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  1. Nicely done, Sir great idea + creating a hammer stop GW
  2. Waiting for the chance to try. Good points are it is cheap and easy to work with. Bad side it is not steel and it only available in 4 ft lengths, but if it works I will have enough to make plenty...… Thanks OLG GW
  3. I found some aluminum channel meant for edging on 1/4 in plywood. Wish was steel, but. Channel is .4 wide, with inside .265 about a 1/2 in tall made from .060 material.. OLG do you think this would work? Would most likely have a steel washer under spring. Don"t have Ruger handy to check GW
  4. Impressive asst of bushings!! What are the smallest powder bushing you have? GW
  5. My Ruger SR22 has been great. Eats anything it"s been fed. Only thing I do not like is hammer drop lever. Once in a while when shooting fast, my left thumb will hit the lever. Then the next shot is the long heavy double action. Can be found a pretty good price also. They are offering a long slide (4 1/2 bbl) now that I really like. Hoping they will offer a top end kit so I can swap back and forth Other favorite 22 is S&W 34 with 4 in but they are getting pricey. Good luck in your search. Sure your going to get lots of advice here......GW
  6. Mainly go to socialize with old friends. GW
  7. What next? A new gun powder GW
  8. G W Wade

    First Aid

    They were prepared and probally more eager to help than the doctor. GW
  9. CCMG makes a good one I hear, but comes with a price. There are more if you look but reviews are not anything to brag about. Excessive recoil, poor accuracy and function seems to be common complaints. Hoping for Ruger to come through but thinking might have to get 9 m/m in the mean time GW
  10. Saw a picture of a Colt Python they used a side grinder to expose 6 jacketed bullets stuck in the barrel. Ouch GW
  11. I cook for our crew. Dinner will be on me. Thanks GW
  12. TAKE IT, Sneaky It"s been driving me crazy, been spending too much money lately. Said No but having trouble listening to myself GW,
  13. More new fangled technology . Whats wrong with the plain old round ball. I have killed everything from rabbit to bear. Never catch on...…….. GW
  14. Howa makes very good actions used by many major companies. GW
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