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  1. I checked for available leather dyes - there are many colors. I'm considering sunshine yellow, oxblood red and turquoise. I'll probably go with oxblood red.
  2. bgavin, Your firearms are legal for frontier cartridge categories. I shot the same firearms in SSFC at EOT. However, your revolvers may not function reliably with blackpowder as the cylinder/barrel gaps may be to narrow for BP fouling. I'm not trying to convert you to the Darkside. However, you have suitable firearms if you ever want to try.
  3. We are not Old West re-enactors. You don't need exact replicas of 19th Century firearms. Ruger single action revolvers are not replicas and merely resemble 19th Century designs. As others stated, 38 Special is a favored cartridge for many reasons. When you visit clubs, besides asking what guns and cartridges they favor, also ask what they bought when starting that turned out unsuitable and were replaced. Learn from others mistakes.
  4. See this link. I load APP for my wife in 32 H&R mag cases exactly how CC recommends: fill the case so that the bullet just touches the powder. I load 777 for myself the same way.
  5. See this thread. Lots of loads used for SG shells using various BP subs, wads and amounts of shot.
  6. I load shotgun shells with MZ with the same data Hodgdon once published for its subs. Send me your e-mail address via a PM and I will send a scan of that data to you. Alliant says MZ is not very hydroscopic so I don't protect my SG shells from humidity. However, I live in the desert and you live on the Gulf Coast. Your experience may not be the same regarding humidity.
  7. 7-8 for me - especially if categories are listed. If it appears my category will not be offered I may not attend.
  8. Yes, I call them by their name and they respond. However as they age they become deaf but always seem to hear the sound of cellophane being ripped off their favorite treat.
  9. AT EOT I saw a top FC shooter applying Bore Butter on the conical portion of his uncoated bullets before inserting them into the cylinders. His revolvers ran fine. I suspect this method would work for coated bullets too. For obvious reasons I would not load this way for a lever action rifle.
  10. See Black Powder for Dummies. MZ is similar to APP, not very hydroscopic, and cheap at Sportsmans Warehouse. With subs you can buy a single bottle at a local sporting goods store and use the bullets you already shoot (excepting Pyrodex). This is an easy way to start. At EOT I shot 777 in my main match revolvers, MZ and Goex in my shotgun shells, APP in my 45-70 plainsman loads and real BP in my cap 'n ball revolvers for the Plainsman. They are all SASS-legal and all worked well. Some have small advantages for certain situations. You need to ask us how to prep your guns for BP and the subs. Test them before a match to determine how many stages you can shoot without cleaning. I can shoot six stages without cleaning but clean ever day during major matches. You will need to load shotgun shells too. They are too expensive to buy. You can use the nail and dowel method or a single-stage SG shell reloader. Again, welcome to the Darkside.
  11. Same here. The Wild Bunch match this weekend may end early. The Spring runoff from the Rockies ended a couple of weeks ago and now the monsoon is keeping the Rio Grande running. Our impoundments are filling up and our farmers will have irrigation water all summer. This is great despite the impact on outdoor recreation.
  12. Search for "Winchester low recoil low noise target" loads for sale. These are a favored load. There is a $2/box rebate available for them through the end of August. Even my local Wally World occasionally stocks them. If you are not sensitive to recoil many standard target loads will work. I often shoot Remington Gun Clubs bought on sale.
  13. No, there was no mention. However, TSA may identify the barrel as a firearm during checked baggage x-ray inspection. My intent was to warn the OP that the TSA may consider the barrel as a firearm despite it clearly not being one.
  14. Yes, but I've seen a TSA agent declare an optical scope a gun and deny placing it in carry-on baggage. Arrive early in case you encounter ill-informed TSA agents.
  15. OLG is right. Run some dummy rounds through your rifle and find out what runs best in that firearm. If 38's run well that is a plus since once-fired 38 Special cases can be bought cheaply and you won't mind losing spent cases in the weeds or under the props. Your revolvers will shoot 38 Specials just fine. I'm shooting smokeless at local matches on windy days because shooting the smokey powder on windy days doesn't help me prepare for FC at major matches. I use 357 cartridges in my '73 because it feeds them most smoothly.
  16. I can't imagine striking a horse in the rear end. One might get kicked into the next zipcode.
  17. This is my load exactly. With 777 it patterns just like a Gun Club. I use the 777 load for Cowboy BP Trap.
  18. Rugged Gear at EOT had a seat attachment for $150. The $12 stool is a bargain.
  19. Hodgdon Reduced Recoil Shotgun Shells Alliant Extra-Lite Powder I prefer Remington STS for Nitro hulls with powder, wads and primers as specified by the powder manufacturer. Remington Gun Clubs are my second choice. You can also reload your spent AA hulls. Claybuster wads work fine. I prefer small shot like 8's or 8 1/2's as some of the SG targets I encounter are in poor repair and I get hit in my face with my own shot. Lee presses work for many CAS shooters as do MEC Jr's.
  20. Some powder manufacturers state their sub(s) can be safely loaded using a conventional powder dispenser. I load both Triple Seven and Pyrodex using standard powder measures because Hodgdon says it is safe to do so.
  21. Might work. I shoot 38 Specials with Triple Seven in one Marlin and get lots of blow-by. I shoot 357s with Triple Seven in another Marlin and get no blow-by. I don't anneal my cases. This may not be a test of the ammo as these are two different rifles. Nevertheless my experience with the 357 cases is better.
  22. I recommending taking an RO1 class. There have been many changes with some penalties eliminated. New black powder subs have been introduced and many shooters now use them. Overall membership in SASS seems to have declined. There are still plenty of great matches in the Southwest. Travel and enjoy them.
  23. Any lubed or coated bullets you currently shoot will work. APP loading instructions are here. I store my APP-loaded cartridges in a sealed ammo can with a large dessicant pack. I've had subs go squibby on me when they are exposed to moist air too long. Caution: APP residue will corrode brass leaving a dark brown stain. Wash your spent cartridges soon after shooting. Welcome to the Darkside! You will now learn how to engage targets through a thick, white cloud.
  24. I am surprised your local SASS Club demands a current SASS membership to join. Many clubs are shrinking and need new members. Talk to the club leadership and explain you paid. They should welcome you. BTW, mail from Edgewood goes by ox card to ABQ and then by an open cockpit bi-plane to DFW. Once at DFW mail speeds up.
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