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  1. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

    1. Del Rio Pete

      Del Rio Pete

      Thanks.  Will do.

  2. My main match revolvers are 44 mag Rugers.  When I shoot smokeless rounds in them I load a 240 gr, RNFP bullet over 7 grains of Unique.  This load was on Alliant's website for years.  No gas check is needed and the bullets do not tumble.  I use Federal primers because my revolvers are tuned with light springs.  If you have stock springs any large pistol primer will be reliable.  I buy Hi-Tek coated bullets from Missouri Bullets with Brinnel hardness 12.  These soft bullets give less "splashback" from steel targets. 


    Once-fired 44 mag brass is often available on auction sites.  Buy in lots of at least 1000 cases and never pay more than half the price you would pay for virgin brass.

    1. Space Cowboy, #106127

      Space Cowboy, #106127

      great stuff, thank you so much. Have had a lot of pards recommend Unique, almost picked up a bottle while in Walmart tonite. Figured I'd wait until I at least had bullets. I been saving all my brass, have about 300+ and still have 3 boxes to shoot. Had someone else offer to trade me his used mags for all my used specials. One big question... case trimmers. Is that something that needs to be done a lot? I shoot 100+ miles from where I live but found out I have some local shooters i am meeting next week, hope to find someone who can help me learn all this stuff. Thanks again for responding  :-)

  3. Tripadvisor.com gave the Drury Inn & Suites Phoenix Happy Valley a certificate of excellence.  Stay away from the nearby Motel 6 Suites and Extended Stay motel.  They have security problems.  The maids at the Motel 6 report to their gangbanger boyfriends which rooms have guns so they can steal them.  At the Extended Stay I saw a drug dealer being evicted after he threatened hotel staff.


    Enjoy WR.  It is the best CAS match I've ever attended.

    1. Chili Pepper Kid, SASS #60463

      Chili Pepper Kid, SASS #60463

      Thanks for the advice. I've reserved a room at the Drury Inn. We've always had good luck with their motels. Looking forward to the match have been wanting to go for years. The daughter and I are going to spend some time at the Grand Canyon the following week.

    2. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

      Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

      The south rim of the Grand Canyon is at about 8,000 feet elevation and can be covered with snow in February.  The crowds are light then and it is a beautiful time to visit.  However, I recommend a four wheel drive vehicle due to possible winter driving conditions.  Only the south rim will be open in February.  The north rim will be closed.  Bring your winter clothes from Iowa.  It may be colder on the south rim than Iowa. 


      BTW, WR is held during the peak of the grapefruit season in Arizona.  Go to any fruit stand in Mesa and pick up crates of fresh citrus to haul home to Iowa.  (Citrus less than two days off a tree is incredibly tasty.)  While there visit Wild West Mercantile.  My cowboy costumes are primarily from their bargain bins.


      Safe travels and I hope to meet your an your daughter.

  4. Glad to see you back on the wire, HHH.  We don't see enough of you since the Magdalena range closed so we asked to posse with you at WR.  BTW, we bought OL #4's trailer and I sold our little Coachmen on Christmas Eve.  I am preparing for retirement and look forward to travels including CAS matches, national parks and museums.

    1. Half-a-Hand Henri

      Half-a-Hand Henri

      I would love to shoot with you two at Winter Range!  You will so enjoy retirement... expect to see you shooting all over the place, now!  Been busy loading up lots of ammo... I was down to virtually nothing.  See you soon!

  5. See https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1240143915/hoppes-shotgun-bore-brush-5-16-x-27-thread for a bore brush.  Just $1.15 from Midwayusa.com.  Johnny Meadows in Arizona  works on Baikals.  You may be able to hand him your shotgun at a local match and get it repaired.

