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    Shooter of black powder cartridge rifles. Collector of commercial Husqvarna sporting rolling block rifles. Paddler of kayaks and canoes. Student of American pop-culture with special interest in early Atomic Age. Proponent of off-grid and green technologies for residential architecture. Walker of dogs. Shooter of pool. Master of the power nap.

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  1. Appears so, but could be screws, internals or barrel stub drawing nickel sized fridge magnet. I need one smaller and more the shape of a small pencil.
  2. I believe it was Al Swearengen who said "Pimpin' ain't easy," but it could be easier with this nickel(?) and gold wash plated ASM 1858 Remington! Gun is in excellent condition. Possibly unfired, but won't swear to it. Only one small blemish on side of barrel. Comes in matching factory box. $325 + Shipping. 20240719_163727.heic
  3. Used, but not abused ASM Walker. Bore and cylinders are clean. Only real wear is on cylinder with drag line and notch wear. Grips very good. Cycles and locks up tight. 1988 date code. Comes in matching factory box that is fair to good. $400 + Shipping.
  4. This is a really pretty, well made rifle. It is a brass fitted .50 halfstock plains style rifle with German silver patchbox. Its 35" heavily browned barrel has an excellent bore. Top flat has R. Byers in script. The Tiger Maple stock has been stained dark. Minimal handling marks. Fired very little, if at all. LOP is 13.75". Weighs 9 lbs. $900 + Shipping.
  5. Save on shipping if you don't want the factory box.
  6. Reduced. This is a beautifully restored/refinished New Model 1863 Sharps carbine in .52 caliber percussion. It retains over 99% of its refinished blue, case color and stock. The receiver has vibrant case color and an intact Lawrence Primer system.Some light freckling pitting under refinish. Action is crisp and tight. The 22" barrel has a very shootable bore, with strong rifling and light pitting throughout. Stock has very minor handling marks. $1900 + Shipping.
  7. Ccondition updated. Reduced. This is an antique Forehand and Wadsworth single shot 20 gauge with straight rifling and side hammer. Google has yielded no others with rifling. It has a twist steel 33" half round half octagon barrel with a good plus bore. Muzzle is flared with an inlayed ring. Just some minor pitting in bore, but nothing heinous. Nickel plated receiver has most of its original finish, with edge wear and scratches. An illegible name is scratched into one side. A screw that holds the side plate in place is broken off. Needs an Easy Out to remove and probably new drill and tapping for a replacement. Plate not loose. The barrel release lever is weak, but not sloppy. Action is pretty tight with some slight play. Hammer screw is replacement with washer. Stocks are in good plus condition, with a stable crack on the right grip knob. Small sliver missing on forestock. The straight rifling will allow use of shot or round ball loads. Fun black powder shotgun in a scarce configuration. Bore measurements are .582 lands and .613 grooves. $325+ Shipping.
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