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  1. Most of what is in this bill is already against the law. Just more word Salad for the masses.
  2. My thumb is very important to me .It has helped me get a ride on a few occasions when my car broke down when I was a youngster. Has worked great for over 70 years.
  3. Let us know what date you come up with? I have a Winchester that my Great Grandfather ordered from Winchester .I have the original order slip and bill of sale and Cody and the Winchester collectors Ass. have the Manufacturing date as being made 3 yrs after he brought it home.
  4. Send it over to Cowboy Gun Works Jimmy Spurs .He is over in VT.
  5. May not have been Mouse Farts I have sat up in the Hay barn for hours and have never heard a mouse fart.
  6. We agree they are" still" being made. Best Wishes
  7. Still being made in Sandusky Ohio . New owners.
  8. This will be interesting.
  9. Not quite the same. Still bad but America is not Canada. Best Wishes
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