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  1. If it hadn’t been California, would it have even been a crime? Looked like the only charges were for having illegal weapons. Most states you could own those guns and magazines with no issues.
  2. Pretty sure there have been many reports of springs being interchangeable and I think I have read at least one instance of a trigger/hammer swap as well.
  3. Brownells has bare lowers on sale for $36. Might be worth getting a few to have around while you decide what you want to build. As others have mentioned the AR platform is sort of like legos. Can be built into most anything, many choices of calibers and ballistics. Get one of each a 15 and a 10, then you can build more options.
  4. Based on what it takes to change a ar to a m16, no way the AR cycles faster. The only two parts required, besides machining space in the receiver is a hammer with a tail and the disconnecter. On the M16 the hammer is released prior to the bolt fully closing, can’t see how pulling the trigger can be any faster.
  5. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a solution for mass killings. They occur in countries that have virtual bans on guns and are done with different tools. A gun is simply a tool used by someone who wants to do harm to a large group of people. It does happen to be effective as that what guns were designed to do. No one ever addresses the root cause of why the person wanted to do it. Until that happens mass killings won’t stop. Here is an example of a mass killing done without guns, In one of the town I visited in China (Xiamen) a passenger simply walked on a bus with a plastic bag filled with gasoline, dumped it in the bus and lit it. Burned it to the ground killing 30-40 people. It wasn’t a one off incident. Proving removing tools simply leads people to use other tools that are available.
  6. Honestly if I was going to start and had nothing in any caliber already, 38 special would be the round of choice for rifle and revolvers. Cheap to shoot and many choices of guns. As far as what guns, get out to a shoot first, then decide.
  7. Going to get a copy. Last one I read was the third bullet. Great job on that one as well and it could have been possible. It was interesting that he had left clues for that book all the way back in point of impact.
  8. Most places you have to be beyond the 3 mile limit to dump waste. Holding tanks are required, but it’s not enforced well. Most marinas with live aboards also have facilities on shore that they can use.
  9. Adding the saw blade does change the timing. It advances it slightly which seems to be needed for some guns. The best fix is to weld it up or add an insert of tool steel.
  10. Just swapping to a lighter trigger return spring makes a big difference. Cheap and easy to install.
  11. It may work if most of the charging is done at night where there is a lot of excess capacity. If everyone charges during the day, the grid can not handle it today. Imho the bigger challenge for wide spread adoption is winter range. It can easily be 30-40% lower than summer range. Also quoted range is not at highway speeds and you are lucky to hit quoted range in summer at 75mph. In winter it can be half, so a 300 mile range suddenly becomes 150 at 0deg and 75 mph.
  12. Around here everyone figured out Black MZ was a steal and it sold out. Going to work up loads of Blackhorn 209 once I run out of black mz.
  13. It makes it so you don’t have to do the click, click, click, bang when you don’t cock the hammer fully. If you slip while cocking the trigger, it only falls to half cock and can be recocked without rotating the cylinder. Also the kit makes the trigger slightly better.
  14. Glass is one place you get what you pay for. I also found that with better glass say $1k+ you don’t need as much magnification which helps for longer ranges. My kowa with a 25x was much better than an old bushnell at 60x. Lower magnification is less effected by mirage.
  15. The plugs mentioned in the first post work by using the small orifice theory. Essentially the sound waves can’t fit through a small hole once they get big enough. Ie the air becomes too viscous and can’t be pushed through the hole. There is a good paper on how they work along with test data from explosive testing. They do reduce sound, but the amount of reduction varies depending on the sound level. Even at maximum attenuation they do NOT offer enough protection for shooting sports. Fine for a hunter who does 1 shot, but not enough for 100’s or 1000’s a shooter is exposed to in a day at the range. For best protection use plugs with muffs over the top. That gives about 45-50db of protection. Use electronic muff to help bring back the ability to hear line commands. Plugs alone top out around 30 dB and with the skill most people use for insertion they only provide about 15 dB of protection.
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