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  1. Thanks. Its the range I seen though was surprised one I was following sold for 1800.00. More then what I would ever ask for. I sold a nickle plate Model 19-4 couple months back for 1000.00. But that was the average. This one, the 19-1 I have seen past couple months all over the place. A beat up one went for 800.00 with the grips replaced, and scarred up bluing. I use to use GunBroker as a reference for selling, but lately some have tons of cash and ridiculous asking to open.
  2. Its gotten to were I don't even know without selling on one of the gun sites, what to ask for a firearm. Been thinking of selling my S&W Model 19-1 with original box and paper work, but the askings and final sales are all over the map. Some excessively over what I would ask.
  3. For those interested. Missouri and Massachusetts were the first states to require driver licenses for operation of a automobile. Passed in 1903. In 1899, Chicago and New York passed a law requiring registration and an exam for the operation of automobiles. New York only allowed engineers to drive steam powered vehicles, cars.
  4. Kind of funny this post reminds me of a time when we traded in our 36ft Bayliner in for a 48ft Carver. In initial encounter with the salesman we told him we were interested in a boat that would handle our interest in island hoping, Bahama's, Jamaica, Bermuda, etc. He faced us both and said they don't sell boats, they sell Yatchs but would take our boat in for a trade.
  5. I only wrote that, because of the different opinions that were posted. If the posters were spotters, their opinions would be their calls. So apparently there is not a consensus on the stage writing, or explanations for the spotters here.
  6. Every day I see California and New York License plates here. I just hope they remember why they left.
  7. Surprised residents of Californians aren't charged for the air they breathe yet??
  8. Miss. Intruction clearly state that the rifle Targets are to be engaged with the rifle. 10rds. One rifle target was not engaged with a rifle rnd. Rather the rnd missed the intended target. Only 9 were knocked down with instuctions for the rifle. So a Miss. If pistols had been first then followed by rifle, shooter would just have to shoot were it was. Seems like poor stage instructions and target placements.
  9. Remember back when your new car had a break-in period? Not to go over a certain MPH and change oil and filter at 500 miles? Wonder what changed? Tolerances not as tight?
  10. Me and BlueJeans had been talking over buying a new vehicle. Watching You Tube Videos, going over manufacturers build-it pages. Details of add ons, etc. What we wanted and what we decided on based on quality, reviewss, and costs, we settled on a King Cab Nissan Frontier. Checking local inventories of Dealers in area we found what we wanted and went to check out the vehicle. A salesman met us, we discussed the vehicle we wanted and if still in stock. Yes it was and asked for test drive. When we got back the salesman asked how we liked it and we told him we wanted to talk it over and would let him know the next day. No hard sale, or asking us what we had for trade, etc. Just a thank you and hoping we would be back if everything was to our satisfaction in the vehicle. We talked it over that evening, decided how much to put down and which vehicle we wanted to trade in. Our 2018 car or our 1999 Ford Ranger. Next morning we drove our 2018 car, met the salesman and negotiated. Our car was appraised. Figures came out. Manufacturer had a 2000.00 incentive off the suggested price. Dealer had a 5000.00 incentive added to this (neither off which we had expected nor mentioned the day before). When the offer came, and we were surprised how much was offered for our vehicle, just to play the game I told salesman to add another 1500.00 for the offer of our trade in we would purchase the new vehicle. Wasn't 10 minutes later salesman came back and said manager accepted the deal. Now the goodies, nost dealerships have all kinds of add on to raise their profits and we expected them. But dealer only added, sales tax, registration and license, and a 50.00 office fee. With trade in, incentives, and down payment cash, we have a 3 year loan at 1.9%. Now the kicker added, this is funny. The Manager came out and said if we wanted a car besides our new truck, knowing we had a 1999 Ford Ranger, they had several last year new EVs autos and would take 18,000.00 off sticker asking and offer us 5000.00 for our Ranger. We said thanks, but no thanks. The whole process that morning took only 1 hour. They said to come back by 2PM and the new truck would be detailed, etc. for us to pick up. It was. Have to say, this has been in my years before dealing in buying a vehicle the easiest, and most stress free experience ever. I would go back to this dealer again. Oh, 6 free oil and filter changes included.
  11. Getting back to Alpo's original post. When producer are interested in a certain actor to play a part. They contact their agent with the script who then present it to the actor to read over and reason why he or her are wanted along with the offer for the part. The actors reads his parts. If he or her disagree on certain things in the part or script changes are forwarded and negotiated. Now on those that are cast members, changes can be requested when scripts are handed out, during rehearsel, or even if parts can be exchanged. That's why final scripts have different colored pages. Red changes made by directors/ producers, yellow for charcter changes, etc. Actors have and still turn parts down. One good example is present actor Neil McDonough who values, values in a script.
  12. I have a guy here in Jax Florida looking for these. I left him a message
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