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  1. Can not come up with anything new on issue#1 but had a problem like #2- occasionally impossible to lever. The loading gate developed an inward bow that would catch on the lower edge of the right link.. Yes the screw was tight Hope you find something soon, GW
  2. I will bring them along for you to look at. Very good condition, No consecutive. One number apart. Will be south of Fort Alman Tuesday afternoon
  3. Any chance you be at Gunsmoke? Got real nice pair. 5.5 blue 357 GW
  4. Now we can be taught by one of the best, not just some ordinary gunfighter GW Congrats ED
  5. G W Wade

    WTC. Equipment

    To me the question would be, WAS it above his belly button? GW
  6. Understand there is a "dead blow" weight to control cycling. If you could get the heavier block for the 40, it should be possible GW
  7. While waiting for Ruger to bring out a 45acp PPC and finding they decided to go 40 S&W instead I started thinking how the PPC would be chambered in 357 Sig. GW
  8. Yes but is readable for newcomers to learn the wisdom of the elders Lots of info GW
  9. In defense of the older Ruger auto's. They are not that bad to clean and assemble. Problem is they are so reliable people only clean them every few years!! Our memory isn't good, if you did it a couple of times when you get it. My go to is the HS . GW
  10. HS long gone. Others have tried to reintroduce with mixed results. Still great guns but getting pricey for nice ones. GW
  11. The Clays International is a slower powder so I doubt you will find a light equalivent assuming you looking for light SASS loads GW
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