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  1. Back in the day, my Dad had a 49 1 ton Chevy and they were advertising the safety little brother on TV. My little brother decided to try it out with a hammer. It wasn't safety glass.
  2. I took my 4 yr. granddaughter to the moving wall. They had a great museum display and I was shocked at the questions she was asking me.
  3. Can't believe no one has mentioned Dr. Strangelove.
  4. Chance, my Aussie coon dog passed over yesterday. Kylie, my granddaughter, misses him, but she understands he went to heaven.
  5. I tried live trapping them, they always got the bait, but never set the trap off. Chance, my Aussie took care of them. Killed 3 within a week.
  6. Watched the show, hopefully will get free HBO to see the movie.
  7. Grumpy heard about the dance and he sure hoped Calico would show up. He would love to dance with her and his Australian Shepherd, Buford really likes her. I'm kinda bashful, so I don't do well around people.
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