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  1. He earned the P when he shot the 3rd target. If he did not fire the round left in the 1st revolver, P and a miss.
  2. Mustang Gregg, If you don't mind me low jacking your thread, Could I ask that when posting the match price, you tell whether the club is a stand alone club that has to pay all it's expenses, such as insurance, lease fees, new targets, etc. or if it is part of a host club that only charges a per shooter fee.
  3. We are at almost 80 signed up and more than 10 more saying they're coming but dragging their feet. Come on down. Boom Town 2019.pdf
  4. Hurricane Charly may have had some of his stage writing elixir when he talked about shooting outlaw. But who knows, he did shoot some of the smoky stuff a while back.
  5. Widder, You need to quit watching youtube videos and come shoot with us down in Ringgold.
  6. But then you have 2 rifles. What's there to cry about?
  7. Thanks Snakebite. If you ever have the privilege to do business with Snakebite, you definitely don't have to have any concerns about it. He had the rig in the mail before he even sent me his contact info. And it arrived almost before I could get payment in the mail. Double Barrel
  8. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.
  9. Snakebite, Depending on barrel length and revolver fit, I'll take it. Double Barrel Per PM, I will take it.
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