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  1. Lucky this was about beanies and not THONGS GW
  2. Mc Candless did a good job under the Stoeger broken lug post GW
  3. Brief, precise and to the point. Better than most repair orders I have read GW
  4. I run my 44 and 45's thru my Star, but for my 38's I use Delux Liquid X-lox White Label Lube from www.LsStuff.com. A small amount poured over my bullets and rounded around till covered Put on drying rack Done. No sizing No problems Lube 1500 38's in a couple of minutes p
  5. This is the one I use. Made by JW Systems, Believe was $26 when ordered mine GW
  6. Run 2 550's. Like the simplicity and less costly conversions. I do not use any add ons like case / bullet feeders. Can load 500 rounds per hour As for the cost of conversions, I have 11, GW
  7. You including me? Payment already sent! GW
  8. I will take the last pair of 1911 grips The white rough textured ones GW PM sent
  9. There is a steel block rearward of the ejector. Early models only had the pin. The ejector was added later to improve ejection. Maker Wright has a U tube video an how the extracter and ejector work with each other... Replace ejector when they lose spring tension (go flat) GW
  10. 4.5 gr. of Clays under 200 RNFP was a joy in my 92 carbine. GW
  11. On the up side, it does not cause cancer in California GW
  12. Got 10 lbs of pork shoulder in the smoker since early this morning GW
  13. Curious about your 3 identical rifles in 5 different calibers. Honestly. am an old 30/06 fan. But been studying the good features of the 7/08. Great selection of bullets for reloaders, lots of premium factory ammo available. Less recoil, great rifles . A great mountain rifle could built on short action, light weight and high preformance GW
  14. I know some shooters using 32/20 regularly. Really proud of that brace of COLTS. Add 25/20 and then add a couple more GW
  15. Believe there was a post about transfer bar pinch. Some one smarter than me will have to find it or maybe remember how to determine if the condition is present in your un and how to eliminate. GW
  16. Mine runs good till I goof up. If I drop the top lever before barrels are fully open, it will double. GW
  17. Not coin shortage, but lack of common sense GW
  18. I bought an extended primer track plate with a ball bearing on the outside edge to remove sideways movement from JW Systems off Amazon. GW
  19. If you can contact your friend. Tell him to try taping a small hose into the suction end of his ShopVac. If not, probaly be ok GW
  20. Interesting. Didn't remember Weaver made a 1 x What crosshair in in it. Still clear? GW
  21. Eyes decided I need to look at mounting a scope on my muzzle loader. Regs require non magnify - Anyone got something laying around Thanks GW
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