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  1. All a matter of what YOU like or want. Me, I'm not likely to be turning a cartwheel, so pretty loose works for me.
  2. Hey S Bull, you gonna be at winter range? Not that I want to see you so much, but your lovely lady will probably be with you....always enjoy seeing her, sweet lady.
  3. Nunn, Colorado This just in from Triggerhappy Ted, looks like this weekends matches are ON! ----- Howdy All. This is an early notification that Pawnee Station is open for shooting business this coming weekend. February 15th for Cowboy Action, and Sunday for Wild Bunch the 16th. If you want to shoot Cowboy both days, as a warm up for Winter Range, for those of you making the trip, we can accommodate your wishes. Let me know at the Saturday match. The range is clear of snow and the weather looks to be in the lower 40's on Saturday & upper 40's for Sunday. As usual we will setup Saturday morning at 8am. 3 bays with 6 stages & setup should go pretty fast. They are simple and close. If you just wanna shoot come on out anyway, we'll have the burn barrel going. Dress warm. Be safe on the roads. Need help setting up this time as our regular crew is all ready in Arizona. Thanks in advance. TriggerHappy Ted Directions to the range
  4. Write the stage more specifically to avoid the confusion....
  5. I don't have tremors and would probably need help parking my camper too LOL.
  6. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and let 'er buck. I tend to shoot better when I'm laughing, so think of something funny, like a certain cowboy doing a swan dive in a mud puddle.....ok, that wouldn't work for you specifically, but might for other folks. If all else fails, take off all your clothes and make some nekkid snow angels. By the time yer done you'll have forgotten about whatever it was.
  7. I've been to annuals with both clubs and they were great, the two working together is bound to be a hoot!
  8. You got this FJT, once the buzzer goes off, it's all auto pilot.
  9. What a good pard you are! Thanks! I'll make sure there's plenty of cash in my wallet so you don't run short.
  10. That's me too. Only time I kept track was when I had a chipped grip panel, after I replaced the grips I went back to not caring.
  11. RCBS Lockout dies for me, one on each tool head / caliber on my 650.
  12. Back to the swap meet.... Wish I could be there but I'll be headed to the Classic Cowboy dinner. But ya all feel free to buy me something nice! Were I attending I'd be lookin for chinks, and whatever else caught my fancy.
  13. Marshal Jack, let us know how it turns out please.
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