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    Just a short story, I'm not particularly proud of my actions conversely not ashamed either. It was a rather dark and stormy afternoon in mid-winter Salt Lake City. As I approached the doors to a large mall a young man cruised into the handicapped space near the door. As I approached the car I noticed that there were no handicapped plates nor a mirror tag on the car. As the driver exited his car a hurried toward the door I said "did you know that's a handicapped space?". His response "I'm in a hurry A** hole. My response "how long do you figure it'll take to change 4 flat tires". He looked at me with a quizzical look and went back and moved his car.
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    Joe, just yesterday I moved a cart from a handicapped spot and one from a veteran’s parking spot at Lowe’s. I went ahead and used the cart from the veterans spot. I had parked in the second Vet spot. When I came out there was an Asian guy pushing an empty cart towards the still open Vet parking spot. He was just leaving his Mercedes that was parked across from the Vet spot. I guess he put some things in his trunk. I said “Don’t leave that cart in that parking spot or your car will be wearing it.” He glared at me for a second and then turned right and put the cart in the cart corral a couple of spots away. As I backed my truck out he flipped me off. I rolled down my window to call him some colorful names but he had scurried to his car and got in. Sometimes I really dislike people.
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    That's when that mean ol' bully in me just jumps out and points to the end of the line. Sometimes I don't even have to say anything!! Sometimes I have to get really rude!! Even I don't like me when I'm rude!!
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    Parking space related but not handicapped: There is an annual ethnic festival in a park near the condo complex a former girlfriend lived in. Upwards of 25,000 people would attend and the park only had a few hundred parking spaces so the attendees would park everywhere within a couple of miles. Well, we came back to her condo and there was a car in her designated spot. So, I got my tow strap, tied it to the car in her spot and with my full sized Bronco, I pulled the car out of the spot, dragged it about 200 feet and left it next to a fire hydrant.
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    If you have room in your safe for your leather, you don't have enough guns! My leather gets left in the back seat of the car much of the time, or in a box in the garage.
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    I recently watched a fellow deal with the mis-use of a Handicapped space. Mr. I'M Too Important and Too Busy to be Courteous, parked his vehicle in the handicapped space. He had no Handicapped sticker etc and had his hockey bag in the back of the car. When he returned to his car, he found shopping carts next to the driver and passenger side doors of his car. When he tried to move them, he found the c arts had been Zip-tied to the door handles. I hope his day got better after that.
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    No conflict that I can see, you are quoting a gun that slips and falls. In this case the gun was knocked off the table by the shooter hence it's a dropped gun. Even though it had been cleared the shooter was still on the firing line because he/she still had uncleared guns.
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    So as not to hijack the "So God Made A Dog" thread, I offer up one of my favorite Baxter Black poems. I had a dog like that a number of years ago, and I still miss that dog and I still choke up when I hear Baxter's description...
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    Can I just take a 66 and remove the fore end and call it Henry?
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    Are you going to hug and squeeze him too?
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    Raise taxes and misspend the money.Gotta be able to fund those welfare programs.
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    https://www.police.govt.nz/advice/firearms-and-safety/changes-firearms https://forms.police.govt.nz/forms/block-page Supposedly it was flooded with trolling. http://www.firearmownersunited.com/2019/03/22/nz-police-shut-down-gun-confiscation-website-in-less-than-24-hours-due-to-trolling/?fbclid=IwAR2uXKW-ew_EpgQlMR-PD8tQWfH3S8-mKi4rY-m4XO7ZAKfAMHOFqWEwsV8 Be sure to read some of the comments.
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    Voluntarily sending my DNA off to anyone for any reason is not something I'd do. AND pay THEM to do whatever they want with it. Zero comfort level on my part for that. My ancestry results, if even accurate, are not worth the potential risks of loss of privacy and security regarding my personal DNA. Just my thought.
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    When we lived in Sacramento, I'd leave to walk to work at about 6:15. There was always a ------- guy honking his horn for the guy he gave a ride to. One day, I'd just had enough. So, I beat on his window, he cowered. I yelled people are still asleep, go knock on the door! He never honked his horn again.
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    According to the OP, the shotgun was knocked off the ULT by the shooter's direct action...same as "dropped". This is NOT a "slips & fall" scenario. Revolvers were not cleared = shooter is still on the firing line. SDQ REF: rules cited by Grey Beard above.
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    My opinion on taxes. The tax bill should be required to specify what the taxes will pay for and have a expiration date. If tax money is diverted, then the tax bill is void and all money returned to the tax payers. AND the people who proposed redirecting the tax money from it's original project should be prosecuted/convicted for theft of public tax moneys. Yes, I am tired of politicians steeling and making a fortune off the tax payers.
