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    Didn't Damon learn from True Grit that playing Texans is not his forte? A kid from Cambridge playing a Texan...isn't that cultural appropriation? LL
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    They call that vaping, Pat.
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    What would be funny is if a Pard is reading these post and suddenly remembers getting drunk in a South Carolina trailer park back in 77. He got mad at his girl friend, who drives a camaro, and kicks a car, which he thought was her's. And then several months later, he becomes a semi-truck driver that has a wheel brake off at an intersection. The wheel rolls across the intersection and bust a 1977 camaro in the wheel well area. ..........Widder
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    Will be tired up for a spell-ALL'S GOOD TNX for the concern OLG
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    Found this in the "Black Powder" section at the gunstore! Breakfast of Champions!
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    There’s a Dairy Queen less than a mile from my house. Randy
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    To celebrate our birthday, 380 AEW Wing Commander authorized a 4 drink night instead of the usual 3. -SrA Harris, 380 ECS, Al Dhafra AB, UAE
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    I'm sure TN William's will take them to Dairy Queen
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    The worst was the Taurus Lightning in .45....It just never worked right. Also the blow-back required the wearing of a welding helmet. S&W .500: Recoil was disturbing. Sold it, did not like the concept of detached retinas. Certain rounds belong in a rifle. Scandium S&W .44 mag: Recoil was epic and should have been a .44 special. I only fired 5 full mag loads through it and sold it.
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    I just sent an email. Oh well, Hi OLG!
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    I bought two rifles at the same time from the PX on Okinawa in 1974. Both were chambered for 7mm RemingtonMagnum, both had identical scopes and mounts and both cost about the same amount: around $275.00. I even put identical slings on them. 1. A Remington 700ADL was a dream to shoot. Reasonable recoil, very accurate, and everything fit very well, and it was as durable as Gibraltar. 2. A Weatherby Vanguard was much less likable in every way. The recoil was a bit more pronounced (I never could figure out why), accuracy was more than disappointing (I even swapped the scopes from rifle to rifle with identical results), and I had it to the shop three times in the first seven months I was back stateside for minor but unforgivable crap. It was absolutely gorgeous, though, but I sold it anyway...for about $75.00 more than I paid for it at the PX. I kept the Remington until we moved here about five years ago and an elk-hunting friend bought it. I told him to make an offer and he got it for triple what I paid for it, but still much less than the going price. His first day of hunting was his last and it only lasted three hours until a trophy bull got too close and stood to still for too long. One shot, 125 yards, and the rest of the day getting it onto his truck and started back home.
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    Really really really wanted a pair of Schofields. Then I got one. I was finally happy. Happy the day I sold it. Just couldn't shoot it. Really really really wanted a pair of USFA Omnipotent. Pure unadulterated LUST!! Finally had the folding green and ordered a pair in .38. Just plain GORGEOUS!! Could not shoot em. Couldn't find a way to get em out of the holsters to shoot Gunfighter. Just tickled pink the day I was able to sell em on. Have a "thing" for conversion guns. Just absolutely had to have a pair of ASM conversions. Took 11 guns to get enough parts to make a pair that worked. UCK. Plus one to J Mark. What crap.
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    I too would like to get a WW2 P.38 one day, just to have. For the moment though I have a 1940 P.08 Luger, and I'd have to say it's probably my least favorite to shoot of the guns I currently have. The grip angle is weird, the sights are non-existent, and the trigger pull feels like it's 20 pounds. It's also very fussy about what ammo I feed it.
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    Mounting takes a new meaning....For the wedding night... Texas Lizard Stable or room....
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    It's not bad at all. It's certainly not as bad as a .44 Mangelem in the same gun. It's a little easier than a SAA in .45 Colt because it's heavier. And it's faster to reload. Bonus! If you decide to use it as a carry gun, TWO full moon clips fit into each side of a speedloader pouch.
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    I suppose you may know about the Betsy Ross T-Shirt that Rush is selling in response to Nike's pulling a shoe that Kapernack seemed to think was racsit because it had a Betsy Ross original flag design. The profits from Rush' shirts go to Tunnels to Towers, an organization that helps surviving spouses of soldiers killed pay off their mortgages. Great looking T shirt!!! (They have it in white also) I emailed Rush and said I was happy with how fast I got the shirt and how nice looking it was. I said the only thing I didn't like was the "silky" type material, I would have preferred a regular cotton blend. They emailed me back in a half hour and said thank you and said they'll send me a FREE sweatshirt when they bring it out! I told them they didn't have to do that but they probably will anyway. What a great experience!!! Just thought I'd share in case you have been thinking about buying one to help out these families of deceased soldiers.
