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  1. Has there been any tuning or spring work done on them ?
  2. If you have a Fastenal in your area , they can match the thread count , and either they can order one or have one in stock
  3. What barrel length are the separate holsters for ? & what length are the belts ?
  4. Do you have the piece that broke, if so , cut 1” pieces of a wire clothing hanger , tape together , drill 1 size bigger than coat hanger down through the broken piece to the stock , mix up some epoxy , glue together and wrap with tape or surgical tubing , let epoxy set , then unwrap . You’ve just repaired your stock . Good luck
  5. Maybe I got my foot in my mouth , and I’ ll apologize for saying that your FFL is charging you more than I’d ever pay to ship or receive a long gun , My FFL dealers haven’t ever charged me more than $25. 00 . Splitthumb
  6. OMV 357 , It is an old model Vaquero? Probably , but not really typed in those particular words , it is either OMV (large frame ) or NMV ( Smaller frame ) , both manufactured by Ruger . That is quite simpler I believe , Splitthumb
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