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Tuna? or Tuna fish?


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Book I's readin' t'other day, this gal says she's gonna make her husband a tuna fish casserole, and her friend tole her that was redundant. It was "tuna".


Seein's as how so many of y'all get upset with "hot water heater" (it's just "water heater" - why would you need to heat hot water rant rant rant) :P I wondered if y'all ate tuna, or tuna fish?


Me, I got a gas hot water heater, and prefer Chicken of the Sea tuna fish. :)

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Out here where we catch a lot of tuna we usually refer to the species that we're catching or eating, albacore, bluefin or yellowfin (ahi), big eye...etc.

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East Coast - Tuna fish

West coast - Tuna

Areas of the redder neck persuasion (where I grew up and always seemed to end up as a kid) : "What did you say? Tune a what?"

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