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  1. I did my CCW with single action because I was more comfortable with it.
  2. I believe she worked at Shooters Grill in Rifle, CO.
  3. 56 GMC PU with a tall boy 6 and 3on the tree. My older brother graduated in 63 and I heard from a lot of people, he outran most everyone in the county.
  4. Chance's, last check up by my Granddaughter, Kylie before he passed away last Oct.
  5. When I was a yonker, our milk was delivered from the barn. Dad hauled milk for a few years, first in cans, then bulk. I do have an Isaly's insulated delivery box.
  6. Jim Stillwagon gave me a ride when I was at Ohio State U. Had Rufus Mays with him. Also took Army physical at the same time. Really nice guy. Met Billy Etbauer at a Cabela's in Nebraska. Great guy and got my picture took with him.
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