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  1. They are listing the .45 Colt as available now. Saw this on their website. I'm waiting for .44 Special also!!!!!!!!
  2. Those in the video were not antifa....the guy arrested was from Rapid City....locals....and they were protesting our GOV not shutting down the state, the rally, the local fair and rodeo starting this weekend. There was an arrest on the 7th....first day of the rally..... for vandalism. He was supposedly a known protester from Portland/Seattle. Haven't heard any updates on that one.
  3. Looking for a friend who has an original 76 Winchester. .45-75 Brass!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. My Dad was a member of that post back in the day...………...I remember seeing those guns in front of the Post.
  5. Hi, send check or MO to

    Richard Jones

    16992 w state hwy 29

    LLANO TX  78643


    ph 325 247 5167


    I need an 01 or C&R FFL.  Gun was made in 1901.  Thanks

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    2. calvin n. hobbes SASS #17218

      calvin n. hobbes SASS #17218

      tracking # usps





















    3. Diego Kid #4631
    4. Diego Kid #4631

      Diego Kid #4631

      Hey Calvin....got back to work and it was there!!!!!  I like it!!!!!  Looks great!!!!!  My boss that does the transfers is on an African Hunt....he left on Wed also.....will be back next week and then he'll do the transfer for me.....but....I still get to play with it at work!!!!  I just looked up my Bank account and your check was recorded as deposited and being processed.


      Thanks a lot!!!!!   Diego

  6. Shoot my pair of SASS Colts........installed lighter hammer and trigger springs.......otherwise......don't need no parts.....
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