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  1. Yes Mine is a low 4 digit number, do not know if different.... GW
  2. I tried this with mine. 1911 spring too small diameter. Used a hammer spring from Ruger 10/22. GW
  3. Have to agree with Larsen, Don't mess with the right side until you know what in in there., GW
  4. Me again. Never been bothered by lead levels. Only wear gloves because my bullet lube gets fingers so black and I think I drop less bullets on floor with gloves on. GW
  5. I wear a rubber glove on my left hand for handling my lead bullets. Still using conventional lubed bullets GW
  6. Friend was looking for something for same reason. Took lead sheeting and made a "Tootsie Roll" that in the stock hole in rear of 97 stock. Changed the balance and added weight. Seemed to swing faster do to weight added to rear.and a little less recoil GW
  7. A friend bought one of the 79.95 taper dies. I gave him an old Mec press. He stripped off all of the reloading parts from the press that were not needed for the taper die. Looked pretty compact and simple when he was done GW
  8. S&W 52 was an interesting arm. 2 inch groups @50 yds from a machine rest according to S&W . Shot one for a few years shooting International Bullseye. GW
  9. I would have to say, after changing stock, lower tang and lever your timing will probaly be different GW
  10. Do you REALLY want to know what's in Spam or just continue to enjoy? GW
  11. Loose screw on the loading gate can cause this too. GW
  12. I have the 1010. Great scale for more years than I care to remember. Have never used the 500 gr weight but do like the dust cover. GW
  13. Thanks, Forwarded it to buddy GW
  14. Asking for a pard. He needs 1 New Vaquero SS 7 1/2 45 Colt. GW
  15. 323 Win Special was added to the line in 1901 in the 1894 GW
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