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  1. If you keep looking thru Roger's SG/12 ga shell listings, you will find Federal Metro loads at $69.95. (900 fps) They are currently out of stock but usually get a big stock in about now. Give them your email and get on the list. BTW Federal usually has a rebate going that will save you $, too. Buy 2 cases and shipping is free. Dr. O. R.
  2. Watched it last night. Good movie! Loved the scene in the gun shop. Only problem I had was understanding some of the dialogue. Don't know if it was the tv speakers or my ears, but just couldn't pick up several lines by Kostner. Otherwise, a real good movie. Of course YMMV. Dr. O. R. Vet
  3. I have two designers of the "also ran" variety. And then I got a chance to buy a Bond derringer. All I can say is if I want to even have a chance of winning in a side match, I will use the Bond.. One of my also rans, a Cobra, started out with about a 40 lb trigger. I literally had to use two index fingers on the trigger to get it to fire. It has lighter trigger springs in it now but now is a little picky about striking hard enough to fire reliably. Back to the gunsmith for "slightly" stronger springs..... Of course YMMV with your derringer......
  4. Well I'd like to se one of those "helicopter" aircraft make a traffic stop! Bet they can't do a pit maneuver either.
  5. Maybe so......but I'd like to see one o them planes make a traffic stop!
  6. You didn't "bilk" the taxpayer out of anything. Those are programs that were 'ordaned' by Congress to attract and retain quality servicemen. The Army seems to think you are one of those kind of guys. Keep up the good work. BTW, at 71 yrs old, I was still camping with the Boy Scouts until a couple of years ago. Dr. O. R.
  7. I had a cat when my daughter was 6 or 7 that she would dress up in doll clothes--including a bonnet. She would stick the cat in a doll baby carriage and take him for a ride. Tommy, the cat, usually had sort of a disgusted look on his face--but he loved the daughter so much, he went along with it and let her do it. Of course, he also cuddled up to her every night with his face right beside hers on the pillow. But then he was a very unusual cat. He needed affection on a regular basis and was on you like a mud plaster if he thought he hadn't gotten enough. Dr. O. R. Vet
  8. Hello Tinpan. I sent you a PM. I'll take it--if you can accept the terms I wrote to you about in the PM. Again, my thoughts are with you and your wife. Dr. O. R. Vet
  9. I have a 5.5 inch barrel on one revolver and a 4.75 inch on the other. I shoot cross draw and find it easier to pull the longer barreled gun out of the cross draw holster. With the shorter barrel in the holster that is straight upright, it seems easier to clear the holster with the shorter barrel. I see cowboys with long barreled guns with two strong sided holsters but they ain't very fast on the draw with them. It's really sort of what you like and are comfortable with. Dr. O. R.
  10. Why did I join?....... I had started in 3 gun about 18 months ago and realized that I was too old, too fat and too slow for those guys! So I started looking around for another shooting sport that I could keep up with. Discovered SASS by accident on the Internet and went "Wow, I get to shoot guns AND dress up like a cowboy!" As a kid growing up in the western Era on TV, the clothing requirements just added to the fun. (It didn't hurt that I didn't have to run around like a mad man, either) The toy guns we played with as kids--SA revolvers, lever action rifles, doubled barrel shotguns--we get to shoot for real........fantastic! I visited some local--and not so local--clubs as I was waiting for my new member kit and was thoroughly hooked. My only regret was not finding out about SASS 20 years ago. At 69, there's just a lot fewer years left to enjoy SASS and especially the PEOPLE in SASS. For anyone out there sitting on the fence about joining--hurry up! Time's a'wastin'! You're missin' the fun!
  11. Or how about pizza pie. (Pizza means 'pie' in Italian, I'm told).
  12. Can't STAND the feel of wool against my skin. Especially WET wool. Makes me itch just thinkin' 'bout it! Had to wear it as a kid when it was cold and snowy. Sit in class after recess when we'd all gone out to play and gotten wet. YUCK!
  13. I'll take: 8. Mens Wah Maker Bib shirt size XL faded $20.00 plus shipping Please PM we where to send the gold. Thanks. Dr. O.R.
  14. You might want to check out the Springfield MO area. Has 4 CAS clubs between Spfld and Branson -- all at Walnut Grove, another 30 min. from Spfld at Marshfield. Milder winter weather than where you are now. and between Spfld and Branson. Good job prospects including two colleges in Spfld and another in Branson. Dr O.R.
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