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  1. SPF Two hard to find blued Super Blackhawk hammers $149 plus $6 first class shipping or $9 priority mail shipping
  2. Yul, clean out your mail box, trying to send you a message.
  3. Like new Triple K double rig. Consists of a Conquistador double drop belt in plain walnut brown 25 38/357 cartridge loops size XL (43”-48”) two matching Cheyenne Western holsters for SAA and clones 4.5”-4-75” one left side and one right also fits New Vaqueros. This set up sells new for $379 yours for $299 plus $16 priority mail shipping. The rig was part of a purchase from a gentleman that intended to get into Cowboy Action but never found the time. The rig was never used and appears new. Pics coming soon, or just check Triple K website belt is #111 and holsters are #114.
  4. John, I didn't expect you to leave the 97 on GB after I sent you a message about buying it when it was listed in the Merchants section. Please let me know when you get another IAC 97.  I would like a CB if possible and if not then one with a number of 08 or higher

    1. Barleycorn Outfitters

      Barleycorn Outfitters

      Sorry about that, I did not get the message until after it was bid or I would have pulled it down. We were at dinner for my sons 5th birthday. I don’t get notifications of messages from the merchant corner. I have a 97 coming in later this week. It’s supposed to ship out tomorrow 

  5. One set of Eagle Sambar stag grips for original large frame Vaquero $449 shipped.
  6. One pair of faux ivory Eagle thin Gunfighter grips for Ruger original large frame Vaquero or Blackhawk $89 plus $6 1st class shipping or $9 priority mail shipping
  7. FS Ruger New Vaquero 60th Anniversary edition 5 1/2” 45 Colt blued, with factory engraved cylinder and custom grips $799 plus $30 shipping to your FFL.
  8. One set of Eagle Sambar stag grips for original large frame Vaquero $449 shipped.
  9. One set of Ajax Sambar stag grips for original large frame Vaquero $449 shipped.
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