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  1. Got both Mag and Special. How much are you interested in? Was thinking $12/ 100 plus ship GW
  2. I used Locktite Black Max to hold the front on my friends Ruger that fell off. Still holding 3 yrs GW
  3. Is there a chance a couple of flat washers would shim it up enough while you look for new spring? GW
  4. Guess wanting to shoot shot shells from smoothbore 22LR. Not seeing where that would have more range than a good pellet rifle. No neighbor problems, I use Goody's technique with a Remington bole shooting CCI CB Longs. GW Happy hunting
  5. Hey Marshall, Was good to see you at Return to Aqua Verde. Following the herd, I recently switched to WST 4.1 with a 225 TC but was using 4.7 under H&G 200 GW
  6. Your a lucky man!! You got better helper than I do GW
  7. My son bought a couple of SPYPOINT that pictures to our IPhones twice a day. Have had really good luck for the year they have been up. You receive 100 pictures per month free. Closer to deer season, he bumps the capacity to 250 for $5. Talked about moving 1 to my building site for security. They can be set to send pictures when they detect movement instead of twice a day. They have been running for a year on the lithium batteries. Too tech for me LOL but enjoy the pictures. GW
  8. Coffee grounds are great for removing odors from fridges and freezers that have lost power causing odors. just pour grounds on a plate and close the door. Had a cooler with deer blood that didn't get cleaned up before it put away GW
  9. Have you tried putting a empty case in the chamber. That would eliminate all bullet related problems. If you could get a feeler gage the same thickness as the cartridge rim and see if action will close. Reduce feeler gage untill action closes. GW
  10. G W Wade

    Years supply?

    Yearly use varies, but I try to keep 3 maybe 4 years supply to make it thru the drought years GW
  11. Have to agree with OLG!! Almost willing to bet a lot of shooters do not even use the rear sight at the distance we shoot. Long range it's a plus GW
  12. Yes, the people of the Granite City Gunslingers worked hard. And the work showed because they put on a great weekend for those of us fortunate enough to attend. Good shoot, good times and great people GW
  13. That's the one Online Outpost sells. They are great people too, but I usually use the Outpost because Terry sells a wide range of parts from multiple vendors. I call her the one stop gun parts stop GW
  14. Have broken 2 on earlier IAC 97's Online Outpost is a great place to get parts. GW
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