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  1. Actually he was somewhat right about the Corvair. It could be truly unstable. We studied it during my vehicle dynamics class in engineering school. It was built as a performance car and thus had true 50/50 weight distribution. Because of this you had to run tire pressures higher in the rear than the front to ensure the car would not go into true oversteer. If you didn’t do this, it could become unstable and spin out from a steering input at speed. Most cars simply won’t do this as the weight bias is so much to the front, no amount of change In tire pressure will get the car into an uns
  2. Actually moved to another state in the Midwest. Have a house, drivers license, etc, but can’t get in state hunting privileges even though I don’t have them in any other state as colorado cancels them once you get a new dl from another state.
  3. Wasn’t a issue for me. Just brought the required paperwork and done. Has been harder to get in state hunting privileges than getting my dL. They want proof of income, hard to do when you don’t work.
  4. Ridgid is the mid level brand from TTI, they also own Ryobi and Milwaukee. It’s niche in the marketplace is lower cost professional grade tools. Ryobi is the low cost, homeowner tool and Milwaukee is the quality above all else brand. Most of their stuff is good, probably made in China, but to USA specs, not just a China rebadge.
  5. If the numbers are correct, there are approximately 100 million magazines with more than 10 rnds and 30 million ar’s in the USA. Just the time alone required to process 130 million applications make it unworkable. Will they really lock up 10, 20k of protestors who show up holding magazines? Where will the put them all? Then you get into the fact the ar platform is like Legos. Ban semi autos, pretty easy to convert it to a bolt gun or if it’s a California style ban, it just becomes featureless. The guns won’t be registered or get turned in. They will still sell ar’s legally
  6. High speeds also draw a lot more energy. Cold at highway speeds drop range to less than half of the range on a summer day in town. A very real issue. I have had an EV for almost 4 years and 70,000 miles. My next car probably won’t be electric. While it was a lot cheaper to drive, about $.02 per mile and had good performance, I can’t get the winter range and body style desired in today’s offering for less than $100k.
  7. Glocks can easily be converted to full auto. There is a patent for a part that goes on the back of the slide to be switchable. Supposedly some of the air soft glocks were so correct you could use the part from the air soft to convert a regular Glock. I have never seen it done and do not own any glocks, so I have never looked to see how they work. I have seen the patent, so I do know it exists, but don’t remember the details.
  8. I too did a square load with 7/8 oz shot. I have a lot of different wads and just sorted through until I found one that had the right stack height. One bag should last quite a while as we don’t shoot much compared to other shotgun sports. there is a lot of wad buildup in the barrel. After about 25 shots mine had hair balls of plastic coming out during cleaning.
  9. Then in the end is the cost worth it? Somewhere around 30 million ar’s out there. I think that’s low, but it’s a number people throw around. Even at $1k each, that’s 30 Billion to buy them all back. That’s $85 per person in the USA. granted a buy back/confiscation would have a huge non compliance, so it’s somewhat moot.
  10. Use the claybuster 3/4 oz wad and the lowest published load. In my target gun a 3/4 oz at 1250 has almost no kick, had trouble with the inertia triggers until I cleaned it. The 3/4 wad is just like the 7/8 from the outside, but it has a bump on the inside of the shot cup to account for the 1/8 oz less shot. Load data http://www.claybusterwads.com/images/loaddata/CB0175-12.pdf
  11. That’s why I am leaving Colorado. Too much traffic, too many people. Hard to do the things I moved there to do. Recreational pot has tripled the homeless population. Definitely gone down hill rapidly over the last 5 years.
  12. Yep, knife run away. Gun, if close, run to them. What most people don’t realize is inside 15 ft most people can’t draw a weapon and fire faster than you can run at them. most movies get it wrong when they walk people at gunpoint. If you are within arms reach you will be disarmed before you can pull the trigger.
  13. based on what isn’t working now and the fact that the bomb broadcast a warning, I suspect that whomever is responsible wanted to damage infrastructure and not kill people. It appears they were successful.
  14. In most cases they are indeed just short stocks. Problem is, until recently it was hard to get a SBR tax stamp. Now it’s simply time consuming. I think average wait is about 11 months. It also comes with some legal responsibilities. If people were allowed to own sbr’s like in Canada there would be little use for a arm brace.
  15. A rifle (meaning a shoulder fired weapon with rifled barrel) with a barrel less than 16 or a total length less than 26”. Different than a pistol which is designed to be used single handed.
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