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  1. Lassiter is certainly the best smith for the 1887, that is what he uses in SASS so he knows how to tune and work the 1887. He also does great work on other SASS guns. Always first rate and honest. I suspect he will come home from Winter Range with a van full of guns to tune up. His work is worth the wait! Also the very best if you have a lightning rifle!
  2. I bought a pair of Danner roper style boots. I could not believe how comfortable they are. I wear them for many things other than SASS events.
  3. an original Winchester Hi Wall? OR recent production Winchester Hi Wall with the badger barrel?
  4. Shooter is to follow the instruction of the Timer Operator to "Stop" Father of shooter needs to educated by the TO or the Match Officials
  5. Tucker, Thank you for the offer. I was able to speak with Brett this morning and place an order. He has been having some issues with his voice mailbox and is working to get it fixed. Regards Marshal Fire
  6. Like many of you I received an email with information about a sale at APP Powder. I have been trying the two numbers listed in the email for the purchase. There has been no answer on the phones and the recorded message says that the mailbox is full. Would like to place an order. Anyone have any luck? or suggestions? Regards Marshal Fire
  7. Have a set that George did for me this fall. Good communication. Outstanding quality of work. Completed when promised. Would not hesitate to have another set done.
  8. If all goes as planned I plan to attend Winter Range and shoot the Plainsman side match for the first time. I know that the regular match is lost brass but is this true also for the Plainsman event. Would hate to lose my expensive rifle brass? Thanks
  9. If you had a SKB 100 shotgun in the original configuration and wanted it set up for cowboy action what gunsmith would you use and why? thanks in advance
  10. Would you take $1100.00 

    1. Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Thank you for the offer. I am selling the gun for a friend. They have turned down a 1200.00 offer and said they would accept 1300.00 and pay shipping to a FFL in lower 48.


  11. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

  12. Howdy Marshall Fire. Just perusing the ads and wanted to send a note and hope all is going well. Lazy N8


    1. Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Hi Nate. Doing well considering. Got an email from your mom and dad last week.be safe and take care. We will shoot together next summer

      marshal fire


  13. Be great if they would come to winter range to display their products!
  14. Ted Cash makes a brass snail style. Works well and holds 100 number 10 caps.
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