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  1. I see it more at monthly matches. Don't think I have ever been to a large match where their was not plenty of help.
  2. Interested in buying some shot from you. How do you take payment? Paypal or Check? Thanks
  3. Will the coated bullets work ok for black powder loads or do I have to use bullets that have lube designed for black powder use?
  4. Congrats Lefty!!! Very well deserved!! Any chance someone has a video to share of the stage he shot just over 10 seconds?
  5. Look on the classifieds section of the wire here. Someone is selling Trailboss at a decent price. Its bulk and shipped in a plastic bag for $50 a pound I think. As others have said primers are going to be the hardest to find. Check with some guys at your local club and you might find someone to sell you some at a fair price.
  6. I ordered some in October and took about four months. I contacted them and they shipped shortly after
  7. Several on Ebay for around $35 shipped
  8. I just weighed with and without my gun in my hands. 6.2# difference
  9. Congrats to Duke Skywalker!!!! Overall #1 and my favorite Cowboy!!
  10. Nice cart!! I really like the wheels too, what size are they and where did you get them? I need some new wheels for my cart Thanks
  11. Do you have any of the 38 ones left? If so, I would like to buy one Thanks
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