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  1. Mine, Orthopedic also!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Endoscopic!!!!!!!! If you have that option. Recovery is faster.....as well as the surgery!!!!!!!
  3. Had it done a few years ago. Was getting bad in the right hand/arm. Surgery took 5 minutes. Was awake....yet had some good drugs so I didn't feel a thing. Was getting a lot of numbness and tingling before. No pain. They say if there's pain, you may have waited too long and damaged the nerves. Haven't had any problems since. Have minor issues with the left, but not bad enough for surgery. Went back to work the next day with a small bandage and brace. Recovery did not take long. Have no long term effects. Symptoms never returned. About a one inch incision and a couple stitches. Hope this helps.....Diego
  4. Are you talking about Ken Brooks??? I would have met him at SHOT. That's the last time I saw Bob, a few years ago at SHOT. I think Lee Forsberg was just coming on when I was leaving. The other two sound familiar, but not sure I ever met them. Darrel Holland was in school when I was there also. He did some of AGI's videos. Darrel was from San Diego as I am also originally. Left CA in 98...….and so happy where I'm at now.....and welcome to SASS. You need to join up and get yourself an alias!!!!! Take care.....Diego
  5. RMW.....I too worked for Bob!!!! Was at Lassen 77-80. Worked for Bob my last year. Gene Kelley is the student that started AGI. Was in school with him also. Sad news I found out a couple weeks ago, Bob passed in December...……Bob was the best smith I've ever known. I really started learning when I started working for him in the mornings and class in the afternoon. School gives you the basics.....you really start learning when applying those skills at a real job. Diego
  6. South Dakota....did it 22 years ago and love it!!!!!!!!!!! Western Dakota!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi, send check or MO to

    Richard Jones

    16992 w state hwy 29

    LLANO TX  78643


    ph 325 247 5167


    I need an 01 or C&R FFL.  Gun was made in 1901.  Thanks

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    2. calvin n. hobbes SASS #17218

      calvin n. hobbes SASS #17218

      tracking # usps





















    3. Diego Kid #4631
    4. Diego Kid #4631

      Diego Kid #4631

      Hey Calvin....got back to work and it was there!!!!!  I like it!!!!!  Looks great!!!!!  My boss that does the transfers is on an African Hunt....he left on Wed also.....will be back next week and then he'll do the transfer for me.....but....I still get to play with it at work!!!!  I just looked up my Bank account and your check was recorded as deposited and being processed.


      Thanks a lot!!!!!   Diego

  8. Shoot my pair of SASS Colts........installed lighter hammer and trigger springs.......otherwise......don't need no parts.....
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