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  1. Tennessee Williams needs this sign
  2. I would bet they use aluminum shoes though. They are much lighter.
  3. Rye, You might want to read the whole post. It wasn't the windshield that was blurry.
  4. The one in TN Williams picture would grab the lariat and jerk you off the horse.
  5. In 1980 I was 18 and with a little help from my older brother, I bought a Colt .22 peacemaker with the dual cylinders. It's still my favorite.
  6. This one is as new in the box never used. How does $80 shipped sound?
  7. This is probably not what you are looking for but here is a Galco 1880’s model.
  8. I guess I got here too late. I was wondering how much you were offering for me. Double Barrel
  9. Bring him up to the Tennessee Mtn. Marauders tomorrow and he can put them to use.
  10. Keystone, Good luck with your search but in the meantime, wear what keeps you coming out. Maybe these?
  11. Thanks Snakebite. If you ever have the privilege to do business with Snakebite, you definitely don't have to have any concerns about it. He had the rig in the mail before he even sent me his contact info. And it arrived almost before I could get payment in the mail. Double Barrel
  12. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.
  13. Snakebite, Depending on barrel length and revolver fit, I'll take it. Double Barrel Per PM, I will take it.
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