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  1. I never cared much for Ginger ale - I got (as a special treat) a cap full of Polish Blackberry Brandy or Chokecherry wine or even better Cherry Kijafa. These would taste great - tangy and just yummy - Also, you can put them (one shot glass full) on ice cream as a topping. Made the day a bit nicer. STL Suomi
  2. I believe the best pie is the one in my plate. But I do have preferences for Rhubarb and any berry pie.My wife akes me a coconut pie for my birthday. STL Suomi (I also like my grandmother's crayfish pie)
  3. WOW - Did this nice person throw in the Brooklyn Bridge because you are among the first 100 people to get this offer? STL Suomi
  4. Hmmm - no bayonet for close in work. :-( STL Suomi
  5. Classic Spaghetti from Cetara (a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy) Based on the Roman Garum anchovy sauce - very delicious and simple. INGREDIENTS 350 gr. Spaghetti
 Parsley Garlic Chilli pepper 8 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 4 tablespoons of Colatura di alici Directions Cook the pasta in unsalted boiling water. Meanwhile, chop some parsley, garlic and peperoncino (optional), add eight tablespoons of olive oil and tablespoons of Delfino Battista colatura di alici di Cetara (Anchovy Sauce). Add to the pasta cooked al dente, mix well (do not cook) and serve. The spaghetti al dente and the strong flavour of the Colatura will guarantee you pure pleasure with each mouthful; the true essence of the magnificent culinary tradition of the Amalfi Coast. A plain, extremely simple dish! Spaghetti with Colatura di Alici can be cooked by anyone and it doesn’t take much time. An old recipe that well reflects the frenetic pace of modern day: in a few minutes, you can serve a dish which is special, healthy and delicious. www.delfinobattistasrl.it/en/recipes/spaghetti-with-colatura-di-alici/ STL Suomi
  6. A straight pull might be the better choice. No twisting or turning or pumping. Just pull and shove .... STL Suomi
  7. I had a whole company of those to train. It was very difficult. All of them were 11B or 11C MOS. Most of them were is such bad physical shape you couldn't even run them a quarter mile - they would be spread out and barfing along side the road. STL Suomi
  8. Because I like my bread to have some body, I look to buy day old bread - and whole wheat day old is great and the price is pretty good. We no longer have local bakeries. Used to have Polish, German, Czech and Italian bakeries but when sugar went crazy in price, most folded and we had to shift to machine bread - air and wadding. I try to make my own at least once a week - like mom. STL Suomi
  9. Like UB, I carry a baggie with cash in my shoe or sock (Finnish Wallet" is what I call it. STL Suomi
  10. I still hear "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Now you are going to die." That just causes me to crack up. STL Suomi
  11. I watched the clip - loved it. Portuguese movie - GREAT - not too hard to translate to Spanish or Latin and then to English - lots of fun in that movie. Thanks again. Real music. Yippee. Now for dessert, How about a real bluegrass type of thing . :-) STL Suomi
  12. Alp that must have been a dandy movie to see. "A Song is Born." Thank you for ther info - I will look for it. STL Suomi
  13. Try music - do you remember-- Guy Lombardo Sammy Kay Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Benny Goodman Satchmo I am not particularly a music type of person, but I remember these folks and I liked them. Guy Lombardo singing on New Years eve from the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Big band music you could actually hum the song after hearing the music. My hearing has made me a rock - can't hear but one note - But when I could I found the Bohemian Rhapsody - Cacophonous. And Benjamin Britain always sounded like someone dropped the silverware tray. I always preferred ther RIng Cycle of Wagner and my first record was the Peer Gynt - In the Hall of the Mountain King. Off Dah! AHHAHAH STL Suomi 99% of the kids today would not what I am talking about - The like to hear the sounds of a clam burping. UGH
  14. They take tons of unexploded arsensal out of Okinawa every year. STL Suomi
  15. I had the good fotune to be trained with the BAR when I was in High School and in Summer Camp in College. We fired it using a bipod while being in a fox hole. I do not recall there being a massive amount of recoil due to the buffer system in the stock and we shot it in three round bursts - takes a bit of practice.. We used it as a punishment for wise guys (hauling around 21 lbs loaded is not great fun in 100 Plus heat in Kansas during the summer). I had the misfortune of carrying it quite a bit. - that and the 1919 A4. UGH. - which did not have a handle and the sling was tied so that it hurt no matter what you did. AND in Kansas it rusted like mad and you had to fiddle with preservation of the metal continually. But the BAR was a real dilly to fire - I loved it. STL Suomi
  16. Prayers up for a quick and painless healing for all involved in the accident. STL Suomi
  17. We had a rooster that was overly aggressive. We scheduled him for Sunday dinner. End of problem - yum yum. STL Suomi
  18. Well, I had a schnitzel with German potato salad, cold sliced beets, and steamed broccoli. For dessert, a large scoop of fresh vanilla frozen custard and a thick slice of banana nut bread. A for entertainment, I had wonderful conversations with my friends. I had a most pleasant day. Long Live America. STL Suomi
  19. Most of my mom's family have prominent noses, except her. Reason being that when she was a youngster, a horse kicked her and she went flying - landed on a rock - busted her beak and collar bone. She always had difficulty breathing as only one nostril worked. Many years later, a x-ray determined that the cartilage got shoved up into her head. Dr said a wee bit more and mom would not have survived. Now , when they say hard head or thick headed Germans, it takes on a really significant meaning to me. All Glory to G-d or I wouldn't be here. STL Suomi
  20. I sent this to my Canadian friend and his response was "Of course this is a Canadian Bear. We train all of them to place safety first." STL Suomi
  21. My Grandfather spoke English - liberally interlaced with "sumnavitch" - depending if it sounded pleasant - it was good, but if it sounded angry - it was bad. I about cracked up when he spoke to the pastor and said "Gotdm dat's one fine sumnavitch serman." Pastor was familiar with the population which mostly spoke that way and took the compliment - :-) My neighbor, from Poland, spoke pretty much the same way. He never used the word "I", it was always "me." Like "Me go store" or "Me say" He was a good neighbor - I miss him. STL Suomi
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