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  1. Be carefull!! As someone else said "They seem to take it as a challenge GW
  2. Dry and brush chambers berween stages GW
  3. Not sure about Olympics, but in Bullseye the man with extra holes receives the value of the of the you count the lowest scoring shots I.E. 11 shots on target you score the lowest 10 GW
  4. Was wondering if the trigger resets? Cock the hammer as normal and see if trigger clicks forward. If it doesn't, try pushing forward on rear side of trigger. GW
  5. Yes it is!!! Did it at Regional Bullseye match on slow fire. Stared at gun for a moment to relax, then raised 45 and popped the target next to mine. Damn, Guy didnt get upset cause gave him a X. Lived down embaresment , by getting Gold in the leg match later that day. GW
  6. Thanks. Another clue to the operation of the IAC 97 is always welcome GW
  7. Interesting. I have an 1893 Erfurt that I was told was a Rwich revolver, Will have to dig it out so we can compare. Family resembalance but different. GW
  8. Now that looks right. Even has replacable can for lever spring GW
  9. I just write the number in my address book. Maybe hidden as an address or phone number. GW
  10. Brownells sells a kit, A drill bit, a tap and 2 beads Just pick the size you want.. Think was $20 GW
  11. The girls at therapy recommended Tens also, but are available online. Mine was $27 and works great. Like that is small and battery powered so I can take it with me just in case. GW
  12. I still have my FWB #2 CO2 pistol. Amazing is the best description I can come up with. And this pistol is what they used 40 yrs ago GW
  13. I had an exoerience with plated bullets in my Glock. Left my dies on the same setings as normal and loaded. When I shot thru my Glock, I have never had a group like this.. 10 shots @ 12 yards measured 12 x 15 inches. After losing some religion and hair. Figured my taper crimp had resized the soft plated bullets to .354 No no to the Glock but Ruger PC 9 and Browning Hi Power shoot then great. Just something else to think about. The plated bullets were Xtremem brand not Berry's but guessing they will be soft also. GW
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