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  1. LOWER PRICE NICE Swedish M67/89 rolling block sporter in 8x58Rd (Danish Krag). Dies and brass readily available. The 30” barrel has 95% blue with a good, shootable bore that is dull with strong rifling. Should scrub to better. The front sight is a ramped beaded blade, the rear sight is a fixed two blade flip up unit. The blue on the has scattered patina that is easy to remove with oil and 0000 steel wool.. The octagonal section of the barrel at the breech is marked with a Crowned "C" with two insp marks. The left side has the serial number. The right has the conversion date 5667/91 The receiver has Crown "C" and 1876 on the right side. The left has the serial number. The receiver has some case color showing. The very good stock has minor amount of handling marks and the varnish is worn in spots. These rifles are made from high quality German Steel and are hardened for smokeless powder. Preferred payment by USPS Money Order. $425 SHIPPED.
  2. LOWER PRICE VERY NICE Swedish M67 sporter in 12,7x44R (Dies and brass readily available). Its 33” barrel retains 98% blue and has a good + bore. Should scrub to better, as it is likely dried storage grease. The front sight is a fixed beaded blade, and the rear is a flip up fixed unit. The barrel has the serial number on the left side. With an H [Husqvarna] on the top of the barrel , at the receiver. The receiver still has some nice case color showing and traces of storage grease. The left side has the serial number , the right side of the receiver has ''H'' / 1874. The stocks are very good. One of the nicer ones I have seen. These make great side match rifles and are more than capable of ringing steel at 200 yards. Includes 10 cases and HB bullets to get you started. ANTIQUE. Will ship to your door for $425.
  3. SOLD. Good BP hunting rifle.50 Caliber CVA STALKER. The 27" octagonal barrel has approx. 98% blue with Scattered light patina and a very good bore. Excellent stock. Made in Spain. Bead front sight, adjustable rear sight. Case colored hammer and side plate. Recoil pad toe has chunk hanging loose. Has wooden ramrod. Payment by USPS Money Order or Certified Check only. ASKING $150 SHIPPED.
  4. SOLD 32 Caliber Traditions Crockett rifle. The 32'' octagonal barrel has approx.95% blue and an excellent bore. With a 1:48 twist. There is a blemish on front right side at muzzle. It has a VG eye catching 1/2 stock with brass inlay in top of wrist. Color cased percussion lock. It has a fixed blade drift-able sights and double set triggers. Nice looking gun, SOLD.
  5. That is an odd looking trigger guard for a rolling block.
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