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  1. I’d check with @Scarlettto find out their email address and see if she has received a similar email. La Sombra
  2. Shady….. They only accept Venmo, PayPal and something else. No credit cards appear to be accepted. I’d avoid them like the plague. La Sombra
  3. El Catorce, Keep filling up that new gun cart! BTW Mudflat Mike is GTG as both a seller and buyer! La Sombra
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^ THAT ^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Any chance that you're going to the Regulators Revenge for the Texas State BP Shoot next weekend? If so, I'd be happy to buy one box to go with my "antique" ammo collection. And yes, I do shoot 38WCF. La Sombra
  6. All, FOR SALE: Dillon 9mm carbide dies (stock #14406 presently on backorder at Dillon) never used (at least by me) $100 + shipping SPF to Mudflat Mike 41 Magnum Dillon 550 Conversion Kit NIB $40 + shipping SPF to Perro Del Diablo Complete 38-55 Lee dies (unused) Lee FCD (slightly used) and LE Wilson case length gage NIB all for $65 + shipping First "I'll take them" gets them. La Sombra
  7. @Slapshot, Saw your post on MS Gunowners regarding the Rugers. (Lucky dog.) Drop me a PM and we’ll see about getting together. I can fill you in on some good news. La Sombra
  8. I have an Uberti #3 Russian in 45 Colt. I have no idea how old it is. La Sombra
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