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  1. I'm drooling. Good to see ya SS, I hope you are well and enjoying life. Grizz
  2. I would agree that in my opinion 38/357 would be the way to go. The only draw back is that they aren't allowed in the Classic Cowboy category, but there are lots of other categories where they are. Have fun! Grizz
  3. I've had fun at pretty much every match I've ever shot, I bring the fun with me. But for favorites if I had to name them.... For a 'travel' match, I'd have to say Winter Range. Land Run would be up there as well. For something closer to home, I'd say the Shootout At Pawnee Station. I enjoy it so much I pull my camper out a week early and help set up, and stay and day late to help clean up. Permanent props, lots of stage dressings that come out for the annual, great scenarios, lots of dry camping, wonderful people, and a ton of fun.
  4. Wish I could make it, but I'll be in Dallas for a family wedding. I'd rather be in the big barn making fun of your singing LOL
  5. Sawbones said 6 weeks in a cast and then start strength and range of motion therapy, sounds like dry fire drills to me....
  6. Oh hail no! Just getting my thumb cut on. The joint at the base of the thumb to be exact. Fascinating stuff, amazing what they can do. I've watched several of the surgeries on youtube. Pretty sure with a sharp pen knife and a fifth of rye you could do it. I think I'll still go to the surgeon though...
  7. Thanks for the input Allie. Good to hear that it worked for you and sorry about the rest of your hands. As they say, getting old ain't for sissies.
  8. In the process of getting it scheduled on my left thumb. Anyone had it done? How soon before you were back shooting?
  9. Evil, c'mon, say another word about how you're not worthy, I want to see her try and kick your butt.
  10. Used them in my 38s for the last ten years, no problems. But as others have noted, if you get some race guns with light springs, you may have issues.
  11. Congrats! But I reckon I might keep Voodoo Jack if I was you, that's a great alias.
  12. Always great to see you and your entourage.
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