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  1. Outstanding free $1,000,000 TV ad. He seemed so relaxed and articulate. Great TV presence. I bet they interview him every winter, if he keeps in touch with them. Looks like a hardworking fine young man that loves his family. Great job Dad.
  2. I thought this story added to the request to help the young man in Alaska get started in reloading.... Posted by Cholla: Stolen from castboolits forum: The Old GentlemanYears ago I got a M94 30-30 for my 14th birthday. A year later my grandmother gave me $20 for my 15th birthday. The next day found me in Fosters Sporting Goods in Dallas, Oregon trying to figure out how many 30-30s in combination with 22 LR HPs I could get. There was an old gentleman observing my one person conversation and he decided to butt in. He convinced me to get a Lee Loader, an 8 oz can
  3. Great story! My wife asked why I had such a happy face and asked who I was writing to? I tried to read the Old Gentleman Story to her, but kept choking up. Read it right after I posted “Alaskan Reloaders near Soldotna or Anchorage”. Take a look. Perfect story to go along with the Lee Loader my 12 year old friend’s son just received. Nothing like helping youngsters reach their dreams, don’t you think? Thanks again. I’ll will pass it on to my Alaskan friends.
  4. A friend’s good sized 12 year old son is interested in learning to reload for their Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum. He just received a gift of a Lee Classic Loader for 44 Magnum, some new Starline 44 Mag brass, some BulletsByScartlett 44 Mag 200 gr Lead bullets with red Hi-Tech coating, some Hornady XTP 44 cal 200 gr and 240 gr .430” bullets. They need some powder and large pistol primers. There is a Bass Pro and Cabela’s in Anchorage, but they are still out of stock. Does anyone know someone in Alaska with a little powder and 50-100 large pistol primers
  5. Today at Academy they had some “unusual”ammo... at least for these times. American Eagle 50 BMG 660 gr fmj 3940 fps $39.99 Hornady 500 S&W Mag 300 gr FTX $69.98 Hornady Black 5.45x39 $14.99 Remington 35 Remington 200 gr Corr Lokt SP $34.98 Hornady 22-250 Rem 50 gr V-Max $26.99 Hornady 6mm Rem. 95 gr SST $34.99 Hornady 300 PRC 212 gr ELD-X $46.99 Limit 3 boxes total per day. The boxes were on a cart behind the counter and too far away to see the quantity. I think most were 20 ct.
  6. DUPLICATE. PLEASE DELETE. Academy. CCI No, 300 Large Pistol Primers at $4.99 + tax per 100 ct boxes.
  7. This afternoon I stopped by Academy Sports about 12:30 pm. They had some CCI No, 300 Large Pistol Primers at $4.99 + tax per 100 ct boxes. First I’ve seen in about 7 months. Bought some. If you are totally out, you can buy a few from me for what I paid.... $4.99 + tax per 100. No dealers or resellers please. Local pickup only. No shipping. Thanks. Just trying to help local SASS Cowboys who are running low. Thanks. P.S. I also have some CCI No. 350 MAGNUM Large Pistol Primers. Prefer to sell these first.
  8. Academy Sports had some CCI No. 350 MAGNUM Large Pistol Primers this morning. If you live in the DFW Texas area and need some, please let me know. No dealers please. Just trying to help individual SASS shooters who have run out or are getting low on primers and are able to use MAGNUM primers. You can buy some for what I paid for them. $3.99 per 100, plus, tax.
  9. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

    1. Del Rio Pete

      Del Rio Pete

      Thanks.  Will do.

  10. I guess we'll need to start a thread on the best self-defense cane. Diameter, length, type of material, weight, brand, short stroke, holster, etc. Glad the senior citizen stepped in. Old Guys Rule!!!
  11. Have you considered that perhaps your mail accidently went to your neighbor? When I get other people's mail, I figure the same thing happens to mine periodically.
  12. Yul Lose, Is this similar to what you used to do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1BgzIZRfT8&sns=em
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