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  1. Or better yet keep the turbo 350 and swap the 3.90's for a set of 3.00's, made a world of difference in my double nickle Ford, able to cruise freeway speeds and still goes from light to lite quite well.
  2. It was, but neither of the engines were overly powerful, it would probably hold up as long as the beatings are few and far between.
  3. If I remember right the 200 wasn't that great of tranny, I think I'd be looking into a 4L80 or a 6L80, way stronger, just need to have a stand alone controller.
  4. I used to really like Cabela's, but it seems like after the sale customer service and selection and quality of the products have gone way down and prices way up. At Christmas my bonus from work was a Cabela's gift card and if it wasn't for the fact they had a Marlin I wanted I don't think I could have found anything I wanted. The worst part was it was sold as "used" , still had tags on it and the box, but had to pay new price. But I don't think they will disappear though, the masses are trained to think they have great products.
  5. Thank you, the shop does look kinda nice and organized in that picture, it's usually more of a bomb went off type space.
  6. Hopefully I can get up your way sometime after normal resumes.
  7. The Pistols won't fall out during normal movement, but I wouldn't do cartwheels with them, or use them for anything other than competition. I have a almost complete rig on the bench right now for the Mrs., It's a traditional Mexican loop set up. Thanks for the input.
  8. They are not real traditional looking, the loop over the belt is long and the front is cut deep to help the barrel clear a little faster, all together those thing make it so you don't have to lift quite so high to get the 7 1/2" barrel out.
  9. I'm always taking orders,
  10. The heritage's are just fine for the money, but the fit and finish is far better on the rugers.
  11. Thank you for all the comments, if things ever get back to any kind of normal I can give them a real work out.
  12. Yes they are just a tad muzzle forward, tops are flared out quite a bit and the holsters are made to fit the gun loose, if you get the muzzle in and let go the pistol will slide in on its own. Some time I need to order a matching rosewood grip for the one pistol.
  13. They are lined, they are made of 2 layers of 6/7 ounce leather, which makes for a nice rigid holster as for the stitching difference I was working late at night and forgot to stitch the toe on that one before I put the seam together, since they are mine I left it that way, on a customer's rig I would have hand sewn the toe after I realized what I did
  14. Finished up a new set of holsters for myself today, put them on a belt I've had for awhile. Old model vaqueros 7 1/2 inch barrels in 45 Colt, makes for a long holster. They are a new pattern, just wondering what everyone thinks. Thanks again
  15. So far they seem pretty good, I also have one in 45 Colt that is 2016 production, did some minor mods to both of them, reduced power springs, shortened mag spring, lever wraps and took the sharp edge off where the lever hits the carrier. So far so good
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