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  1. My Pietta Great Westerns in .44-40 were real smooth and authentic looking, and had that nice 4 click action. Not sure why I sold them.
  2. SOLD a pretty decent USGI M1 Carbine four rivet handguard. SOLD!
  3. SOLD! got a new job in another state, so willing to let this go cheaper than I would like. Action alone worth the price. If you just want the action, we can talk. Swedish M67/89 rolling block sporter in 8x58Rd (Danish Krag). Dies and brass readily available. The 33” barrel has 70% blue and a good shootable bore. Should scrub to better. The front sight is a ramped beaded blade, the rear sight is a fixed two blade flip up unit. The blue on the barrel is thinning and has few handling marks, particularly behind the front sight. There is some pitting that may be from blood rust. Perhaps the result of a long ago moose hunt. The octagonal section of the barrel at the breech is marked with a Crowned "C" with two insp. marks. The left side has the serial number. The right has the conversion date 12672/95. The receiver has Crown "C" and 1870 on the right side. The left has the serial number. The receiver has some case color showing. The good + stock has minor amount of handling marks and the varnish is worn in spots. Payment by USPS Money Order preferred. SOLD!
  4. Sending check with mailing address today. Thanks!
  5. Replied with an I'll take those three.
  6. Brass made from .348 Win. cases. Buffalo Arms and several other places sell them. I am using a .501 HB bullet in my sporter. I have also used .512 RN FP bullets. Do not have any Cerrosafe to cast this ones chamber/bore. The rifle comes with 10 cases and 10 bullets to get you started. Some of these rifles will chamber shortened .50-70 or Alaskan cases. Inexpensive .50-70 dies can be used to neck size and seat bullets.
  7. Thanks, Dawg. I had bought this to hunt with only, but then got seduced by a nice Late Lancaster style rifle. Since they have an annual rondy very close to where we will be retiring in a couple of years, I thought I would slide back into buckskinning.
  8. SOLD Selling my .50 CVA Mountain rifle. Overall VG condition. This one is made in the US, not Spain. No rust. Minimal small blemishes on wood and metal from handling and safe wear. Nice shiny bore. I reshaped the wrist a bit to give the comb a steeper drop, like period plains rifles. Asking $350 SHIPPED. More photos available.
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