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  1. The 350 legend has been out for several years and the 360 legend was announced at shot show this year. Rifles only started shipping this summer. 400 legend doesn’t even have rifles out yet although there is some ammo.
  2. There is a huge discussion going on a long range hunting forum where the discussion is using 223 or 243 to take deer and elk with the right bullets. This will be the direction the industry goes long term. A lot less recoil and just as effective as the bigger cartridges.
  3. It is usually coupled with a minimum of 35 caliber and a maximum case length. This limits cartridge choices to low BC and slower speeds due to less powder and larger caliber bullets having poor BC until heavy for caliber. This all means the effective range is 200-300 yards. Lawmakers think this is safer than allowing 300 rem mag, 6.5 prc, etc that have 800+ yard effective ranges. Many of these states were shotgun only 10-15 years ago and the push was to allow rifles to encourage deer hunting, but they didn’t want to allow long range cartridges. Iowa is one of those states and the one I am now familiar with. It was shotgun only, then straight wall, and 3 years ago went to minimum 35 cal, but can be bottleneck. 35 Whelen has taken off. People go, why can’t I use a 30-06, but can use the whelen? Even though they shoot the same weight bullet and speed, a 30-06 has a BC of .452 vs the whelen is a .282. Using like bullets (Hornady spirepoint). That limits the range of the whelen to shorter shots and they will carry a shorter distance.
  4. Came about as a low recoil way to hunt with an AR-15 in Midwest states where the laws limit cartridges to straight wall, 35 cal, and a case no longer than 1.8”. Other options,357 Max, 360 buckhammer and 450 bushmaster, etc. the 350 legend is a 9mm (not .358”) bullet in what is basically a straight 223 case. So no rim. It’s specific brass, so you can’t use 223 brass, but it’s almost the same. Recoil is probably a bit more than a 357 mag as ballistics are similar to 357 Max. 360 buckhammer is a true .358 diameter and uses a straightened and shortened 30-30 case. Slightly more velocity than the legend, but being rimmed is lever, angle shot, and revolver. Can buy Henry rifles or rebarrel/rebore a Marlin. Essentially a longer and SAAMI spec 357 maximum. Although by using 30-30 brass it has taper.
  5. I love the line, “it saved lives”, yet the fbi analysis of the ban was that it did nothing.
  6. Load light. Look up data for 3/4 oz loads in a aahs or rem one pc hull using a claybuster wad. made sure the gun fits. Women are built differently and may need a different fit. Shoulder to cheek can be different. My wife’s clay gun has a raised rib and comb to get it right. Many shorter, well endowed ladies may need the angle and toe of the stock adjusted. women also tend to hold a shotgun wrong at first. They put hips forward and shoulders back to balance the weight. Opposite of how it should be done. Shoulders forward, hips back. Attack the target. When they get it wrong the body can’t absorb the energy as easily. Look at pictures of a trap shooter. That’s how they should stand.
  7. I see this minimal sentences and yet a friend who plead guilty for a crime he didn’t do, spent 4 years in federal pen and has 20 years of probation. The system is completely broken. Soon people will simply start doing it themselves and that will be the beginning of the end.
  8. I did for shotshell. I later added a single stage for my tungsten hunting loads, but I can’t imagine doing any volume on a single stage, 5 or 6 pulls per round vs 1 round per pull. When I was shooting 300 rnds per week, have to use a progressive.
  9. Luckily I didn’t have any loans, but my wife did and we paid them off. Her salary was not enough when she started, but it didn’t take long until it was. Now 30 years later it was a great investment. Paid for itself many times over.
  10. Unfortunately all too common a mistake. Lots of info out there showing how this happens. same magazine, same rifle, just a different barrel. The BO rounds chamber fine in a 223/5.56, just don’t fit down the barrel.
  11. I am one who doesn’t subscribe to start on a single stage to learn. If you know you are going to do higher volume pistol rounds, skip the single stage and buy a Dillon or Hornady. Dillons are great presses, but they get really expensive fast if you do multiple cartridges. In that case the Hornady can be a better choice. Cheaper for multiple cartridges. I fall into the second camp as I do 38 spl, 44 spl, 45 acp, 38 super, 380, 9mm and more. if you are going to reload rifle rounds, then a single stage is always a good choice. Since you have to lube and trim length, unless you are using a 1050 with auto trim, you will be taking brass in and out of the press anyway. This greatly reduces the efficiency of a progressive press. I still use my single stage regularly for rifle rounds. Pistol are done on a Hornady and shotshell on a pw. Wish I hit sprung for the spolar.
  12. I got a jug from brownells in the last 6 months. Only time I have found it on the shelves in the last few years. Not cheap.
  13. There have been many side effects of “legal” pot in Colorado. Homeless population tripled. Real estate became distorted as growers looked for property. Pot tourism is now a thing. It uses a lot of water and energy. Usage has gone up, I know several people who have taken it up as it’s now “legal”. From what I hear a lot is going out of state as the in state price is 1/4-1/3 of other illegal markets. Even in state, the rec market is expensive and really just for tourists. Locals still buy off the black market as it’s cheaper.
  14. The feds said they would not enforce the law, so they just leave the state alone to enforce what they want. In Colorado it’s “legal” on private property, but that has become very lax and I have watched people take a hit while driving when stopped at a light in the downtown. Not a good situation imho.
  15. If it’s a sailboat, they don’t go fast enough to outrun the orcas. btw the idea for moby Dick came from the whale ship Essex that was sunk by whales in the 1800’s.
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