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  1. Nice cart!! I really like the wheels too, what size are they and where did you get them? I need some new wheels for my cart Thanks
  2. Do you have any of the 38 ones left? If so, I would like to buy one Thanks
  3. I could have bought Federal Match grade small pistol primers a couple months ago for $55 a thousand and thought they were crazy. Right now I have about 9,000 and should last me a few years. When they become available again for around $40 to $50 a thousand I am going to buy $1000 worth and not be in this situation again
  4. Smokin deal! I paid that for mine almost 20 years ago
  5. Thanks That's more than I was hoping it would cost That one is $162.00
  6. Looking for an opening lever for SKB 100. Anyone have one or can you tell me where to get one? Thanks
  7. If you cant find any on here, I have bought some from Ebay cheaper than getting from Dillon due to shipping charges
  8. I have one similar to yours and would not even think of selling for less than $900. Its not for sale though. Its a tack driver!!
  9. a few weeks back a local gun shop had a small supply of Federal Match grade small pistol primers for $55/1000. I still have a decent supply and didn't buy them
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