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  1. One of the first times I went to the NP I go to, I took my ccw firearm out of it's holster and left it in the truck but left the holster tucked IWB. My NP noticed it and said ""you can wear it (the gun) in here if you want to--it doesn't bother us. Her husband was a gun nut just like me and her nurse use to shoot black powder 50 cal breech loaders and split bullets on axe blades at 50 yards. Talk about a gun-friendly medical facility!!! No sheep in that office.. Dr. O. R.
  2. Does anyone remember the stemmed goblets you got with peanut butter inside? After you used up the peanut butter and washed the goblet, you had a fancy "cut glass" goblet to set out on the dinner table. I think we had enough for at least a 12 place setting. Sort of think they were from Jiffy but I could be wrong.....after all it WAS a long time ago. Dr. O. R.
  3. Why did I join?....... I had started in 3 gun about 18 months ago and realized that I was too old, too fat and too slow for those guys! So I started looking around for another shooting sport that I could keep up with. Discovered SASS by accident on the Internet and went "Wow, I get to shoot guns AND dress up like a cowboy!" As a kid growing up in the western Era on TV, the clothing requirements just added to the fun. (It didn't hurt that I didn't have to run around like a mad man, either) The toy guns we played with as kids--SA revolvers, lever action rifles, doubled barrel shotguns--we get to shoot for real........fantastic! I visited some local--and not so local--clubs as I was waiting for my new member kit and was thoroughly hooked. My only regret was not finding out about SASS 20 years ago. At 69, there's just a lot fewer years left to enjoy SASS and especially the PEOPLE in SASS. For anyone out there sitting on the fence about joining--hurry up! Time's a'wastin'! You're missin' the fun!
  4. Or how about pizza pie. (Pizza means 'pie' in Italian, I'm told).
  5. Can't STAND the feel of wool against my skin. Especially WET wool. Makes me itch just thinkin' 'bout it! Had to wear it as a kid when it was cold and snowy. Sit in class after recess when we'd all gone out to play and gotten wet. YUCK!
  6. I'll take: 8. Mens Wah Maker Bib shirt size XL faded $20.00 plus shipping Please PM we where to send the gold. Thanks. Dr. O.R.
  7. You might want to check out the Springfield MO area. Has 4 CAS clubs between Spfld and Branson -- all at Walnut Grove, another 30 min. from Spfld at Marshfield. Milder winter weather than where you are now. and between Spfld and Branson. Good job prospects including two colleges in Spfld and another in Branson. Dr O.R.
  8. Happy 47th Anniversary to Warden and Sawmill Mary. Takes a little effort on both your parts to make a marriage work. Seen you two in action-both of you do a good job of it! May you have many more. BTW, 1st wife and I got married on June 6th-D Day! That's another way to remember your anniversary. Dr. O. R. Vet
  9. I think maybe we need to make more of a distinction here between the words “participation” and “awards”. In my book, you get a participation souvenir for showing up and paying your money. An award is something you earn by achieving something difficult and/or outstanding—whether it is a fireman rescuing a child from a burning building or shooting the quickest time with the fewest mistakes at a match. We all like to take back souvenirs from a match; it shows that we were there and “participated”. That for some, is a big deal. For me, as a first year beginner in CAS, just making an out of state match will be a big deal for me—and I would love to have something tangible to show for it when I get back home. However, I am also realistic enough—and know my age, weight and lack of quickness are all factors—that I will probably never get an award for my shooting ability. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a good time or that I am not competitive. As has already been said, we’re here for the fun and stay for the people—but it doesn’t mean we don’t like to have some kind of acknowledgement of at least being in attendance. That's just MHO. Dr. O. R.
  10. Oops. Just noticed Cobra Kid was asking abt #5. If it is still available, I'll take #5. Dr. O. R.
  11. I'll take: 5) Black Cartridge Slide, for .44/45 fits a 2-1/4" Belt. Made by Mernickle Holsters. 13.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48 Please PM me where to send the gold. Dr. O. R.
  12. Hey Warden, Nice looking old Hopkins and Allen. I'll have to get to the match early and check it out. Just Got a new AIC Winchester 1897 so will relegate the 1921 Ithaca Flores to backup status. Which makes my 20 ga Western Fields go to backup backup status. I think I am going to be a little faster with the 1897 but the sxs guns are best at "looking the part" aren't they? Dr O. R.
  13. set up personal messege

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