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  1. I got the following e-mail Wednesday from SASS: I hope everyone who shot the match and posted their opinions on this thread takes the time to summarize their most important points and include them on this survey. The additional comments field provides the needed space.
  2. I shot a warm-up with SSR. He only used genuine black powder and has a low opinion of the subs. Purists especially should applaud his win.
  3. The Comfort Inn in Edgewood is the closest by far. Get your reservations in early to get a room. I needed a room for the night before the early shift and got one two days before at the Sunset in Moriarty.
  4. I shoot reloaded Remington Gun Clubs for practice and local matches saving my STS hulls for major matches. Gun Clubs reload well and at the clays ranges where I shoot are available for those who dumpster dive.
  5. Regarding splatter - I was not hit by any at this match and only saw one of my posse members hit by splatter in three days. That was from a shotgun target that was shot straight on with a gold, STS Nitro Sporting Clays factory shell. Regarding dust: those who live in moist climates may not appreciate how dusty the Desert Southwest can be. This was the least dusty EOT I've shot. There were wildflowers blooming all over the ranch that normally don't appear until the summer rains begin in July.
  6. Stages were not tricky but several stages had target distances that contributed to misses on my posse. No complaints from me. I did not miss any of the targets but had to adjust my speed accordingly. Wild Horse John who shot before me warned me several times of such targets. Fortunately every day was breezy or windy and black powder smoke did not obscure the targets.
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