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  1. They've been practicing a LONG time at it.
  2. Have you ever noticed there are so many more square "TUIT"s than there are round "TUIT"s in this world? Dr. O. R. Vet
  3. Oops! Thought this was going to be an announcement about Coca-Cola changing the Coke formula in 2023. Ya' got me!
  4. With any luck (as others have mentioned) depending on how it was stored and how well humidity and temperature were controlled, a Steinway M grand may have weathered the storage fairly well. It will take a competant technician, as the one mentioned by Dusty Devil Dale, to evaluate the piano. Steinways are high quality pianos. The model M is under 6 ft piano and would fit in most houses. New ones are NOT CHEAP and having an older one completely rebuilt by an experienced Steinway technician is a worthwhile course of action.
  5. Yes! I also hate to give them bad news. I usually tell them that it is time to give "this piano 'last rites'" and give it a decent burial--preferably in some farmers gully. In fact I may be going to one tomorrow morning--60 miles away. What a way to start the week.
  6. WOW!!!! She has a definite talent and skill. The rectangles on the right side of the fence were probably the hardest thing to do. The hardest thing to do is paint a narrow straight line (check out her signature in the lower left).
  7. As apparently the only other piano tuner/technician on this forum, I agree with Rye Miles. An old spinet piano is hard and expensive to work on. Many are beyond repair. Use it as a stage prop or give it to a farmer to throw in a gully and help his erosion problem. Dr. O. R. Vet
  8. Oops. Started to comment on the wrong building....never mind!
  9. No, I believe that is known as a "chimney"!
  10. I had just graduated from Central Methodist College in May and was a beginning assistant piano technician at UMKC (University of Missouri--Kansas City).
  11. DG and Dollar Tree are the "walmart" of lots of small towns here in the Midwest. We have 5 DG and a $1 tree in my town of Sedalia. We have a pop. Of a little over 20k. I go to DG, 4 blocks from the house, for OTC medicine to paper products. Small parking lot, lots of brand names and many prices less than walmart--which is also here. They all seem to be thriving.
  12. I second Cyrus Cassidy. Kent Rollins is an aurhority on cooking with cast iron. He's not bad at restoring old 1800's Chuck wagons either--at least his own. He took his down to the axles and completely rebuilt it using the original parts as a pattern. He was able to keep the original hardware by the way he did it. Great videos.....and he IS an enterainer. Not only does he show you how to cook; he shows you how to choose, prepare and restore cast iron.
  13. Well I definitely enjoyed the "So easy even a caveman can do it" commercials.
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