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  1. As I said earlier , I already sent you a PM a few days ago , but no return PM , Splitthumb
  2. I've got what you are looking for , either a numbers matching 97' which is  more money or a non matching numbers 97' which is $575.00 plus $30.00 shipping & handling to your FFL from me , (a non FFL dealer . I'm from Spokane , Wash. & Coeur d Alene , Idaho , ,northwest inland area . I've been tuning 97's for over 15'yrs. , 99% of all cowboys & cowgirls shoot my tuned 97's in this part of the West . I buy ,sale & tune other shooters 97's , I can fulfill your needs , Splitthumb 

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    2. knifetoagunfight


      Thanks so much for getting back to me!  I just signed up for CASS; waiting for them to confirm my alias.  I can take my time to find the right firearms...probably won't get to shoot a practice match for another week or two and meet the local chapter.  Keep me in mind.  Ideally like I said a 20-22 inch barrel for maneuverability and takedown as I'm in an apartment and if nothing else space is limited.

    3. knifetoagunfight
    4. Splitthumb


      I cut all of my 97' barrels down to 20" , I'll keep in touch with you , later , Splitthumb

  3. Soo , what all is supposed to be done to it , when you say it has wider mods done to it . It does not look like it has been short stroked .
  4. I would be interested in buying at least 1 of the mason pins myself . Please send address , so I can send the funds , thank you , Splitthumb
  5. I would like one of these myself , I can do PayPal or what ever way I can send you the funds for one of these cool looking pins . Shoot me an address and I will send you a USPS money order , thank you , Splitthumb
  6. I PM you last night , Splitthumb
  7. Was the left side above the pistol grip split when you first got it , or did it split from the stock bolt being too loose
  8. Sorry , I would prefer Dillion dies , I plan on setting 10 mm up in my 550 Dillon
  9. I'd be interested in the 10 MM set up for a 550 dillion , Splitthumb
  10. Mike , get a hold of Jack First Gun Parts - Jack First Inc. (Marlin Parts ) in South Dakota . https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com . Splitthumb
  11. I'll take it , PM me your address , & I'll get you a USPS money order in the mail , thanks Splitthumb
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