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  1. no no no lol. Before surgery. I will be in a cast for 6 weeks.
  2. no. as one who had thumb surgery Monday due to arthritis I found that the recoil of a 1911 hurt worse than using the thumb to cock a single action revolver.
  3. I make a deal with someone ain't nobodies business what the terms were. Leaving the asking price up with the listing for info purposes may be a kindness and a good research tool, but to require it, or even suggest it is silly. That's the view from my saddle, your may be different, and that's fine, I don't care.
  4. SHB page 22 My understanding has been that an unfired round is a 5 second penalty and scored as a miss only to make it easier to score. Under that understanding the scenario above gets a bit muddy as to if those unfired rounds are truly misses and can be made up with the shotgun. However, reading the above from the SHB it would appear that an unfired round IS included in the definition of a miss, and therefor making up those rounds with the shotgun under stage instructions is an option.
  5. Around the northern Colorado area we shoot year around. But this year I'm done until Winter Range. Having my thumb/wrist cut on this Friday. In a cast for at least 6 weeks will keep me from cowboy'n. After that, the PT sure sounds like dry fire to me... Having my other thumb/wrist done after WR which will keep me out until June, but that can you do, old arthritis don't care about a fellers need to cowboy.
  6. Wow Mongo, look at you being all logical and stuff! My Marlin was straight, and I liked it. When I first tried a pards 73 it was a pistol grip, and I liked it, and I like the looks, so my 73s have the pistol grip.
  7. Same load in both. I'm lazy and it works for me.
  8. I reckon so, maybe we should move on to Rank Points vs Total time, or maybe Ginger vs MaryAnne, or any of the other ageless debates.... Happy weekend all!
  9. You've gotten a lot of good input so far, so I'll just add one thing... If you got a 73 in 45 Colt it would allow you to shoot in any category except B-Western, AND you could use it for Wild Bunch. Just something else to think about. Grizz
  10. The best punch set is the one you can find when you need it. Otherwise you snip the point off a nail, file off the rough edges and use that.
  11. while reloads are not common, they are out there depending where you shoot. More common is jacking a live round out of your rifle requiring you to reload from your belt. I recently got a brace of 45s, and jammed a 45 into two of the 38 loops, it can be done. for matches where I shoot my 38s, hopefully I'll remember to take the 45s out...
  12. I've used Fed and Win SG primers and don't know that I noticed a difference, then again I didn't do a side by side comparison either.
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