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  1. Pretty good for early Clint as a motorcyclist and good script. What's interesting also is how Clint stands in the credits. You get paid by your standing, The higher your on the list, the more you receive.
  2. Finally got it to work. Today 2/2/23 Uptown Jax and 3 Navy Patrol Boats headed out.
  3. Balmy day here. 84 and we just got back from 3 hours of jet skiing the St John's and came upon 3 Navy Patrol boats. Had to take a shower, sweated out there. Shorts and just a wind breaker. Few clouds were as white as snow.
  4. If you ever wondered if you could escape todays world, you might enjoy this one. Many have watched it several times. In fact we're going to watch it again tonight on the big screen.
  5. One time drop 1500.00. Can go lower without ammo or accessories which are worth over 500.00 alone.
  6. Selling my Mauser K98 8MM carbine with original Bayonet, scabbard, front hood cover and a barrel front protector, Original complete cleaning kit, repro sling and 23 boxes of ammo (didn't picture all 23 boxes). The K98 is super accurate at 100yds could put 3 rounds in center and touching. Asking 1650.00 and will sell only face to face all. (last long gun I shipped was damaged and still waiting on payment by carrier). Live in Jacksonville, FL.
  7. I actually knew kids that had these and boys that didn't that wanted them.
  8. Wonder if the head count is less today then it was after the Civil War when 27 million were shipped East in a short period. The stockyards were huge back then and filled almost weekly.
  9. Going by western area cattle ranches and tabulated by the BLM. I'm sure there are more Southwest and East of the Mississippi. Actual count? I know my dad sold all his off before passing to Armour broker, 2200 heads.
  10. Back in the heydays of the Old West, there is an estimate that 60 million Buffalos roamed the plains at one time. Today the BLM estimates that there are only 18000 cattle managed by ranchers out west. There were some say 50 times that amount after the Civil War ended, in fact 27 million were shipped East after the war on cattle drives. I find it odd there wasn't a Climate Problem created by these huge herds then compared to now. The green people on climate control say cattle are the worst polluters in creating Menthane Gas every time the burp.
  11. If you have ever been suspended on Facebook, you'll appreciate this.
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