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  1. Really like those S&W K-22 Great all around tool for any occasion. GW
  2. While some shoot with either hand, most do a weak to strong transfer. GW
  3. Heard Manatee was going to continue making sites on a reduced rate. I wish I had bought more, but if you go to the Smith Shop, they make a similar product available with changeable beads that looks very good. Great people to deal with. GW
  4. Plus less fouling from light loads not sealing the chamber properly. Rarely clean my 44/40, but constantly cleaning 38 rifle. 45 will be same as 38 if not worse. GW
  5. Back when Kalifornia was worth visiting GW
  6. Mr Keller. I have read about abstaining from activities of which you speak. To name a few, such as drinking, smoking, overindulgence, and womanizing, etc. AND decided to give up on reading. The choice is yours, I made mine. GW
  7. There are several products available the purchaser could apply himself if his climate required waterproofing. even just a quick spray of silicon. Your covers look great. GW
  8. I think you will find a small pin going thru the mag tube and the block that holds the forearm. Tap out pin, pull tube out, and block will slide sideways. Watch the block. Mine has to be in only one wat or the screws will not line up for reinstalling Good luck GW
  9. Might help to know what brand? GW
  10. I am trying to be compassionate to my fellow man.....LOL GW
  11. Let me respell that. Beat his a@#$ with a bamboo pole. GW
  12. Really believe the Far East practice of Public Caning would help discourage this White Collar crime. They could reflect on the error of their ways while they are standing up for the next month. GW
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