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  1. My son won 1 My thoughts were the same. Why to heavy to cock . Ran into lots of confusion on spring kits. Older kits will not work in newer guns. 357 kits will not work with 22's Believe Wolf makes one now but havn't had chance to work on it. GW
  2. Strange our local Walmart just built new gun dept. GW
  3. I picked one up at a swap meet at a State shoot. Precision is the word. Shells that slide thru my EGW shell checker Fit tight in the ST machine loading block. Almost wish it was a little looser. GW
  4. Believe all you have to do is Press on you icon The L in the circle. Upper right corner is edit profile. GW
  5. But did you have fun CONGRATS GW
  6. While I was waiting my Baikal to arrive, I was making a list of things I wanted to do when it showed up. Reversing the triggers was further down. When I was looking at my new purchase I found the triggers were bent inward from the factory. No right or left just front and back. Works very well I think GW
  7. Never seen a reference to Nosler Ballistic Silver tip. They make ballistic tip that is a plastic tip that was added to their line of solid base bullets. Solid Base were originally made as a practice bullet that shot like their more expensive Partition bullets. Ended up being a great hunting bullet on its own. Delivering great accuracy and expansion at long range. But violent expansion (meat damage) if you happened to get a shot that was too close. A friend blew a crater on the shoulder of a whitetail buck at 40 yards that lead to a long day tracking. GW
  8. I went with the westerns too. BUT you missed a great commercial with Sam Elliot in a Doritos ad. The first move for lack of better description was a mustauche moon walk Great GW
  9. Just saying if you can reload a used 22 rimfire case, then the larger cases should be no problem if available GW
  10. I am surprised no one has mentioned reloading rimfires. There are companies selling kits to reload 22 rimfire ammo, but maybe it would not possible with the 32 or 38 rimfire because of the availability of useable cases. Video shows a kit with a hook to clean the inside of the rim and an eye dropper to prime. Bullet molds and crimpimg tools. Sharpshooter 22 LR reloading tool is one. Some one smarter than me can post a link GW
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