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  1. As I read the two articles in the link I learned two things: 1) without a CAL state drivers license one may not buy ammo there and 2) it is prohibited to bring ammo purchased out of state into California. It seems to me that would effectively prohibit many shooters from participating is SASS matches in California.
  2. Mine shoots POA with 240 grain bullets and needed no modification to run black powder reliably.
  3. I rinse several times with clear water after the initial washing. It helps. BTW, Triple Seven is pretty hot powder for a 45. Not so bad in a 38. APP is less zippy but equally corrosive on brass.
  4. Once you get your reloading gear look for once-fired, 38 special brass on online, firearm auction sites. Buy enough to fill a USPS, flat-rate box. You should not pay more than a nickle a case. I got my last batch for three cents as case. Be very careful about using other shooter's reloads. Read the thread regarding guns blown up at SASS matches. It is sobering.
  5. Thanks for the update. When you get a report second-hand some of the "facts" are not quite correct. Glad you did not have permanent injuries. It's situations like these that make me reluctant to be the TO for shooters I don't know.
  6. Heard this one from one of our long range shooters who witnessed the event: A fellow was shooting a 45-70 in a long range side match. He had been loading with black powder but noticed that Bullseye was black so switched to it and loaded his 45-70 cases full of Bullseye. His first shot resulted in his single shot rifle exploding with serious injuries to one of his arms. After a trip to the emergency room he recovered use of his injured arm. No one else was injured.
  7. CAS is a speed shooting sport so getting back on target quickly after every shot is critical for having the best stage times. Revolvers shooting 38 Special rounds can be loaded for lower recoil than those shooting larger caliber. The cost savings is real too. YouTube has many videos with CAS tutorials - some posted by those who frequent this Wire. Search and you will quickly find them.
  8. I recommend you visit Bob in person and discuss you particular needs. He travels to major matches and since his home base is Fernley, NV he will probably vend at Cal State in April. He can fit you and adjust you custom holsters to your physical geometry.
  9. I had poor luck with Costco hearing aids and don't recommend them. There are programs your dispenser can program into aids. My favorite is volume control. It is handy to make the world quieter with the push of a button. My dispenser knew how to bill insurance companies so I wouldn't pay for my aids. Look for someone who knows how to work with insurance companies.
  10. KM, the hand movement from the front of one's body to a shotgun chamber is shorter than the movement from the side on one's body to the same location. This results in shorter stage times. I have no trouble remembering my shotgun shells on CAS are in front of my body and my mags in Wild Bunch are on the side. I use a slide are described in your post. ( I am on my second one as I wore the first one out.) The rig described to you on the phone is close to that worn by Dixie Bell, a SASS Hall of Fame member.
  11. I shoot modern action events where shooting on the move is allowed. I move at a brisk pace sometimes stopping when careful shot placement is required. I've seen shooters try to run through a stage. They frequently entirely miss targets or hose the no-shoot targets. I've seen two trip and fall holding a loaded, cocked firearm. They maintained safe muzzle control and their handgun did not discharge as they hit the ground hard. I just can't see shooting a stage with my tuned cap and ball revolvers while moving briskly. I'm not sure if I tripped and hit the ground hard that a revolver would not discharge. I like SASS rules prohibiting shooting while moving. Some of our firearms lack safety features common on current designs.
  12. Big box retailers sell tool belts for ~$10 that are very adjustable and rigid. One would make a functional gun belt while while you shop for your gun leather.
  13. Here is an article on the bill in the Oregonian. The bill generously excludes "lever action revolvers."
  14. DD, there are some ways to experience the shooting you like. One, volunteer to be a match director and set up some stages where the targets are not at SASS-recommended minimums. Seek out matches advertised to have "retro" CAS stages. Encourage your local club to offer Cody Dixon rifle targets placed at distance instead of so close you don't have to use your sights. I like to shoot cap and ball revolvers and am pleased when I can finish in the middle of the pack with them in a main match. BTW, major matches have side matches where precision or long-distance shooting is required. I think you would enjoy these. Practice long range shooting with your cowboy firearms and then complete in the side matches at Winter Range. Maybe you can be a national champion shooting the way you love. Have fun at local matches and enjoy the people. Trigger was stuffed and later sold for $266,000 to RFD-TV. I preferred the unreliable Jeep Nelle Belle to Trigger. It resembled the worn-out equipment on my father's dairy farm.
  15. There are videos of EOT stages on YouTube. You can get an idea of what the stages are like by watching them. Stage 1 2018 Randy St. Eagle 2018 Stages can be creative but they must be shot quickly with quick resets to keep posses flowing from stage to stage - just like any other major match.
  16. Same here but with the focus for the dominant eye on my front sights and the other eye focused at distance.
  17. I shoot trap at the City Range Sunday afternoon. I will try to look you up.
  18. Holds up well, CA. I have a loading strip by Jax I can show you on the 19th if you show up for the Renegades CAS match. It's very good quality and was priced fairly.
  19. Edgewood gets about 17 inches of moisture a year but is in a drought. This snow when melted represents a good fraction of annual moisture. The snow is a temporary problem but is a blessing for those whose wells might otherwise run dry. Locals are not complaining about the snow.
  20. Try these reloading sites: Hodgdon Reloading Center Alliant Powder Reloading Cowboy data Accurate Powder Load data Also buy and read the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. Not only will it get you more reloading recipes, it has information on safe, reliable loading practices for the type of ammo shot in CAS.
  21. Is that Shanley Shooter in the 5th picture wearing a blue work shirt and leather gloves?
  22. CA, you've done nothing to apologize about. See you at a match. I'm looking forward to shooting with you. BTW, consider shooting the Four Corners Regional in April. You will be ready (though don't expect to win your category).
  23. We now can post loads. However, check any load offered against published data from known sources before using. The four powders you posted are all used to load CAS ammo. Alliant and Hodgdon both offer reloading data online. BTW, since you a new to CAS in New Mexico, Bang and Clang Bullets in Silver City is a good source of bullets. George, the owner often delivers to matches in state. Getting bullets without shipping charges is a good way to cut reloading costs.
  24. If buying new, Starline brass you will only save $5/1000 on your initial purchase. This is for cases you can get many reloads from, though some brass will be lost at the range before splitting. The cost savings would come by buying readily available, once-fired 38 Special brass. However, some do not like once-fired brass. BTW, I run 357 rounds through my '73 for smoothest cycling. Look for a used reloading equipment. That can get you started until you can afford a progressive reloading press. Single stage presses are very durable and are sometimes sold at estate sales.
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