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  1. I would like to have one, but it does not have to be anything fancy. plain printed pages with the stages works for me
  2. Let me know if you need more. I have some hulls too and would send them your way for shipping
  3. Would you post a picture with the lever opened to show the short stroke? Thanks.
  4. It is really not that hard to break down , clean and put back together. Watch a couple of you tube videos.
  5. I need to mail ours in. Will get it out in a few days. Add another FCD to the list
  6. I shoot 38 spc bp and have never annealed my brass.
  7. This looks like a Murphy Custom Leather rig to me. The owner had an email once that was OldDanRiver something. This is a great price and a super nice rig
  8. check ammoseek. They show the lowest prices. Link below Federal Primers small pistol | Best Federal Primers small pistol - AmmoSeek.com 2024
  9. I would recommend a neurosurgeon and not an orthopedic surgeon. I had a couple vertebrae fused in my neck with a cadaver bone a few years ago but nothing like you guys are talking. best advice I can offer is do everything that they tell you to do and don’t do the things they tell you to not do!
  10. I use 140 grain for 38 and fill the case pretty close to the top and compress. I get the bullets from Missouri bullet company and they put BP lube in them. You have to email them and make a speical request as they sometimes dont have in stock. Good luck
  11. I bought 3 cans of Clays mid last year for $33 a can. Three cans was the limit or I probably would have bought more
  12. Since we have to load shotguns on the clock, that is something I try to work on most.
  13. There is a guy about an hour south of me that wants $1.80 # and it does not matter if you want 1000#s. Thats his price.
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