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  1. Just missed being in the middle of one in 1981. We came home from a horse show that was rained out. The wife wanted to stop at the grocery store to pick something up. She came running out of the store and I rolled my window down and it was dead calm. She got in and I made a left and a right and headed south. I could see the leaves turning over behind me. She was the last one out of the store. Our downtown was destroyed. South of town, the son was shining.
  2. Alpo, You're definitely Pecular.
  3. when I was 16, I thought he was the dumbest guy on earth. It's amazing how much he learned in the next 4 years.
  4. Dumber than a steel wheeled rake.
  5. _____ You and the horse you rode in on.
  6. Just looked at mine. They are symmetrical.
  7. You can also put breaker # on back of cover plate.
  8. I'm Grandpa and the Boss is Grammy. Youngest boy calls me Papa for now, of course his vocabulary is severely limited-19 months old.
  9. I have seen both dimmer and starter button on the floor. Bought a Chevy Cavalier, first time we drove at night, couldn't figure out how to dim lights.
  10. Had a great Aunt, who had a neighbor who baked a lot. We would run to her house when we were there and get a loaf of her bread. My mom baked a lot, but it was almost always for craft shows, so we didn't get much from her.
  11. Got ours. SWMBO asked me, should we let it set. Of course I agreed.
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