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  1. I had two surgeries - both under the age of 8. Both had me count backwards/ The last one, I quit early and felt them apply the knife - but it was not hurting - I went to lala land and felt nothing till I woke up. They were still using ether at that time. STL Suomi
  2. We called grand father "grampa" and grand mother "gramma." Most of my friends called their grand moms either Busha or Bobbi or Nana. STL Suomi
  3. They are a T-shirt and gym shoe store. I have no real use for goofy T shirts and Nike gym shoes and will never bother them as a customer. STL Suomi
  4. Just pull up your socks, tighten your belt and hang on for the rough ride ahead. STL Suomi
  5. In my unit of 1st Psy War Bn and 13th Psy War Bn at Ft Braggwe had almost all Foreigners - mostly Russian, Ukrainian, and Romanian and the rest were Cubans or American Puerto Ricans. Probably now it would be Arabic speaking types.
  6. Our local zoo had a couple and a calf in Manhattan, KS many many years ago. My children loved to go pull grass and feed the buffalo. They are massive creatures indeed. Beautiful to look at. STL Suomi
  7. Pohjoisen maan todellinen poika (True Son of the North Land) STL Suomi
  8. My lawyer in Arkansas used to say "I'm so Southern that I am related to myself." Seems he had the same blood line on both sides of his family. AHHAHAH When I lived up north, our town became pretty isolated. Seemed like everyone was a cousin of mine. We had to go to Milwaukee to find a wife - you know, one of them "foreign" women. :-) STL Suomi
  9. My squirrels will not comply and register their guns. They are Free squirrels! STL Suomi (Freemen have guns! Slaves do not. If slaves had guns they would be free men!)
  10. meybe Hisownself? or Excellency? STL Suomi
  11. Unfortunately this poor soul who has proven that "stupid knows no limits" will still vote. It may be that he will not pass on too many of his "dull wit" genes to progeny - at least there be some good in this unfortunate accident. Another side benefit is he will probably not get jock itch..... STL Suomi
  12. I never got enough of sweet potatoes - I got one serving and the second time the dish came around all I got was a wish. I LOVE them - baked, fried, boiled, steamed -mashed - whatever. STL Suomi
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