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    Does missing the target and hitting a tree 1/2 mile down range count? ..........Widder
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    55 minutes, start to finish, to install a pair of Super Blackhawk hammers in my 38 WCF Vaqueros. Including time to get them out of the safe, set up on my workbench and have them back together, in working order
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    We better leave the classics the way they are..... A remake would not make any of them better. Especially The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
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    Unfortunately there are not many current actors that I would care to see in a western. Or anything else, for that matter.
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    I couldn't resist. White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small And the one's that mother gives you Don't do anything at all Go ask Alice When she's ten feet tall And if you go chasing rabbits And you know you're going to fall Tell 'em a hookah, smoking caterpillar Has given you the call Call Alice When she was just small When men on the chessboard Get up and tell you where to go And you've just had some kind of mushroom And your mind is movin' slow Go ask Alice I think, she'll know When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead And the white knight is talking backwards And the red queen's off with her head Remember what the dormouse said Feed your head Feed your head
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    Yep, totally illegal. You're not allowed to have that much fun!!!
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    German amateur astronomer Bernhard Christ was in the right place at the right time -- due to very careful planning and foresight -- and captured this astonishing scene: ISS transits the Moon!
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    I really would like to see new material. I doubt that any remake would stay true to the original and would likely be "politically correct". If any movie, I'd like to see The Wild Bunch remade but I have reservations that it could be done with the grit and feel of the first one.
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    Pretty much the same here. They were a gag gift so had to try them - it took 2 shots of Glenlivet to “cleanse my ”palate” and restore my faith in human nature!
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    Actually, 20 years is not considered OLD for cartridge ammo. If it has been stored in anywhere near decent conditions it should be good to go. Blackoot
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    Perhaps you should Go Ask Alice.
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    YES ...as long as they have a "safety slot/pin in the cylinder to avoid the hammer resting on a live round/cap." (otherwise, you'll only be allowed to load 4 rounds in them) There is no "frame size" restriction for main match revolvers.
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    Oh, dear Lord. If it was Lotus, you were always messing with it to get it to print. Back in the day my home club didn't appreciate SASS going to rank point scoring, so I had to double entry our scores (and we were shooting 60-70 shooters per monthly match) into Lotus-based programs. Don't ever say I didn't do my part.
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    Possibly he’s talking about covering the windows with plywood. Sounds like how Brits shorten words. Cat Brules
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    One remake I really liked was 3:10 to Yuma. Both versions are outstanding. OLG
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    There are two kinds of 'remakes'-- one purely of a movie, and another of a book that previously had also been made into a movie. A remake of a 'movie' is a dicey proposition, because the movie itself is the original creation, and if it's worth remaking, it's going to be hard not to screw it up. Another movie based upon a book can be a different matter. "True Grit" is probably the best example. The so-called 'remake' was great, and in my opinion better than John Wayne's version. But "True Grit" is a special case, because the book itself really is the screenplay. (Incidentally, Charles Portis, the author of True Grit, died just a few days ago.) All of the great dialogue is straight from the book. So, that said, I'd like to see The Searchers 'remade'-- from the book, not the movie.
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    10 gauge lever action.... Texas Lizard
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    Every time I see that I think back to the early 1990s. On our way to an SCA event near Lake San Antonio. Had to pass through Fort Hunter Liggett to get there and had stopped at Mission San Antonio de Padua (one of the best preserved missions in California). Left there and about two miles later punched in the clutch and stood on the brakes just after going around a 90 degree corner. Hanging over the road, maybe 50 feet off the ground was a Cobra, nose down like it was waiting for someone. Looked around to see what the heck was going on and about 100 yards to our left, in among some trees, were some tents, camo netting, and a bunch of guys in uniform laughing their butts off.
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    Just remember, if you're water source is a well or is otherwise "hard" water, it is likely high in calcium.
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    Since when did a Hollywood ‘elite’ let being anti-gun slow him down from making money from a movie filled with gratuitous gun violence?
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    The limit for size is that main match guns must be of at least .32 caliber... the 1849s are .31 caliber guns, the 1862 are .36, there is no barrel length restriction, outside that it must be a legal, (BATFE rules or State Law) firearm. There's a few cowfolk shooting cap guns with barrels as short as 3 to 3-½" barrels. I've shot .36 cal revolvers in CAS since 1986, except for a brief foray into Remington 1858s... what a fiasco. It "might" have been the particular example I had, but I found it to be exceedingly uncomfortable to shoot, couldn't point instinctively. Grip and hammer relationship felt totally different for a Colt SAA or 1851 shooter. If a 38Spl can take down a KD, a properly loaded .36 will also. While my normal load is a .375 round ball, I have some .380 heeled bullets that run around 100 grains for anything I think will be problematic.
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    A great little snack while you're waiting for your haggis to finish cooking.
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    He was recommended to them by Betty White.
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    If you could be PC with it and have the main character(s) apologize at the end maybe it would go!
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    “Embiggen”! That means, “mo biggah”. Cat Brules
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    I thought that was what Viagra was for.
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    Maybe her and Keith Richards have the same "doctor".
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    Embiggen! Another made up word...but then, they are all made up words... This has the origin of the worn in 1996 https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/embiggen#h1 This link has the origin in 1884 https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/embiggen Some more info on Embiggen https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/534500/embiggen-the-simpsons-word-merriam-webster-dictionary I have decided I will use this word to appear as if I have embiggened my vocabulary.
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    Or a cat that tasted vegemite.
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    Break 'em down and reuse the components... excepting the powder, use that to fertilize the Mrs'. rose bushes...
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    Never have understood why anyone would want their 4" - 6" exhaust pipes sticking up in the air for the rain to collect in the bottom.
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    My plain old Wranglers cover them up just fine. If you add on a set of botas? I think they would look spot on. Nobody can tell that these are not just another set of Ropers unless you show them. I will put it this way. I feel strongly enough about how well these work for me, that I bought 5 more pair and put them on the shelf just in case they stop making them as I wear them out!
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    Just a couple of notes... I have a small-framed 1862 sitting on my bench in pieces right now. It has a hammer safety notch, so it can be used with all 5 chambers charged. However, all the action parts are smaller and more delicate than those on an 1851, 1860, or 1861. They don't seem to hold up to the punishment we put them through. A few matches will put more use on them than most shooters of the period ever thought of. The Pietta version of the 1862 is an 1851 with a different barrel. They are 6-shot models, and quite a bit more robust than the smaller Uberti version. The Pietta isn't "historically correct", but it will last a lot longer.
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    Red, you are welcome to try my 1895 to compare ideas. I don't recall barrel length, but it works well and smoothly. It has the Bascomb Marlin refinements........ Call or email and let me know. It's WAAAY back in the safe. BB
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    No Green Chili*s ??? Largo
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    Meade Scopes, pick one ... https://www.meade.com/binoculars-spotting-scopes/spotting-scopes.html I've been using an older model 20x60x60 for about 5 years. 45-70 holes at 600yds on paper and lead splashes on steel at 1000yds You'll need a scope stand also for either bench or long range spotting ... they can be expensive
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    Just last week I was telling someone about SASS... and this being one of the very rare environs where you'll find the men exchanging recipes and the women discussing guns and trucks....
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    Patrick Grashorn. Think he goes by Executioner in SASS. Grashorn Gunworks.
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    You misspelled 'misery' It's correctly spelled-- California OLG
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