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  1. Well there goes my 2nd place finish. La Sombra
  2. My 500 showed up yesterday! Off to reload. La Sombra
  3. @Tequila Shooter Maybe you can add to this conversation? I never anneal. But then again I shoot bottle-necked pistol cartridges. (with APP) La Sombra
  4. I was expecting XXXL shirts and waistlines for normal males. La Sombra
  5. As did I! 10 weeks not bad. Now if they would just fill my 16 month backorder for 50-70 brass. La Sombra
  6. The rifle and sight are both made by Pedersoli. Dixie is merely the importer. The rifle is top notch. As for the quality of the sight, a lot of folks change out the sight with either a MVA or Lee Shaver. The sight is good enough for our long range game. I have both the rifle and the original Pedersoli sight. No issues. As with all things, your mileage might vary. La Sombra
  7. And I’m still waiting on my order. La Sombra
  8. And I’m one of two Frontier Cartridge Duelists. I’d be happy to be in 2nd Place. La Sombra
  9. As much as I would like this, the fun fund is on tap for another firearm. However, should someone be interested in this rifle, you can get cartridges for it from https://www.lodgewood.com/Smith-Plastic-Cartridge-Case_p_211.html. GLWS LA Sombra
  10. Not worrying at all. Got my Gris-gris piece to ward off all y’all fake stuff. Gonna have to up y’all’s game. La Sombra
  11. Grafs has the brass. Buffalo Arms has the dies. Both are my goto choices.
  12. Uberti makes SAA clones and 1866/1873 Winchesters in 32-20. In my pistol rotation, I do shoot Uberti Cattlemen in that caliber. La Sombra
  13. Check out https://www.rockymountaincartridge.com/ While not cheap, they are available. As always your mileage might vary. Best of luck. La Sombra
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