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  1. I paid $500 for a omv in 45 colt with a 7 1/2" barrel last fall, it bothered me because I only paid $450 for my other one brand new.
  2. Here's a set just finished up for a donation.
  3. It's all about atmosphere, local winery here is the same, all show, and food barely better than a school cafeteria. The best food seems to come from plain little restaurants.
  4. The key word is service, if you take care of them they can be pretty good, back in the 4.0L cherokee days they were great vehicles, after daimler and now fiat that has changed.
  5. That is the absolute truth, I had a 87 grand wagoneer, if you could keep oil in it, you could go anywhere you wanted. One of my customers has a 15 cherokee, everything but the engine has been replaced once, now it's here for it's second set of struts, and another transmission.
  6. The current generation mustang is the closest mustang has been to being a real sports car, ever, even has a decent irs, I'm not sure if you can still get a ZL1 camero, they were ok, not to many problems. As someone who works in the automotive field every day I would stay as far away as I could from anything from FCA, they should have gone away in 08, and probably would have if they didn't have the hummin cummins in the trucks. Seems like whenever I needs parts from chrysler they are on national backorder.
  7. I'm looking for information on low recoil 20 gauge loads, and was wondering if anyone has one they would like to share?
  8. Couldn't pour water out of a boot if the directions were wrote on the heel.!
  9. The biggest thing to look for in a set of quality holsters is the actual thickness of the leather itself, a good stiff holster is generally constructed with a liner made of the same thickness of leather as the shell, then wet molded to kinda be like a bucket so as long as the barrel goes in, the gun will drop into place when reholstering. Having the holsters free to slide on the belt is really nice, sometimes depending on your clothes you may want to position them differently, or if you use a shell slide it's nice to be able to fine tune them, Same goes for the belt, lined , made from the same thickness for shell and liner, bullet loops look cool but I'd skip them and use a slide and/or a shotgun belt.
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