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  1. TS, You're safe. No one knows your sooper sekret identity. (Only the Shadow knows!)(And if you didn't see that coming, well.....) If the sale sounds too good, it is more than likely a scam. La Sombra
  2. And a good one at that! But he is obviously asking for Lady and Digging Graves. La Sombra
  3. MM, I’ll take them. PM me where and how to send the gold. La Sombra
  4. Not anytime soon for 5 or 6 pieces. Maybe for State WB?
  5. A portion of it is Latin. Jibberous, but some Latin in there. Not quite Life of Brian (From Google Translate) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed tempor and vitality, so that the labor and sorrow, some important things to do eiusmod. Over the years, I will come, who will nostrud aliquip out of her the advantage of exercise, so that stimulus efforts if the school district and longevity. Want to be a pain in the cupidatat cillum has been criticized in the Duis et dolore magna flee produces no resultant pleasure. Excepteur cupidatat not excepteur they a
  6. Hellbender, With the lovely South Louisiana liquid sunshine raining down on you folks and the threat of a "tropical" event, are you guys still good to go with the drawing? And my choice of prizes is all of them! La Sombra
  7. Thanks TS. I try to accommodate all under the shade! An older picture of me in my Wild Bunch rig, ala Vincente Fernadez, with Bibito the Wonder Corgi! La Sombra
  8. Hellbender, What AD and Tequila Shooter said! Looks great and I look forward to shooting your grand reopening! La Sombra
  9. Same guy different board with a rifle. http://levergunscommunity.org/viewtopic.php?t=22477 La Sombra
  10. I think this is link Abilene was talking about http://www.homegunsmith.com/cgi-bin/ib3/ikonboard.cgi?s=3ea2180a9524d28b528f313df0c0b662;act=ST;f=3;t=22531;st=0 28 pages of info and compliments. La Sombra
  11. I'll also take 250 pieces. Let me know how and where for the payment info! La Sombra
  12. And Dragon Hill Dave is too modest to state that he placed second in the Classic Cowboy category. He also functioned as the Assistant Posse Marshall. He keep the train running on time. BTW our 18 member posse had 9 folks who won buckles. A few others won side matches too. (I was in neither of those groups.) I had a great time there as always. Burly Bill Brocius and Asup Sleeve (Match Directors) deserve a big shout out too. La Sombra
  13. Dream Catcher you did pretty good too.
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