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  1. McCandles - When I run the clock, I don't ask unless the shooter is looking confused, or is new to the game. And of course if they ask questions I'll explain it. To me, 'shooter ready?' includes if they understand the course of fire. That's my take on it. Grizz
  2. Hmmm, works for me.... Main Match BP Match Try those.
  3. Contact someone at the club you're going to be shooting at, chances are they can help you line up a loaner belt or slides to fit on your gunbelt. Might even wind up finding a good deal on a used belt if folks know you are looking. Have fun! Grizz
  4. Howdy! Sorry you can't shoot any more, that sucks. Lots of folks put up videos on you tube these days if you want to 'get out to the range' from your computer. take care Grizz
  5. Get those entries in folks! We sure are looking forward to hosting you at the Shootout for Pawnee Station! Cowboy match Wildbunch mini match Cowboy warm ups Side matches Sporting clays dry camping right at the range lunch included in match fee yeehaw, it's gonna be FUN!
  6. Stirrup was hoping to get them up tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. I'll post a link here when they are up if I find them before you LOL.
  7. I messaged him on facebook and let him know you were looking for him.
  8. OMG - it was great to meet you and shoot with you this weekend. I agree, other than the weather which is very much out of anyone's control, it was a great match. And the banquet venue and caterer were superb! Now that posse marshal of ours, he was a little strange... See you down the trail!
  9. I've moved mine around in the basement, but ain't no way I'd attempt getting it back up the stairs.
  10. Wow, took three burly college football looking guys to get mine down in to the basement.
  11. there are several places in the Denver area that I'll check with. I'm willing to pay to have professionals do it who know what they are doing. I was thinking it might run $200 or so.
  12. Now that detail I did think of LOL. It will be empty and contents stored safely out of sight.
  13. Anyone had it done and can give me an idea what it might cost? when I got my big steel box many years ago, the basement made sense for it, now I'm wanting it on the main floor. one flight of stairs, no landing, but a tight turn at the bottom, but hey, it made it down there, should be able to get it back up, right? just wanting a ball park before I call around. Thanks Grizz
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