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HATE their stupid pictures!!!!   Remember years ago,, was at a farm equipment training clinic for a preview of the new series of tractor.   One with pictures instead of words to explain function.     Factory rep told his story from the provin g grounds where he asked an old southern farm laborer what he thought the rabbit and turtle next to the throttle meant.   His reply,    "Time to eat"??                GW











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My wife buys so much ikea i became fluent in Scandinavian pictogram. One day my youngest was having real trouble putting a lego project together and I glanced at the instructions and popped out ' ah you're using the wrong piece. Use this one' when he asked how I could tell so fast I told him Danish pictograms are a derivative language and I had already learned a root language putting together all the flatpack hid mom buys. I also think ikea is Lego for adults.

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1 hour ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:







       .................. actually the Wookie was easier to understand , had more personality and a more amenable temperament than my ex....  :mellow:


Hope your ex was better looking :o

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