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  1. The big benefit is for guys installing night sights that contain a capsule for the glow stuff (love tech terms) They can break if you try to tap them in. And the ability nudge the sight slightly. GW
  2. G W Wade

    Hangover ?

    MY DEAR FRIEND ALCOHOL; We had a deal. You were to make me funnier, sexier and a better dancer. I saw the video, We need to talk
  3. G W Wade

    Hangover ?

    Clear is normally better. Cheap booze equal major hangover!! they are attempting to triple refine vodka to eliminate effects of consuming, BUT you drink enough you will still get a hangover. Believe me on this GW
  4. Do NOT think I would care to try the canned Tripe available at Walmart though GW
  5. Tripe at that bad with right seasoning served hot, just a little chewy GW
  6. If they could find a lawyer, they could go into a bar. Then we could find out what happened . GW
  7. This country was built by men in overalls, Then destroyed by men in suits GW
  8. I read a article where they claimed 22 Mag from a handgun would roughly equal a 22 LR fired from a rifle powerwise. 17 HMR, I would think should equal this idea.... Any opinions to this as a reason to bear the extra expense of the Mag rounds?. All truth told, I am in the too cheap to shoot the more expensive ammo anyway GW
  9. Competion Glocks get 3.5 lb triggers Stock is 5 and the NY trigger is 8 GW
  10. I bought a couple pair of Altamont for my NMV Rugers. The Silverback came black, almost like some ebony grips I have on another pistol. Thought would look real nice on a SS GW
  11. They all fire a single projectile . GW
  12. Great place to start. I am using 5.0 Promo with 200 GW
  13. Some one on the news wondered if all the protesters came to the game on their bicycles LOL GW
  14. G W Wade

    Rifle question

    Safety notch is not lever safety! GW
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