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  1. 1971 and I was walking up G Row in my rubber ducky suit and I see this guy coming up to me and I'm thinking he's a Warrant Officer. He gets to me and says is your arm broke troop? I asay No Sir and give him a salute. First time I ever saw a general.
  2. When I was a lot younger, we had some Holstein feeders we kept at a property near town. We dreaded the call that they were out. They could jump a 6' fence with ease.
  3. I tried coffee once. About a week before DEROS, I went up as door gunner onour chopper and the pilot said if I didn't drink coffee, I couldn't go. I had about a 1/2 cup of coffee and the rest was cream and sugar. Got some down, but still couldn't stand it. No tea forme either.
  4. My 2012 Silverado has an ashtray, but not enough ports to plug into. Back in the early 90's, my boss bought a new F150 and was pissed because it didn't have vent windows. He was a smoker.
  5. I used to wear Hanes tighty whiteys for years. When I got older, they didn't support anything. The ads they have now, I wouldn't wear on a bet because of the weirdo doing the ad. I found some great underwear at Rural King.
  6. I used to hate those taller thrones, but now that I'm a little older, I appreciate them. We do have a window sill on the right and a shelf on the left to help me up, but we will probably upgrade in the next couple of years.
  7. Kylie. my 6 year old granddaughter asked me how I got so old.
  8. I don't smoke, but I bought a Zippo and had it engraved.
  9. A long time ago, we had a Corgi that would hide his food under rugs to eat later.
  10. Super glue is cheaper and works great.
  11. Planning on being there, Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise. Weather is looking questionable.
  12. Got a Nuclear stress test today. I've got a heart murmur They wanted to check out. I will get results next week. I was surprised, because I've been told I'm the only living person with no heart.
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