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  1. I wouldn't know, I have been away from the Wire for over a year.
  2. Going to do a little comparing tomorrow....... I loaded up some 38 brass with some Trail Boss pushing a 105g TCFP coated bullet, now I need to load up some 357 brass with the same powder and bullets. Anyone got a favorite Trail Boss charge using a 105g TCFP bullet you wouldn't mind sharing via private message?
  3. Actually, that is nothing new .................... I have been shooting 45Colt and 44-40 for three years and at most matches will come home with half a dozen 38 or 357's..
  4. For three years I've been shooting Frontier cartridge with a 44-40 Uberti carbine and 45Colt Vaqueros. I have a Cody Matic Uberti in 357 and just ordered a pair of 357 New Vaqueros with plans of shooting Silver Senior to see if I like the smokeless world any better. I've got several thousand never fired 357 cases I can use but almost everyone I see at matches shoot 38 spcl cases. Are there inherent advantages of using the 38's that I'm just not seeing? Any thoughts welcomed.
  5. I forgot to mention that I would like them in 45 Colt. They don't need to be worked on since I will send them out for a short stroke kit. Thanks
  6. Well, to save a postage stamp I took the liberty of printing my own up, feels good to belong to something!
  7. FINALLY........... we have an honest man who can appreciate the time savings! Come to think of it I already switched to solid brass shotgun shells and figure the quicker shucking has saved me .00325 of a second per stage for a total of .195 or almost 2/10ths of a second per match so maybe all this stuff does add up! Does THAT make me a gamer?
  8. Purely a rule for the gamers! spreading the cartridges farther apart and at an angle would likely save the shooter .00000135 of a second reloading on the clock! I can finally see how this game has evolved from the "good ole days" to the pure speed matches of today. Good grief, what next........ wrist watches with leather bands that have cartridge loops sewn in, at an angle of course!
  9. See https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1240143915/hoppes-shotgun-bore-brush-5-16-x-27-thread for a bore brush.  Just $1.15 from Midwayusa.com.  Johnny Meadows in Arizona  works on Baikals.  You may be able to hand him your shotgun at a local match and get it repaired.

    1. Chance Ramsay

      Chance Ramsay

      Dead Eye if you still want some coated in 428 email me at Art @ .at Bullets by Chance.com 

  10. I, an individual not an FFL, need to ship two single action revolvers (Ruger Vaqueros) from Arizona to an FFL address in Texas with a copy of the FFL license inside the box. It appears that it is not legal to do this using the United States Postal Service so it appears that my only two choices are 1. find a local FFL dealer to mail it for me or 2. Use UPS and pay the overnight express fee. Would this be a correct assumption or have I missed some new law allowing single action revolvers to be mailed via USPS Priority mail? If you can help with the answer I would appreciate it but PLEASE......answers like "I do it all the time, just mail it" without evidence of legality won't help me and I'm not interested in shipping to Canada or California or shipping machine guns or bazookas or ammunition, just two unloaded revolvers from Arizona to Texas.
  11. Just wanna know........ I've always heard the wear ring around the cylinder referred to as the "Ruger ring" but the photo above shows a Colt with the same ring and they've been around a lot longer than Rugers so shouldn't they too share in the honor of having the ring name after them?
  12. Blame it on the third grade! It all started when teachers pasted those little gold stars next to your name on a wall chart for certain accomplishments. The more gold stars one had showed that they were smarter, brighter than the rest of the class and those little stars gave one a sense of accomplishment and superiority. Some have strived for that feeling their whole lives, and simple things like correcting others gives them that feeling, others could care less. Can you just imagine the conversation among car guys when talking about their favorite cars and the talk shifted to the '57 Chevy only to have someone correct the others by saying that technically they were Chevrolet's and there was no such thing as a Chevy! There would be tar and feathers made ready Personally, in my hot rod days I had an Olds 442 (very similar to the Oldsmobile 442 but I never had to explain that since everyone knew) Regardless of what we call these guns (Oops, I mean handguns or revolvers or single action revolvers) at least we know what kind of bullets we load in them (Oops, I mean cartridges or rounds or ammunition (is ammo still acceptable?)) Ya gotta love it!
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