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  1. The Plainsman match is eclectic regarding single shot rifles. There are sharps, rolling blocks, trapdoors and buffalo classics. Calibers range fro 50-90 to 38 Special. It's a hoot. Some say it is more of a social event for black powder shooters than a competitive match. It's a chance to get some old firearms out and have a good time. Those who just bought their cap and ball revolvers and did not prep them for competition often quit the match when their revolvers run poorly.
  2. All stages are separated by berms. As others mentioned painting after every shooter is quite impractical otherwise.
  3. Painting between shooters has been done locally for the last few years. It works well but requires more labor to keeping a posse running. The crew setting shotgun targets and painting other targets usually is finished before the brass is picked up. Spotters are still needed. They are still responsible for determining the number of misses. The fresh paint just makes their job easier.
  4. Here are the rules from last year: I was in Sportsmans Warehouse last year when they unloaded a pallet of AAs and got my fives cases in one purchase.
  5. Last year you had to buy during the rebate period. Somebody will post a link to the 2019 rebate (should there be one) and a retailer who will sell with free shipping.
  6. Captain Baylor and I tested .32s for the smoke standard. 32 S&W with Triple Seven (a commercial load) failed. APP FFFg in 32 H&R mags with 100 grain bullets passed as did the same cases and bullets with Swiss. Triple Seven with 115 grain bullets in .32 H&R mag cases make satisfactory knockdown loads. With APP my wife's single sixes will run six stages without maintenance. Using Triple Seven the same revolvers must be serviced every other stage. If using Goex make sure the revolvers will shoot six rounds without binding. APP produces minimal residue and would be my first choice for both smoke and reliable functioning. Here are Hodgdon's loading notes for Triple Seven and Pyrodex should you choose to load one of those subs. I don't use BP-compatible lubed bullets with either Triple Seven or APP in my rifles or revolvers and have no loss of accuracy.
  7. You already got the advice you need regarding cleaning your revolver. Water-based cleaning is standard for black powder firearms. Regarding cleaning of your brass - don't leave the brass wet too long. Corrosion can form between the primers and the primer pocket making depriming difficult. I wash brass then dry immediately.
  8. I am only aware of the Rt. 66 RV Park in Edgewood. It is the closest RV Park to FR. Hidden Valley near Tijeras (mentioned in this thread) is also close and there are also RV parks in Moriarty and Cedar Crest. If you lack transportation camping at FR is a good option. The first eight rows in the FR campground are graveled and you probably wouldn't get stuck in the mud in case of rain if you parked in these rows. One year before I had a four wheel drive tow vehicle I had trouble getting off the ranch when I wasn't parked on gravel.
  9. Google says it is about 10 miles (not using Barton Road). That seems about right. The RV park in Edgewood is closer to FR - and the freeway, but is easy for a motorhome to enter.
  10. I have camped there. The site is terraced and there was enough room for my slide-out. Sometimes the water or power goes out so keep your fresh water tank full. Camping at the KOA in ABQ will double your commuting time to FR. Further, the ABQ neighborhood has security problems. I know, I once owned a home in that zip code. For $125 for the week of EOT I would stay at Hidden Valley. That's where I will camp. BTW, there is a hairpin turn going into Hidden Valley. Make sure your RV can make the corner.
  11. I would like to shoot a pepperbox revolver in a side match. I don't want to own one - just shoot one once. I also need to try the gattling gun at EOT sometime.
  12. Try Hodgdon's loads for youth or any powder distributor's data for 3/4 or 7/8 oz loads. Load the minimum published powder charge for their fast burning powder and expect satisfactory loads for cold weather. BTW, there is usually an old thread on the Wire with shooter's personal recipes. APP, a black powder sub makes nice low recoil SG shells too.
  13. Winchester for the last several years has rebated $2/box of AAs. Come April you may be able to buy AA12FL8 AAs (aka featherlights) with that rebate for up to five cases. Hold off buying more SG shells for now.
  14. Buy a box of factory, 38 Special lead bullets (125 grain or 158 grain) and toss it in you gun cart for knockdowns. Sometimes match directors set knockdown targets so that heavier bullets are required (like in windy conditions). Then don't worry about whether your light bullets will do the job. I have seen .36 caliber cap and ball revolvers fail to take down knockdowns.
  15. I don't need any more but this is a good deal - about the price for once-fired 44 mag brass.
  16. Greasy Red over in Silver City, NM does good leather. Much of what I wear is from him. Let me know if you want his price list an I will send it to you. Bob Mernickle does nice leather too. Bring some spare CAS ammo to matches for your "wrong caliber" rifles and bring them too. Eventually our firearms break and we need our backups.
  17. Here is a link to Longhunters action job site. It will give you an idea of what the work costs.
  18. Discover lizard litter from your local pet supply store. It's less expensive than the brass polishing media sold by reloading supply outlets. Your single stage press will prove very handy for many tasks. I use mine for loading small lots of rifle ammo.
  19. Uberti 1873 rifles are sold through distributors. They come in the length you seek in 45 Colt caliber. Reputable gunsmiths buy these from distributors and modify them for CAS competition (race ready). Uberti 1873 rifles are quite competitive for CAS competition. I think the round barreled rifles are lighter than the octagonal barreled rifles but recommend you check with a seller before purchasing. You can request recommendations for race-ready rifles on this Wire. My family has done well with our purchases from Cody Connager and Longhunters.
  20. This legislation is moving through the legislature on party-line votes. The Democrats control the legislature and the governors office. At committee meetings uniformed members of law enforcement are testifying that the proposed laws are unenforceable and would have no impact preventing crime. The LEOs are being ignored. This looks like a bad year for New Mexico.
  21. Me too. I don't shoot gunfighter and would not want to show my lack of proficiency in that shooting style on national TV. I am looking forward to watching the episode and hope all the smokey shooters do well.
  22. Buy three boxes of fifty rounds each of 38 Specials with all lead bullets and a box of twenty five, target 12 gauge shotgun shell and call ahead to the match director asking to borrow firearms and leather. It's way to soon in your CAS journey to select you first firearms. Your local club can point you to an FFL who handles transfers. SLOW DOWN and try other shooters guns before you make your first purchase. Find a local mentor and have that person help you sort out your options.
  23. Deals on brass: Once-fired brass from online auction sites. I too only paid 3-cents a case for 38 Specials. My wife's 32 H&R mag cases were partially paid for for by $50 gift certificates from Starline given as door prizes at major matches. (Big thanks to Starline!) Deals on primers and powder: I've bought in bulk online so the HAZMAT fees don't run up my costs. I've also bought from Sportsmans Warehouse using gift certificates given at major matches. Deals on lead shot: I buy once-fired shot from a local trap range and some virgin shot using Sportsman's gift certificates. I also bought part of the inventory of a shop going out of business. Shotgun hulls: I get these free by dumpster diving at my local trap range. I only reload them once with black powder. Deals on cast bullets: besides using gift certificates given at major matches, I buy from vendors who deliver to matches I attend. Without a shipping charge these bullets are less expensive.
  24. Cost is a major concern but so is availability. My wife and I shoot black powder rounds and what we need is usually unavailable commercially. For my long range rounds, accuracy is the primary concern. For main match rounds reliable feeding in our rifles is a major concern. As A.E.S.C notes, commercial ammunition is usually loaded too heavily for our sport. By reloading we have inexpensive, reliable ammo that is always available and meets our specifications. We could not shoot CAS the way we like without reloading. I do not cast as I can buy commercial bullets that meet our needs at reasonable prices. I do buy once-fired brass and reclaimed shot to help keep costs down.
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