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  2. In Oregon I came across some people wandering around on a logging road. A came around a turn and nearly ran over 3 of them. They had parked there car and were trying to get a signal on their cell phones. I asked them if they heard me coming and one woman said “Yes”. I asked her why they didn’t clear up and they said nothing....then it hit me and I said “You idiots think pedestrians have the right away, even on logging roads.” I didn’t wait for a response. I drove away. I figured they could find their way...though I hoped they wouldn’t.
  3. Are you crimping into a crimp groove, or into a band on the bullet? Usually crimping into groove is more secure (especially if using a hard alloy bullet). Running a hard alloy bullet, or soft? What Brinnell hardness, if you know, or what commercial supplier? If possible, try a softer bullet that better accepts roll crimping. The original bullets for all the WCF cartridges in the late 1800s were much softer than many cowboy shooter now try to use. Use as small a diameter expander button as is needed to seat the bullet without deforming it or peeling lead over the mouth of case. Some folks expand to a larger than needed diameter, then find that just the crimp itself is not strong enough to hold the bullet snugly in the case. Take advantage of the neck tension to help hold the bullet. Good luck, GJ
  4. When I shot the 32-20 I had that same problem... I switched to this bullet http://missouribullet.com/details.php?prodId=114&category=6&secondary=35 It has a "shoulder" of sorts on the bullet above the crimp groove. Hope that helps ya. If you zoom in on picture you can see it.
  5. To my dear friend Hurricane, I am so sorry to hear this! I just saw this post and it breaks my heart. Chuck was one of a kind, funny,friendly,talented, and loving. My prayers for you will continue forever. Just think—-Knifemaker, Easy Lee and Judge em All Duncan on the same posse! We will see him again!
  6. The last two weeks have been absolutely frantic! The Delaware Match was a fantastic shoot, rain be damned, and the Match Directors made a good call pushing through on Day 1. We might have needed boats for Day 2! Regardless, it was a lot of fun. Following that, I managed to get my youngest son, Pyro Dex, SASS #48566, married off this past Saturday to a great gal. No alias for her yet, but I am sure one is coming soon. So now Lil Feathers and I are "Officially" Empty Nesters, at least we will be if we can ever get their stuff out out here! But y'all didn't come here to listen to me run off at the keyboard, I'm sure all y'all want some Match Info, so here it is. As of Saturday, 19 May 2019 we have added another 14 shooters to the Mason Dixon Stampede bringing the total up to 64, and we added another state to boot bringing the match up to 13 States. Welcome to Matchlock who is joining us from New Hampshire filling in that block, so now we only need someone from Rhode Island to join the party to complete the list of the Original 13 States! Come On Rhode Island! The complete Who's Coming List is available here!
  7. Need help in getting information on a 1873 Winchester with a three digit 68_ serial no. I have copies of two letters from Winchester, Cody Firearms Museum. In the 1st letter it states 2 1/2" Target. This is absent from a later letter. Both are signed by Waddy Colvert and are two years apart. This firearm was restored by Roger Kurtz of Rogers Restoration. What does the 2 1/2 " target tell us? Does it have anything to do with the One in One Thousand standard? Who would you trust appraising such a firearm if you did want to sell it? Also the order number was different on both letters although very close. The serial no.s are the same on both letters and all other information is the same. Have little knowledge although I have heard Roger Kurtz, now retired, was excellent.
  8. Dogs are family! The loss is always heartbreaking. Sorry for the passing of your friend.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to put a copy in my outdoor supply store. I encounter so many hikers these days who think they are invulnerable because they carry a cell phone. And a large percentage have no clue about how to utilize a compass and topo map......
  10. A few years back I stopped in at our local store's diner for breakfast before going to a match. Also in town was a Renaissance Fair. There was quite a few of them and just me. We had a good time fielding questions.
  11. He was a pleasure to shoot with and more fun just to hang out with. SASS lost a real good one. Prayers for the family.
  12. I recall one of the tv spots they used to run during the bicentennial. Bicentennial Minute I think they called em. They showed the Constitution and the narrator said, ”Her decks no longer run red with blood, but she still has sides of iron”
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  14. Big echos. Just an iPhone. 10 mph breeze, big 25 acre field holds 8 traps. If I shot on the enclosed pistol range...We'll see next week in Damascus and Singing Hills, tight stages no breeze.
  15. Please report back. I'm interested in the answer. Wish it didn't have the god-awful trigger guard.
  16. Just more proof that sports figures ain’t the sharpest people on the planet.
  17. No doubt this is my favorite as well. With your permission, I'll expand on it just a bit: "Pain and damage don't end the world. Or despair, or *ing beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Stand it like a man...and give some back". Sound advice for anyone! "Ad"
  18. The rifle is swallowing bullets ,not all just some so crimp setting is not an issue on most ,so this is weak brass and the crimp setting that works on most of the brass will not hold the bullet in the WEAK BRASS . simple fix set the brass aside and move on. Rocket science this is not.
  19. It was 90 today. I took a early afternoon nap in the hammock before it got too hot.
  20. I'm sorry to hear. He, you and your family will be in my thoughts and meditations. And as J. Mark Flint suggested, if there are things that can be done, let us know.
  21. I appreciate everyone's help. It was gunk under the extractor. I removed the extractor, cleaned under it and put it back. Problem gone. Thank you Lefty Wheeler! Kit
  22. I use my dad's .30-30 too. Just a run of the mill job from the 60's. It shoots just fine to 300 yards.
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