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  1. Nice cart, looks compact , I like it. By the way is that a shovelhead frame in the background?
  2. Thats about the same time i dound my other one, $500, used .
  3. Old model vaquero stainless, brand new $400 in 2004.
  4. Thanks for the compliments!
  5. I call it a diamond square, the circles are from the curve on the legs of the diamond.
  6. Since everyone is showing off holsters, this is a set made by Doubletree Leatherworks in cherry grove, Minnesota that went to a young cowboy in iowa.
  7. Very cool, my first bike was a 1977 xs650.
  8. If your real brave, dunk the holster in water till its pliable, then put your gun in the ready twist and wiggle and shape it til it fits the way you want, the take the gun out and hang the holster to dry, then don't forget to oil your gun, if your holster is tooled you may lose some definition in the tooling. That's the way we do it in the shop. Most holsters are molded to a saa, if you have old model vaqueros they will fit tight for awhile.
  9. I have a silver and a bronze one, they are great shooters, been using them for rat patrol in the chicken coop, I lightened the main, trigger and loading gate springs a bit, I like them, but my son thinks the barrels are to short, he's used to 6 1/2" ones on his rough riders.
  10. My wife bought me one In 2004, stainless, 45 colt with a 7 1/2" barrel, It was $400 brand new, I bought a match to that one two years ago and was lucky to only pay $500 for it. I wanted the ruger over the colt since I have big hands, it seemed to fit better. And they seem to be one of the few things I haven't lost $$ on.
  11. Mills fleet farm in Rochester, MN had a new one in stock a couple of days ago, 12 gauge, Nickle finish
  12. Sounds like a guy might have to aim a bit......
  13. My wife bought me a vaquero in 04, took me 15 years to find a match for it.
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