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  1. Distances to target are different. Skeet is shorter distances, so pattern density is better with 9’s and still enough energy to break targets. Most would argue 7.5 for handicap trap. For 16 yardline, 8’s are fine.
  2. the stink of weed is everywhere in Colorado and you are not alone in finding it annoying. Between that and the liberal politics, I am glad to be leaving soon. Will miss the weather.
  3. Any muff is effected by the bow of glasses. Causes a slit leak. Those with softer cups are effected less. An interesting phenomenon in large energy impulse noise, ie explosions, muffs have been shown to be lifted off the head by the pressure waves.
  4. Used to work in the custom ear plug industry. Did a lot of testing and research. The best protection is muffs over plugs. To hear, the muffs should be electronic. The reason this setup works best is the muffs cover your mastoid bone which is unprotected with plugs alone. This setup will give 40-50 db of protection. for single protection, for most people the best is foam plugs. This is true for me. The big “but” is most people don’t wear them deep enough to work effectively. If you can clearly hear speech with them in, they are not working correctly. Don’t buy them by published nrr, buy them by how they fit in your ears. Some ear shapes simply won’t work well with foam plugs. They either won’t seal or they will work out over time. Typical nrr when worn correctly is 30. When worn poorly, maybe 15. custom plugs are great for hard to fit ear shapes. They do not offer quite as much protection as foam plugs. Usually in the mid to high 20’s. For people who can’t make foam plugs work they are a better choice. They also tend to offer better comfort. For me they need long canals. That means any of the home molded ones are completely ineffective for me.
  5. It’s not hard. You have to mill a pocket and drill 3 holes. A billet lower or a fixture make it easier. The trick is being able to clamp it in the mill. You don’t need a fixture for a billet as they are more square making it easier to clamp in a vice. For forged lowers it’s harder to clamp as many of the surfaces are not flat. I would not attempt it without a mill. You could use a router, but it won’t be nearly as nice as one done on a mill.
  6. The effects I have witnessed here in CO are the homeless population has almost tripled in size due to legal marijuana. Also I see many more people using it as it’s now legal. I would be interested to see updated statistics now that recreational has been legal for a lot longer. The legalization has changed the public perception and I expect kids are using in higher numbers.
  7. this. Remington hulls are known for having plastic in the primer hole. I luckily bought a bunch of rem primers when they were cheap and use them without issue. The best fix to use Winchester primers is to ream the primer pockets before use. Forget the drill size, but a search should turn it up.
  8. They are/were at the shop in Manchester Iowa, only shop in town. I didn’t get one as I like the bobed hammer and beaver tail safety. Would still like a colt model 70 in ss, in 38 super.
  9. my local shop has/had two of those in the case.
  10. The 38 super is just a 45 length 9mm. It fits perfectly in a 1911. One of my favorite rounds in a 1911. Star line makes brass, so it’s easy to get.
  11. The whole issue with property values rising and causing people to be forced from their homes is something that will become an issue in more places even without gentrification. Was a big issue in California in the late 70’s and prop 13 was passed to deal with it. It caused a lot of unintended problems. People ended up getting stuck in big houses because they couldn’t afford the taxes on a small one. I expect this will be an issue all states will have to address eventually. When property values rise much faster than inflation it’s easy to force people out of their houses. It’s happening now in Colorado. The house I bought 20 years ago has doubled in value and so have the property taxes. Luckily my income has gone up more.
  12. I believe the trigger words podcast covers guns as gifts, episode 5. Done by a firearms attorney.
  13. As I understand it, you can legally buy it for her as a gift. The rub is if she does not live in the same state to transfer it to her it has to go through a ffl in her state. That would make it easier to just have her purchase it as she will have to do a transfer anyway. If you want to pay, consider calling a gun store in her home state and see if they sell gift certificates. Then simply buy one for her and let her purchase the gun and she is the owner on the 4473.
  14. True, but in Iowa it is allowed if someone is attacking you in a vehicle or trying to remove you by force. Was just posted by a local gun shop with the actual statute.
  15. 44 special is one of the rounds that has NOT been hotrodded in factory rounds. So any factory round should be safe to shoot. Just don’t try any Ruger only loads or skeeter loads as they will be too hot. personally I like to load full length rounds if possible. Ie use a 44 spl, but load it light. I have been using a 180 tc bullet from Penn bullets. I have down loaded it to below start loads and can still make the required velocity and pf. I have also loaded the same bullet with Black MZ (rebranded APP) with a 1/4” felt .410 spacer to help slow it down.
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