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  1. Sold pending funds. Thanks to all for looking.
  2. Just checked Rossi USA's website today and they do seem to be offering a Rossi 92 in 38/357, black bbl. Still considerably more expensive than my rifle, especially if you figure in the cost of shipping and my FFL's fees. I know, lots of FFL's will accept from an individual but many won't. This way it doesn't cost you anything for my FFL. This is a nice, smooth operating rifle. I'm just upgrading to a Marlin and would like to get this one out of the safe and into someone's hands that will put it to use. I'd like to get this baby sold so talk to me. Maybe we can come to an agreement. Dr. O. R. Vet
  3. I have a Rossi 38sp/357 rifle with a 20 inch bbl for sale. This rifle is in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures. It has had the safety replaced with a plug. It's a straight shooter and about as smooth as you can ask for considering it is a stock rifle. It seems to like long 38s or 357s. And it likes to be cleaned and well lubricated. It will be a great gun for a new shooter. As far as I know, Rossi is still not making a 38/357 model 92 so if you want to match your 38 cal. pistols, this is the one. Asking $625 with shipping included. I will pay for my FFL to ship, you can pay your FFL to receive. Any questions about the gun, PM me at Dr. O. R. Vet (be sure to use the punctuation if you want to find me here) PS Sorry the pics are upside down. I even went back and rotated them 180 deg.--still didn't help..... first "I'll take it" is the new owner.
  4. Also, saw an article that MODOT was planning to build a brand new set of bridges to replace those she wrecked on. Too bad they didn't do that 5 years ago.
  5. Slim, Good to hear she wasn't hurt any worse than she was. Prayers for her--and YOU. Your life is going to be different for several months as she goes through the healing process. I know--my wife went through 4 major surgeries in 18 months. Two of the surgeries were 9 days apart. Just be patient with her--unless she is already up for sainthood, she's going to be grumpy and a little short tempered--we all are when we hurt. And, no, I'm not a doctor--just experienced. Again, glad you got to take her home already. Dr. O. R. P.S. DID that trip probably 40 times from Sedalia to Columbia in last 2 years. And there ARE some real idiots that fly along on I-70.
  6. Definitely a comedian. The c# e# and g# notes in the top (treble clef) is probably an add-on like most of the symbols of the "shark". Otherwise the lowest note in the bass clef (a g note)would need to be marked with a # symbol as well. If this was "hand" scored as was done before we had personal computers, then this was probably the last day before the guy walked off the job.
  7. Well the coldest I ever was in JULY! was when I went to Giant's baseball game in old Candlestick park in San Fransisco. Had on bvds, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, jeans, jacket and had a blanket over me AND WAS STILL COLD!
  8. Hey Rye, I think you and I are the only ones--at least the only two to admit it. Dr. O. R.
  9. First of all, just a note about Pledge. It contains silicone and IF you try and refinish wood which has been doused in Pledge, you will get "fish eye"--areas where the new finish does not stick--unless you add a fish eye eliminator to your new finish material. As a piano tuner for over 50 years, I have been detailing older pianos for piano dealers for many years. An old real estate agent showed me this trick. However this only works on wood with a real finish on it, not the photo finishes of cheap particle board furniture. He would use equal parts of vinegar, boiled linseed oil, and mineral spirits mixed together. You apply it liberally with 0000 steel wool. Rub gently in the direction of the grain. Do only a section (on pianos there are more 'sections then on a table) at a time before beginning to wipe it off. The chemicals will clean residue, moisturise the finish and fill in scratches using a minute amount of the finish itself. Begin to wipe off the mixture after about 10 minutes time with paper towels. Keep wiping till the surface is has no more wet solution. Note: the residue on the towels can have a spontaneous combustion if you leave them wadded up. I have a bucket with some water in it to drop the used paper towels in to 'defuse' the chemical reaction. Continue with the other sections as described above. When finished, let the wood absorb any remaining chemicals. You will notice that the finish has a dull appearance but most of the blemishes and minor scratches will be gone. Let the finish dry for several hours. It will still have a tackiness to it and still be dull. At this time you can apply a coat of Liquid Gold to the finish which will 'lock down' the finish and give it a beautiful shine. Reapply the LG after about 4 hours if you did not get enough on the first time. Your piece of furniture will be clean, dewaxed, and have a nice shine to it just like the many pianos I have done over the years. Post script--- After seeing the pictures, I would agree with the water and vinegar for this particular piece of furniture. My suggestions are for a really grungy, dirty finish.
  10. Well I hate to burst your bubble there Pat Riot but some of us ARE having problems with Wire. When I leave a post by some one and want to look at another thread, my android tablet locks up and will not scroll up or down. I have to leave the forum and reenter to move to the new thread. SO BRING ON THE REPAIR CREW! DR. O. R. VET
  11. One of the first times I went to the NP I go to, I took my ccw firearm out of it's holster and left it in the truck but left the holster tucked IWB. My NP noticed it and said ""you can wear it (the gun) in here if you want to--it doesn't bother us. Her husband was a gun nut just like me and her nurse use to shoot black powder 50 cal breech loaders and split bullets on axe blades at 50 yards. Talk about a gun-friendly medical facility!!! No sheep in that office.. Dr. O. R.
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