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  1. Has the date been established for Trailhead 2023?? thank you Marshal Fire
  2. I have heard that some will make a modification to the top of the carrier that makes loading over the top more efficient. What is done to the carrier. Shotgun Boggie has a loading gate that he sells for the 1873 that should make the reloading through the gate better? I watched some the videos from EOT and several shooters are extremely fast with the top reload. But the again they also seem to manage to throw out a live round more often so they are well practiced. Guess the real answer is practice with the rifle enough that you do not throw out live rounds.
  3. I have noted that there are two ways to load the 73 rifle on the clock, lever closed and through the loading gate and lever open and placing the cartridge onto the carrier. I have watched several youtube videos and see that some shooters are very good at loading onto the carrier. When I have tried it seems to jam more than save time. With practice both can be fast and it would seem the through the loading gate would have the least potential to jam when the cartridge loads into the chamber. Interested in any thoughts on which is better (if there is such a thing), is there any modification of the top of the carrier that helps with the loading?
  4. I had one of these and really enjoyed it. About a month after purchase the rib where the barrels were joined began to weep salts. Called Smith and they took it back for repair under warranty. They called and told me could not repair it and that they would not return the gun just would send a refund at purchase price but not for shipping or background check. Was not happy but had little choice. Found out from a smith employee that the last run of these were an issue and that the issue showed you soon after the guns left the manufacture. Very nice handling shotgun. This one should make someone a fine upland bird gun.
  5. I drive to matches in a full size Ram pick up. When I was working in law enforcement we has a gun vault in our trucks and SUV that was made by a company named truck vault. They make vehicle specific vaults that are flat and lockable. I searched Craigslist and market place and found a used one for 300.00 a few years ago. Can travel to shoots with all the guns, leather and ammo locked in the truck. It’s size and weight really make it difficult to steal. Guess they could always steal the whole truck at least in theory. The unit I bought was for an explorer but works great in my truck. I do see them here on the wire for sale on occasion. for me it was a great investment. just sayin
  6. Sometimes the best part of owning a particular gun is its history. I have a 45-70 Remington Hepburn that was my great uncles deer rifle. When I was a kid I remember him taking it off the deer horns in the living room to take out hunting. When he was done the gun was cleaned and oiled and replaced on the deer horns. When he was getting on in years he wanted me to have the rifle. Plan to share the stories with my son and pass it onto him to be preservered.
  7. Looking to buy a Ruger new model bisley in 38/357 have preference for a stainless model but would consider blued thanks Marshal Fire
  8. Long Hunter, well stated. I have over the years participated in several shooting sports but none compare to SASS. I have hundreds of friends across the area who I only know by an alias name. Those friends are always willing to help out in times of need. I have over the years been able to shoot with several of the original wild bunch members and always enjoyed their company and historical account of the association. Shot with Tex at 2021 EOT and he still is a strong competitor but never has lost his sense of humor or the ability to laugh at himself. Fine example of we all should be.
  9. Hell on the Border was a very fun shoot to be part of. Naildriver and the many others worked very hard to run their first regional . the stages were different but fun to shoot. None of the targets were set at too far of a distance but you did need to look at the front sight.No reason anyone could not have shot clean except for our own fault. The banquet was at the state fair grounds and was a nice catered meal. The awards ceremony moved right along. Holy Smoke Harmon my posse marshal was also the club spokesperson for the safety meeting and the banquet. I am sure that the club will improve on the great job they did this year. Saturday morning I was shooting frontiersmen class. Facing the sun with no wind. After the first round left the barrel the targets were obscured in smoke. It was great! will make plans for 2023
  10. While at EOT recently I stopped at Dillon. Needed a few parts for the 650 press. The man at the counter open a drawer and grabbed several parts and handed them to me, no charge. He asked where I was from and I explained that I was just visiting the area from out of state. He gathered up some additional things and included them saying I might need these in the future. I asked about the operation of my Dillon primer tube feeder. He said wait a minute and got the guy from the factory who builds them. He took about fifteen minutes to guide me through the best set up and operation. the BEST customer care!
  11. I have to agree that the work the Rangers do just nothing less than exceptional All of the stages are well designed and fun to shoot. They each are a reflection of the work the group puts in with stage props and painting. Overall the match runs with a tight schedule that always seems to be on time. There is always someone around to help out and any issues or problem that do occur there seems to be address quickly. I am always amazed at the coordination and the operation of the match and I am only looking at it for the few days I am in attendance. looking forward to 2023
  12. Thank you for all the help and advise. I have passed the information along. He found out the airline will allow 11 pounds of ammo per person. He believes that he and his wife will be able to get their cartridge on the plane with them and has arranged for his shotshells to be brought by a friend.
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