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    Boy... if he's listening to that music through his ear buds, that's gotta be reeeal weird for his fellow passengers.
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    80 year old Yaz said his biggest worry was could he reach the plate. btw, when Mike hit a home run, his 20th, the fans in Fenway gave him a standing O.
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    The real reason Pat Riot had to move back to California. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you The Silver Cowboy AKA PatRiot.
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    Bet you are glad your ribs are healed up aren't you.
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    You all are killing me here.
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    Too many surgeries to count!! I've had couple of surgeries done concurrently to shorten my down time!! Gotta' have EVERYTHING co-ordinated to make it work if one or another is a debilitating recovery process!
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    There will be atleast ONE BRICK (500 rounds) of .22 ammo given to a lucky PARTICIPANT of the Rimfire Speed Rifle Side Match. Ya just have to shoot it ONCE to qualify. Rimfire Speed Rifle Sidematch sponsored by: WIDDERMAJIK If you've signed up for the main match, Bring your favorite lever or pump .22 and have some fun. Brake out those safe queen Marlin 39's and Winchester 9422's. If ya ain't got one... you can shoot my Henry 'Soft Stroke'. And for the youngsters..... you can shoot my Golden Boy Youth 'Soft Stroke'. P.S. - TN Williams will also have an arm wrestling exhibition. Watch him arm wrestle and eat a Nanner Split at the same time..... ..........Widder
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    Never had the pleasure of meeting him face to face. When I first joined SASS, he helped me out on the phone and email and bought a shotgun from me. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember me, but a “class act” for sure!
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    Ruger blackhawk 30 carbine revolver. My ears still hurt. Loudest gun I ever shot.
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    May you and your family have comfort and peace in this difficult time.
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    I hope it all goes well!
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    I can’t wear polyester. It itches. Drive’s me nuts.
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    I’ll keep you in my prayers. Hey, why not get the set? That other arm needs attention.
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    Forty’s favorite day. He’s sharpening his CutLass now.
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    When it's raining I wear a house!
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    You boys suck it up and wear the shirt!
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    Well, Seattle's homeless migrated from all over the USA due to word getting around that Seattle was the go-to place if you were homeless. The city pledged a ton of money to help them and only managed to attract more of them from every state in the Union. You can't simply throw money at the problem and expect it to go away. As Seattle has demonstrated (and yet still fail to acknowledge) is that the more you spend on the problem the worse it gets. These people need a hand UP, not a handout. Money needs to be spent on getting these folks back to work, or else finding other ways to deal with them if they're mentally ill.
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    I'm just surprised all to h*ll and gone that this was Nairobi, and not Sacramento!
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    OK, now I can have the shakes. I tend to stay reasonably calm and together until things are dealt with, then have an attack of nerves. Schwab was able to remount and air up the tires (tyres for those who use UK spelling), truck drives fine. No broken axels. No warped rims. Nothing out of alignment. The guy who overtuned just before the tow truck got there for me asked to use my phone to call his wife. Number is still in the Calls Made section, I'll call him in a bit to check on him.
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    Hey Mike….Thanks for remembering...It was and still is tough remembering that period! I am in Atlanta frequently..maybe we can get together sometime..I also have friends I visit in Talapoosa and Macon
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    Kind of like seeing a cowboy shooter at Walmart without their hat.
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    I think we are up to 5 attending the RO class on Thursday morning, if you are interested in attending please let me/us know so we will make sure to have enough books and pins. Should be fun, a great start to a even greater match. Getting close now, less than three weeks and counting.
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    Colt Navy 1851 conversion (made by Uberti) SNAKE GUN from "THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY" 38 special, superb condition - no more than 20 rounds fired Asking $750 Contact Coldshot 45
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    Winchester model 1906 .22 pump carbine, take down model, made in 1911. My Dad bought it for me when I was 6, and I still have it and shoot it. An amazingly tight and smooth little rifle to be over 100 years old.
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    I have a S & W Model 52 (no dash) built in 1963. I've had it since about 1980. When I pick it up, it is just a part of me.
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