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  1. Nice work, always enjoy your video. great way to promote the fun of our sport
  2. 2019 Was my first trip to the Badlands Bar 3. CAC was all that many have said, just plain all out fun. Great stages to shoot, the ability to shoot the stages twice, Wild Bunch and Pro Steel not to mention mounted (ATV) shooting for all. Worth the 17 hour drive that we endured back home yesterday., Praying that 2020 will be my second trup there. Thanks for a great week with friends (many new ones) and so fun stages.
  3. Wow, Billy is a impressive shooter. any scores posted yet?
  4. I have a 512 Charles Daly. I think it is fair to say the jury is still out on this gun. I broke a firing pin after 30 rounds. Called and got replacement quickly and was told some of the first guns had poorly heat treated pins. I am happy the company backed up the product. The gun is nice and light, points well and when tuned for our sport does well. I truly hope it holds up as I do like the feel and operation of the gun.
  5. I purchased some Peltor electronic ear plugs. With the optional foam inserts they are rated at 30 DB. They are comfortable and last for a day long match with no issues. Come with a fitted hard case that allows for recharge. Amazon has them for less than 150.00. During prime specials this summer they were reduced to 115.00. They are lime green for industrial use , color may seem strange but it sure helps to find them.
  6. If you had a SKB 100 shotgun in the original configuration and wanted it set up for cowboy action what gunsmith would you use and why? thanks in advance
  7. Would you take $1100.00 

    1. Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Thank you for the offer. I am selling the gun for a friend. They have turned down a 1200.00 offer and said they would accept 1300.00 and pay shipping to a FFL in lower 48.


  8. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

  9. Howdy Marshall Fire. Just perusing the ads and wanted to send a note and hope all is going well. Lazy N8


    1. Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Hi Nate. Doing well considering. Got an email from your mom and dad last week.be safe and take care. We will shoot together next summer

      marshal fire


  10. Be great if they would come to winter range to display their products!
  11. Ted Cash makes a brass snail style. Works well and holds 100 number 10 caps.
  12. The current discussion on the media is that the airlines can impose a rule that would not allow ammo on the aircraft. It is the fastest and easy way to regulate without a law passage and difficult to fight. Hope not as I plan to fly to Winter Range this year! Could cause issues for th honest people.
  13. Wadcutter ammo is mainly used for paper targets. The wadcutter will cut a round hole on the paper target which is helpful with the scoring. If a round cuts the line of the next higher scoring ring on the target the higher score is counted. In some cases a target plug is inserted into the bullet hole to check the score value. While many are correct that the Smith & Wesson Mdl. 52(semi auto) used wadcutter ammo it was and is used in many other handguns for target shooting. Back in the old days when the wheel guns were the issue weapon of law enforcement they were also the handgun used in PPC competition. I fired many thousands of rounds of wadcutter ammo in my Smith & Wesson K frame with custom bull barrel and bomar rib. Most wadcutters are made from a softer lead blend then we use for SASS. We used to load 148 grain hollowbase wadcutters upside down for close shooting at skunks and other varmints. They were a cheap form of hollowpoint with terrific close range energy transfer to target.
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