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  1. Same results I have seen when people take the factory black finish off GW
  2. Looks like G I Joe rescuing a thirsty soldier GW
  3. I have a lot of Rem 405 SP's if you are interested GW
  4. I always enjoy seeing plastic wads propelled the the holy black stuck on the targets GW
  5. The only ones I can talk about are the "Q" series and I believe they are the best in their class. These are table top models and I carry one in my camper GW
  6. Lucky this was about beanies and not THONGS GW
  7. Mc Candless did a good job under the Stoeger broken lug post GW
  8. Brief, precise and to the point. Better than most repair orders I have read GW
  9. I run my 44 and 45's thru my Star, but for my 38's I use Delux Liquid X-lox White Label Lube from www.LsStuff.com. A small amount poured over my bullets and rounded around till covered Put on drying rack Done. No sizing No problems Lube 1500 38's in a couple of minutes p
  10. This is the one I use. Made by JW Systems, Believe was $26 when ordered mine GW
  11. Run 2 550's. Like the simplicity and less costly conversions. I do not use any add ons like case / bullet feeders. Can load 500 rounds per hour As for the cost of conversions, I have 11, GW
  12. You including me? Payment already sent! GW
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