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  1. One reference in that article was 2 S&W revolvers chronoing 125 fps apart. Interesting read GW
  2. Thanks, Pard. Has been different since turned on after a weekend visiting G kids. Weird but old page came back on after your reply. Am dinosaur, no habala computer GW
  3. My pages are suddenly all different, has something changed? GW
  4. G W Wade

    Vaquero Question

    As far as I know all Ruger cylinders are engraved with the last 3 numbers of the gun they were originally fitted to. GW
  5. The question was what shells can be shot in IAC 97 trench gun, not if SASS legal GW
  6. After the winter break, seems like it turned to dust. Came off with hat sponge and brush, GW
  7. Moved up to RCBS 30 + years ago. Great but I hear new ones are hit and miss. GW
  8. Stainless is really stain- less Depends on degree of alloy GW
  9. Not surprising. Looks like Walmart GW
  10. + 1 on barrel life, 3000 to 4000 shows a lot of erosion. But that it a long time for most of us. You should not need a bolt, the button/ breech face is easily replaced and cheap besides. Ballistics are fabulous GW
  11. What don't they fit in? Quick scan seemed to be Rem Spartan/ Baikal But difficult to cross GW
  12. Bet you regret that sale, if you look see the price they get now Silly money GW
  13. Saw something very similar only they tack welded an old pipe wrench on top of his step bumper. Like it had been laid on bumper and forgotten GW
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