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  1. Missouri Arkansas Texas Wyoming Alabama I also liked the Bonnie Blue (not picture) STL Suomi
  2. Absolutely delightful to see happiness expressed so well. And the meal looks extremely inviting. YUM :-) And the young ladies are very attractive. :-) A happy New Year to them. STL Suomi
  3. That looks absolutely delicious. A good piece of artisan bread and a bowl of that would make an outstanding hearty breakfast or any meal for that matter. STL Suomi
  4. Brussels sprouts roasted with olive oil then buttered is excellent fare. I really like them and can eat them two three times a week. The again, I really like rot col (red cabbage in vinaigrette) and just about every other cabbage related plant. All are very satisfying and tasty. If none are available then a turnip or a rutabaga is a good substitute - they have the consistency of a potato and the flavor of a cabbage (to me anyway). Eaten with a fish fried or whatever, you can't go wrong. Oh, heavy rye bread to go along with this - I was told the angels eat this in heaven and
  5. Everyone knocks fruit cake. Why? I really like fruit cake - even those from Corsicana, TX - not bad. We used to buy one brand of fruit cake, but the demand grew less an less until the bakery discontinued it. I have found that the best fruit cake is the one I just ate. I thank all those who gave recipes as there will be a few more "Best" fruit cakes I will get to try. YUM-OO If the cake goes dry, drop a shot of rum on it - double yum-oo STL Suomi
  6. May all of you have a blessed Chanukah. STL Suomi
  7. Not interchangeable. 380 is 21,500 PSI while 9mm Luger is 35,000. A 380 can fit and be fired but generally does not cycle the action (sounds funny also - mistakes do happen :-( ). I would imagine the fit of a 9mm in a 380 would not work and the pressure difference is enough to maybe damage the firearm or cause serious injury. STL Suomi
  8. I have a Samsung Galaxy s9+ - I am thinking about taping it to a small red wagon so I can carry it about. Too darn big. STL Suomi
  9. Not too interesting to others, but a milestone for him. With Ranger training and Airborne school behind him, I don't know what is next - Mountain Training (Ft Drum is where he is going). Maybe icicle herding. :-) He is having an absolute wonderful time training and enjoying every minute of it. STL Suomi
  10. My thoughts are that wearing a mask to keep out covid is a lot like building a chain link fence around your yard to keep out mosquitoes. I wear a mask when in a store - outside - not going to happen. ANd I think this is a worthess venture to implement control over us. STL Suomi
  11. Do a search for Shotgun trigger guard cushion - Beretta and several other companies offer what you might want to consider. STL Suomi
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