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  1. My wife and I just shot the NM State match with APP, Triple Seven and MZ (no Pyrodex!). Brass Cleaning: four rinses using hot tap water. Dry in sun. Firearms: wiped down with a mixture of rubbing alcohol, oil soap and tap water (no vinegar). Lubed with Ballistol when dry.
  2. Capitan Regulator, son of Gunsmoke Cowboy won overall shooting the gunfighter category. I look for him to do well at EOT in June. There was no announcement of the location of the next state match. Long range events and the lollypop shoot were very competitive. Two of three days were quite windy. There were seventy five registered shooters. Look for complete results on the Rio Grande Renegades website. Keep Mad Dog Two, husband of Ramblin' Rose in your prayers. He was injured in a parking lot in a non-shooting incident and is now in a wheel chair.
  3. This question comes up often. Here is a link to a recent thread. I recommend loading a lot of at least ten rounds for testing before the match. Ensure all rounds feed and the slide locks back after the final round is fired. I'll let others advise you on how far the 1911 should throw ejected cases.
  4. Long range yesterday was fun. However, I skipped the Quigley. Strong winds were buffeting shooting making it very hard to stay on target. Today should be a calm day.
  5. If the sub was Pyrodex, stop using it. I left a shotgun uncleaned with Triple Seven once for six months with no rust. Never a hint of rust on my wife's guns after shooting APP. We never see rust with MZ either.
  6. I found my last one when the lawn mower found it.
  7. Moving EOT to a new location Endless nitpicking of the meaning of the rules vs the ROC Genuine black powder vs the subs Why can't we shoot 19th century, double action revolvers? Cowboy Chronicle: electronic of paper?
  8. Pockets or pouches are not my first choice. I need to grab the shells by their heads and hold them the way I will insert them into my SxS without further manipulation. Loose shells cannot be grasped that way. I have carried spare shells in my overalls but with the hope I didn't need them.
  9. The specs might have come from the NRA Range Source Book. I've never spent $60 for one so I don't know. I prefer ranges with side berms as it allows stage design with downrange movement, allows target resetting and repair without affecting other ranges and prevents lead splatter into adjacent ranges.
  10. It's time you went to a match and see some of the rigs shooters are using. Most shooters bring their ammo to the loading table on a loading strip or block though a few just leave ammo boxes on the loading table. Sewn onto a belt or slide are some loops to hold rifle ammo in case a reload is needed. I use slides that hold either 38s or 44s since I shoot both calibers. I never see anyone loading from loops sewn on the back of their gun belt. It's too clumsy.
  11. Classic Cowboy is not the most common category. Aged-based, two-handed shooting is more common. Go to the Winter Range website and look at the match results by category. You will get a good understanding of the popularity of various categories. BTW, if you have trouble shooting with one hand you can still dress as a classic cowboy and shoot your 45s. Just enter in the appropriate category.
  12. Most CAS stages only require six or fewer SG shells. However, you may miss and have to make up a shot. Therefore I recommend an 8-shell holder. BTW I usually carry two game loads for pesky targets set too heavily. I have a pouch holder I prefer but have a canvas belt with loops for the occasional stage with a many SG targets. I do fine with the loops.
  13. I shoot both. For black powder I prefer a SxS for ease of cleaning. For pop-up targets I also prefer a SxS. Cheap shotgun shells eject better from a '97 than a SxS so if you shoot big box store, promo shotgun shells I recommend a '97.
  14. Here is a partial reply: 1. You are qualified to attend the match if you are a SASS member in good standing. Match information is here. 4. Shooters from New Zealand have used CruiseAmerica.com. They have a rental location in Albuquerque not far from Founders Ranch. Others have rented from other firms. Some firms were not reputable. Winter Range provides information regarding BATF Form 6NIA. The import/export firm you seek would handle this form for you. Though you did not ask, Cowboy Shooters Supply brings suitable shotgun shells to EOT for sale. You can purchase your shotgun shells at the match.
  15. Some use fillers on top of the powder charge. Fillers use include powdered charcoal, foam backer rod and fine grained cereals. The granulated fillers can mix with the black powder resulting in poor ignition. Cereals can absorb moisture over time causing higher pressures when cartridges are fired. There is a smoke standard for black powder shooters. If you reduce your black powder charges well below that which will meet the smoke standard you risk being penalized. I don't recommend fillers in 38 Special cartridges.
  16. Hodgdon says you can use ordinary powder measures for dispensing Triple Seven so go ahead. They also say use the FFg granulation. Test your firearms before using them in a match. Sometimes the Triple Seven residue prevents the cylinders from turning. Mine are gapped so they can run six stages without cleaning. BTW, wash your brass soon after shooting with Triple Seven as they will develop a deep brown tarnish after a few days.
  17. Blizzards can happen in the southern plains - see this article. However they are rare. In the Southwest we don't stop shooting in the winter months. Ranges operate all year long. If June is too hot for you drive to Ruidoso and shoot at 6,900 feet - its cooler in the mountains. While distances between settlements are long, traffic is light and there are few stops. One can just set the cruise control at the speed limit, relax and let the miles slip by. BTW, there is good pronghorn hunting on the southern plains if that appeals to you. Monument Springs Bushwhackers Permian Basin Housing
  18. Check the tax rates in both New Mexico and Texas. I think Texas is more favorable. There is a decent CAS club in Hobbs, NM. I've shot their annual and look forward to shooting there again. Roswell also has a club. You shoot at alien heads. If you dress cowboy no one will notice - lots of cattle ranches in the area. The area is not as hot as East Texas. It has low humidity and temps drop sharply after sundown. Air conditioning costs are low because they use evaporative coolers. The area is very flat but there are lots of mountains to the west.
  19. Many of our shooting matches are located near general aviation airports. Flying yourself to matches is viable. Deer Valley is near Winter Range. Moriarty is near End of Trail.
  20. CheyCast offers free shipping on orders of 2,000+ bullets and frequently has 5% discounts. I buy from those who deliver to matches I shoot so shipping costs are not a concern.
  21. Check the adds in the Cowboy Chronicle. Support casters who support SASS.
  22. The Shooting Park where the match will be held has a 60-site RV park planned. Will construction be complete before the match in 2020?
  23. Nice thing about these rifles is that they love 38s loaded in the crimp groove. They are also extremely easy to clean and are great for a black powder shooter. I've have much success with mine.
  24. Taylors is good at fitting these to individual firearms. That is a reason to buy from them.
  25. The ladies who shot the Plainsman at both the Four Corners Regional and EOT this year cocked their revolvers with their off hand and shot with their strong hand. I don't recall if they dropped their off hand or not. No one complained and all were pleased that the ladies joined us. (I loaned and loaded '58 Remingtons for one of them.) I say let the ladies keep shooting this way. BTW, they really enjoyed the Plainsman.
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