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  1. 4.2 gr of red dot for 115 FMJ - this is about the max - .... STL Suomi
  2. The shrouded Ruger PC looks like a miscegenated PPSH or one of the Finish equivs of WW2 fame. UGLY as sin. Probably functional...Ruger normally are quite functional. STL Suomi
  3. +1000 They are too bulky and I am to old to trot about with 200 lbs strapped to my waist. STL Suomi
  4. That is a steal! If I needed one I would jump on this one in a flash! STL Suomi
  5. Beautiful - I'll bet their legs hurt not to mention their toes. This may give credence to the old saying that Russians and Finns are only happy when they are miserable. I'll wager these folks were quite happy after the dance - especially the toe dancer. STL Suomi
  6. Go to Fredericksburg at Christmas for the little fair they have. I thought I ws in Cologne again. And I have eaten at the Altdorf - the food was YUMMM-OOO - about as good as my neighborhood restaurant in Chicagoland. quite Tasty and the only thing that was a put off - it was cool to be bounding about in a light jacket. Whoathunk it would get cold in Texas at that time of year - d'oh! Will probably hit that place again in May..... STL Suomi
  7. Well, one good thing about her is that she certainly takes the pressure off of blondes adding a new darker category to poke in jest. Only in her case, the pokes are justifiable and demonstrably proven with empirical evidence as witnessed by her numerous bizarre statements and proposals. I think even the most classic Communists would say that there are some idiots that are not useful. She lend weight to that argument. STL Suomi
  8. Her/his attic is empty. Her/his attic is filled with broken toys. STL Suomi
  9. Just one of many reason why I chose to relocate to Missouri. Thirty years of tolerating idiots making absurd rules regarding my owning firearms was all I could take. Remove Chicago from Illinois and the crime they speak about almost completely disappears. STL Suomi
  10. DNA results were pretty much what I had expected - some surprises. Dad was Finn - Mom said she was French/Cherokee/German. Well, 67% Finn, 8% Swede (Grandmother was a Swedish Finn - mostly Finn), 20% German, The French (we knew was from the south of France) turns out to be Italo-Greco-Iberian - OK where is the Cherokee? Hmmm - a Jewish marker in my DNA. Mom cooked near Kosher when Dad was gone. (Do you suppose a pin salesman stopped over in the south of France (Occitania) when it was a Roman colony?) Another family "secret" is no longer a secret. I guess my Native American ancestor was named Moshe Goldberg. LoL STL Suomi
  11. Prayers up. Surgery ain't fun. STL Suomi
  12. Supper - mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and wildcat - ummm - tastes like chicken. STL Suomi
  13. I had two surgeries - both under the age of 8. Both had me count backwards/ The last one, I quit early and felt them apply the knife - but it was not hurting - I went to lala land and felt nothing till I woke up. They were still using ether at that time. STL Suomi
  14. We called grand father "grampa" and grand mother "gramma." Most of my friends called their grand moms either Busha or Bobbi or Nana. STL Suomi
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