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  1. On the road I rinse 3-4 times in hot water then dry in the sun. (Hot water in RV park restrooms is free.) At home I add vinegar to the final rinse water. I suspect my brass dries quicker in the Desert SW sun than yours will in Canada.
  2. I did find the bunkhouse tab. I carry 5-gal jugs with me and would fill that way. I suggest adding that information to your very useful website.
  3. I learned much useful information about your club from this site. You have a club that probably has two posses at your summer matches. If I showed up in poor weather you may have enough shooters for a match. You also have enough members to provide the labor for a quality annual match. There are ample nearby lodging and camping opportunities. Links to the offsite lodging sites would be helpful. Your range is wooded. However, your stages look open and would be enjoyable for a black powder shooter. You have dry camping with electricity and even showers available. This is favorably for extended dry camping. Since showers are available is potable water also available for campers? Your website communicates most of the information I expect.
  4. Can you post a close-up photo of the ammo you are shooting? Knowing what profile of bullet you are shooting and the type and amount of crimp would be helpful.
  5. Yes, and I respect the local club's right to make additional rules and thank them for stating those on their website. Just please don't blindside any visitors.
  6. For local matches in the Desert Southwest: is drinking water available on range? Unexpected local requirements like "stop at the range house an pay $6 fee before proceeding to CAS match." Is dry camping on range permitted? Useful for out-of-town guests who travel with a rolling bunkhouse. Pictures of the stages. Ranges with excellent props are interesting. Those who just shoot off of hay bales and tables are not as interesting. Any rules exceeding those published in SASS handbooks like "please don't show up with conversion cylinders" or "plant and poke only with your shotgun." Scores from previous matches. Some clubs have too few shooters. I don't want to visit dying clubs. A link to the host range's website. Some ranges offer shooting activities that might also interest a CAS participant. Locally the ranges I visit have varied clay shooting opportunities. Some may want to bring their trap, skeet or sporting clays shotguns for additional shooting.
  7. That caliber would be dandy for plainsman side matches. The pistol calibers are not as useful as the shorter cartridges are more difficult to handle quickly.
  8. Safetys can be easily pushed into place when handling a gun. Fixing the problem can take several seconds of time on the clock. Even worse, one might jack several live rounds out of a rifle before realizing the problem is the safety and not the ammo. Having a safety on a CAS is just one more train wreck that can happen on a stage.
  9. Caution: Cabelas advertises 30-30 lever action rifles as suitable for SASS matches. Take the rule book and know what is legal. Don't be misled by the counter help at Cabelas.
  10. A common solution is to buy Starline Cowboy Special brass that has a smaller internal volume and load lighter powder charges. Those who shoot these can give you loads that work for them. Cowboy Special cases cost about a quarter each.
  11. No, Henry .22s in youth models are slick out of the box and quite suited for a buckaroo. Henry center fire rifles are clunky.
  12. Stoeger coach SxS shotguns are popular, entry-level shotguns. Like others say, visit matches and try loan firearms before buying. Avoid Henry rifles no matter how pretty they look and how attractive they are priced.
  13. I suspect the film will be nominated for multiple academy awards for its timely, progessive plot and will develop a cult following among antifas. My hope is that it is a financial failure and those that made it lose their shirts.
  14. Look here. I did not find your alias on the results pages.
  15. I had a similar experience. I was working on the Enewetak Atoll in a civilian role. After the movie played an enlisted man reported a tiger shark prowling the location where the Boston Whalers were moored. After that report everyone wanted to travel between islands on the largest landing craft available or by helicopter and wanted nothing to do with the Boston Whalers. Most agreed "we need a bigger boat."
  16. The 4 3/4-inch barrel length is fine. If you have knockdown targets sometimes a .36 won't do the job. The .36 caliber barrels are also heavier. My Uberti 1858s have too light of triggers - not good when shooting duelist. The trigger guards don't beat up my fingers. However, I only load to meet the smoke standard unless loading for knockdown targets. Excess recoil is not desirable. Like others have said, try before you buy. Local Soot Lords will probably let you shoot their revolvers if you ask.
  17. Both my wife and I have checkered grips on our revolvers. They are Ruger factory grips with laser-engraved checkering. After shooting in downpours at Winter Range we got our grips checkered.
  18. I'm not entirely sure what to think of the sign. My transactional point-of-view is that this Costco is not a place where I will shop in the future. Regarding "passing the buck to me" - I believe I am primarily responsible for the physical safety of my family and myself in a retail establishment. While I expect the physical plant to be free of known safety hazards like slippery floors or exposed wiring, I don't expected armed guards. I just don't want a retailer placing legal barriers that hinder me from my responsibility. Most of the retailers I deal with don't do that. This Costco does.
  19. I stopped shopping at local Wal*Marts because they posted signs prohibiting carry. This weekend I shopped at two Wal*Marts and the signs are gone. Good News! Wal*Mart parking lots are among the most crime ridden locations in ABQ. I also shopped at two Costcos (its tax-free weekend). One posted the following sign prohibiting carry and one did not. The one without the sign will get my future shopping.
  20. When primers were in short supply I used Rio 209s in my BP shotgun shells. I toss these after one use so I don't care if the primers enlarge the primer hole. The Rios all ignited and were reasonably priced too. I would use them again for BP loads.
  21. I checked for available leather dyes - there are many colors. I'm considering sunshine yellow, oxblood red and turquoise. I'll probably go with oxblood red.
  22. bgavin, Your firearms are legal for frontier cartridge categories. I shot the same firearms in SSFC at EOT. However, your revolvers may not function reliably with blackpowder as the cylinder/barrel gaps may be to narrow for BP fouling. I'm not trying to convert you to the Darkside. However, you have suitable firearms if you ever want to try.
  23. We are not Old West re-enactors. You don't need exact replicas of 19th Century firearms. Ruger single action revolvers are not replicas and merely resemble 19th Century designs. As others stated, 38 Special is a favored cartridge for many reasons. When you visit clubs, besides asking what guns and cartridges they favor, also ask what they bought when starting that turned out unsuitable and were replaced. Learn from others mistakes.
  24. See this link. I load APP for my wife in 32 H&R mag cases exactly how CC recommends: fill the case so that the bullet just touches the powder. I load 777 for myself the same way.
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