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  1. Well I didn't serve because I was in the draft lottery of 1970. It's the only lottery I ever won. But I do appreciate and admire the veterans --either by choice or demand--served or are serving. I believe most of the people that thank veterans for their service ARE sincere. We DO appreciate that they go out there and keep our country safe. Not just the guys that go out there and dodge the bullets but the ones that sit behind a desk or drive a truck. They are all serving their country. Just smile and say "thanks". Dr. O. R.
  2. For fire starting, use an egg carton, take dryer lint with melted wax and fill each hole. Each little "pod" makes a quick way to get kindling going. Dr. O. R.
  3. Sort of shows what Bernie has been doing all of these years.
  4. I'd swear that was Bernie Sanders on that hobby horse!
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