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  1. Spotting scope is not a place to skimp. Good glass really makes a difference. I bought a kowa many years ago and am glad I did, it is far easier to use than the cheap scope I had and it’s significantly lower power.
  2. Academy sports has marlin 94 cowboys in 44 for about $700. Yes, it’s a remlin, but a spring kit, firing pin, and some cleanup resulted in a good shooting gun. Lots of information out there how to slick up a marlin. To cure the possibility of the marlin jam, I soldered in a pc of tool steel to the lifter. Not a turn key setup, but I went into it knowing what would need to be done.
  3. yes. The ringing is the brain creating the sound.
  4. Yes, caused huge feed issues. Really wanted it to work as it’s a solid design, but it puts pressure on the round and won’t feed smoothly. Also tried one of slicks, while better than the rp, it didn’t work as well as stock.
  5. my marlin feeds 44 sp fine, did take some work to get it up to snuff. Late 2016 build. Needed some polishing and chamfering. It didn’t like any of the aftermarket extractors, stock was best. It also feeds 44 mag fine, but I use 44 sp so I only have to carry one style of rounds.
  6. No reason not to shoot 44. I went that way as I had dies already and none for 45 or 38. Readily available options for pistols are 44 mag vaqueros, ruger bisleys in 44 sp from Lipseys, and 1872 open tops. The open tops are nice ifor cleaning up when using black powder. Just need to shim the mandrel for good cylinder fit. with 180g bullets and light loads recoil is low. While not as common we have a few shooting 44’s.
  7. Not sure exactly what the Thunderer looks like, but RW gripframes makes brass frames for Rugers. Looks like they can do all sorts of combinations.
  8. Photo was probably taken in Colorado Springs. The air museum has both planes. One of a dozen or so flying p-38’s. They restored it after it sat in a pit for 60 years or so. Used to have a distillery right across a creek from the museum and could hear the planes start up. Best sounding was the F-7, they have two of them. Jack Rouchs p-51 was there for a while. Didn’t sound impressive on the ground, almost like an old tractor, but amazing on climb out. Pure music. One day they must have been showing it off as a Lear was chasing it on takeoff. One of the few planes that could keep up. they also have a b-25, had it do a high speed run right over me and banked back around. Could see the pilots through the side windows. Truly amazing.
  9. Due to recent developments in New Zealand I would not post anything showing what you own.
  10. It seems very counter intuitive that a 300 black out will chamber in the smaller diameter 223 chamber. Turns out that the larger bullet is far enough back that it clears the shoulder in the 223 round. Might be hard to close, but it will close. I was surprised that you can fire it and the bullet will go down the barrel. This is one of those cases Where I can learn from others mistakes. the other way around isn’t an issue as the 223 bullet will easily make it out the barrel. Won’t have any accuracy, but it won’t do any damage either.
  11. Unfortunately all a hearing aid does is amplify sound. They can be tuned to match your loss, which should make it similar to what you had prior to the loss. One of the problems is they really only concentrate on the 3-6k range which is normal voice. You still don’t get back the harmonics at higher frequencies. Another issue is they (audiologists) don’t always get the tuning right. there are three main styles of aids, RIC receiver in canal. Those have the little box behind the ear and a speaker in the ear with a small silicone tip. Good for lower loses. Bte is the behind the ear has the speaker and electronics behind the ear and a tube to carry the sound into the ear. These are for larger losses and tend to be cheaper, so common at the va. The last is the ite or in the ear. Similar to a shooters plug, all the electronics are in a shell that fits the ear. A lot less common today. One thing that was more common with older hearing aids was a lag in amplification. Sounds like stadium sound.
  12. One thing no one mentions, your brain loses the ability to hear some sounds if you go long enough without hearing them. So go too long and hearing aids work poorly once you use them. Better to get them early than wait.
  13. Also watch which ammo goes into which upper. 300bo will chamber in a 223, but does bad things when it goes boom. It will fire, but it destroys the upper. If interested do a search and you can see what happens.
  14. On the marlin, the round is not lifted until the lever starts to close. Opening only controls the round entering the receiver from the magazine. If the round is coming out at that point it might be worth looking at the modifications Widder does to the lifter to allow the round to sit lower. I have ejected loaded rounds, but I think it’s due to having to cycle the lever a little to get a stubborn round into the chamber. I think the round gets under the ejecter, but not into the chamber and then opening the lever ejects that round. Working on this issue myself. I found the rpp ejecter would not work well in my gun. It had too much tension and it prevented the rounds from entering the chamber smoothly. I also tried slicks ejecter, same issue. The stock one has worked the best.
  15. that’s more a function of building code. 15 people occupancy is the break point for one shared restroom vs two or more.
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