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  1. This was sent to me from another Forum, thought I would share.
  2. LOL, Surprised that it isn't one of Alpo's posts.
  3. My wife asked me after pulling this up from YouTube, how many I remembered? Seems I remember watching them all.
  4. Coming from Illinois, and having been a farmer as my dad, I try to keep in touch with my fellow neighbor farmers. Last night, a call from a former neighbor farmer, we discussed spring planting and what crops he was planting. He said it was tough this year with fuel costs sky high, seeds and fertilizer in short supply and costly. But the talk turned to if he had been approached with lease for wind power turbines on his land since last trip up the middle of the state was dotted with ugly turbines filling the horizons. He talked about a fellow farmer from Champaign, Ill. that this spring plowing there were 100s of dead birds on the ground near the turbines. Made me wonder were the animal activist were at? Going back several weeks to a local Forum were a homeowner had just installed Solar Panels and the money he would save in coming years. Then he was questioned, does reflections from these Solar Panels back into the atmosphere add to "Global Warming"?, What is the cost to replace these in 20 years, given Solar Panel life span over time? What will the cost be when it comes time to replace the roof underneath and not only roofers, but professionals to remove and replace panels afterwards? He had no answers. I also wondered after these, how will useless Solar Panels be disposed of as well as Wind Turbine blades? Will they be an environmental hazard?
  5. Always had a 92 and colts and holsters. Living on a farm, me and the wife always had horses and showed them. Then it was an ad in a magazine for SASS that spurred my interest. Joined and started looking at the list that showed all the local clubs and just showed up to watch and following month started shooting. I have talked to many about joining, but many are intimidated by the videos that are available on YouTube, since 90%+ show fast shooters in the teens time. Then saying they couldn't ever be that fast. Its one reason I have many average shooters on my phones to show what fun it is. Many say its the costuming part that turns them away, its they have seen videos and are afraid they won't be able to meet the challenges. Sometimes bragging will turn some off.
  6. Your not alone Utah. After my cataract surgery I needed 1X reading glasses when reading of course. So I bought 2 pair at WalMart. One pair was were I kept my keys and the other one set in Sun Room were I do my reading. Within 2 days I couldn't find either one. So back to WalMart were I bought 8 pairs, one for each room. Less then a month later all I could find was 2 pairs. Then one day cleaning out my tool box, I found 3 in my drawers, 1 pair was behind my re-loader and 2 pairs for some reason found themselves on my work bench behind some manuals. Today as I was picking up my book to read, I see 2 pair of glasses. Now to figure out what room is missing glasses.
  7. Okay, I have to blame this on Subdeacon. Just seeing "Polka" in header. This morning after going through mail and post. I started humming this, and have been for several hours now while cleaning the garage and workbench. Now hopefully I won't wake up humming it.
  8. One thing I noticed on new pickup trucks over last couple years and this year. Seems I see more and more parked in driveways and on streets. Very few fit in garages anymore. Neighbor down the road tried to get his slightly used Toyota into his garage he had just bought, put a nice dent into his roof of the Toyota.. My wife's niece traded her 2018 Jeep Wrangler in for a new Cadillac, they gave her 42,000.00 in trade in. Checking the dealer she traded with, I see they have her Jeep listed at 49,000.00.
  9. Several weeks ago, we attended a late backyard party given by friends. They played the Oldies and several folks started dancing to them. Since then this song has stuck in my head since.
  10. Been a long time. That's about the last year I shot at Valdosta. Good to read your still flying.
  11. LOL, Now we know you wear Jockeys, even though you don't race horses, now what brand deodorant? Hope its not something that will give away your position.
  12. Hey Jack, long time. When did you move to NC? Great video and scenes. Last time I flew was 6 years ago, buddy borrowed me his Cessna and flew to Illinois for a Class reunion. I miss flying especially the war birds, but age has settled in.
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