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  1. I used to make my own root beer. I had just put up 50 bottles of root beer and my kids had some friend come over to play. They were about 7 or 8. TO give the carbonation to the root beer, you place one eight of a teaspoon of sugar into the bottle so the yeast can continue to ferment and give the bottle of root beer fizz. Of course, you get a wee bit of alcohol as a result. I went to the store and left the kids to their own devices - mistakes. When I came home I had a whole mess of kids snickered. Red faces and silly. I figured I would get into a lot of trouble with their parents so I called them up and said we were having such a good time I wanted to keep them for supper. They said "sure" and I fed the little twerps and sobered them up and scolded them for getting more than one glass of root beer. The kids, all grown now, still remember the wild time they had and Mr Anderson's house. :-( STL Suomi (We make a mild drink out of cranberry juice with yeast - it was for grandmothers who were getting grouchy and it was called grandmas drink. Kept her quiet. :-) (good in very small proportion for ornery children. Gets they sleepy. Used to be very popular in my Grandfathers country of origin.
  2. I like Spam. Spam and rice. Span fried in a sandwich. Spam and pineapple on rice. Span sliced on white bread. Tastes good to me. Keeps your insides oiled so you don't lock up a bearing. STL Suomi
  3. I always liked Justin Wilson's greeting: "How y'all are? I sure am glad for you to see me." STL Suomi
  4. Prayers up for you Allie Mo. Hang tough. The Lord knows your name and He will be with you. STL Suomi
  5. I have loaded 10's of thousands of pistol and rifle cartridges with this device. Any problems encountered were self generated. STL Suomi
  6. On hot dogs - I like Kosher hot dogs (Vienna or Nathans), with the works - no ketchup please. If I am at the beach in Chicago, I like their hot dogs (mystery is to what brand they are) with ample brown mustard (I think it has horseradish in it - it is HOT) and your nose get a real thrill from the heat like horse radish (which I love). In the Chicago land area Daisy Brand hot dogs from Crawford Sausage Company are neat - they have casings on them that split when the hot dogs are grilled - old time hot dogs. Portillos in Chicago make the best Chicago style hot dog, yellow mustard, Vibrant (almost fluorescent) green pickle relish, onion, tomato slices, and sport peppers, dill pickle slice served on a bun (Mary Jane Bakery) dusted with black poppy seeds, Hot dog should be lightly dusted with celery salt. This was one of the things I lusted after in my dreams while in Viet Nam. The other lust dream was ice skating in the park. I had a buddy who had a lust dream of a chocolate malted milk - go figure. :-) STL Suomi
  7. I like polenta also - smear it on a pine board and cover it with a red sauce like a Sicilian. My mom would fry it and we would have it for lunch. Sometimes mom would slip in kidney beans, slice it when it got cold, dust it with corn meal and chili powder and fry it for supper. And Grits can be eaten anytime you are hungry, best with a loose fried egg and lots of butter all mixed up together. That is a great breakfast, but could be an any meal type of meaL I also like left over fried oatmeal. And what we called wet cornbread (corn meal mush). :-) STL Suomi
  8. Cheddites work just fine. Never had a problem. Used just like Winchester primers. STL Suomi
  9. It is with some trepidation that I make the following comments as some folks might take umbrage. However, I have heard from some Americans that Vegamite can be best described asa hair restorer, acne treatment, cess pool disinfectant, varnish remover, breakfast food, and cure as a salve for monkey butt. That being said, I did have a period wherein I was with Aussies "diggers" in VN and I can assure you that while all of what was previously said might be true, I found it to be exactly the item we should, in measured amounts, issue to the US soldiers in their rations. It seem to instill in those stout troops a certain attitude and sense of "git er done" that I have not seem in many US units. I guess, having that as a breakfast spread can make you believe that you have met the meanest challenge of the day so nothing could possibly intimidate you during the rest of the day. I do believe that I would be absolutely filled with comfort allowing my backside to be guarded with ANY Aussie trooper. They were absolutely tops. Vegemite works. STL Suomi (And I liked their biscuits in the afternoon - Yum)
  10. The best pie is the one in my plate. If it is made of berries, then it is the Most bestest pie. STL Suomi
  11. SD Joe - try this recipe - it is YUM:


    Karjalan Piirakka with Egg Butter

    do  google and make a wee boat..:-)


    STL Suomi

  12. Rye bread, bacon, and beautiful fish. A hearty lovely meal all cleverly baked together in a single packet. I like rye bread baked on cabbage leaves with LOTS of butter. Also, egg butter on fresh rye bread. YUM I think these are rather ethnic and may be acquired tastes, but they are filling and healthful (maybe not so much with the bacon and butter) :-) But few things beat fresh baked rye bread. STL Suomi
  13. For all of my friends, may you have a blessed Yom Kippur and may your name be written in the Book of Life. STL Suomi
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