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    Shooter of black powder cartridge rifles. Collector of commercial Husqvarna sporting rolling block rifles. Paddler of kayaks and canoes. Student of American pop-culture with special interest in early Atomic Age. Proponent of off-grid and green technologies for residential architecture. Walker of dogs. Shooter of pool. Master of the power nap.

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  1. SOLD Colt 2nd Model Dragoon, 2nd Generation .44 caliber single action revolver. Blued finish on barrel and cylinder. Case hardened frame. Brass trigger guard and back strap. Condition: Minor wear to barrel at muzzle. Minor wear and small flecks of oxidation to frame. Light cylinder ring from cocking. Light wear to grips. Mechanically very good. No box or paperwork. Possibly unfired. What looks like factory grease came out of bore and chambers. $650 + Shipping.
  2. My storage unit is a mess. Didn't locate first try. Maybe bext.
  3. These days I don’t know if I'm Comin' or Goin' finishing up our new house. But no, I'm not.
  4. I may have some shells I could let go. Will know tomorrow when I get to my storage unit.
  5. On your dearh bed, do you really want to say "I am so glad that I exhibited such self control by not buying things that bring me joy." ? Reduced to $1700 :-)
  6. Could not find what Cimarron Arms charges for custom engraving, but Buffalo Arms charged $795, when it was offered. As to number on box, that did not look like an Uberti SN. Certainly not like the other two rifles I bought out of same auction. Other two boxes matched. And as the late, great Meatloaf once sang, "Two out of three ain't bad."
  7. I don't believe they made a short rifle during the old design period. I will check.
  8. Sold Not something you see every day. This is an engraved NOS Uberti 1866 Short Rifle in .38 Spl. Wandering around the interwebs yielded no other examples. Possibly a limited run for Cimarron Arms? In any event, this rifle is MINT in box. Based on its source, and the other offerings, it is likely from a now defunct gun retailer. Certainly unfired, the rifle has the most minimal handling marks, probably just from taking it out of factory box to be photographed. This is not the 150th anniversary model, which is a round barrel SRC. Own something special and impress your friends. $1650 + Shipping to your FFL.
  9. This is another very lightly used percussion .50 Traditions Deluxe Pennsylvania Rifle. I would rate condition 98%+. It is of more recent vintage than last one I had based on barrel markings. I believe it is unfired. Only minor handling marks. The blued 40.5" barrel is 1:66 twist. Bore is immaculate. Elevation adjustable rear sight. The European walnut stock is decorated with ten brass inlays plus a beautiful brass patch box and side plate. Additional features include double set triggers. LOP is 14". Weighs about 8.8 lbs. These list new close to nine Benjamins. $650 + Shipping.
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