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  1. I tried live trapping them, they always got the bait, but never set the trap off. Chance, my Aussie took care of them. Killed 3 within a week.
  2. Had a special order at Menards. Shipped Red X. Tracking showed on way to Holiday City, DC. No movement in 10 days. Called Menards, 3 days later, in transit to Holiday City, OH. Finally came to store.
  3. Usually call them by name. Both are Aussies. Occasionally, Chance gets called DA, when he lays down right in the way. Yesterday, Kylie called him Bud when she had him on a leash. She went outside and wondered why the leash was strung out. I told her to watch and pretty soon, Chance went over and picked it up. He's also good sometimes. Within the last week, he's killed 3 coon.
  4. Thanks Rye. HE Army, 71-73. Vietnam, 71-72.
  5. Watched the show, hopefully will get free HBO to see the movie.
  6. When Kylie gets big enough to play ball, I will be there for every game. Of course, she loves CAS.
  7. Hope you don't get hung this time around. Had a dream the other night that the pistol swinger was moved out.
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