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  1. Check out Doubletree Leatherworks, they are south of Rochester, since it appears you are in Minnesota.
  2. When we lived in jacksonville, the little rock area all the way to Missouri seemed to have the best gun shows, but that was 20+ years ago, still miss the area.
  3. Found these today at the local fleet farm, $69.99/1000
  4. Almost forgot the point of the post, i could go back to horses and not think twice.
  5. Thats common to anything, I had a 87 grand wagoneer, wasn't much that stopped it other than the gas station, and the front seats didnt recline
  6. The other thing to consider, is the price difference may keep someone out of the game, and from my seat we need more people getting in. Kinda like snap on tools vs gearwrench tools, both nicely made, and the less expensive ones do the same thing, might not last as long, but lets you play.
  7. Good, i hope they stay that way, I've been a professional tech for 25 years, and jeeps were great when they were still heavily amc influenced, since chrysler cant seem to find anyone that wants to be their friend, quality control, parts shortages, and poor electrical have become the norm. My boss bought a new ram, the nav screen quit 2 days after delivery, and the transmission went out at 7000 mile, that truck sa at the dealer for a month and a half because the transmission was on national backorder, after it was fixed he traded it for a ford. And he got a big I told you so!
  8. Does that mean they already dont run??
  9. We have both, the piettas are very well made and finished out nicely, the mrs. Shoots the piettas, i have a set of omv, she just bought a omv, and says it sure feels different, but seems to shoot the same, I also wont pay the inflated prices for the rugers, they are available at decent prices, but it does take some looking and you have to act when you find one. Overall I would buy more piettas, i think they are a good value for the money.
  10. Towns that have what you needed used to be alot closer together, if not you only went a couple times a year, so remember to stock up!
  11. I would like to think so, but i can see usa manufacturing being held up with environmental impact studies for 10 years
  12. If the kids are selling them, it dont matter so much, but around here its mom or dad asking if you'll buy the cookies, not the kids doing the work, and then the answer is always no, dont need any.
  13. Things are showing up again, seen new vaqueros at the local fleet farm and the gun shop down town, $800 each.
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