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  1. Same as in Colorado. Water boiled at 200 at our house. I just set my kettle for 199 so it would reach boiling. Worked fine for pour over, although extraction might be slightly different. Run the kettle at 205 now at a lower elevation.
  2. Looks like a vehicle from a bad (B) sci-fi movie. Saw a few in person on my last trip to CA.
  3. I tried some unique loads, found it was a bit quick. I did work up some lighter loads using 2400 and 5744. 20.5g of 2400 under a maker 500g Rex, gives 1050 ish.
  4. There are a whole range of 444 based wildcats from JD Jones, 375, 358, 338, and 309. Had no heard of a 40 cal version. The JDJ wildcats all used the Marlin case to get similar performance to 308 based rounds, but in a rimmed case and low enough pressure to be safe in a contender.
  5. Try ammo seek. Imho keep away from Hornady ftx ammo as the brass is shorter to deal with that bullet.
  6. Rugers should work ok. Imho I use open tops for FC as they were designed for black powder and it’s a lot easier to clean the barrels on them than a top strap revolver.
  7. Realize that the golden boy has a different stock angle than the other Henry rifles. It has a lot more stock drop. I got one and didn’t realize this. Sold it right away and got a hex barrel blued rifle as it fit much better.
  8. I believe you mean prohibited and yes it is, but I am 100% sure it’s being done. There are so many records that they have to digitize them and once digital I am sure there is a database of who owns what.
  9. If it was originally sold on a 4473, which all guns are for the first time. The next sale may be private and if used in a crime, will be traced to the original buyer who sold it. This is a push to make sure every transaction is recorded on a 4473 so it can be scanned and a database built of who owns what.
  10. I have 3 scrap brass that I will send you for cost of shipping. One has a shoulder dent, the other two are not perfect necks. Would work fine for your project.
  11. Used to, just sold off the last of my brass and powder. It’s an expensive round to load. Might have a single brass left.
  12. While a good animation, it leaves out the critical button that causes the lifter to go up on the return stroke. The action is there, but it doesn’t show how the parts interact to make it happen.
  13. Quite possible. You can see if the firing pins are proud of the breech face. Also you may see marks from them dragging when you close it. Had a 28 ga that did this horribly and had to have the pins ground shorter.
  14. I too don’t use self checkout unless forced, ie no checkers at all. I did learn that self checkouts have an inherent flaw. They look for an items weight on the scale under bagging. If you put lots of weight on the scale, it becomes overloaded and no longer checks each item. This can be helpful if you don’t want to deal with putting everything on the bagging area. Just load the bag area up with a few water jugs, then it’s essentially disabled and no more messages that you skipped bagging.
  15. I had a on demand 15 years ago and hated it. Took forever to get hot water, then would get a slug of cold if you stopped for even a second. It froze one winter and we went back to a tank. They take a ton of energy as it’s hard to heat the water quickly without lots of heat. This is why tank heaters work. Small heater, longer time to heat the water. if I was to do it again, I would try an on demand with a small tank as those are supposed to address the slugging issue and long heat up times. Also my new house is a better location as gas on demand need to be close to a outside wall. They can have to use special exhaust vents due to the high heat.
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