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  1. Today, I changed a light bulb, walked across the road then walked into a bar. I just realized my life is a joke! GW I don"t do math
  2. Explain the jam a little more. Your talking about crimp. Is the bullet setting back into the case or just getting cockeyed. GW
  3. Should be good to go! Might even find the STS load better too. GW
  4. FYI. A friend just ordered a Texas Defender and received cap, t-shirt and extra barrel. GW
  5. Good argument SIR. But he would have to have the code. Correct. The lock operates on the code, the touch pads just enters the code. P.S. I do respect you views GW
  6. Can"t argue because I just don"t know. He claimed if my touch pad was ripped off he could just connect the wires to a new touch pad. Just hope never have to find out GW
  7. I bought the electronic lock on the advice from my dealer. First thing a robber will do is destroy your wheel. If a combination tumbler it"s just locked up. The electric will just fall off, but supposedly there will be a good chance you can retrieve the wire and reattach. No attempts yet and no problems with it for 25+ yrs. Sorry, but no experience with the brand of safe your asking about. GW
  8. Thanks, not sure world is ready to see Hombre in leopard jumpsuit GW
  9. Probably just call them old, like his joke GW
  10. Just add a confuser. Believe Nonte added bullet diameter to the equation. Velocity X Bullet Weight X Bullet Diameter GW
  11. Have had a lot of problems reloading 9 m/m and 223 especially with primers sucking back in (leaving fired primer in place). Removed the bowed washer and problem is almost gone. And no, I have never broken an e-clip, but primers seem to pop out better. GW
  12. Try not sizing your new brass. Shouldn't need sizing. Expander will round out any dings/dents. We found this made a big difference. GW
  13. Didn't help in our case, was first thing I suggested too. GW
  14. I have about 150 lbs left of this container. Hate to throw it away cause lead reserve is getting low after couple of thieves got 1500 lbs out of shop (along with tools and other stuff) a couple of years ago. GW
  15. Melted out some old wheel weights and had the same problem of purple blue lead with grainy texture. Stumped any one a asked until recently. Guys claim it's babbit. Still not sure if they are right. Never seen this in 45 years of scrap lead casting but the last 2 twenty lb batches came out bad. Hope somebody can help. But this is a great place for people helping. GW
  16. Have had 2 friends tell me same thing. 1 with 45 acp and the other with 38 spec. Brass does NOT want to come off the expander. One thinks brass is hard, but problem goes away after firing. The other loaded without sizing and reloading got easier. GW
  17. Believe it is Ruger scope screws that are available. Just need to be shortened slightly. GW
  18. I have 1 of those. My gun turned out to be 3/8 GW
  19. By the way, I hate the empty hull/case rules. Just have to learn to check first, run second. GW
  20. After agonizing over this WTC and the similar one for shotgun hulls. IMHO As bad as it is I believe the only way to eliminate the argument is to NOT allow correcting the problem. Once the gun leaves your hands, you earned the penalty, no going back to remove the hull, /cartridge. An empty will get you a safety, while a loaded round SDQ. Easy to understand and rule on. Not before you fire next gun but when it leaves your hands. GW
  21. Anybody else thinking Studebaker GW
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