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  1. SPF This is a truly beautiful Antique Belgian 24 gauge SxS. The 28" Damascus barrels retain approximately 70% browning with nice pattern. The bores are VG+ with some very minor pits. Chambers are 2.5". The rest of the metal appears to be nickel plated with extensive blackleaf engraving. The VG+ stock is varnished and has English wrist. ANTIQUE can be shipped directly to you. Asking $450 SHIPPED. Payment by USPS money order only.
  2. This is a really nice Swedish M67/89 Rolling block sporter in 8x58RD (Danish Krag). Was converted from a military rifle. It is an all matching numbers gun. Finish on barrel is abi 95% blue with some freckling. Two leaf rear sight and ramped front with brass bead. Receiver has some case colors remaining. Action is very crisp. Wood is in good plus condition with some minor handling marks and finish loss. Bore is a little dark, which is typical. Shooting a few jacketed bullets laps these bores pretty well. Should be a good shooter in any event. Dies are available and cases can be easily made from 8x56 Austrian Mannlicher. Just fire form. Easy Breezy. Asking $500 SHIPPED. Partial trades considered.
  3. I think you can get it for less. The seller has been flexy in the past. Buffalo arms has a suitable replacement front sight, only by another name. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/877005184
  4. I have been looking as well. You can buy loaded 2.5" Fiochi shells. Empty hulls are a no-show everywhere I look.
  5. .43 Egyptian. Very expensive dies and iffy brass. But being a bottleneck, you could get by with neck sizing or paper patching. Easy Breezy.
  6. Doc. That is probably the route I will take.
  7. Don't suppose anyone has a .50-70 reamer that they bought but no longer have use for?
  8. Long shot. Anyone have a .50-70 reamer they would be willing to lend me? I have reamers for 12 and 16 gauge, so I have experience using them correctly.
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