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  1. Kinda like the Soviet answer to SPAM. I like SPAM - don't know why, but I do. Spam sammiches, SPAM and rice, SPAM and beans - SPAM and eggs. STL Suomi
  2. I think they are from my father's tribe. Oscar and Cookie Monster are probably my uncles....:-) STL Suomi
  3. Great Now I can have coffee and donuts with my chili. :-) STL Suomi
  4. I got my dad's Marlin 336 in .35 Remington. That has a spot of rust on it because he died after his last elk hunt with it in Washington and he did not clean and oil it. I may get it re-blued...someday.Also got a .22 Winchester semi-auto from my grandfather. I wanted the old lever action 73 - I think it was 38? something. He gave it to my cousin who promptly sold it for God knows what - he was/is a jerk. STL Suomi
  5. Many names got changed by immigration officials. My Grandfather 's name was Kaarle Kuste Antipoika Rovia.. Immigration changed it to Charley Gustav Anderson and dropped the family name off completely. Grandmother's name was Brita Johanna Johansdotir Lilsunde that became Hanna Johnson Lilsunde. Another interesting item. Prior to 1903, Finnish people were classified as Asian. A blond haired, fair skinned, bluer eyed, female Dr from Finland challenged that in court and the judge ruled that if we were Asian it was a long time ago and we then became European (except our language which is n
  6. After the Russian Revolution there was a attitude of fear that perhaps Russian Immigrants would act up in the US. Many Russian immigrants (some already had papers and were citizens) were deported to Russia. Another shameful period in history. STL Suomi
  7. I think this fellow may have been of Finnish descent. A bit light hearted though. Avoid the chapel, too much excitement. STL Suomi
  8. I had one - A Jones had - camo on one side (woodland) other side was orange camo. The state would not let us use orange camo....drat. STL Suomi
  9. As a young kid 79-10, we live 12 miles from the UP Bears were a constant thought for us as they were quite prevalent. My mom told us bears like fat little Finlander boys - they were pink and juicy - I was always mindful of that. STL Suomi
  10. When we lived in Kansas - 40 years ago, the lunch room served tacos the best they knew how. They place the taco fixings in an Ice Cream Cone. My kids thought that to be quite amusing. I thought i to be quite clever - make do with what you got. :-) STL Suomi
  11. SR1911 and a RIA 1911 in 10mm - flawless operation. I also have a very old 1911 for Auto Ordnance and another from old AMT in .45 ACP - all of which go bang when I pull the trigger, extract, eject and load the next round without fail. I have had the two .45 ACP for over 13 years and would never trade or sell them. I may have been lucky and got "good" ones, but they are like the old Timex commercial - "they take a licking and keep on ticking" so what's not to like. The Ruger took a box of shells to break in - I named it the Katzenjammer - after the first 50 rounds - it is uns
  12. I used to like Jello. I still like Jello (cherry flavored) with sliced bananas, or if it has fruit cocktail in it, but Jello - lime flavored with shredded carrots in it got the best of me when I went to the university. No more in my life unless at gun point will I eat that. Ring bologna - my dad liked it. It was inexpensive so it appeared more frequently that I liked. Haven't had it since I left home. Strange, my little sister loved it - go figure. I used to love chicken. Roast chicken my grandmother made or my mom made. Somewhere along the line in the university I found a gre
  13. It was -21 a day or so ago.in my home town in Wisconsin. That is certainly tangy. We hase 5-6 inches here in Missouri. Pretty hard on the birds. Hard on old timers trying to stay warm too. STL Suomi
  14. We didn't eat out much as a kid. I used to get pasties when we we to Menominee. Sometimes we would get strawberry frosted donuts at the Woolworth store in Marinette., WI Favorite foods were venison and noodles. I loved onion sandwiches. When the smelt ran, I could eat a wash tub of them. And I really liked the leftover corn meal mush sliced and fried (Like Polenta). Mom would make sugar and water syrup and fry the mush in butter after slicing it up and it was great. I don't think many folks have had those items. Fish figured prominently in our diet (deer too). Fish was for free and a
  15. The .380 Automatic was introduced by FN of Belgium about 1912 and was designed by John Browning. The cartridge has achieved world-wide acceptance and has even been adopted as the standard pistol cartridge by several governments. One reason for the rounds success is that it is the largest practical cartridge that can be easily adapted to small automatic pocket pistols. These handguns tend to be of blowback design, simplifying their construction. As chamber pressures are particularly limited in such an action, ballistics fall far short of the 9mm Parabellum, but are adequate for many self
  16. Just look for a 92 in .454 Casull. I have one and it works just fine. STL Suomi
  17. I love this one - makes me Happy STL Suomi
  18. salut! Je pense que je suis amoureux de toi, ma chère! Please forgive Le Key Bouquet, his French is abysmal. But he says this to all the girl dogs he meets. :-) STL Suomi
  19. My wife says she believes that if a covid virus bit me, it would say surstromming and leave immediately (I say maybe it would say lutefisk and leave. ) STL Suomi
  20. I wonder if the bill she proposers would have stopped Cain (had he a firearm). I don't think so. Cain didn't need a firearm to commit murder. The weapon was a heart that was ruined by Lucifer, not a material object. STL Suomi
  21. Did you get them on the correct feet? Nothing is more upsetting then getting the left sock on the right foot or visa-versa. Makes the whole day just wrong.... STL Suomi
  22. Howdy: Scones are OK - tasty, BUT like Mamie's Lil baby, I like shortnin bread the best. (Scotch Shortbread) STL Suomi
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