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  1. It's also a town in MO. Westphalia, Missouri Westphalia is a city in Osage County, Missouri, United States. The population was 389 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Jefferson City, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.Wikipedia
  2. Well girls don't go by themselves but rather as a group....also known as a "posse"......probably because they 'corral' some poor guy to dance with them!
  3. I'll take the fancy grey ones in the bottom of the second picture. PM me where to send the gold. I can do a money order, if you like. Dr. O. R. Vet
  4. Paid 2.49.9 in a glass station just off the freeway a out 20 miles west of St. Louis yesterday!! Imagine my surprise.
  5. Just don't be like Dr. Spooner, a Methodist minister of the late 1800s. His usual admonition at the end of the service was "It's kisstomary to cuss the bride!" Note: this is where we get the term "spoonerism" For more info on Dr. Spooner just Google. "Dr Spooner and spoonerisms"
  6. Like Whiskey Business, I had to stop because my dog woke up and had to come and investigate the weird sounds. Dr. O. R.
  7. This may be what modern 3 gun competition looks like in a few months if the un-president jos biden has his way. (I won't dignify him by capitalizing his name)
  8. If I remember right, Memphis was the one and only hub when they first started. Every thing came to Memphis and got sent out from that one hub.
  9. The S&W 380 cal Bodyguard is an easily concealable pistol. Pretty easy to use a pocket holster and put it in a pocket. Haven't checked prices in a while but should be close to your budget. Note, it's NOT a long range shooter.
  10. Daisy. 4 1/2 mo old miniature australian shepherd.
  11. Why did I join?....... I had started in 3 gun about 18 months ago and realized that I was too old, too fat and too slow for those guys! So I started looking around for another shooting sport that I could keep up with. Discovered SASS by accident on the Internet and went "Wow, I get to shoot guns AND dress up like a cowboy!" As a kid growing up in the western Era on TV, the clothing requirements just added to the fun. (It didn't hurt that I didn't have to run around like a mad man, either) The toy guns we played with as kids--SA revolvers, lever action rifles, doubled barrel shotguns-
  12. Or how about pizza pie. (Pizza means 'pie' in Italian, I'm told).
  13. Can't STAND the feel of wool against my skin. Especially WET wool. Makes me itch just thinkin' 'bout it! Had to wear it as a kid when it was cold and snowy. Sit in class after recess when we'd all gone out to play and gotten wet. YUCK!
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