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  1. The neighbor next door has one which always goes yap yap at me. I have told her that I am going to eat her dog. (I think I can get one good meal, maybe two from it). She goes and take that yap yap dog in the house. STL Suomi
  2. Generally, this is a Swedish thing. My father taught me that this was a Danish & Norwegian repellent. Grandmom (a Swedish Finn) said it was bait to trap intoxicated Finns. It is quite "tangy" to the nose, for sure. But many folks like the taste after the breach the pungent oder. And you are correct. Asians have some strong smelling foods that are quite tasty. Lutefisk is a holiday treat. The unusual foods should be celebrated as they reflect times in our ancestors lives where food was a luxury and the clever and adaptable folks made do with what was available. We should
  3. Actually, chicken brains are not bad tasting. In a rather traditional Chinese wedding, the head of the chicken is eaten. Not bad, just something I would have not thought to eat. Much like the head of a fish. A little strong flavored, but edible. STL Suomi
  4. Heavenly Father, source of all mercy and comfort, please heal Marshall Mo Hare and give him comfort and tranquility in his healing process. Shower him with Your kindness and caring and alleviate any pains he suffered from his fall. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. STL Suomi
  5. Heavenly Father, we ask that thou would provide healing and comfort to those involved in the accidents and give all peace to them. Heal their wounds and protect their souls during this tying period. STL Suomi
  6. Lord, please comfort Carol and Bob. Keep them close to your heart and bless them with peace and inner strength. STL Suomi
  7. A local name for a deer (big ears) and lived in the swamp. No shortage of fat women in the UP however. Not bad tasting once you get the mud vein out and deep fried. :-) STL Suomi
  8. I ate swamp donkey 'til I moved to Chicago. Mom would get them when they were eating the flowers in the front yard. No shortage of them in Wisconsin by the UP a couple miles up the road. STL Suomi
  9. Prayers up for for Doug's healing and his family's comforting. STL Suomi
  10. Πράγματι, έχει αναστηθεί STL Suomi
  11. Prayers up for a successful painless operation and fast healing and comfort for Abilene Slim and his wife. STL Suomi
  12. Lucky X Lager in VN - we drank that after the grapefruit juice ans chocolate milk was all gone. ARRGGHH STL Suomi
  13. I do believe that it is probably time for new leadership in the N.R.A. Mr LaPierre has done a fine job, but times change and new thoughts to old problems certainly have a place. I am of the following opinion on the subject which is demonstrated by the following hypothetical conversation below: Kwai Chang Caine – Master, Why don’t slaves have guns Master Po – Little Grasshopper, if slaves had guns they would be free men. If this logic cannot be understood by today's adults, we are lost for sure. I, for one, was born free, will live free, and if required, die a free
  14. Extremely hard crust bread. Should CRACK when folded. Artisan bread is about right. Gonnella Bread in Chicago Land is about trhe best (I miss it very much). STL Suomi
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