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  1. Hey GK, thanks for posting on my questions. Saw you are from Grand Junction. Just curious, where do you shoot your matches?

    1. Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

      Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life

      Howdy back at ya!

      My home club is Thunder Mountain Shootists in Whitewater about 10 minutes south of Grand Junction. I also shoot at the Montrose Marshalls about an hour south of here and when time permits I go over the hill to Pawnee Station in Nunn. Used to travel quite a bit more but lately it seems like when I have the time I have no money and vice versa!

      Where are you from and where do you shoot? Maybe we can shoot together someday.

      All the best


    2. Space Cowboy, #106127

      Space Cowboy, #106127

      Hi Gateway,


      I live in Roosevelt, UT which is about 30 miles west of Vernal, UT (google maps says I am about 180 miles from GJ). Vernal used to have an active club but it disbanded about 10 years ago. Closest club for me is in Price, UT. They have 14 permanent false fronts and from what I have seen through research, probably one of the finest cowboy towns in the country. I just found out some of the cowboys from the old Vernal club like to get together for fun and shoot about once a month, I plan to start shooting with them some. The pard I talked to said they are a little more informal with the dress. Once I get better, would like to travel around and shoot at other clubs near by.

  2. My main match revolvers are 44 mag Rugers.  When I shoot smokeless rounds in them I load a 240 gr, RNFP bullet over 7 grains of Unique.  This load was on Alliant's website for years.  No gas check is needed and the bullets do not tumble.  I use Federal primers because my revolvers are tuned with light springs.  If you have stock springs any large pistol primer will be reliable.  I buy Hi-Tek coated bullets from Missouri Bullets with Brinnel hardness 12.  These soft bullets give less "splashback" from steel targets. 


    Once-fired 44 mag brass is often available on auction sites.  Buy in lots of at least 1000 cases and never pay more than half the price you would pay for virgin brass.

    1. Space Cowboy, #106127

      Space Cowboy, #106127

      great stuff, thank you so much. Have had a lot of pards recommend Unique, almost picked up a bottle while in Walmart tonite. Figured I'd wait until I at least had bullets. I been saving all my brass, have about 300+ and still have 3 boxes to shoot. Had someone else offer to trade me his used mags for all my used specials. One big question... case trimmers. Is that something that needs to be done a lot? I shoot 100+ miles from where I live but found out I have some local shooters i am meeting next week, hope to find someone who can help me learn all this stuff. Thanks again for responding  :-)

  3. Thanks Silver Sam on the recommendation. I have seen pics of Gunzille before. I have a similar suit on order but not sure I want to use it as I have seen this photo a few times and don't want to be mistaken for him or trying to copy :-) Happy Shooting!

  4. I shoot black powder .45 Colt in SASS and .45 Colt wax in CFDA but have used old model .44 Rugers. I always use .44 S&W Special; cartridges in them rather than .44 Remington Magnum ammunition. in them. I hunt elk and deer with a S & W .44 Magnum revolver using heavy handloads loads of .44 Remingon Magnum but plink and play using .44 S & W Special ammunition.

    1. Space Cowboy, #106127

      Space Cowboy, #106127

      I had my first match this weekend, and used the magnums for my rifle. They did what they were supposed to when I did what I was supposed to  :-)  I have some practicing to do  ;-)

  5. If you are looking to unload a pair of spurs, I'd be interested. I tried to PM you but not sure it is working for me. PM me a pic or two, maybe we can make a deal  :-)

  6. Thanks for the advice AND photos, with all those state titles I suppose you know what your talking about :-)Based on your photos I got inspired and found a cool pair on Sheplers, purchased them tonight. Appreciate your help.

  7. Still trying to figure out the sass wire, did you say CANNOT shoot b-wester, and if you did, why?

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    2. Space Cowboy, #106127

      Space Cowboy, #106127

      Thanks Slim, sorry for the long time getting back, just saw this tonight, Have a rig being made, told the guy it had to be b-western style, he said he hook me up as he is a shooter too, said he'd tool it, add some bling and spots (although not sure what "spots" is).

    3. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      Spots are the little round chrome things, like on a dog collar except not spikey.

    4. Space Cowboy, #106127

      Space Cowboy, #106127

      ahh, makes sense, thank

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