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  2. Leave us say I am a teenage girl who has just had a baby. And, knowing that I cannot take care of a kid, I give it up for adoption. Sign away my parental rights. It is now several years later, and I am at a point in my life that I believe I can handle a child. My kid is still in the system (because no one wants that obnoxious little brat), and I track it down and announce that I want my kid back. Do I have to adopt it? Since I signed away my rights back then, it seems like, legally, it's not my kid anymore.
  3. Rye took the front off the upright piano and proceeded to tune the old piece of junk. It was a badly out of tune and in need of some repair. He had some parts in his tool box but maybe not exactly what he needed. "Oh well, he thought, I'll do my best". After a couple hours of tuning and doing some repairs he was pretty happy with how it turned out. "Now it's time to take a ride out of town and do some target practice" he thought. He put his toolbox behind the piano and went to the stable and saddled his black stallion. He called him "Night" because he was as black as the night. He galloped out of town to a spot he liked to do some plinking with his Colts.
  4. I have a full set of prints for the 22lr Gatling gun. 1/4 scale I believe. Thats a future project
  5. With that determined look on your face, one might think that you pulled it out barehanded.....
  6. Excellent, such fine rifles. Cowboy Carty sells and excellent lever safety/ trigger spring that works extremely well and is a 100% improvement.
  7. I have a 30-40 krag and a trapdoor springfield that were military issued and could be used. So far I've only used the trapdoor for cowboy long range. I also have a SAA that's old enough but it was a commercial gun.
  8. Oops...edited. Good catch...pun intended
  9. Those little pieces of frozen water are much better if you put a couple of them in a glass and cover them with a nice single malt. Let them season a bit then sip slowly. Blackfoot
  10. Ain't that the truth! Personally, I want one of the later ones in .30-40 Krag, but that's just a preference. On the other hand, I have a vague recollection of an article in Guns & Ammo many, many years ago about a compact size Gatlin that could literally be set up on a picnic table that was chambered for .44-40. That one very well might be ideal for a whole host of reasons. If you can find one.
  11. I have a cousin who was married to a guy my older brother went to high school with. Joseph Ucker. He went by his middle name, Mark, for obvious reasons if you say it out loud. Evidently if he got called to the office in school they would use his first and last name, much to his dismay and the laughter of all the students. Something he couldn't really help, but in college I considered joining ROTC. We didn't have an ROTC unit on campus, so they would have paid for me to take classes at another school down in Columbus. When I called to inquire, the commander answered the phone "ROTC, Major Dick speaking." I couldn't speak for fear of laughing. I hung up.
  12. I don’t watch a lot of baseball any more but my very favorite plays were kids catching fly ball home runs and the interaction between the fans and the players when a foul ball popped into the stands. I have also always loved triple plays, when it didn’t happen to the Pirates.
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  14. Thanks Widder. I think this batch will be my last though. I was really excited about the new Marlins especially the carbines. Anything that makes it easier for a new shooter is a win. We spent a lot of our time and money on the box to match reviews.Gave folks factual real evidence that they fit the bill but it is drowned out by cynical people with no hands on experience who just repeat what they read somewhere in the internet. It’s been discoursging. Frankly I’ve got better things to do with the arrival of our new little one coming up followed by helping produce EOT then jumping right into planning for MI state.
  15. Now I'm going to have to be extra wary. Them Outlaws don't hug you because they like you, they do it to steal your wallet and tape a "kick me" note to your back.
  16. When I first got mine about ten years back, the Instructor said something that has always stuck in the back of my mind, "Concealed means concealed."
  17. thats the biggest mistake I see people make. expensive gun to buy and yet didn't even take into consideration it was going to cost more to feed it then buy it.
  18. Yes indeed, i hope they have a successful trip to Land Run AD
  19. You may need to tweek the lever safety spring a bit to reduce the "squeeze" pressure needed to release it. Blackfoot
  20. also, probably one of the hardest songs to learn how to play on the guitar...
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