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  1. I'll give you what a I got for an allowance-0!!!
  2. Kylie with our current rescue, Kady.
  3. Ihave a 7 yr old Grandson in Colorado, about 2500 miles, only get to see him once a year except for Facetime about once a month.
  4. I sure do and I have them Monday thru Friday. Last month at our shoot, Kylie picked brass brass for the first time. She needs supervised, but did a good job.
  5. My son lives in Eagle, CO. He had someone down the street from him that had a 49or so chevy pu. It was gone the last time I was out there. Grew up with a 56 GMC with a tall boy engine. Would love to have one.
  6. Also, when we showed horses, I had to send the Boss for breakfast, because they always screwed up my order.
  7. Five guys, then Wendys. Can't stand Mcdonalds.
  8. I retired 3 1/2 yrs. ago and it coincided with my Granddaughters birth. She was always pretty easy to take care of. 22 Months ago, she had a son. He puts everything in his mouth. Today, I put on 2.3 miles without leaving the property. He flat wore me out.
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