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  1. 44 spl works fine. I use it and load light. Sub 200g loads. Problem really is finding suitable guns chambered in 44 spl. 44mag is more common and you can shoot spl in mag chambers, but imho not ideal. In revolvers, a 44spl is a shorter cylinder than a 44 mag. Unfortunately there were few 44 spl vaqueros made. Even the blackhawks with plow handles are not a catalog gun. Uberti has done a few runs of 1871 open tops. I shoot a Marlin 94 and it cycles spl rounds fine, but it did need some tweaking. I have found a few 66’s in 44 spl, but no 73’s. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, just means I have never had one in my hands that was for sale.
  2. Not sure if it’s still a thing, but civil engineers in the late 70’s used to build and race concrete canoes. All jokes aside, it is possible and even fairly easy to build boats with concrete.
  3. It has a big effect. Cold batteries don’t like to be charged or discharged fast, this means charge times on cold batteries are 2-3x as long to prevent damaging the battery. Range also drops significantly with temperature. Can be a 30-50% reduction for very cold conditions. Heat doesn’t seem to effect range, but kills battery life. Ask Nissan how well air cooled batteries work in Arizona in the summer.
  4. I thought crows are hunted and have a season. I have read a few accounts of crow hunting, not so easy to hunt as they are quite smart.
  5. As pointed out by rooster we could easily run small generators for power generation. We don’t do that as it’s more efficient to have big power plants. In the case of coal or natural gas plants, it’s easier to control emissions from one source instead of many. In Colorado the last time I checked, an ev was about as clean as a gas car getting 36 mpg. So drive a car that does better than that and there is no break even point. Really depends on your grid source. Also many times the comparisons are disingenuous as they compare an ev, that if gas would get about 40 mpg vs a “standard” car that gets mid 20 mpg. The only ev made that has a body type that would be mid 20’s is the new lightning and they were just released. the problem with solar and charging cars is they need huge amounts of energy. I routinely used 45+kwh per day for charging two cars. Also they are not at home when the sun is shining. They are sitting in a parking lot somewhere. Without a huge battery, there is no easy way to use the solar at its point of generation. At best most people offset usage, ie provide energy to the grid during the day and draw out at night. That does mean once the grid is fully utilized at night for ev charging, there will be lots of ng or coal plants running as wind and solar don’t work well at night. This will increase emissions.
  6. Honestly a lot of the power companies don't want the power. My local company had a peak time from 5 pm to 10 pm. That was when they had to buy power at higher rates. Solar does little to provide power during this time. So it doesn’t offset any peak demand. why should they pay a high price for power than is actually cheap for them. Average rate was $.12/kwh. It should not be equal pay for a kwh generated off peak vs used on peak. At best a consumer who supplies power to the grid should get wholesale off peak pricing and pay peak rates for what they use (net) during peak time. I was on a plan where I paid the actual rate, so on peak $.28/kwh and off peak $.064. Was great as I could charge my cars during off peak and my electric bill was quite low for the amount of power I used.
  7. Buffer retaining pin is simply to make take down easier. Not required for function.
  8. My understanding is a single high potency male plant will “ruin” a whole field of hemp. It turns it all into thc containing plants and when tested, will fail testing. Used to be quite common to find it as ditch weed due to being a commercial crop during ww2. Not sure it is anymore as ag has changed due to the price of corn. They plant any ground they can now. We did run across a patch one summer detasseling back in the 80’s. The stoners on the crew picked and smoked it. I have also heard stories of guys picking it by the garbage bag full in Nebraska. Said it mostly just gave them a headache.
  9. Also realize that they are electric powered and the “riders” are doing nothing to make it go. Saw one last weekend, went by loaded with people, then 10 min later it drove by empty. All an illusion. the “driver” is the one who has control, the bar patrons look like they are pedaling, but are really just hanging out.
  10. My lgs says he can’t get revolvers. Seems the mfg are turning out plastic guns as fast as possible and don’t want to waste time on guns that take more time. Hence no sxs or revolvers. They take more time to build.
  11. It’s more like a glove. I have seen them. Called the cold finger.
  12. I have seen a few triples in the us. Usually at night and for mail or packages. They are short trailers, so not sure they hold a lot more than one big trailer, but may be easier to get one trailer to a specific distribution center without unloading a partial.
  13. Illinois does in a way. You have to have a foid card to be in possession of a firearm. I believe New York and Massachusetts have to have permits as well to possess firearms. California is interesting as you don’t have to register any firearms, but I believe you can’t buy ammo for a gun they don’t know you own. Also if you move into the state (not sure why anyone would) with firearms you do have to register them. So it’s a sort of have to register.
  14. Dog will drink water that can kill them. Search for green algae and dogs. Seems it is poison to them and can be quite a hazard in modern suburbia.
  15. While VV list some cowboy loads in their data, I suspect what you want is well off the low end of their charts. Will probably have to work up loads using a chronograph and known data.
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