    1. Chance Ramsay

      Chance Ramsay

      Dead Eye if you still want some coated in 428 email me at Art @ .at Bullets by Chance.com 

  6. There is plenty of untreated sleep apnea in the population. If you often wake up suddenly gasping for breath get a sleep checkup,  Many of us are at an age when sleeping disorders sneak up on us.  These disorders have treatments.  There are serious consequences for untreated sleep apnea.  The heart is starved for oxygen and weakens.  My father died early possibly due to his refusal to deal with his sleep apnea.  I am dealing with mine.  Grizzly Dave, if your insomnia is chronic have a sleep checkup.  We want to see your videos and read your posts for years to come.

    1. Grizzly Dave

      Grizzly Dave

      Thanks for the concern Edward, not to worry, I do have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP every night.  It was just 'one of those nights' where I couldn't sleep.



  7. I checked the Comfort Inn official website. You can now book rooms in this property in June of 2018 during EOT. The booking software indicates the property will be open in December of this year.
  8. Shot with the High Desert Drifters today then dined at the Pizza Barn. While in Edgewood I checked out the Comfort Inn. The parking lot is now paved. See the picture below:
  9. I dined in Edgewood today after shooting EOT. The new Comfort Inn has their signs mounted on the exterior walls. The gravel piles are all laid and graded and were being watered. Many construction vehicles were present with crews working inside.
  10. I was at Founders Ranch today with a work party prepping the ranch for EOT. While in Edgewood I drove by the Comfort Inn to check on progress. A contractor had a crew working in the entrance. The parking lot is graded and 80% covered with gravel. I expect paving will begin soon.
  11. Drove by the property yesterday. The exterior is complete though the parking lot is unpaved.
  12. I've shot my .357 mag with 158 grain bullets also out to 230 yards successfully. I suggest you load some rounds and see which rifle groups best at 100 yards. The rifle you choose should be easy to shoot offhand since that shooting position is often required.
  13. I bought from Cabelas with free shipping and got the rebate. I agree that with the rebate it is not worth reloading.
  14. The motels in Moriarty still have a few rooms left. Book soon if you want to stay there. Here is a summary of New Mexico gun laws: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_New_Mexico Winter Range provides the following information for foreign shooters: http://www.winterrange.com/gunlaws.html
  15. I would contact the Yakima Black Rock Bunch, a SASS club located near Yakima. Their contact information is listed at http://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_detail.php?Yakima-Black-Rock-Bunch-837 Ted Blocker makes quality leather for CAS. I have some of his products.
  16. A good way to salvage some of your dignity is to call a SDQ on yourself and request the appropriate penalty be assigned.
  17. I shoot our club's "action pistol" matches (like IDPA but more simple), trap, wobble trap and 5-stand clays. I can't get enough trigger time. Weather in the desert southwest is mild enough we can shoot all year round.
  18. 2kd, I found exactly the rifle you are after at the price you want. I sent you a PM with the details.
  19. From one who left the Pacific Northwet, trust me. You won't miss the rain! Hope you can make some of the annual matches in New Mexico. I'd like to see more of you.
  20. I use Peltor 6S with a behind the neck band. They are satisfactory but only provide 19 dB protection. I had a pair of Caldwell amplified muffs once. The electronics were inferior.
  21. I used coated bullets with Triple Seven in my handguns all last year with no issues. My wife now uses coated bullets in her '73s with smokeless powder. We both now prefer the coated bullets and intend to load with them whenever possible. Not handling bare lead is another advantage in addition to those listed by RK.
  22. Alliant Muzzle MZ: I use it for out-of-town matches as it is not very hydroscopic and does not rust my shotgun. It is fairly coarse. I find it comparable to APP FFg. Until recently Sportsmans Warehouse sold it for $10 a bottle. I stocked up.
  23. All the stages were rebuilt since my first Siege. It's a whole new match. Camp on range if you can. Water and 20A service is available. You can buy cast bullets from San Juan from his casting operation and haul them home. They are good bullets. If they have the awards banquet at the Turn of the Century Saloon you will love that too (http://www.turnofthecenturysaloon.com/TURN_OF_THE_CENTURY_SALOON/Welcome.html).
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