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  1. We use cheap rollers and plastic disposable trays. Much better than spray paint. When you spray paint a lot gets wasted. Especially if there is any wind at all
  2. Its the same thing for us who shoot 38s. My pistols can shoot either 38 or 357. You can clean the cylinder wall out.
  3. Looks like they have some of the seats on the website and they are marked down to $49 Rugged Gear Spring Loaded Cart Seat
  4. Sounds like you might have some high primers. I’ve shot four or five matches using smokeless before cleaning
  5. I shoot BP but for my wife 105 TC Cone bullet in 38 special with 2.5 grains of Clays and Federal small magnum primers
  6. Never knew I had one before now
  7. They started selling them again and have a limited inventory on their website. I say limited because the no longer have the ones with pockets available as a stock item. It can be special ordered though for a hiqher price.
  8. I own several and like them a lot. I like that when its hot they dont hold the dampness and stick to my skin like cotton would.
  9. Total membership at my club is probably around 500 Of these 15-20 are cowboy shooters Monthly match has 40-50 cowboy shooters and several are champions I know, we are spoiled
  10. I wish I would have bought a set of the Ruger Old Armys back in the day!
  11. Beautiful! How many hours do you have in something like this? Looks like a LOT!
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