat pack Staedtler HB Sam Sackett
  13. got it.. Thanks Sam Sackett
  14. I’m confused on this. I understand that shooting out of category was the second possible P in this stage, but I thought the “progressive” penalty was pertaining to repeatedly shooting “without having all the correct item for the category”. I was under the impression that one could not receive more than one “P” per stage. please explain further. Sam Sackett
  15. Is there a way for “the powers that be” to change the indexing on the “Stuff for Free” ? If it came up last post first it would be easier to find the recent posts. Just thinking. …… Probably not a good thing. I get into trouble that way. Sam Sackett
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