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    Shooter of black powder cartridge rifles. Collector of commercial Husqvarna sporting rolling block rifles. Paddler of kayaks and canoes. Student of American pop-culture with special interest in early Atomic Age. Proponent of off-grid and green technologies for residential architecture. Walker of dogs. Shooter of pool. Master of the power nap.

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  1. Slightly used, in very good plus condition, 17" 3x Malcolm scope. Minor scratches on body. Crystal clear optics. $325 + Shipping.
  2. This is a nicely sporterized Swedish M67 rolling block rifle. It is chambered in 12.7x44R. Functional cases can be made from readily available .50 Alaskan cases cut down and fireformed. A variety of .50-70 bullets can be used. Lots of reloading info on the interwebs. The receiver on this one is of Remington manufacturer, making it one of the original 20k actions sent to Sweden in 1867. The barrel is Husqvarna. It was likely sporterized by Vapen Depoten in Sweden in the late 19th or early 20th century. Its 33" barrel has a very good bore. Wood is also very good. Action is tight and crisp. Two leaf express rear sight and blade front sight. Should be a good shooter. $550 + Shipping.
  3. SOLD This Spencer Carbine is near mint! It is absolutely unfired and flawless, other than some minor safe rash on underside of buttstock. It was manufactured by Armi Sport in Italy and sold by Taylors. The buttstock/forearm are made of walnut with a satin oil finish. The 20” barrel is blued – tapered round with 6 lands .504 and 6 grooves .512. Rifled .004” deep with a 1 in 22” twist. Bore is pristine. The front sight is a one piece blued steel base and blade. The rear sight is blued, open style w/sliding elevator – leaf marked 200 to 900 yards. Uses a .56/50 cartridge. 7 capacity magazine. Color case receiver, lever and buttplate. Barrel, barrel band, sights & screws are blued. Saddle ring on left of stock. Sling swivel in buttstock. Overall length 37” and weighs 8 ½ lbs. $1750 + Shipping.
  4. Reduced. This is what I imagine an eastern longrifle modified for use on horseback during the Rocky Mountain fur trade might look like. It is a flintlock .50 Dixie Gun Works Tennessee Mountain Rifle with its barrel shortened to 33" and the muzzle coned. Bore, metal and stocks are in very good condition. Stock has brass tack decoration. Twist is 1:66. Length of pull is 13 5/8". Weighs 7.9 lbs. Great saddle or woods gun. $675 + Shipping.
  5. Sold. This is a great package for a great rifle ready to shoot. It is a Remington No. 1 rolling block sporting rifle originally chambered in .32 Long rimfire. It was rechambered to .32-20 and a new centerfire block fitted. Comes with original rimfire block that can easily be converted to centerfire, if desired. Overall finish is very good antique condition. The 28" tapered octagon barrel has turned plumb with a few minor scratches. Bore has good rifling with a few minor dark spots. Just needs to be shot. Stocks have a few minor scratches and dings, but are solid. Action is tight and crisp. Comes with dies and 100 new cases. Selling as a set for now. $1450 + Shipping. Antique ships to your door.
  6. As a result of bidding while distracted, I ended up with 125 pieces of 12.7x42mm (.50 Beowolf) brass, thinking it was 12.7mm Swede. It's weird looking. In any event, $80 shipped.
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