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  1. I was passing a tractor trailer one time, and there was a loud BOOM, and a sudden pain in my upper chest. The trucks tire must have decapped, and a strip of rubber about a foot and a half long hit me. I managed to pull over safely, still not knowing what had happened. I thought I had been shot! Because of the boom and the sudden instant pain. When I pulled up my shirt to check the damage, I had a welt from under my armpit all the way down to my belt line. It was purple, about 2+ inches wide and was swollen up about 3/4 to an inch high. Damn, that hurt for about a week. I generally avoid passing trucks if at all possible now!!
  2. I always thought a Fendersmith was a guitar repairperson
  3. Ok, I guess I misinterpreted the format...having seen it done that way. Not that I didn't want to follow the original format...It won't happen again, thanks for pointing it out
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