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  1. Never saw a good reason for poking a bunch of holes in a perfectly good hide GW
  2. Standard advice to all new shooters. Go to a match GW
  3. Still have a pair. Used 44 Mag brass 4.5 clays under 200 rnfp so all the ammo worked in 92 rifle. Last year loaned them to good friend and his son for a spring bear hunt.. GW
  4. It's simple. Look for the transfer bar under the hammer. If it is there, the cylinder will turn when the gate is opened, No transfer bar, Cock the hammer before the gate. GW
  5. He will not be invited to my campfire a second time, probaly get a burger if he came back GW
  6. Heard Spam was first canned in 1935. Do the increased usage due to Covid, They are planning to produce another batch early this summer. But my wife makes a mixture of Spam, Velveeta, butter and tomato paste. Grind it up, spread on bun or bread, then put under broiler till toasty. Not bad. GW
  7. Would be useful to know which class you plan on shooting. Traditional is more restricted to options GW
  8. I picked up a Nilight 20 in light bar for my 4 wheeler last fall. $40 for light and wiring---- relays, switch and fuses. Going good so far GW
  9. Exactly what I thought. Went to local Green Power dealer (JD) They sent me to Lowes because they are the same mowers as they sell, plus they did the set up and service for Lowes. Not real big yard but usually get most of an hour riding time every 5 days. Running the small JD Z335 picked up on sale plus military discount made me wish I had bought sooner retiring old Dixon zero turn GW
  10. Hodgdon cowboy load data lists 6.0 TB=842 fps to 7.0 TB for 911 fps GW
  11. Our LGS chain (Scheels) has had a lot of assorted ammo lately New Federal HST and Punch ammo . Aquilla , Fiochhi and others. 9mm, 223 and others. Limits but do able GW
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