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  1. Page 7 of the Shooters Handbook: "SHOTGUN AMMUNITION - Shotgun size must be number 4 birdshot or smaller for all events (no steel or plated shot). Because you may engage flyers I recommend #7 1/2 shot or smaller as ranges usually don't allow larger shot used on clays. I think the smaller shot the better considering the poor repair of some shotgun targets I encounter. When a pellet flies back off a pitted target and hits my face I prefer the smaller size pellets. Cheddite primers may be used as specified in loading recipes. My light load is 7/8 oz shot in a Remington hull with Extra-Lite powder and a Cheddite 209 primer. (Details on the Alliant reloading site)
  2. Work on your costumes for awhile and shoot the guns offered to you. It's too soon for you to be buying firearms. You wouldn't buy an automobile without a test drive. Same for firearms. Welcome and tell us where you live so the locals can contact you.
  3. He probably surfs and skakeboards in the summer too.
  4. You have lots of good CAS shooting within a few hours drive time, the world championship a days drive and the national championship two days drive away. You have lots of fun ahead of you. Your firearms are quite suitable to begin with. Once-fired brass is available for your rifle and easily available for your revolvers. Looking forward to meeting you at a big match.
  5. Gila Rangers - this club seems to announce its annual match later in the year. This makes it hard for me to schedule attending.
  6. The Gila Rangers usually have their annual match in September. Its a lovely range. Consider it. BTW, October is usually a nicer month in the Southwest. In September the summer monsoon season is winding down and it is still hot. In October the afternoon rains cease, the wind doesn't blow much and temperatures are very comfortable. I love October in the Southwest.
  7. 1st Choice on motels: Comfort Inn in Edgewood. Its new and the closest to FR. Book soon and ask for the special EOT rate! 2nd Choice: Motels in Moriarty. The Sunset Inn is handy for unloading and loading shooting gear as you park right in front of your room. 3rd Choice: motels on Eubank just north of I-40. Last choice: motels at the east end of Central (too many auto burglaries there). Also motels further west than Eubank as they will unnecessarily increase your drive time to FR. Three unique museums in ABQ: national atomic museum on south Eubank, the balloon museum in north ABQ and the Indian Peublo Cultural Center. The Tinkertown museum on the east side of the mountains is available if you have just a little time. If you have a full day available a trip to Santa Fe is worthwhile. Bring plenty of shotgun shells and shoot sporting clays at the ranch. The Bakers have some fun courses (and you can meet Shotgun Clay). If your children are young enough, the ABQ Biopark would interest them. There is an aquarium, zoo, butterfly house and botanical garden. You are used to desert dryness so the low humidity should not bother your family. You already know how to dress and stay hydrated. FR is higher than your home range and will be cooler than southern Nevada in June.
  8. You may find this video useful in cleaning your revolvers. I personally do not clean with Ballistol but do lube with it after cleaning and during a match.
  9. I'll hunt elk in very cold weather. Public draw elk tags are hard to come by and one best go hunting whenever one can. However, I can shoot every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday so I wait for suitable weather.
  10. Get yourself a single shot rifle so you can shoot the Plainsman side match. You are almost equipped right now. BTW, I prefer real black powder in cap and ball revolvers.
  11. Pards camping on-range at FR for EOT need to keep their tents zipped up. Wouldn't want to wake up to a fellow like this nearby. BTW, snakes have not been reported in the Porta-Potties.
  12. Note that the prohibition for "Nylon, plastic, or Velcro accouterments," (page 4 of the Shooters Handbook) normally does not apply to medically-necessary items.
  13. That's my limit - but only on sunny, windless days. Add wind, overcast or drizzle and I stay home at higher temperatures.
  14. Take time to read the latest version of the Shooter Handbook before your first match. Besides allowing polymer coated bullets, some penalties are gone. Rank point scoring is gone too. Take an ROI course at your first opportunity. BTW, bulk .22s are now readily available for your Buckaroo. A few years back they were not. I enjoy modern action shooting. Shooting while moving is fun. So is bangin' and clangin' steel cowboy-style.
  15. All black except shotgun targets that remain unpainted since this is what I normally see at major matches. Outlined targets are helpful but I prefer that local matches resemble major matches like Winter Range and EOT.
  16. Palo Verde Gunworks sells snap caps for rifles.
  17. Can be either decent or junk. There are many sellers whose brass is reliably once-fired. Some range brass is mostly once-fired with some reloaded cases mixed in. I once bought a batch of .357 mag brass that was clearly not once-fired but advertised as such. Buying cheap range brass is an inexpensive way to get started. If it splits during practice or at a local match - no big deal. However, you can buy small lots of new brass for major matches to be sure your ammo won't split in your rifle, locking it up. (My wife gets new brass for her rifle at all major matches.) I don't care what I shoot in my revolvers at any match. If it splits I just extract it at the reloading table and discard it. My advice: read the sellers feedback on auction sites and don't buy brass from anyone with mediocre feedback. Buying from a commercial firm with a good reputation is even better. For your state match, regional match, Winter Range and EOT only use high quality brass in your rifle. Further, loading brass from a single source (i.e., Starline) makes setting up your dies easier.
  18. Here is an old thread regarding reloading powders for CAS. If you can't find Sport Pistol one of these will do.
  19. Thanks for taking the time to post the link. I really want to shoot the CAL State SASS again but cannot risk getting a firearms violation. Now I'll come again.
  20. Now you should ask which powders perform best in long rang side matches.
  21. Good info. Do you have a reference for the $100 fine?
  22. True, but that is not an argument I want to make to law enforcement or a magistrate. How can I prove my ammo was handloaded? Yes, the burden of proof is on the state, but do I want this legal fight? As a retiree does anyone want some large legal bills? I think I will shoot elsewhere and donate to organizations prepared to take the issue to court.
  23. The 125 grain loads will have less recoil and are preferred for your handguns. However, they will probably shoot lower in your revolvers than the 158 grain rounds. Are you prepared to file you sights to get a them to shoot POA with a different load?
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