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  1. Since you brought up Too Tall, A few years ago at the year end awards, we gave the most accurate award (fewest misses) to Too Tall shooting Outlaw in every match with only 1 miss all year. So shooting Outlaw doesn't necessarily = more misses.
  2. Barkeep, Did you "lose" the pictures of you holding the paddle or is it just taking a long time for all of them to upload? DB
  3. For the guys that have lung and breathing isssues; Why don't you get some of the flat particulate masks to wear while shooting and cover it with a bandanna like the outlaws in the old west?
  4. No need to delete the ad, just edit the title with "sold".
  5. Purly, That's because when the other posse members find out, they ask us to move you. DB
  6. Widder, How are you posting? I thought you were in hibernation. Did Tennessee Williams get you set up with some of that fancy auto posting software? DB
  7. Not so much, DB. I could be wrong, but I think today is 1/30/2020.
  8. Thanks Snakebite. If you ever have the privilege to do business with Snakebite, you definitely don't have to have any concerns about it. He had the rig in the mail before he even sent me his contact info. And it arrived almost before I could get payment in the mail. Double Barrel
  9. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.
  10. Snakebite, Depending on barrel length and revolver fit, I'll take it. Double Barrel Per PM, I will take it.
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