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  1. This gadget looks good, but doesn't seem to be available to the general public yet
  2. If ol' Stirrup is gonna be there you'd best lay in a bunch of PBR and Lima Beans!
  3. I use One Shot as well on all brass
  4. Welcome to the fun! The first time out can be intimidating, don't let your results color your experience. After 12 years in the game I'm still learning, and re-learning. The important part is to have fun. Nothing beats hanging out with cowgirls and cowboys and ringing steel. Well, at least nothing you can do with your clothes on! Did I just type that out loud? Grizz
  5. My 1911 was too hungry for my single stage to keep up. As you might remember, I had some issues with new brass being hard to pull out of the crimp die on the single stage. I can feel it on the 650, but not nearly as much. I went with Dillon dies on the 650 for ease of cleaning especially the bullet seat die. But after trying to get a crimp I liked with the Dillon crimp die, I wound up going with the Lee Factory Crimp Die. Had to crank the die body way down to see up according to instructions, but was able to get a crimp I liked in short order after that. I got my rounds where I wanted without too much trouble, and that would pass the 'plunk' (barrel) test with no problem.
  6. It's really too bad that it's cancelled, ol' Stirrup and the Platte Valley Gunslingers put on a heck of a match that is well worth attending. I know I am putting next years match on my 'must go' list, and recommend that you give it serious consideration. Grizz
  7. Registration starts at 8:00AM, Pledge/Safety at 9:15AM, Match starts at 9:30AM.
  8. This just in from Ted.... Howdy All!, just came from the range and it's all setup for your shooting pleasure. 6 Stages on 6 bays. Then on Sunday it's Wild Bunch time. Same 6 stages, just more targets. Remember to read our suggestions & recommendations on the Pawnee website. We need to keep our host happy and follow the recommendations agreed to. GW Ryder will be your Match Director with WildCat Cliff as his assistant MD. Remember that Great Guns has a drive thru venue for sign in, so follow the signs. Be safe everyone, help yer other shooters be safe as well. Have fun. I'll see ya on the trail. Ya might wanna throw in the rubber cowboy boots, if it rains tonite it could be a little damp there in the morning. HAVE FUN!! TriggerHappy Ted
  9. And back to the top one time to make sure everyone gets the word.
  10. Cap'n Bill, I can appreciate where you are coming from and generally don't disagree. I just think in this age where the media and some government officials are encouraging people to 'tattle' on those who don't follow the 'mandates' that it might be prudent to choose your battles wisely.
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