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  1. Glock 17 DC Elite with 3 mags $549 shipping $35
  2. Is the CZ shotgun still for sale?  If so, I want to purchase it.  

  3. Can you send some more pics of the CZ shotgun and a more detailed description to t.schultz5@roadrunner.com


  4. Yo John I have a #4 Colt derringer .22 caliber. Do you have parts for this?


    Thanks Jackrabbit Joe


  5. Howdy,

    I am ISO a pair of Ruger single sixes, Sass ready, but with plow handles. I’d get those Birds heads from you, but I don’t want to worry about changing out the grip handles and grips. Any leads of a pair at a reasonable price?
    Thank you,

    Sweet & Sassy Cindy

  6. John I am in need of a Hammer for my old model 3 screw black Hawk. .38/.357 caliber

    Photos attached  (just one). Can you help or find one?


    Thanks Joe Pompa'

    aka Jackrabbit Joe #414

    Contact jgp3749@cox.net



    1. Barleycorn Outfitters

      Barleycorn Outfitters

      Hi Joe,

      i don’t have one but put a want to buy on the RugerForum those guys have everything 

    2. Jackrabbit Joe #414

      Jackrabbit Joe #414

      Thanks John. I got in touch with Johnny Meadows & he has one for me.


      Thanks pilgrim:


      Jackrabbit #414

  7. My address is    Jerry McDaniel   251  cr  613    Kirbyville, Tx  75956    409 782-0019

  8. Matt, 

    do these Star 9mm come with the original box?

    what kind of sights?



    1. Chinaman,SASS32908


      What happened to the double rig you had on here a few day ago?

    2. Barleycorn Outfitters
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