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  1. Gunshots have a lot to do with it. Also there is a biological component. People do not respond the same to sound pressure levels. For one person a spl of 135db might cause a loss and for another a spl of 145 might not cause a loss. What this means is when exposed to the same noise, some will loose hearing others won’t. The best thing to do is to limit your noise exposure. Save the hearing you have because it won’t grow back.
  2. Having worked at one of the largest ear mold labs in the country, I have been told the same thing by the staff audiologists. Sooner you get hearing aids if needed the better. Hearing aids simply work by amplifying the sounds you can’t hear. If you go too long without hearing those sounds the brain looses the ability to hear those sounds and you never get it back. Unfortunately most wait far too long and it limits the effectiveness of hearing aids. she is correct the losses from noise exposure are caused by damage to the silia. They look like little trees and exposure to loud
  3. Usually constitutional carry is when anyone who is constitutionally allowed to carry (ie not a prohibited person)to carry without any permitting. Not that it’s in the state constitution. Yes it’s a law so it can be repealed. It is possible that the Supreme Court could change this with a case this year, but I expect they won’t go as far as creating national constitutional carry. Imho I expect the best case is that every state will have to be shall issue and not may issue.
  4. Book was much better. They just didn’t get the twist right in the movie or the Easter egg on the 6.5 bullets. A perfect intro to the Third Bullet story.
  5. Just picked up some cci 41’s this week for $55/k. Starting to get back in stock and prices are getting better. I expect it should continue to improve unless there is another event to push up demand.
  6. Iowa used to take them back at any store that sold them. Was a good deal when we were kids. Made a lot of $$. Now there are specific recycle centers. Not worth the time or effort anymore.
  7. They banned it by name and dimensions for 50 bmg only. Californians still shoot 50 bmg, but it’s in a 50 dtc chambering. Slightly different shoulder so 50 bmg won’t chamber, but ballistically the same round. Doesn’t effect muzzle loader or say a 50-110.
  8. I guess I run a bit hotter than most on here. I like 7/8 oz at 1250. Works well for sporting clays and sass. If I remember right it’s 17.5g, rem or win primer, rem or win aahs hull, down range xxl wad in rem hulls, duster wads green duster in aahs hulls. I like how the 1 oz wads fit in the aahs hull as they seem a bit shorter than the compression formed aa’s and rem hulls.
  9. Imho It’s not just about money. It’s about making it hard to do. Last I checked it was 11+ months to get a sbr approved. I imagine several hundred thousand applications should speed up that wait time. It also means you can no longer take that gun between states without prior approval unless it’s converted to a legal configuration, either pistol or rifle depending on what it was before it was a sbr.
  10. If you pay $200 you can have a real stock as it’s a sbr. The arm brace is a way to get around making it a sbr.
  11. You need more than compression to get proper protection from impulse noise like gun shots. Most people have hearing aids that are open to the atmosphere as the sound is more natural. These will not provide any protection from impulse noise. You need a sealed earmold to get protection. Unless you have a severe or low frequency loss, they probably won’t be sealed. the better choice is to have a set of custom plugs from esp, etc and have them tuned to your loss.
  12. I would like to read his ruling. He previously overturned the 10 round mag ban on quite solid grounds. His opinions seem to be written with a clear understanding of law and previous cases like heller. They are not based on emotion or activism, but rule of law.
  13. Realize that golden boys have a different stock dimension than all the blued ones. More drop at the comb, so shoulder both before deciding. The golden boys sure are pretty.
  14. I don’t think I am giving anything away here as you can call Widder and he will tell you how to do it. It’s simply a small pc of plastic rod about 1/4” diameter and .248-.250” long. You place it on top of the trigger housing where the lever hits at full extension. It should be a snug fit so it doesn’t bounce out. Widder uses 10-22 bolt buffers, I used delrin rod that I turned on a lathe. Only down side I see is it has to be removed to remove the lever. I suppose you could drill a hole in the right spot in the receiver and insert the stop from the outside and I may do that at some poin
  15. They work ok. Nice as you can just set the phone on it. Also no apple chip, so they are cheap compared to a real apple cable. Only down side is you have to get the phone in the right spot or it won’t charge. They might not charge as fast, but that has not been an issue with my 11 pro. Lots of battery life.
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