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    Red Ryder and Judge Roy Bean, manned the SASS Information Booth at EoT and stood guard over the John Dwayne figure designed by Bill Hahn and painted by Kate Elder.
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    Contact your local LDS / Mormon church and ask where their local Stake Center is. They'll usually let you use it for the cost of copying what ever you find and you don't have to join the church to use it. They generally aren't even aggressive with pushing the word, either. What have you got to lose?
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    Meet a witch one time years ago. Picked up a hitchhiker.. As we were driving down the road, engaging in a little small talk to pass time she suddenly blurted out she was a witch. I replied prove it! So she turned me into a motel GW
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    Pat, I believe it's because they want to find a way to inject their opinion into a conversation, even if it isn't relevant to the topic. BTW - My Pfaff will run circles around your Bernina.
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    "Shooting Bull"..... ..........Widder
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    I have an "original" King Cobra 6in barrel that I paid $200 used. Mine has a rear leaf spring from a one ton Dodge for a spring.
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    SDQ. As you noted, if it had happened after all the guns had been cleared it would have been a No Call. BS
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    By the way, I didn't just take the photograph and leave the carts there. Since I needed a cart anyway, I took the short one for myself, and dragged the other one to the cart rack by the door.
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    Hate to say it but it's not exclusive to the SASS Vaqueros. I bought some Talo Rugers for my son and it was virtually the same story. The good news is they cleaned up well and slicked up very nicely and have been great guns but the amount of buffing compound that was on and inside the guns was laughable. I have known two people that work/worked for Ruger and they said that the amount of temp. help they use is amazing. They also both stated that the expectations for getting guns out in "x" amount of time was basically unrealistic while having any expectations for quality control. Still love Ruger and I am ok with dealing with some of the smaller issues. I transfer quite a few guns (actually the bulk of my business) I give zero consideration to inspection other than confirming the serial number. If you buy the gun from me directly I will bend over backwards to make sure it's right, hazards of doing business online. Clean em up and put some springs in them and shoot them. You'll forget about the dings after you put a couple dozen in them or at least it won't sting as much.
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    she was just fine,, she was ready to shoulder it,,, and no there aren't any conventions covering it, some folks don't like starting that way,..
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    I can't even see now........ OLG
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    For anyone who has had to say goodbye to a four-footed friend, this says it all!
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    Think they stopped using it because he's breaking the 170 rule...
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    I REALLY wish I could give this post about 100 likes.
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    Thanks for the laugh. Luckily I had just swallowed my coffee. Good one, Marshal.
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    I see this all the time at parking lots around here. Our local market has a blue spot, a cart corral and then a regular spot. I often see carts blocking the handicapped spot which means they went PAST the corral to leave the cart. It's all part of a campaign from sometime ago for folks to just Do It, and if it felt right it was okay. So so many are only concerned about themselves and have no concern at all for how their actions affect others. I once faked a stalled engine for several minutes behind a poser using a handicapped spot. I even learned a couple new cuss words!!
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    so you want $1300 for your pistols but you expect someone to buy them sight unseen ??? Don't bother with pics not a way I want to do business with anyone. edited in...... if you are unable to send pics at least reply as it just comes across as plain rude to not even respond best of luck with your sale in any event
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    I searched Barney vs Festus, Festus vs Barney, Barney and Festus, and every other combo you can imagine. It always pulled up one and not the other. I was beginning to think Widder might have been right, then I figured nah whats the odds of that happening.
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    I been looking for that for over a week and you fellas found it in under an hour. Nice! @Widder, SASS #59054 has been telling me I must've been hopped up on a butter pecan high and imagined that video.
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    Allie Mo, you started a thread that jokes around about FKCGG yourself. You don't have to like our humor, you don't have to read it or comment. No one hear has said anything that can be construed as something other than a joke-none of it is mean spirited and no one takes it seriously. So to quote a comedy masterpiece "Lighten up Francis."
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    Give Subdeacon Joe a little time, my money is on his ability to find it !
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    Glad you went with the Marlin. You can't go wrong with that rifle!!
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    you aren't "safe" until the last firearm has been cleared,,, sdq
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    I see stuff like the following all of the time at Costco. Several of us will be waiting to sample the stuff they put out or get chicken when the rack had been empty. Then along comes someone who crowds in.
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    I believe the "key word" is ALL guns are cleared.. I'm in Barry Sloe's camp.. SDQ.. Rance Just my thinkin..but hey.. I've been wrong before..
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    I always bring at least one back from the lot. I had a lady mention to me: " You're handicapped and using a cane. Why should you be doing that?" I replied: "Because I'm physically handicapped, not ignorant!" Besides, the grocery cart lets me use it like a walker.
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