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  1. Amanda Sanders, NRA-ILA's Field Coordinator for NM sent out an e-mail this morning asking NRA members contact the Governor and protest this action. Use this link to contact the Governor.
  2. Radiopharmaceuticals are still shipped in lead containers (often called pigs). DDD: no concern about secondary radiation. Only neutron-emitting radionuclides like Cf-252 would induce radioactivity in lead. Radiopharmaceuticals don't use neutron emitters. Further, the lead would be free of radioactive surface contamination from its contents. It would not be sold as scrap if it was contaminated. I've handled many pigs. Most are fairly dented. I think they are soft lead.
  3. RR, locally I have bough STS hulls for 7-cents each. I find I can reload them about three times before they get scuffed and frosted enough that they are unsuitable for CAS. However, the scuffed and frosted hulls are still good for Wild Bunch where I shoot a pump shotgun.
  4. RR: Once-fired STS hulls are available on gun auction sites for a nickle a hull. They are my preferred hull for reloading. Gun Clubs reload well too. I reload them once with black powder and then toss them. I get all the Gun Club hulls I need for free at clays ranges. Wolfy: keep an eye out for the annual Winchester AA rebate. It was $2/box last year. The rebate makes factory shells competitive with reloads. ($8/box at Wally World minus $2/box is $6/box.)
  5. I filled up at Costco for $1.359/gallon. The local news says all the eggs are being snapped up at the grocery stores. I'm feelin good that I didn't sell my old bread machine at a garage sale. It is serving me well.
  6. I quite eating at KFC in the '70s after visiting a very fly-infested franchise. I like fried chicken but won't touch flyed chicken. There are competitors serving very tasty alternatives.
  7. Regarding the gun range that won't let you shoot while using an oxygen bottle, you may have a valid discrimination complaint under the ADA. You may have a state office where you can file a complaint. I don't see how your tank presents a hazard. If you were shooting at it that would be another matter.
  8. I prefer my slaw as a side, because like chopped lettuce it falls off a sandwich easily onto my shirt. However, it is plenty tasty on a sandwich. I buy a few heads of cabbage on sale every St. Patricks Day and make slaw out of them. It will keep my family eating fresh vegetables during the current stay home order. With so many tasty slaw recipes we won't get tired of it.
  9. I have some Galco leather for my non-SASS guns. It does what it is designed for well enough. However CAS requires quick, reliable reholstering on the clock. Our holsters are flared for quick reholstering and are quite stiff - sometimes steel is used to ensure they retain their shape. Stick to holster makers who know how to make CAS-competition holsters.
  10. Some people don't like to keep too many powders on hand. You mentioned Clays. It is good for both metallic cartridges and shotgun shells used for CAS. (I stand by waiting for OLG to tout his favorite dual use powder.)
  11. When she won Ladies B-Western at EOT she wore boots. (I think she's too wise to post on this thread.)
  12. Two of the shooting ranges I use are closed due to the virus and two are open. I can shoot long range and self-service clays all I want. I'm not just staying home and doing household chores.
  13. Locally hard liquor, beer and wine are sold by dedicated liquor stores and ordinary grocery stores. Prices are about 1/3rd the cost of state liquor stores in the NW corner of the US. Since grocery stores are considered an essential business, there should be no shortage of alcohol. I agree with keeping liquor stores open. Close them and thieves will steal pickups, smash into liquor stores and sell the liquor on the black market. There would be a ready market to alcoholics.
  14. He was one of my late father's favorites. I've seen him in concert and listen to his music while on road trips. I need to play that CD again today.
  15. I got sent home from work to work at home. (I was hoping for this.) Stopped at Costco on the way home and won't go again for weeks. There are far too many shoppers in the store. They'd entirely restocked with water and bread. Rice was available with a 1-bag per shopper limit with NO RETURNS. Dried cereal was all gone as was beans and flour. There was almost no canned meat and the frozen chicken was in short supply. Gas prices are falling. Sams Club was selling regular for $1.559. Too bad my CAS matches in April are cancelled. Pulling the travel trailer would be inexpensive right now.
  16. I got the message and just cancelled my RV reservation at a nearby park. The poor owner says his phone is ringing constantly with cancellations. Fortunately I'll get a full refund of my deposit.
  17. First, I have lots of Spring gardening tasks to complete. Next some auto maintenance. Then I bought some new bullet molds and will do some casting. My local range is an outdoor rec site and not affected by current proclamations so I will shoot some long range. Inside I have plenty of reloading to do.
  18. I drive past the Isleta Casino and Resort twice a day. They have closed the casino/resort but left their RV Park open. Their two gas stations are open too. (They have hand sanitizer dispensers at their pumps.) My tribal neighbors are operating responsibly. They are subject to Federal authority.
  19. The Governor's proclamation as reported by the news media is ambiguous. It can be read that only indoor recreational facilities are affected. Yesterday the City of Albuquerque updated its web site hours after the proclamation showing outdoor athletic facilities and the City Shooting Range remaining open. Note: the prohibition against 10+ persons indoors would apply to EOT. Here is the text of the Governor's order. The following is the clause related to recreational facilities:
  20. The SASS Office just announced the closure of Founders Ranch through April 10th so the BRR match is off for the 5th but the HDD match might be on for the 11th.
  21. Buying guns and ammo makes sense for Asians who don't already own these items. A co-worker's son married a lovely Chinese girl a few years ago. Now she stays home with their first child and won't even step out the front door of her own home. There are some ugly Americans who think every Asian person they see is personally responsible for the Wuhan virus pandemic. Hoarding TP is just nuts. I've bought lots or primers from Sportsman's recently. Their prices are what I paid twenty years ago. I note they just ended their sale.
  22. Buy a case gauge and check you reloads to make sure they fit. Also check you reloads for high primers. You don't want to discover that you reloads won't chamber or won't go bang on the first hammer strike while the timer is running at a match.
  23. I wasn't a cowboy shoot. I suspect there were several clean shooters but don't want to speculate further as this thread might go downhill so fast the moderators will need to lock it down.
  24. Alliant, Hodgdon and Accurate all have reloading data on their websites. These can be used to supplement data found in reloading manuals.
  25. We've got two of his rifles. They work well for competition.
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