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    This 100-year-old doughnut recipe dates back to World War I
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    Just wanted to say amid all the chaos elsewhere in the state, we had a SASS shoot in Minnesota today.
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    Uno and I visited a sporting goods store today. While Uno was talking with a gentleman about a gun safe, a woman asked my advise on which ladies CC purse didn't look like a CC purse. She didn't want to be too obvious. I told her they all looked like CC purses. If you don't want to look like you were carrying a CC purse, I suggest purchasing a run of the mill shoulder bag with a pocket dedicated to safely carrying your firearm. She looked at my run of the mill purse, looked at me, smiled and walked away.
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    Considering I can run an 88, I might fit right in. And I have a nice hat too. Maybe too fancy for Tennessee boys, but it is nice.
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    Many won't next time even if they did so in the past. I really do believe in Sunday being a day of rest, but demand for carry permits is so high right now that I will give a Firearms Safety class this Sunday. Just to get on top of the backlog. Fully booked. And the phone is still ringing. Millions of citizens have changed their view of personal safety and responsibility in the last 3 months. Welcome them with open arms! Revelation 19:11 “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”
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    Yep. Shot my new to me 66 in 44-40 and my new to me 71 open tops for the first time. Made lots and lots of smoke
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    Where's Homer Price when ya need 'im~?
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    @John Kloehr great article. It clearly states what I'm talking about. As I stated above, my shirts are very plain. No ruffles, lace or other items that would cause a dry cleaner to expend any extra effort, time or cost in processing them. @Blackwater 53393 I might have to find an enterprising, hungry attorney willing to take this on.
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    you folks don't look so good.The meaning of my message is simple. It looks like some of our hot shots have been playing in cyber water a little too deep for their little duck legs, I'm afraid that we'll be setting in the barn at CAC and we'll hear a reference to SNIKE ring out across the crowd, Then two southern appearing gentlemen will appear quietly, lay lay the barrels of a couple of 73 colts against Colt Faro's Ear, and carefully against the back of Alamo's shoulder blade.We will never see them . Just to be on the safe side. I'm going to be wearing a large sign that says "I ain't gots no SNIKE IN MY CAR, I don't know if I mention the stranger saying all they have to do after they capture you and perform the required prob'ng, is to sit around and drink interstelar moonshine and eat excess captured cow.Might be worth it just for the discovery part of things.
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    Fantastic!!! Wish I could be there!!! Hopefully, next month! TB
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    I believe it went straight to video. Never had a theatrical release.
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    Belly up. Whiskey is watered down and glasses are dirty
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    What is truly sad is that those same people will happily vote for the next piece of legislation that comes along to strip them of the freedoms our founding fathers shed blood to secure in exchange for a false sense of security.
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    One has to use a very long stick when handling snakes and polyticians.
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    And most Tennesseans won't readily allow it either!! Texas was bought with a lot of Tennessee blood!!
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    1.) I don't understand how it can be more difficult to clean a woman's shirt than a man's shirt. 2.) Tell them you identify as a cross-dressing male, so that is technically a man's shirt even though a woman is aring it.
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    Mikes leather capper holster.... looks purdy, not mine, maybe I need.... https://www.leathersmithmike.net/
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    they make it look easy because the practice a lot , pick one and do that - you will be proficient if not faster than you are now and you will outshoot me who has not done what i suggested ,
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    Facts for Everybody: An Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge. Published in 1863 https://www.fadedpage.com/showbook.php?pid=20200608
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    I agree. You don't SOAK the bread. You COAT the bread. Set the bread in the egg mix, turn it over and put the other side in the egg mix, take it out and put it in the pan.
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    I was there. Hope everyone had a good time. It was humid but I wore a long sleeve shirt all week working in hay field. Cab tractor but AC quit in 15 minutes on 1st day.. Drank a lot of water all week. River City Bly helped.with steel on Friday. Deadwood Miner and Bly helped finish setup this morning. If not for these 2 fine cowboys don’t think I would have made through the day. I was hot tired and worn out at the end. Also need to thank Hopalong Mac, Chickamauga Slim for being RO’s. I also need to thank all the hard workers on my posse. These guys and gals got me through the day. Whiskey
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    I used to make donuts when I was younger. I found that if the fat was the right temp the donuts flipped themselves over. Flipping them a couple of times sounds like a good way to soak up way too much oil. Kinda like a recipe i saw recently for french toast for stay at home dads. It said to soak the bread in the egg mixture for 5 minutes. Sounded terrible, and I love french toast.
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    Now Widder; you trying to give the boy a complex or something. Iff'n he sees with his own eyes what you Tennessee boys can do with a 97 he'll be scarred for life.
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    I am in a generous mood today and will concede to your win today, just to show you what a good sport I am. Just do not expect me to be so generous the rest of the summer!
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    And whiners who can’t bear the lack of paper towels at the store and closed movie theaters. One wonders how they would have done under gas rationing, no new cars, and Meatless Tuesdays.
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    At least 20 years ago, but he had the right idea:
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    Quoting because the trophy for your post was not big enough, and you said what I meant in far fewer words. The SxS works for my goals, and those goals are long-term. But I have nothing against the '97 and would shoot it tomorrow if it was in my hands, Either gun does not really matter in this sport, just as long as you enjoy the day and try to do better than the last time (if you want to, that is).
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    A bit of Alabama blood's in that ground, too. Ever hear of the Mobile Grays? They served under Fannin's command and lost 30 men at Goliad. And where was Col. Travis raised?
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    The world will never see their like again
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    I am an American. I am a proud US citizen. I came here from another country but I am not a hyphenated American. I do not place another country or my skin or my heritage before my choice to be free. I will not have that questioned.
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    I think it has been done in a few places already.
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    It would be worth a good laugh if it weren't such a sad state of affairs!!!
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    Peanuts by Charles Schulz for June 06, 2020
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    Can’t make this sh... stuff up!
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    Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to attend. If you don’t feel it would be safe, stay home.
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    Pat Riot and Allie Mo will be
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    Let me preface my comments by stating, the fine folks at the Huntsman games and more specifically, the folks from the Dixie Desperados (handlers of the CAS portion of the games) are friends of mine - so perhaps I'm a little defensive. I am also aware my response may seem aggressive or uncaring; but... The organizers of an event - any event - owe you (or me) nothing in the way of comment, explanation or defense of their decision making timeline. I, for one, admire their restraint to not instantly give in to fear - throw up their hands and cancel an event that is still many months away. Many possible events - both positive (cures, vaccine, herd immunity, etc.) or negative (flareups, strain mutations, etc.) could occur over the next few months. With no way of knowing which of the possible futures are forthcoming - it seems reasonable for an event still months away to adopt a wait and see attitude. Life is terminal and none of us get out alive - no matter the claims, platitudes and promises of any activity. It is ultimately upon you to make wise choices about your health and safety - to decide which activities are safe to take part in and which are not. I assure you, every reasonable precaution will be in place at the event - but if YOU feel unsafe or uncomfortable - it is incumbent upon you and ONLY you to take the actions you feel are appropriate. No one is forcing anyone to do anything that they are uncomfortable with - CAS is and always has been a voluntary pastime. So, instead of relying on others to keep me safe by claiming they are doing X or cancelling Y. I will make the appropriate partipation decisions for myself; I highly recommend others do the same.
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    I have used a lot of the Black Hills cowboy ammo when doing classes, and it has been great. Never particularly cheap, but good ammunition if you can find it. As said before, keep your brass...
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    I think it would look prettier and sell better if you used a polished brass strap for the handle ..... probably wouldn't rust neither.
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