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  1. I have a DPMS Oracle AR10 in 308. Couple of little changes is an excellant shooter. ( New trigger and a free float hand guard) Even with the 16 in barrel it is heavy but a joy to shoot GW
  2. My son bought one. Problem free. Thinking about buying a second one to set up differently. S&W quality control seems to have gone down the drain lately. Friend bought a 617 that went back for misfires. Then came the 686+ Back to factory for various reasons.. But his luck seems to suck. The Colt King Cobra he bought has been to factory twice and he told them last time he didn't care if they returned it to him GW
  3. Thanks, Guys Sent PM to Shooting Fox for info G
  4. Anybody know if or where they are available? GW
  5. Some one once said " Just because you can do it, Does not mean it's a good idea" He wasn't talking about reloading but it applies to many things. GW
  6. Not Dillon user, but are you sure the wad fingers are intact. Have seen this on my PW. GW
  7. Wouldn't a brass follower look just like a brass cartridge? GW
  8. Used a bunch of 452aa before discontinued. felt lost a good powder. Using WST instead now GW
  9. Runnings store near me had Federal SPP last month for $6,99/100 Picked up 2000 for a friend. Heard they had CCI the week before. Other than that a few SRP but nothing else GW
  10. Could be worse. I live close to a Cabela's. They get Bass Pro leftovers GW
  11. As stated before. Clean is highly over rated. Having fun is the mission. Worrying hampers the fun . Do whatever is the most fun to you! GW
  12. I am running Whisper Springs with brass carriers and no problems yet. GW
  13. Talking to a friend who has a book about 97's he mentioned there are several different sleeves but had no reference to their sizes. A quick look thru Numerich and Classic old West they only show a single offering. Several places offer a brass shim to compensate for wear, but nothing about too tight. Surprising some of our more smarter people havn't jumped in GW
  14. I used 4198 and my friend used Trailboss. Both good I had a little more velocity GW
  15. Surprised you found a replacement. I would try and fix. Not a lot of spares around GW
  16. I did an emergency repair to a friends Ruger with Locktite Black Max. Been 3 years now. GW
  17. Went thru many lbs before became unavailable. Then found an 8 lb on dealers shelf, swooped it up like a football player and made an end run to the checkout. But that is gone also. Was a great powder for my 45 ACP GW
  18. Think your going to need more ammo Enjoy GW
  19. Curious, why you do not have Ponsness Warren on your want list Just another option in the fire GW
  20. Harbor Freight sells a 1/4 inch impact driver. GW
  21. Mossberg is worse. Has a 6 position tacticool stock. Saw one on local classifieds with vertical front grip LOL GW
  22. I TOO, have had issuses with locktite on small screws. Borrow some nail polish from the other half or find some young cutie at the make up counter. Works good for fixes but no so permanent GW
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