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    I have to admit to being somewhat ambivalent about it. I would render is more like, "We should mourn that they are no longer with us, but at the same time thank God that they lived."
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    The horse is out of the barn. You can change it, but you've been Rye Miles so long, were all going to call you that regardless.
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    The new 617s are ridiculously heavy. 44oz for 6” barrel. 40oz for 4”. How a Ruger Single Six compares? Probably about the same. Heavy, which is why I bought a model 63. A 39oz .22? Why?
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    There are a lot of Ruger Old Army revolvers used in SASS, just most of them are the fixed sight models, so they can be used in all categories. These are mine, I shoot them without the loading lever. Ruger Old Armies have been discontinued, although now and again they will make a special run of the stainless, fixed sight version. Adjustable sight revolvers are not legal for black powder categories and folks who want an accurate adjustable sight Ruger usually buy Blackhawks, still in production and plentiful. Good luck with your sale.
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    Just about ready to hit the road, it is snowing the roads are a mess. I am not looking forward at the drive to the college, the 30 min drive will turn into 1 hour. Reprieve got an e-mail classes are canceled due to a power failure; students will be very happy and so am I. Great day to do some reloading and get ready for Winter Range. Loading 357 mag on my Dillon 550, 125 grain bullet, 3.5 grains of Trail Boss. The phone rings and I got distracted, when I get back to loading, I double charge my case. Luckily it filled the case right to the top, it is almost impossible to double charge with trail boss. Yes it is a little more expensive but still a lot cheaper than blowing up a gun. I have been loading for over 40 years, it shows that you can still make mistakes.
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    I disagree with ole George on that one.
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    I saw they topic phrase, and thought somebody was attending a lobbyist party in CA...
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    Ain't it wonderful to live where we have the freedom to make such choices!
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    It’s all in the approach, I suppose. Maybe you should have led with the ‘honoring a great figure of the old West’ theme, vs. ‘cool name’. In any event, unless he’s going to hunt you down I’d say keep honoring the name I see it as kind of like the U.S. flag code — even a display of the flag that, through not knowing, is in technical violation of the code can be excused if the intent is pure.
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    I saw a hammered double at a Sportsmans Warehouse recently. The price was just under $750 and doesn't appear in their shotgun listings online. I didn't see any country markings, but think it had a Texas marking on it. Any idea who produced or imported? It was blued with a checkered walnut stock. It looked trimmer than the chunky TTN chinese version and seemed lighter than that model.
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    You have honoured him for years so keep it.
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    Alexa is a Russian agent, listening to you through a Chinese-made device, in your home (likely made by undocumented builders, if built in the last twenty years). Sun Tzu: Know your enemy.
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    You only know that because it says so in the owners manual.
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    Rooster I put Wolf springs in mine. As I recall the 17 lb hammer and 30 oz trigger springs. They set off all the brands of 22s without a glitch. Part # 17116 contains the 2 mentioned plus a stouter cylinder pin spring.
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    But not legal for SASS in any category if you do that. Now, if they are welded up and profiled to be like the fixed sight ROA, after THAT $400 surgery they will be legal. Good luck, GJ
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    Try A/B campground, several shooters stay there. They also have barbecue nightly, about 20 minutes from the range.
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    Are we posting pictures of our Babies ??! SURE, I'll join the fun!!! This is my first pair, and I shoot these now. I've bought two more SS pairs, but it will be a while until they are ready to shoot and show.
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    I bought a pair to practice with. Will the new vaquero springs work to reduce the hammer pull
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    Come on up to Enderlin, ND for the ND/SD State Shoot Fathers Day weekend, besides a bunch of other fun long range side matches they shoot pistol caliber rifle put to 250 yds.
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    I have an SKB SXS with the screws stripping in the wood forearm. If I drill holes all the way through the wood and insert metal plugs then use screws from the metal piece into the plugs they will show on the outside. There would not be any operating enhansment just a way to hold the two pieces together. Would this be an external modification?
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    Thank you very much sir.
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    The point was that Hull wanted a long detailed blow by blow description of why war had commenced. FDR didn’t want that. He wanted a sharp, clear, and visceral response that people, and Congress, would get. And they got it. Only one vote against the War Declaration. Pacifist Representative Jeanette Rankin from Montana.
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    No harm ever came to anybody from not drinking! My ma used to say that, rightly. Also, "nothing good happens out there after midnight."
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    There are no words. i humbly ask God, through His Son Jesus Christ to bring this brave Sailor to His presence
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    Watch your 6's cowboys. Seems like something is after us. Too many of us are sick or injured and when one makes some headway another goes down. I will miss the competition with Range Bum in the black powder catetgories. We butted heads many times with me winning some and him winning most. He will be missed.
