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  1. Sounds like the SASS office was over run with applications and phone calls. It all makes me wonder as I registered online about 30 minutes after it opened up and see that there is a charge on my credit card. I have not received a confirmation email from SASS. I do hope that my registration is in the line
  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!! What amazing support for END of TRAIL! Entries came flooding in via all avenues first thing this morning, and we fear we are VERY close (if not maybe over) our shooter limit. So, we are "pausing" all registrations right now to give us some time to process entries and get a count. Further information on additional entry slots will be released as soon as we have a solid count. THANK YOU for your support, patience, and understanding.
  3. I am signed up (I hope), they did charge my credit card so that is a good start. Had an issue with the form not recording my choice of shooting class. Will contact them in a few days and check to see status. Excited to participate in my first EOT!
  4. Ok got it to work, Thanks for the help. I did notice that when I completed the form online I indicated the class I wanted to shoot for the main match. It was not carried over onto the form when I was making the payment. Suspect I will need to follow=up on this when things cool down at the office. I am planning (hoping) to shoot Frontiersman class
  5. T Square Make the trip to Indiana this June for EOT. Dave will be there and maybe a few other hat makers. You will be able to try them on. I have a couple of hats from Dave and they are quality made. Enjoy doing business with him. Besides you can shoot 5hose fancy Rugers at EOT.
  6. Enjoying playing with the cap and ball guns and looking to see if anyone had a Uberti made 1858 Remington New Model Army that they would consider parting with. Best Regards Marshal Fire
  7. Have tried the registration on the SASS web site. Keep getting a not found message. Has anyone had any luck or is it my computer. I am sure the office is in a scramble to make the switch over and of course that is the occasion that the computer bugs always tend to happen.
  8. Wish I could make it, sure looks like a good time!
  9. Being a rather novice with cap and ball I am enjoying this discussion and learning a lot, thank you also want to thank Warden Callaway for his many fine videos.
  10. Thought that I would post an update on my issues with the USPS. After being told that I needed to take direct legal action against the party who cashed the money order at the Post Office I requested to speak to a supervisor. I had to make four requests to speak with the supervisor. When that did not work I sent an email to the Post Master of the Post Office where the money order was cashed and copied that to the supervisor of the office handling the complaint. I explained that since the employee who cashed the money order failed to obtain and record the ID of the cashing party there was no way
  11. I have using a iPad pro for a few years. Really like the Apple Pencil. I use the iPad in the field for my work. Note taking and diagram apps that blue tooth to a laser measure are really nice. Thinking to get one of the new release versions with the lidar scanner
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