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  1. Probably more to do with them not paying to be tested. I believe it requires several guns and $$ to get on the roster and then it’s for each model number. Small mfg just ignore ca.
  2. California confiscates about 40k guns per year. They have a law enforcement division dedicated to confiscation from people who have become “prohibited “. They can do it because they have a registry. Some states that would be a lot harder as there is no official registration. I expect some of the reason for the new 4473 is to make it easier for an ocr system to create a data base by scanning. 100% background checks are the only way to create a registry. Given enough time most guns will be transferred and thus there will be a record that it exists and who should own it. Right now that’s not the case most places. I expect if a registration bill is pushed through there will be massive noncompliance.
  3. I agree that too many categories dilutes the pool for each one. I run into this with other sports as well. I think it is more a function of how our society is shifting and that there are fewer competitors. I often hear “we have too many classes” as a cry when each class only has a few competitors. Why not go back to only x number like we used to when we had lots of people in each class. The problem is the total number is down. Fewer classes won’t fix it. Btw I have never heard the too many classes as a sass match, but I have at Rc car racing, sailing, motorcycle races. Not a unique problem. In enduro’s we have age categories and they often get harder with age. This is because very few start riding or racing at 50+. If you are still doing it, it’s because you were once pretty good. Occasionally a fast old guy will drop down and spank the young guys, but imho that’s ok. The old age classes were put in place to let those who are not as fast as they once were due to age to still have a place to complete on equal terms. So the 20 something classes are fastest, then the 50’s, then 30/40.
  4. The big change was from nimh, to lithium. That made a huge difference in weight, self discharge, and life. Interestingly Ridgid and ryobi (both owned by TTI) are the only products that have not changed battery mounting. This allows older tools to be updated to new batteries. Really helps as all my old batteries are dead, but the tools are not. We are guessing that most mfg change battery interface regularly to keep the aftermarket from making copy batteries. They patent the mount so it can’t be copied.
  5. Actually you can charge on 110, it just takes forever. Max charge current at 110 is 12 amps, or 1400w. That’s 1.4kw/hr and for the big Tesla’s which are 100kwh packs, that would take around 75 hrs to charge. If batteries get cheap enough, electric cars will be viable for the masses for most driving. They still suck for long distance and cold weather. Having lived with a EV for going on 3.5 years, they are nice when used within their capabilities. It is nice having a fast car that costs $.02/mile to drive. I also have my diesel and gas cars for trips and hauling.
  6. This guy has been predicting it for 10 years and says it gets worse. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/12/can-history-predict-future/616993/
  7. Verles hunting and fishing in Manchester ia had a set when I was in last week. He does ship.
  8. My understanding is the manufacturer defines if it’s a pistol, rifle, or other. The ffl can’t change the classification. I have made sure and purchased only pistol frames for my contender/encore frames so it can be built in any legal configuration. Would hate to have a rifle frame that would get built as a pistol by accident.
  9. One thing about zinc air batteries, ie hearing aid batteries. They only last about 2 weeks after activation. Doesn’t really matter how much they are used either. If you use them daily then it matters on battery size, but if it’s a day here and then maybe next weekend, battery size has almost no bearing on how long they function.
  10. I have Westone defend ear, Not quite as good of protection as straight solid plugs. I would guess that’s true of all electronic plugs if you compare nrr. They are nice as the electronic modules are a separate unit from the actual ear plug. Allows you to swap out modules in event of a failure also allows new plugs to be purchased without electronics. They have a quick enough response that I can easily hear the ding. I offer can hear a tick on the edge that other counters miss. I prefer electronic muffs over solid plugs, but they don’t work so well with a cowboy hat. Also our cowboy loads tend to be quieter than regular range work.
  11. In colorado, not allowed to purchase a gun or have a ccw even with a medical card. It is specifically clarified on the ccw application. Although this is completely ignored. No enforcement, so it doesn’t really seem to matter.
  12. really depends. On an old 300D in hot summer weather, probably. On a newer CR TDI, nope. The high pressure injectors don’t work as well with plant based oils. The pressures cause issues. Also viscosity will be an issue. Many setups that ran straight vegetable oil had a preheater and would start and end trips on regular diesel. Looked into it 15 years ago, but it seemed like a lot of work even when diesel was $5/gallon. Now with the newer CR systems they have issues with more than 15-20% bio diesel let alone straight oil.
  13. We have a guy who runs one. I have seen it go through a few matches without issue, but it lost a firing pin at the last match and he wasn’t able to repair it. Turns out it wasn’t the first time that had happened.
  14. Colorado was running about 24 hrs 2 weeks ago.
  15. Western images leather works Google search will bring it up.
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