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  1. See https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1240143915/hoppes-shotgun-bore-brush-5-16-x-27-thread for a bore brush.  Just $1.15 from Midwayusa.com.  Johnny Meadows in Arizona  works on Baikals.  You may be able to hand him your shotgun at a local match and get it repaired.

    1. Chance Ramsay

      Chance Ramsay

      Dead Eye if you still want some coated in 428 email me at Art @ .at Bullets by Chance.com 

  2. I, an individual not an FFL, need to ship two single action revolvers (Ruger Vaqueros) from Arizona to an FFL address in Texas with a copy of the FFL license inside the box. It appears that it is not legal to do this using the United States Postal Service so it appears that my only two choices are 1. find a local FFL dealer to mail it for me or 2. Use UPS and pay the overnight express fee. Would this be a correct assumption or have I missed some new law allowing single action revolvers to be mailed via USPS Priority mail? If you can help with the answer I would appreciate it but PLEASE......answers like "I do it all the time, just mail it" without evidence of legality won't help me and I'm not interested in shipping to Canada or California or shipping machine guns or bazookas or ammunition, just two unloaded revolvers from Arizona to Texas.
  3. Just wanna know........ I've always heard the wear ring around the cylinder referred to as the "Ruger ring" but the photo above shows a Colt with the same ring and they've been around a lot longer than Rugers so shouldn't they too share in the honor of having the ring name after them?
  4. Blame it on the third grade! It all started when teachers pasted those little gold stars next to your name on a wall chart for certain accomplishments. The more gold stars one had showed that they were smarter, brighter than the rest of the class and those little stars gave one a sense of accomplishment and superiority. Some have strived for that feeling their whole lives, and simple things like correcting others gives them that feeling, others could care less. Can you just imagine the conversation among car guys when talking about their favorite cars and the talk shifted to the '57 Chevy only to have someone correct the others by saying that technically they were Chevrolet's and there was no such thing as a Chevy! There would be tar and feathers made ready Personally, in my hot rod days I had an Olds 442 (very similar to the Oldsmobile 442 but I never had to explain that since everyone knew) Regardless of what we call these guns (Oops, I mean handguns or revolvers or single action revolvers) at least we know what kind of bullets we load in them (Oops, I mean cartridges or rounds or ammunition (is ammo still acceptable?)) Ya gotta love it!
  5. My February issue which arrived this morning shows two pretty ladies on the cover while the January issue also showed a pretty young lady along with Missouri Lefty, both EOT Champions. What are you seeing?
  6. You posted this just to argue the difference between the words original and old, give me a break! One model was made years ago and is no longer in production, another model, the NEW model is in production so what does that make the original model......... it's the old model! If someone posts.... "I've got a Ruger Vaquero for sale" and one of the first questions asked is..."Is it the NEW Vaquero or the older Vaquero?" THAT would be a valid question, a question that everyone would understand but if they didn't understand the meaning of the question, calling it the original wouldn't make it any clearer to them! If it makes you feel better calling it the original then by all means carry on but I don't see the sense or the necessity since everyone in the first 29 posts knew what we are talking about. Thanks to everyone for chiming in with different ways one can tell the difference between the two models
  7. Miss-fitting cylinders and poor customer service. So this is yet another way to tell the difference between the original and new Vaqueros Good to know!
  8. Sorry 'bout that, I saw both threads but for the life of me I don't know how I started the second thread.
  9. OK, I'll mark this thread sold pending funds and I just sent you a PM Thanks
  10. I am selling my pair of Ruger Original Vaquero revolvers chambered in .357. I bought these guns from a fellow SASS member in Apr 2015. One gun was very lightly used (he said less than a box of cartridges trying to get his wife interested in shooting) and the other was never fired having lived it's life in his safe. So while I'm the second owner, I'm basically the only owner to actually use them. I used them in 5 or 6 monthly matches and several practice sessions before getting hooked on black powder and moving to larger caliber revolvers so they have sat in my safe unused since around Sept 2015. They are blued and case hardened, have 5 1'2" barrels and are in excellent condition with only very slight rings on the cylinders. No scratches or blemishes on the nice wood grips, no holster wear that I can see, no scratches and are 100% stock. They have never fired anything but cowboy loads in .357 cases, no 38 loads. I am asking $1050 for the pair plus whatever shipping charges will be if you don't want to drive to Show Low, Arizona and pick them up. Below is a photo of them. I have five more photos of them showing more details but they are too large to put in this post so the links to them are provided below. Left sides view.... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-lh.jpg Right sides view... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-rh.jpg Close up showing case hardening lh side... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-detail-lh.jpg Close up showing case hardening rh side... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-detail-rh.jpg Top view... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-top.jpg
  11. I would say nothing, other than the alcohol is good and evaporated out and here is why I think that............ Lately when I reload my 44-40 brass, I'll do it in batches of 400 to 500 cases. Before starting I'll lay out a folded bath towel and spread the brass out then spritz it with the lube than roll it all around with my bare hands to insure good coverage. I'll let it all sit for five minutes or so then start running them through my press. Usually I will do the loading in one sitting but now and then something will pop up preventing me to finish in which case the lubed brass will sit as is with a towel tossed over them to keep dust off (my reloading room is next door to my wood shop). When I come back in a few days or week, the brass is just how I left it, nice and lubed ready to load.
  12. Well that certainly makes it easy..........Thanks Gents!
  13. In 2015 I bought a pair of Ruger Vaqueros from a member here who was getting out of CAS and I was told they were old model Vaqueros. I'm going to run an ad in the classifieds so I looked at the plastic cases they came in to get the exact model numbers but nothing says anything about new or old and I want to make sure I represent them properly. Serial numbers on the plastic case labels match serial numbers on the revolvers. One case says model 00582 and the other case says model 00578 although they appear identical in every detail I can see. One box says catalog BNV-35 while the other box says catalog BNV-35i. Can one tell old model from new model by the serial numbers? Both serial numbers start with 058-, one being 058-247** and the other 58-924** Both are case hardened if that matters. Any help would be appreciated.
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