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  1. Monday, taking Kylie my Granddaughter to school, she asked me how I got so old. She told me I would need to start using a walker pretty soon. She's 6 and I'm 71.
  2. I had a 1980 Crew Cab dually. Late 80's, put a flat bed on it. When the kids drove it to school in the 90's, it was known as "The Beast"
  3. Got my 2nd one Monday @12:30. About 2 hours later, I started feeling a little off. That evening, I got sick. Was still a little off Tuesday. My arm was sore for 3 days. I didn't really wait 15 Minutes.
  4. Hard to say. Most expensive, I had a horse that broke a bone in his pastern. Had to take him to Ohio State Vet clinic. Don't remember the cost, but they did right some of it off. My daughter had a mini Aussie that was diabetic. I would hate to think of what she spent on him.
  5. I can go back to Chief Don Eagle who always lost 2 out of 3. The Wrestlin Hillbilies. Coco Brazil, The Sheik. Just the ones I can remember. My son, who is now 45, watched Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, etal. He was amazed when I told him Hulk Hogan was my age.
  6. My dad gave me an 1890 Winchester .22. It was my Grandad's on Moms side. Grandpa only had 1 son and knew he would probably sell it. It was made in 1911. It will be passed to one of my grandkids. Also bought my wife's Grandads guns. Can't remember off hand hand what they are. I do know one is .270 and one is 30-30. They are really interesting because he lost both hands in a corn picker and the forestocks are fitted for his hooks.
  7. We had a guy show up a couple of years ago at a shoot. That was the rifle he used. I wasn't on his posse so I didn't get to see it used.
  8. I did my CCW with single action because I was more comfortable with it.
  9. I believe she worked at Shooters Grill in Rifle, CO.
  10. Chance's, last check up by my Granddaughter, Kylie before he passed away last Oct.
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