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  1. bangandclangllc.com Great bullets, great prices, great service.
  2. You wouldn't have this problem if you hadn't won ALL of them this year!!!!
  3. Thanks, All! I love this match! Yankee told me 20 years ago that this was a shooters match, and it has never disappointed. Shooters are getting better and better, the props are the best, and the "spectacle" of having a boomtown erupt from the desert in less than a week is mind-blowing. Thanks to everyone who works so hard on this match for another outstanding National Championship. Can't wait for next year!
  4. Well said! Fantastic match, challenging, fun, best props in the business. Totally agree about port-a-potty at Bay 1. Too many of us spend too much time walking back and forth to the set-up opposite Bay 5. Can't wait to see what you all come up with for next year!!!
  5. Glad to see you back on the wire, HHH.  We don't see enough of you since the Magdalena range closed so we asked to posse with you at WR.  BTW, we bought OL #4's trailer and I sold our little Coachmen on Christmas Eve.  I am preparing for retirement and look forward to travels including CAS matches, national parks and museums.

    1. Half-a-Hand Henri

      Half-a-Hand Henri

      I would love to shoot with you two at Winter Range!  You will so enjoy retirement... expect to see you shooting all over the place, now!  Been busy loading up lots of ammo... I was down to virtually nothing.  See you soon!

  6. Perfect choice! Congratulations, Deadhead!!!
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