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  1. hahahaha Chickie, JP and myself did just that on the way home. We had 14 hours to review...
  2. For the second consecutive year, Florida is the Southeastern Region's fastest state! TRAIL DRIVER 2021 Unfortunately, there was a mistake in tallying the scores for the Trail Driver Award at Ambush. Georgia was announced as the winner at the Banquet but it was actually Florida who won. See the link to the final tally below. This is not from official sources but was compiled and quadruple verified by SASS Florida. FLORIDA TRAIL DRIVERS Santa Fe River Stan - 187.40 Bucky Buckskin - 188.80 Delta Glen - 206.01 JP Law - 212.34 The Outlaw Travis James - 218.86 Arcadia Outlaw - 221.36 Fireball - 227.05 Shelleen - 232.87 Midwest Hale - 233.32 Crane Creek Kid - 235.90 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-8XFw1F7iiJ7xQAhR0KFOD6iNW7_yP7BGbQwNcqwQDk/edit?usp=sharing
  3. The programmers are from Croatia and they do not have Android there so that is the reason for no support or Droid app. Google has a different platform in Europe.
  4. We love it. And the different reports that can be run are very useful for match administration and writing purposes as well. I think the biggest thing is the ability to approve your score right on the iPads with your finger.
  5. Will do. I can give them a quick class too. I have trained most of the clubs down here. It is very simple.
  6. Down here most clubs have gone to a program called CAS Scoring. I can bring my iPad and let you guys check out this week if you would. It is free and made specifically for our sport. https://www.casscoring.com/ CAS Scoring Tutorial 5.0 orig.ppsx 1038030555_CASScoringTutorial5.0orig.ppsx
  7. THere was no choice in theis situation as the rifle was jammed. So I had to tear the skin on the finger in order to get it off of the trigger.
  8. You are safe, Wrangler. Ya know, Bucky, Sidekick, Deuce, no sweat...
  9. They were the first string of the stage. But I wanted to get to the "meat" of the video ASAP. hahaha
  10. Yes there was a malfunction with the trugger safety spring and it allowed the trigger safety block to slide up.
  11. Yes it does but we have regionals next week so I am hoping for some quick healing.
  12. FLORIDA LOCAS, ROUGHSHOD RAIDERS, AND THE FORT FORT WHITE COWBOY CAVALRY PRESENTS: No Man's Land A COWGIRLS-ONLY MATCH A brand new kind of match is coming to Florida! We don’t say that every day! On April 30, 2022, FL Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting, Ft. White Cowboy Cavalry, and the Roughshod Raiders will be presenting a Cowgirls-Only Match! It includes 6 stages, side matches, and a BBQ lunch cooked by our cowboys. It will be hosted by the Ft. White Cowboy Cavalry and the stages will be themed after the Netflix Series "Godless" *Don’t worry cowboys…the side matches will have a place for y’all to dust off your guns! Applications can be found at the link below. https://actionshootingnetwork.com/event/270/no-mans-land/
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