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  1. Reloading is therapy for me. Don't load lots anymore. Haven't shot a match in three years. Still like to limber up my cowboy guns from time to time. Since my Open Tops and 66 are both .44 Special and the 66 set up to run .44 Russian, I use same cases and bullets loaded to length for rifle. About 20 grains FFFG by volume. 200 gr Big Lube. Ain't any factory loads for me, anywho.
  2. Before CAS I shot long range BPCR matches. Been awhile. It was all very OCD, with tightly trimmed and indexed brass, bullets within a couple of grains, etc. SO when I started CAS all of my loading was done with the same and apparently unnecessary precision. None of my presses ever had powder dispensers. Now I am down to a single stage press and look at the process as therapy.
  3. Thanks! I feel much better about myself now. LOL!!!
  4. So I was sitting down to load up some fresh CAS ammo for a new to me .44-40 1875 Remington copy. Since I have been shooting my muzzleloaders a lot lately, I said screw the scale and just loaded 30 grains volume of FFFG using a drop tube. Created a stacked charge that needed only about 1/16" to compress under my Big Lube bullet. Anyone else just dispense with scales for cowboy loads? Pic of pistol just because.
  5. Hmmmm? Picked up an 1875 Remmy copy from my FFL sold to me by a SASS pard on Friday. In and out. Easy Breezy.
  6. Ivery: I was not able to send you a PM. System said you couldn't receive. Thanks for giving this hat a new home. I am actually second owner, so it was worn by the guy who had it custom formed. Send me your address and will get it in mail soon as I can. How do you want to pay? Dusty
  7. Dusty, for $40 shipped, I would like to purchase your had...please let me know your preferred payment method...



  8. On Gunbroker there is this 897308930 this 897113201 and this 897036236 Probably more, but spendier!
  9. I was wearing a 7 1/2 (23 1/2" circumference), but then I grew my hair long. It's pretty thick, so I may have to move up a size.
  10. SOLD I bought this last year for buckskinning, but have not worn it, as it just did not seem to fit with the rest of my kit. Would do best in a late 18th century persona, I suspect. Inside circumference is about 23" Has a couple of nice medallions and pheasant feather. Also a large white silk kerchief for a head wrap. All as I received them. Asking $40 shipped. Hope someone can provide the home it needs. Hate seeing it collect dust.
  11. I need around 50 .44-40 cases for a backup gun I just purchased.
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