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  1. Going...down. might have to make an aging project out of this.
  2. Rooster. We all have taken a bath on "collectible" firearms that turned out not to be what we thought. But folks here on the Wire were just trying to get you to that point. Now someone just needs to add up what the individual components are worth and make you an offer. Maybe post on a military reenactment page? Anyway, best of luck. It's hard to let stuff go, especially when your health is going, too.
  3. Any markings on the bayonet lug? I am thinking this is a replicated trench gun, possibly for Vietnam era reenactments. I had s similar treatment done to a late 30s Stevens. Made a fake 520-30 trencher with parkerized finish by having barrel shortened to 20", sanding off checkering, adding sling swivels, and mounting repro heat shield and bayonet. Looked real from a few feet. Many WWII era trench guns were put back into service for Vietnam and many were parkerized. Just my take on this.
  4. SOLD This is a .45 Caliber Hawken style rifle made by Ranson Italia SPA in 1976. The 29" barrel has probably 98% blue and an excellent bore. I believe 1:48 twist and fitted with adjustable sights as well as a hooked breech that facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The triggers are double set type with a color cased percussion lock. The stock is overall VG. There is an easy repairable hairline crack in the walnut stock, on the left side near the front of the tang. I can pin stock for buyer. Strong as ever. All furniture is solid brass and the wood to metal fit is very good all around. Sorry for fuzzyphotos. My digital camera is giving up the ghost, I think. Asking $250 SHIPPED.
  5. That is a great combo. My 66 and OTs are also .44Spl. dropping in a .45 Cowboy Carrier lets me shoot .44 Russian in both. The closest a cowboy can get to original .44 Henry.
  6. SOLD This is a nice and desirable Uberti Hawken, sometimes called the Santa Fe Hawken in .54. It is actually .53 and shoots .520 round balls. Made late 70s to early 80s. Bore is excellent. Wood is VG with a few safe dings. Browned barrel has minor edge wear. Lock, TG and buttplate case colored. Only aesthetic drawback is the tang has two d&t holes for sight. Overall, very nice muzzleloader. Asking $400 SHIPPED.
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