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  1. I have used black mz in 180g 44 spl loads. To take up the space I used 1/4” thick felt wads. Otherwise as you go lighter bullets you load way more powder. Worked well.
  2. This will be interesting to see how it plays out. In the two states I am familiar with CO and IA, deadly force is not allowed for defending property. The question will become, at what point did the situation go from defending property to defending ones life. imho if the cops were doing their job, ie keeping the peace this would not happen. I also understand how today’s political climate has tied their hands. I expect we will see more of these confrontations if looters and rioters are allowed to continue unchecked.
  3. Actually it probably plays to the base quite well. I know plenty who live in coastal big cities who think those are all good ideas. There is a big divide between rural America and the coastal cities. I am just not sure which group has more voters.
  4. Black powder coffe and loyal coffee both do a great job. Highly recommended.
  5. depends on the store. I have been in one or two that sell complete 30 rnd mags. Last winter, pre Covid, went to a gun show and they had assembled 30rnd mags out for sale. The Leo there wasn’t doing anything about it. It was El Paso county, so it tends to be more conservative.
  6. Spent 4 days cutting trees last week and have two more scheduled this week. Unfortunately I am not in the minority. Just glad I have the tools to help out.
  7. I would say we really don’t have anything substantially different to treat this that what existed in 1918. We can treat infected people better, but we don’t have greatly improved tools for stopping the spread. It might have been possible in the beginning. By contact tracing, bu that ship has sailed. I would also argue that without a vaccine, there is no way to stop most people from getting it. All the social distancing and mask wearing simply slower the spread, ie how many people have it at once. It doesn’t make it go away or stop it’s spread, just slow down how fast it spreads. Looking at the data from 1918 it appears places that had fast spread initially actually had fewer total cases that those that slowed the spread. I would guess that we will be living with this for another year or two until either a vaccine is released or enough people have had it to finally stop the spread through natural immunity.
  8. I tried trail boss and go a lot of squibish loads. Not true squibs, but off sounding. Was loading below published load data. Just shot a match loaded with red dot. Worked much better. No off sounding loads. Going to try unique next as it fills the case better than red dot.
  9. Usually the crime in bootlegging occurs when you enter a different state as the new state tax has not been paid. But it really depends on the state. Iowa only allows importation of one bottle of hard liquor. Colorado allows you to pay the state tax on imported liquor making it legal for personal use. About $.43 per bottle. If you resold it now you would be the importer and need a license. Most states are up to 2 bottles tax free.
  10. The best route as mentioned above is to make it featureless. Ie no pistol grip. One of the other options is a kit that replaces the bolt and makes it single shot. Then it’s not a semi auto and none of the crazy laws apply. If you move to a different state, then just fit a normal semi auto bcg.
  11. Yes, it can be done legally. Really depends on the state. South Dakota is a common state to register vehicles from outside states. Commonly used by RV people who don’t have a permanent address. other states will allow out of state residents to register, but usually require an address. if you own a second home it’s possible to register cars and boats to that address while not being a resident of that state. military are one of the other big exceptions as they can register in their home state even if deployed in another state.
  12. Clays should work fine for light 12ga loads. International is too slow. Claybuster makes a 7/8 oz wad and a 3/4oz wad, either of those should give a nice low recoil load. What hull are you using? AAHS? Or Remington one pc?
  13. Distances to target are different. Skeet is shorter distances, so pattern density is better with 9’s and still enough energy to break targets. Most would argue 7.5 for handicap trap. For 16 yardline, 8’s are fine.
  14. the stink of weed is everywhere in Colorado and you are not alone in finding it annoying. Between that and the liberal politics, I am glad to be leaving soon. Will miss the weather.
  15. Any muff is effected by the bow of glasses. Causes a slit leak. Those with softer cups are effected less. An interesting phenomenon in large energy impulse noise, ie explosions, muffs have been shown to be lifted off the head by the pressure waves.
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