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  1. It's hard to believe there are that many people out there with that much money to spend.
  2. I made coffee once like Cary's when I was in Viet Nam. Sgt Maj Tatti did not think much of it. Tried to tell him before I started, I didn't know how to make coffee.
  3. Had to dig out my Uncle's DD214. I knew he was at the Bulge and he earned a Purple Heart. I did not know in about 11 months, he earned 4 Bronze stars.
  4. Does anyone know where you can buy canvas gun covers?
  5. Brought the Brass Monkeys in last night. Got down to 6.
  6. I would say Appaloosa because of the the mottling around the face. Apps come in all kinds of coloring.
  7. Back in the day, my Dad had a 49 1 ton Chevy and they were advertising the safety little brother on TV. My little brother decided to try it out with a hammer. It wasn't safety glass.
  8. I took my 4 yr. granddaughter to the moving wall. They had a great museum display and I was shocked at the questions she was asking me.
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