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  1. To me the point is no matter how you color code your gun and your mags, you have to be smart enough to put the right ammo in the firearm GW
  2. Awesome cartridge. Mine Chrono's Rem 300HP at 1980 and Rem 405 SP at 1700. GW
  3. Sent a check 3 months ago by PO. Still has not be cashed or returned GW
  4. I have the Canik TP9 Combat Elite. Lots of bells and whistles. Problem was had a match barrel that didn't like to chamber cast bullets. Had it's throat opened up and chambers everything.! GW
  5. Wouldn't that be Gender Neutral Plant Based Alternative Meat Sauce? GW
  6. Bullseye cases are available, BUT shipping is ridiculous. I still have mine. GW
  7. I will give them a try     Thanks   GW           Check Ok or would you like a PMO

    Harold Simengaard

    805 Jahr Ave

    Portland, No Dak     58274

  8. I am guessing these are for round butt? GW
  9. I run the Lee 125 RNFP because I do not want rifle and pistol loads and believe most shooters will not notice the extra 15 grains bullet weight in their revolvers when the buzzer goes off. Runs great in my guns but I do crimp between the crimp groove and the lube groove for extra length. JMHO GW
  10. Chiropractor and therapy. A visit to your doctor for xray then take them to the chiropractor.. I speak from experience. GW
  11. I picked up a replacement tube for my 97. It didn't feed from the tube. Seemed the receiver end had smaller diameter cone shaped end. Straightened to remove the same diameter (only first 1/8 in was tight) Problem went away. Good luck with yours Proper depth of tube is important when screwing in. GW
  12. Think I remember reading the English stock promoted proper form for wing shooting, and the pistol grip was for weak or deformed shooters. On the other hand there is not much wing shooting in SASS GW
  13. Friend had one. Didn't keep it long GW
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