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  1. Thanks all. I've watched all those videos and they all have one thing in common...when the bolt pin is removed from the rifle, the bolt slides back a little bit, and the entire lever and locking lug assembly slides out the bottom. On mine, it slides down about an inch and stops. Tomorrow I'll try removing the tang to see if I can get an eye on whats binding.
  2. Lumpy, that is exactly the site I was using so I’m certain that I’m doing things in the correct order. There’s gotta be a pin attached to the lever/block assy that has shifted a bit I’m thinking. NKJ was kind enough to reply to my questions but can’t diagnose without rifle in hand. The struggle continues....
  3. So I have a 16" .357 Rossi 92 that I picked up very cheap. For good reason though....the previous owner used it roughly and it has some scratches all over the bluing. To "clean it up" he coated all the metal surfaces with some sort of black finish. With a rag, solvent, and elbow grease, I've removed all the black coating but it seems to have acted like Loc-Tite on all the screws. I'm trying to disassemble the rifle, and am stuck: I got the buttstock tang screw off no problem. I got the bolt pin stop screw out, and tapped the bolt pin out. I tried to pull the lever and locking bolts out of the bottom, but this assembly gets stuck about 3/4 of the way out and won't budge. The previous owner must have had the same problem because it looks like he tried to remove the lockng bolt stop pin screw and hamfisted it. The screw is a little buggered and won't budge. I soaked it with kroil, tapped it with a hammer, heated it, and cursed at it...it's still stuck tight. So now I can't strip and clean this thing. Anyone had a similar issue? The locking bolts feel like they are hanging up on the left (saddle ring) side of the receiver.
  4. Thanks for the offers but I found a nice little 16" Rossi the other day. Thread closed!
  5. My 15 and 13 year old sons and my 11 year old daughter all like to shoot. It'll get passed around plenty. Bump. Still looking
  6. Darn it, I hadn’t even thought of that!
  7. I'm not "jumping in" to anything here, my friend. I was poking fun at myself for sitting on a pile of brass, and using my good fortune as an opportunity to buy a rifle that will be used by me (and my two sons) as a fun range toy. Now....what do you want for your Rossi that you upgraded from?
  8. Good evening folks, I have a dilemma...I was recently given 500 pieces of .38spl brass and 500 pieces of .357 brass. The problem is that I don't own a .357 pistol or rifle and my only .38 is a 1942 Victory. I also don't own a lever action yet. The obvious solution here is to get a Rossi 92 or something similar! I do have a ton of 45lc and 44mag brass for my pistols though - so now economics comes into play. I definitely need a lever gun, and I cast and reload for either 45lc, 44mag, or 38/357. Does anyone here have a blue collar, ugly, but functional lever action rifle that needs a new home? Any of the above pistol calibers would be fine, but 38/357 would be preferred. Barrel length between 16-20 inches. No Henrys please. I don't like loading tubes. I would even be OK with a gun that needs a little work to smooth out. I can pay cash, PP, MO, and have the following trade bait: Italian BP 1861 .44 Ruger 10/22 in Tapco stock with budget scope Ruger Single Six .22/22mag Glock 23 Gen 3 .40
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