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  1. I recently purchased one of these and they are great for SASS and hunting. Really well made and I know are in the 2000.00 range for a new one. So much easier to store the guns when on the road. I put one this size in my full size pick up and it works well. Bump for a good product and deal.
  2. I spoke to staff at Bond Arms today. They were helpful and had responded to an email quickly The reason they no longer have a reduced spring on their web site is all guns with a serial number over 90000 have it install as a standard part.
  3. Purchased a bond for side matches. It is new in box. What should I do to it to trick it out for sass. Looks like fun. Thanks
  4. Thinking of derringer for sass. Any suggestions caliber configuration
  5. I am very lucky. I have a consecutive pair of USFA Bisley pistols, 38 with 5.5 barrel. When they were in business I toured the factory and placed the order. Beautiful quality handguns. And $ 1800.00 is a steal. I have never seen another consecutive pair.
  6. DO NOT BUY A SHILOH SHARPS!! I bought one 15 years ago and now I have eight more of them. You can't have just one!
  7. First at the match and enjoyed it greatly. The stages were fun and a challenge. Enjoyed meeting many new SASS friends. will plan to return. Posse 4, nice to meet Noz in person
  8. GG, I like the brass hardware can you share where to acquire them? Thanks
  9. During a recent discussion on this forum there was some brief comments about what is a legal sight for the rifle used in plainsman. The SASS rules are clear that receiver sights are not allowed. The comment was that the factory or similar (such as those made by Skinner sights) barrel mounted peep style sight used on the H&R 1871 buffalo classic are NOT allowed. It looks like fun shooting plainsman and I have a 38-55 H&R that I would like to try out in a match. I am also interested in what rifles shooters are using for this. I have seen a few videos of shooters with trapdoors doing an impressive job of loading and putting lead down range.
  10. TC, in his comment Eyesa mention his club allow BARREL mounted sights. I believe this is the factory sight on the HR buffalo classic and is legal for SASS rules ?
  11. I have an interest in shooting plainsman. I see mentioned from Elysa that his club allows the barrel mounted sight. I did not see in the SASS rules any restrictions on rifle sights. Do some club restrict the type of rifle sight? i have a buffalo classic in 38-55 with the barrel sight that I would like to use. any good sources of information on shooting plainsman that would help a new shooter?
  12. Duce if you do not mind I would be interested I. The contact info for the man who made your grips. Looking for a pair for a schofield also regards marshal fire
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