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  1. Ides of March/ Florida State 2023 HELD MARCH 16TH - MARCH 19TH, 2023 The Lake County Pistoleros and the Eustis Gun Club will again host the 2023 SASS Ides of March/FL State Championship. Greta Dee is coming out of retirement to host this event as Match Director. We are in the process of updating the application and plan to have online registration available. I will send out an update as soon as we complete the testing and do a general release. Also, in case you have not heard. Confederate Colt has moved the BP matches to the weekend before the IoM. So you can once again have two weekend's in a row with one being a bit smokey. Hope you see you there. Smart Asterisk
  2. We have a few signed up. A lot are only going to Land Run the next week. We should be able to hang though. But we need some help from a few others...
  3. We won't have most of our shooters this year due to a lot of them going to Land Run a week later. Its should be very competitive. I don't drink but if you have ever seen videos from the Florida State shootoff, you would know that it wouldn't slow most of them down. The Saturday night after party at State is legendary and then we all get up and go do the shootoff bright and early. It still hasn't help me get past the semis...
  4. There isn't anything sanctioned as far as shootoffs go. This year at Florida State - Ides of March, I was in charge of the shootff and my format was as follows: Top 32 Overall Top 8 Ladies All Youth - regardless of placement Each round, the participants drew poker chips with numbers on them corresponding to the number of shooters in the round. Then the matchups were paired as follows: 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, 27 vs 28, 29 vs 30, 31 vs 32, etc. Even numbers shot on the right array targets and odds on the left. Our target array was 25 knockdowns, 10 pistol, 10 rifle, and 4 shotgun, with a crossover target in the middle. Which ever crossover knockdown is on the bottom wins. If a shooter were to have any safeties they were DQed and if they shot the cross before all other knockdowns were down, they were also DQed. It is the most fair way to have a shootoff becuase you take the spotters out of the mix and the random draw usually gave interesting matchups every round. I have a playlist of the whole thing on my youtube channel incase you would like to see it.
  5. Here is a playlist of all the YouTube #shorts I have made so far. It is a bunch of fun videos and all under 60 seconds. Head over and like, share, and comment.
  6. Thank you Widder, that is high praise coming from you. This is just a teaser. I will be filming the narration this week and hopefully have the video completed by next week if life cooperates. Stay tuned...
  7. Filming is almost complete for my first instructional video! The video will break down my technique for grabbing four shells and loading them over the top on a Winchester Model 1897. I set up four cameras and captured every angle so I could show all the details and nuance in the loading technique. It will include lots of slow motion as well. You won't want to miss this one! HEAD ON OVER TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE SO YOU DON'T MISS IT!
  8. Thanks TS. I am getting there. Tough competition down here, even with shooting the match of my life, I was still 3rd OA by less than 3 seconds. We hope to see you down here for Ides next year and then you can say hi to them in person.
  9. The secret app is called "Practice" and works on any willing Operating System you can imagine... Thank you
  10. That stinks, you guys missed a fun one. Thank you, hope we can shoot together soon. Thanks Scissors.
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