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  1. Rod Kibler custom leather shotgun belt 43” buckle tip to center hole 11 12ga loops. Fully lined Rod’s leather ot top notch thick fully suede lined leather. $99 plus $16 priority mail shipping
  2. Black leather Buscadero rig 44” with 44/45 loops up to 5 1/2” revolver $75 shipped. PayPal ok
  3. I have two pair of Ajax #31 Pearlite grips for original large frame Vaquero’s $49 plus $5 first class shipping or $9 priority mail shipping
  4. Mernickle D3 CDFA approved fast draw holster for New Vaquero 4.62” $139 shipped. email me at barleycornoutfitters@gmail.com I don’t get notifications here.
  5. New Vaquero’s are starting to trickle out to dealers. If you are holding on to Rugers you may want to reconsider. The days of getting top dollar for a used set may soon be over.
  6. I’m still buying Ruger Vaquero’s and New Vaquero’s. Email me at BarleycornOutfitters@gmail.com
  7. Yul, clean out your mail box, trying to send you a message.
  8. John, I didn't expect you to leave the 97 on GB after I sent you a message about buying it when it was listed in the Merchants section. Please let me know when you get another IAC 97.  I would like a CB if possible and if not then one with a number of 08 or higher

    1. Barleycorn Outfitters

      Barleycorn Outfitters

      Sorry about that, I did not get the message until after it was bid or I would have pulled it down. We were at dinner for my sons 5th birthday. I don’t get notifications of messages from the merchant corner. I have a 97 coming in later this week. It’s supposed to ship out tomorrow 

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