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  1. Dawg, Handgun loads for the 44-40. I loaded 45 Colt with 25 gr black and some filler ( corn meal or felt wads/with lube or not). I’ll check my computer for any chronograph records. Now, I simply load the 45 S&W for handgun. it’s a lot less hassle. Uriah
  2. I had been in the market for a Krag barrel for years. I put the barrel on a wish list at Criterion a couple of years ago. No luck. Ebay has some barrel listings almost every week. 1898 barrel, generally, and cut-off barrel. Now, the barrels I would put any time in are far fewer than I would have like, they’re rougher than my barrel. Or, the photos are hard to see. $300+ for barrel I would not consider. Too much for a iffy barrel. You may have to message somebody out at eBay, that has a reasonably priced barrel, and no photographs of the interior. It might be handy to have a photo of what you’re looking for, to message him, and see if he can compare that with his barrel. $200 starting bids, will not sell, if they’re not a good shot of the barrel interior. That’s why I got mine. Uriah
  3. Buckshot, So, you’re wrapped to .500. (.494 + 4x.0015) air mail sheets or linen. What does the barrel slug to? How far do you seat the bullet? I once barrel that had a paper patch chamber. 45-90. Bullet was .450 ( Buffalo Arms) that I patched to .457-8. Barrel was .450/.458. 1/8” seating depth. Swiss 1.5, 96 gr, it shot great groups. Not great with tamer powders. I sold the barrel, 45-90, bullet mold. In an eleven pound Hepburn, it took me years to get over the flinch. The Hepburn now sports 38-50 Rem Hepburn barrel. Uriah
  4. Buckshot, Who’s the mold maker, weight, and diameter? Uriah
  5. Round nose or truncated nose? The first time by loaded truncated nose bullets in a 9 mm, I loaded them way too long. I have to load them right up to the truncation in the nose. RN = 1.108 TN = 1.044 Glock with a Lone Wolf barrel for cast bullets. Uriah
  6. Johnny and others, I like to set up my rifles, so they shoot 1-3 moa RIGHT with the rear side and front sight at zero settings (100-200 yds) With a right hand twist barrel, the spin drift will be to the right. I like to set up my rifles for a mechanical zero at every given range based on the spin drift. And go from there with my wind drift. With my rifle shooting to the right, I only have two dial in the LEFT spin drift for the mechanical zero. In my estimation, a rifle, shooting to the left at 100 yards, is the worst situation, for mechanical zero at long range. I have a front side that is adjustable for the wind. I have it set to 3 moa RIGHT, 200 yds, with both sights set at zero. That way, I never cross the zero mark with my front sight. It takes a lot less thinking out of it. Uriah
  7. Johnny, 100yd zero 200 13 moa 300 27 moa 400. 43 moa 500 60 moa 600 80 moa 38-50 Rem-Hepburn 1200 fps 363 gr bullet, .357 BC That should get you close. 1-2 moa off, for the shorter range. Higher fps for your load. Uriah
  8. 100yd zero 200 13.75 moa 300 29.0 moa 400. 45.75 moa 500 63.5 moa 600 82.5 moa 45-70 1160 fps 537 gr bullet, .357 BC Uriah
  9. I’ve got 2 of the shims as my great western II revolver. With the removable cylinder pin, they fit right under it. With out the shims, the cylinder rides along the barrel stud, when forward (.000 gap). With the shims it’s rock solid and there’s a gap. .004. About only thing you look out for is disassembling it, and losing the shims.
  10. Dillon SDB, i’ve got to go through the loaded rounds and reseat the high primers with RCBS bench mount priming tool. 9mm and Marlin 38 Spl can handle a somewhat high primer. 45 Colt & 38 Spl for the revolvers can not. Just wet tumbled a mess of cartridge casings, with the primers out and car soap & wax. I am going to see if that improves the situation.
  11. Light powder load, I’m guessing. Wad pressure doesn’t help you, the wad bottomed out. Uriah
  12. Barrel Erosion - no Upon removal of the insert it’s a good idea to clean the barrel. Wax at the end of the insert, with wax coated 22s and a lot of shooting. On the Crossno insert, it goes in better with gun grease applied to the insert. Cleaning.
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