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    My dad's birthday was December 7. He went to the Navy recruiting office the next day, December 8. He was 17.
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    Santee and Jed I. Knight have YouTube channels that are monetized. Others have channels with Cowboy Action Shooting and related videos. I have uploaded videos to YouTube many years before getting into CAS. I created the Owl Creek Raiders YouTube channel to entertain the pards that come and shoot. I've included some of my projects. The channel has several hundred videos and over 80,000 views. I've not chosen to monetize. Google/YouTube has been hit with a fine from the Federal Trade Commission for endangering children. It's just another form of gangster style extortion but it has apparently prompted YouTube to make sweeping changes to use agreement and ways video creators work with YouTube. I've read through as much as I could stand of the new agreement policy and all I can make of it is, YouTube can do what they want to and you just have to take it or there's the door. Several things concerns me. Who's to say what videos are of danger to kids? Will any guns or shooting activities be considered dangerous? Maybe not now but sometime in the future? Also, in the new regulations, the FTC can levy fines down to the video creator's level up to $42,000 for each video. There appears to be a lot of anxiety in the industry. Some make a lot of money from the videos and the game has changed so their income could be reduced significantly. Or their channels could be shut down. Anyone research this thing out and understand what's going on?
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    . . . And THAT is why, if I am interrupted in the middle of a loading session for any reason (phone, door, 'Honey come look at this', etc.) I leave the 550B with the ram fully raised.
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    Then why post it on an open forum?
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    As mentioned numerous times during the past couple years' discussions, the method specified in the approved rule change was used for many years by many clubs before the automatic SDQ was codified in the SHB ten years ago.
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    What part of "...the shooter will be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm..." are some of y'all choosing to ignore?
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    Yup. I worked with 3 different people who all played the bankruptcy game to the hilt. Don't get me started on that as I don't have enough blood pressure medication to thwart my head exploding.
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    From what I've read a lot of the focus on Monday was on whether the case was moot or not since NYC had changed the law already. Which seems odd to me since SCOTUS had decided to go ahead and hear the case which would suggest that they didn't think the case was moot. This law was particularly stupid. We can hope that reason prevails, and they deal a serious blow to some of the stupidest anti gun laws. That's what a lot of the "reasonable gun control" people don't understand. Many of the laws are stupid and useless even if you believe in some form of gun control. The people passing the laws are often ignorant or determinedly anti-gun. Side note - we should call gun rights what they - civil rights. The right of every person to defend themselves is as basic as their right to drink from any public water fountain.
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    As the 2020 election approaches the anti-gun rhetoric is bound to increase with unsupported distorted facts and personal opinions and I have seen a few post in some of the threads get personal, for the most part this has not been the case. From the beginning I reminded everyone that “All SASS Members are a part of Team SASS. Those with a different point of view on the Second Amendment or what we can do to support it are more than welcome to express them on the Team SASS Wire as long as it is done in a civil, non-personal manner. But, if any responses become personal, argumentative or cross the line into less than constructive territory, I will activate my Moderator privileges and take appropriate action.” Although this is not something I want to do, I will not hesitate if the line gets crossed. Just as we all have our personal opinions about various politicians and their talking points on both sides of the isle, and we cringe at how they say one thing and do the opposite once elected. Do not forget that they are not the first or the only ones who has pushed for this position, only the latest. What we need to remember is that we have SASS members that are also from both sides of the isle. Even if they have the same opinion about a specific political figure as you do, they would not appreciate being personally cast or judged by what someone else from their party says or does just as you would not want to be categorized by what a group or business does just because you have associated with a member of that group or made a past purchase from that business. When you personalize a comment about one of the politicians, states or even a cities, someone could take it as though you were lumping them in that category as well and we do not want to alienate anyone. I do understand how some people make it very easy to laugh at or get angry at their opinions as well as some of the things they say or do. We should not make it into personal attacks no matter how tempting; do not lower us to their level. Please think, edit and re-read before you post. There are a lot of people out there trying to take away our “Constitutional Rights”, let's be sure to rise above their rhetoric - Think "Spirit Of The Game." Charlie
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    The Southern Missouri Rangers are hurting tonight. We lost a good man today. Roger Brogue, alias Rootin' Tootin' Range Bum died today, presumably from complications of diabetes. Bum and I frequently competed in Frontiersman Category. Sometimes he beat me, sometimes I beat him, and the competition was wonderful. Those who are more eloquent can provide a better eulogy. He was my friend. I am diminished. Dang.
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    You would be shocked and saddened to know how many gun owners buy the crap the MSM spouts about the AR-15/Modern Sporting Rifle.
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    You want to see worst. A high school at end of daily classes. OLG
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