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  1. Prayers up for all involved. Special prayer for your father. I really hat people who use the cell phone and drive. STL Suomi
  2. Prayers up for your MIL and your family. STL Suomi
  3. Edible? well kinda ! I think if you opened me up at death, you will find some of this still trying to digest - Heavy..VERY Heavy. STL Suomi
  4. My father's favorite Norwegian: Dag Nabitson STL Suomi
  5. When I was a child it was common to see men walk about with a revolver on their hip. Almost all of the farmers did. There were bears and large wolves and in deer season there were bucks that got irritated quickly if you were walking thru their territory on a shortcut to the house. I never thought about it as being threatening. Somehow that got turned upside down and it is viewed as Dangerous. When I am on my property or in the woods, I carry openly - I do not care who I offend (Bears, LARGE dogs with Large teeth, or frustrated bucks (two legged or 4 legged). STL Suomi
  6. Years ago when I was at a University getting my B.S., we had an opportunity to demonstrate. The kind fathers moved the chapel from where it had been in the dorm to a new location without even a by your leave from the student body. So, we went to the Jesuits resident hall and protested this in a loud and unruly way. The kind father's representative informed us that he would not speak to the crowd. He would speak to three representatives that the group elected to see him. We did as directed. They went in to speak with the Director. In a few moments they came out and we retired to the dorm to see what was said. Jesuits can be quite terse at times and this was one of them. In a nutshell - we could agree with the decision to move the chapel, or tolerate the move of the chapel, or we could get the 77EH out of the university. It only took a few moments to come to a decision. We tolerated the decision and went back to our rooms to study. Reality is such a bore. I have kept this philosophy tucked in my head and use it whenever I run into an unpleasant situation. Change is NOT always possible. I put on my big boy pants and run the three alternatives and come to a course of action. Works for me - Thank Fathers for the lesson in reality. Kids today did not get that sage advice. Pity. STL Suomi
  7. Could you say people have done finished? I heard that a lot in my neck of the woods. :-) STL Suomi
  8. The Left is simply following the pattern that the NAZIs used in their "Social Engineering" experiment in WWII. Remember Mr Goebels saying "if you are going to lie, tell the biggest one you can as it takes as much effort to sell a little lie as it does a big lie." As always, in the Left's methodology, the end (complete domination and elimination of opposition" justifies the means. This is generally the method that is used. Think back to WWII and you will see the similarity: 1 demonize - gun owners and defenders of the @nd Amendment are evil, wicked and mentally ill. 2 identify - they should be identified so we can avoid them and their children (doxing) 3 isolate - avoid them, do not allow your children to play with their children and do not associate with them in ANY event. 4 re-educate (camps) - these followers of deviant philosophy need to be sent to re-education centers to be retrained. Most will refuse and cannot be retrained. 5 eliminate - these people must be eliminated from society as a danger. (ovens, etc) This procedure is in progress. Christian, Jews and Gun Owners are vilified daily, Isolated, attacked and in general mocked and derided. It is almost time for the "camps" to be utilized and then the "final" solution. The pattern is there for all to see. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. I think it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. JMHO - YMMV STL Suomi
  9. Having hot brass fly down your blouse (shirt in army talk) was a problem. So, they put the deflector on the rifle. Adding the bullet assist was some Generals idea of how to save ammo me thinks. It did nothing but create a difficult jam to clear. However, s sharp rap of the butt on a hard surface generally cleared the problem up. It is oft times difficult to think of that or find a hard object in the jungle however. :-( We got some of the Air Force's old ones - green colored slab sides. They were taken back and replaced to Mattel guns later on. STL Suomi
  10. I was taught to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and scrub.... :-) STL Suomi
  11. Gun Free Zones = Schlachthaus - they are an open invitation to demented troglodytes to come and work their wickedness. Posting" no guns allowed" is no more effective in preventing havoc than chanting or casting medieval spells. Only a fool, idiot or a naive nincompoop would believe a criminal, which by definition is such as he/she does not obey the law, would be deterred by this type of nonsense. Those that make these kind of judgements, i.e., posting these nonsensical laws should be removed from office or held accountable for the consequences of the complete failure as in this case. JMHO STL Suomi
  12. You are quite correct - however I probably should have said that 6.5 CR was essentially a .243 ... necked up and trimmed a bit. The difference difference ballistically is hardly worth talking about. I have many .243 cartridges which I have run thru a 6.5 CR die, trimmed, loaded and have shot with no discernible difference in performance from factory cases reloaded in the same manner. Maybe the men at Remington should have name their cartidge a 6.5 CR and stole the thunder of the Ad men. :-) History teaches us that it isn't who did it first, is is who runs with the idea. Irish Monks discovered America, no it was Leif Erickson, no it was Christopher Columbus, no... wait weren't the Native Americans here prior to all those folks? Doesn't really matter too much, the last "discoverer" ran with the ball, so to speak. # Name Muzzle Muzzle Energy Bullet Case Capacity Velocity (Avg. ft-lbs.) Weight (Avg. grs. H2O) (Avg. f.p.s.) (Avg. gr.) 1. 6.5 Creedmoor 2764 2168 129 52.4 2. 260 Remington 2816 2143 123 54.8
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