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  1. Having spent nearly thirty years in Chicago, I was taught some pretty saucy come backs. My favorite one was one I picked up from a verbal argument between two Pakistani cab drivers. One cab driver defamed the other and his response was "Don't talk to your father that way." Sounds like that could have worked in this case. Pretty mean and not vulgar. STL Suomi
  2. used as cold medicine - good for what is ailing you. One tablespoon before going to bed in the evening. STL Suomi
  3. I wish my most favorite cousin was still alive. He was 100% Pole and he would have loved this joke. He collected them and had a thick notebook of Polish jokes. I think I heard everyone of them, however, the object of attention was a Finn. STL Suomi
  4. Now I remember the electric pot - I can't remember if mine was metal or ceramic. In any as, here is a tip....you cannot do a good job of boiling buckwheat in the contraption. While they will cook, they stick horribly to the element. Used that in college in the dorm during semester break. STL Suomi
  5. I had and used two of those (toaster and I forget the name of the other item that toasted) made fried pies etc (HAHAHHA) STL Suomi
  6. Those revolvers caused me to lust. I am so jealous. STL Suomi]
  7. THAT was really quite pleasant. Thanks STL Suomi
  8. I use the time tested recipe for Lutefisk. After I mix the ingredients, I call the dog and give it to him STL Suomi
  9. Like the ending of German fairy tales..".Snip, Snap, Snout...His tale (tail) is out." STL Suomi
  10. Oh that is much too nice a way to advise this fellow of your feelings. I had a brother-in-law who would tell me in front of the entire family that my religion, my race, my fraternal and political associations were the cause of the problems of this world and that because I attended a university of his particular faith and retained my own faith that I was a traitor. I used the language of my Mom's ancestors (Anglo-Saxon) to advise him to F...off . Mean talk for a mean person. His tirades along those lines were significantly reduced. STL Suomi
  11. Cherry pie blueberry pie rhubarb pie blackberry pie raspberry pie banana cream pie chocolate pie OK... Most any pie is my favorite pie. STL Suomi
  12. I have seen many a garden shed built from beer bottles. Kinda neat to see. STL Suomi
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