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  1. Was bending pretty good. Still surviving GW
  2. Thought my Upula was going to break before got 15th round in Hellcat Pro. GW
  3. Win 70 Feather weight combined with Mr Roberts GW
  4. If you only had 1 style mag to load I really like Speed Beezs. Only downside is it will only load 1 specif mag. Have one for Glock. Upula works on basically any mag. If you owned a Glock, SW and an HK, you would need 3 different Speed Beezs. But only 1 Upula. GW
  5. My son showed up with Canik TP9 SFX and I liked it. Found a TP9 Combat Elite with all the Salient arms upgrades factory installed. Now son is jealous, Only problem I had was the Salient match barrel. It was throated too tight to chamber my cast bullets (Too cheap to buy bullets) A quick trip to "Doug Guy" for throating and ir runs even better now! Awesome firearm with good prices. GW Doug Guy is found on Cast Boolit forum or Face book and is highly regarded for his chambering/ throating work.
  6. Hoping only 3 months till I can go to the shooting range again GW
  7. Heck, with my Grandmothers corn bread you could forget the bullet!!! GW
  8. Same experience I had. First rate service GW
  9. After 50 years I still have a P-38 on the key ring in my pocket. Unfortunately, i believe its the last one in my stash. The opener that anchored in the middle and rotated did look interesting. But my question is WHAT are making for dinner,, the contents of the cans has me stumped. GW
  10. Sounds like he should stick to "nanar splits GW
  11. Would it help if I donated a couple of bucks to keep him in jail? GW
  12. A wealth of information in that article and well written. Thanks Larsen! GW
  13. FYI You do not buy beer, You only rent it. For a short time GW
  14. After a years wait my son was notified will be delivered to his door today. GW
  15. I consider them social events. Last week did pick up an RCBS 40 cal bullet mold and 2 sets od really nice grips for my 1911's. Good day visiting. GW
  16. Remember fun days. LGS stocked 41 Rem 210 JHP bullets for $12.49 per 100. After 18 to 24 months of non sale, they would mark them down to $2.99. Time for me to restock. Shortly after they realize they didn't have any 41 bullets in stock . And so the circle continues......GW
  17. The "old timers" talked about using gas checks on top and bottom of shot column. More shrapnel the better, I hhave made shotshells for 50 years but only for S&W 45 acp revolvers. Cut off 308 cases to cylinder length, but never had gas checks the right size to fit..Could not justify buying 500 for a few cases. GW
  18. Big fan of 41 Mag. Had a TC Contender, S&W 58 and still have 2 Blackhawk 41's. Like carrying the Blackhawk better than Super Blackhawk 44 due to weight. Funny thing is I keep running into people who used to have 41 that offer me their left over brass and bullets after selling the gun. GW
  19. I have shot shotgun at IPSC events, but it was usually a side or fun match. Speed runs and a few jungle runs (AWESOME) GW
  20. I do not have Kirinite grips but on guns with smooth surface , I rub Carnuba wax on the surface. Great even if caught in rain. JMHO GW
  21. I installed an aluminum liner. No problems before or after. Had a corrosion problem and feel it was easiest way to control. Clean tube, wax liner and install. Repeat yearly. GW
  22. The original reason for moon clips was the extract the empties. Secondary benefit was speed loading. Half moon clips holding 3 rounds were issue. I have 50 or 60 in revolver case and another 200 in reserve GW
  23. To me it depends on which action you want! 45/70 for single shots and levers. For AR's I chose a 458 Socom. GW
  24. Not the latest TV craze, but have had a Bacon Wow for many years. Family loves it, Fast, easy and not hard to clean. Similar to the one seen on TV. GW
  25. Continuing on.   Have you checked the IP ratings on hearing aids.  My Kirkland 10.0  have an IP67 rating for moisture and dust.   Forget which is which but they are supposed to withstand 3 feet of water for a short period.  My battery ones were rusting inside battery compartment  LOL       Good luck   GW

    1. Duffield, SASS #23454

      Duffield, SASS #23454

      No, I have not checked the IP ratings.  I got these through the VA, and have been very happy with the performance, as long as I don't saturate them with presperation.   Battery life is about 18 hours, and I was able to keep them charged on a trip to South Africa.  I just have to keep to my schedule for recharging.  I had the same problem with rusting in the battery compartment on their predicessors.

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