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  1. Almost all of my grade school teachers were drop outs from the nuns. Many a time I had my hands feel the beat of a tattoo with a wooden ruler. No mercy was ever given - waste of time to ask. I have to say honestly that I do not have fond memories of these ladies. STL Suomi Sometimes they would get your attention by pinching the short hair on the back of you neck and lifting you up smartly. I solved that by getting a buzz cut. :-)
  2. Prayers up for his family. STL Suomi
  3. My wife left her wallet on the newspaper box at the train station in our then very small own. $400 was in it along with driver license etc. It disappeared, no trace. Restitution will be made. Our Lord is watching and nothing gets by Him. I hope the person who did this will give back the money, not to me as I no longer live there, but perhaps to a charity and he/she repents from being a thief and asks for forgiveness. I have forgiven this person...they might have actually needed it...they can have it. I do not want anyone written out of the Book of Life over money. STL Suomi
  4. Finnish does have that capability - it is an agglutinative language - take a base word and add ending to further define the base - in my wife's case it is Chinese (Guangdong village dialect) TL Suomi
  5. I never referred o my parents or grandparents by their Christian names. Grandpa/Grandma, Mom and Dad. It was our custom to kiss my Grandparents and mom and dad on the forehead when we visited as a sign of affection and respect and left. My children kiss my forehead, grand kids give hugs.. Oh well. Wife referred to her mom as Baba and grandmother as Paupau (might be a village dialect thing). All the relatives had titles that identified their relationship - really hard to remember all of them. STL Suomi
  6. I bought one in 9mm. Neat firearm. Barrels interchange so if you wanted you buy one in 45 ACP - I think I saw one for sale, you could and then swap out the barrel for a 38/357 - might half to go with a longer barrel - but you can swap them out. I will eventually purchase one in 44WCF - it come in a 3" barrel. Get your hands ready for a sharp jolt however. The hammer is plenty stiff, but certainly usable. Trigger guard is removable. STL Suomi
  7. Right you are - 62 weeks is a LONG time - 65 days sounds much better - however, they added two weeks at the front end for quarantine time. Bummer. Maybe I was thinking about how long it felt like :-) STL Suomi
  8. Not yet. This is breakfast. Lunch we will have cabbage fried with glorious onions. YUM-OO And if lucky burbot pie. STL Suomi
  9. Howdy: Second grandson completed his Infantry Officer's Basic Course at Ft Benning on APR 3. Graduated #2 in platoon, top 10% in company. Pretty good I think. They shut down the jump school so he fiddled around til today. Off the Ranger School for 62 weeks of fun in sun. He is very excited, like his father, he has had this dream since he was five. Must be a genetic flaw, five generations of folks wanting to be bullet sponges. I am, of course, quite proud, Pardon me for being so. WARNING: He is a brand New 2LT - I don't know when they will give him a map - so beware.!! :-) STL Suomi
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