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The Aussie Humour Thread

Buckshot Bear

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23 minutes ago, Buckshot Bear said:


It looks like the lady on the right has a camera.


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2 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

For a second or two I thought I thought "Aussies" then I noticed the upside down guy wasn't facing the oncoming horse.



The initial thought of why he's facing away is if a front ofHOOF catches you, it would hit you in the butt instead of the gazoolies.


But thinking about it a little bit, I believe it's actually so he doesn't see the horse jump. If he doesn't see it, he doesn't flinch.

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6 minutes ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:

it would appear , BAD tastes hasn NO bounds , down under 


  CB :wacko:

And no boundaries or borders!!

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43 minutes ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:



  close the cooler lid , back away 


  I do belive you Sir are drunk 




  add to this , ya be hoggin' all the beer 




DANG!!!!!!!!  ........ I've been'd finded out ......  :ph34r:

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25 minutes ago, Brazos John said:

Did it work?  



"Overall, as a long-term barrier to rabbits the fences were a failure; even while construction was underway, rabbits were hopping into regions the fences were intended to protect.[12]"

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On 8/23/2023 at 6:53 PM, Buckshot Bear said:


They look like wood ticks. Pretty creepy, that. 

Sam Sackett 


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