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  1. Too many numbers swimmin' around that thar. They write the stage, I'll shoot at it, make me thank too much, I'm likely to mess it up, and that's ok. Make too many thank too much, then that should give you pause. It's a game, and meant for enjoyment. Nuf said? Huh? Ok then. Nite all.
  2. Hey Reb - I don't often shoot HOW, but shoot pretty regular monthlies at Pawnee Station in Northern Colorado, c'mon down.
  3. My major question right now is the age old question of 38 or 45 for EOT. For me, 38s are stock, but quite broke in, and 45s have had the Longhunter treatment. Speed wise, maybe my 38s are faster? Maybe. Rifles are both Longhunters. Part of my brain says which am I willing to do lost brass for? But truth of that question is if you are really worried about that, you can't afford the rest of what it costs to shoot the match. Right now I'm leaning towards the 45s, I like big boolits and I can not lie! I'm more confident to where my pistols hit with the 45s. Not that I've shot more than a couple of times in the last years. And if I finish something other than last in my category it will be a miracle. One thing is for sure and for certain, I'm gonna have fun. And talk all you want about fast, to me it comes down to fun and the people.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome back. I spent a couple years caring for my aging mom before she passed in August of 2021. Then spent a year clearing out her house that was full of her 'treasures' and finally got it empty and sold last year. Also last year I got laid off of my job of 35 years and spent a few months looking for work before deciding I'd just call it retirement. Several mentioned the weight loss from a number of years ago before my knee replacement. And as is common with rapid weight loss, it often comes back and did so. Now I'm back on the way down, but at a more sustainable pace. Grizz
  5. LOL I reckon a few dead horses have been kicked into smithereens. Some newbies, to which I say howdy and welcome to the fire. And some old friends, to whom I say howdy and hope I see you at EOT. And to them what don't know who I am, well, no matter, I don't know you neither! LOL Grizz
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