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  2. I have a friend called two fingers. Years ago he tried his hand , no pun intended , in making gunpowder..... He also has no eyebrows.....
  3. And use just enough mouth bell to seat the bullet without shaving lead. Just a "little more" bell and you end up with a bulge in the brass.
  4. Howdy Ozark Ranger. Your grain of salt is just as good as the rest of us old salts..... Your summation of hits and miss is correct. But in this discussion of missing the correct target and hitting another 'like' target that either overlaps or is much too close wouldn't warrant a 'P' but rather just a miss. My reasons for this thread are to learn from others what might constitute what is referred to as a 'Clean Miss', where a shooter is given the Miss but not a 'P' for hitting that 'kissing' target hanging right beside it. I don't pretend to know the right answer but the few times I have witnessed it, there was a judgement call involved. And those judgement calls seem to be 'subjective'. When I started this thread, I was thinking maybe 4 inches or so would be a reasonable measurement between targets. But I must admit that Creekers post takes ALL doubt and guess work out of it and allows a clear cut manner in deciding how to determine whether a shot is determined a 'Clean Miss' or a 'P'. Thanks everyone for your good input. ..........Widder
  5. Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the main match are the best days for visitors to attend, IMHO, of course. All of the vendors and food vendors will be open and there will also be performers at some venues. The public is welcome on those three days. Sometimes vendors aren’t present and set up before Wednesday and on Sunday most of the vendors are packing up and leaving.
  6. MG, not that I've heard tell of, but then again I don't get out that much. I know years ago I heard tell of some lead slinging up that way, but can't find anything current that would indicate that they still do it. You gonna make the Pawnee Station annual July 5-7 in Nunn, CO?
  7. If I am correct I think there still a few Civil War dependents around who's fathers fought in that war... Texas Lizard Correction...There is said to be one person alive... https://www.usnews.com/news/newsgram/articles/2013/07/03/one-civil-war-veterans-pension-remains-on-governments-payroll
  8. Another slow day... Texas Lizard
  9. To me it's not worth the trouble, I'm in Illinois , and I get my BP from Crater Black Powder, Blasting & FireworksJon BlackertP.O. Box 44Mineral, IL 61344815-542-6287 (home)309-945-2666 (cell)pyro247@hotmail.comwww.addictedtoblackpowder.com Great guy to do business with!
  10. I tried a couple of searches, so forgive me if the answer to my question is somewhere obvious. I don't intend to shoot at EOT this year, but I would like to peruse the vendor's wares. Is the a particular time or day when non competing folks can come poke around?
  11. You would be going slower than indicated. Ask anyone who has put bigger tires on their truck or Jeep. With bigger tires than stock, you will be going faster than indicated and odometer will indicate fewer miles traveled. Therefore if you travel more miles than indicated, you would also be going slower than indicated.
  12. contact these people. they're located in Illinois. i'm sure they can help you. http://www.addictedtoblackpowder.com/
  13. If you were Farmer Brown working with Farmer Jones to plough 140 acres of parsnips in 6 hours it would read high. If you were Banker James on a train going west from Chicago it would read low.
  14. Thanks LostVaquero. Teenage boys know more than their fathers ever will and with information like you provided I can add it to the list and show him a list of experienced people that say it's a BAD idea.
  15. The checks in the mail. I hope there are a lot of blank pages in it so I can write in all of the clarifications.
  16. Having a pretty decent chemistry background I have made small batches of black and white (sugar based) gun powder. I still have all the ingredients including a ball mill. While nice to know how I will tell you the danger is not worth the risk unless in an end of the world case. The same triple goes for making primer material and no cowboy or very many frontier chemists were making primers or caps. I have done mercury fulminate once and that was in a laboratory with very high precautions. Glad he wants authentic but buying commercial and having intact gingers and eyes is better.
  17. Alpo


    Ask and ye shall receive. https://uniqueframedgifts.com/products/transcontinental-railroad-stamp-collectible?variant=13827774283831&utm_campaign=gs-campaign-2018-06-14&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping_usc&gclid=Cj0KCQjww47nBRDlARIsAEJ34blHwdSVHhfNi05KZBeXYkcXt17E4v_BUQBL683NNgiQzZa5uZ7710saAr_4EALw_wcB
  18. You have an old car, with a mechanical speedometer/odometer. You drive 150 miles and the odometer says you drove 200. Would the speedometer have been reading high or low? If you were driving at a steady "55", would you have really been going closer to 45 or to 65? Seems to me it would read high - that while you're doing the double nickel, everyone would be passing you while blowing their horn and flipping you off. Looking for a second opinion.
  19. Thank you to everyone for the information. I'm going to go with "just because it's legal doesn't make it safe". Sedalia, I would disagree about your estimates for reloading only being 1.5. There's still a lot that can go wrong which is why our insurance company asked about it when we were getting our homeowners policy. I do like the approach of calling it an explosive, that'll be my search and ultimately putting a stop to the idea. We live near Winchester in Alton, IL and over the years have heard stories about the dangers but as you know we only have so many years to train and teach our children. I want to stress to him and to anyone else researching this topic that it may be legal but here are a 1000 reasons it's a really bad idea. I don't want anyone to be afraid of firearms or gunpowder but I want to make sure they are given the respect and safety they deserve I'm looking for enough information to make sure that when my son is living on his own he doesn't decide to give it a try because he's older and wiser.
  20. Drive through Putnam often on the way to LaSalle to visit friends. Trying to get out of Illinois now. Looking at "pension friendly" states.
  21. Today
  22. Alaska is the only state I haven't been to, so I've got an Alaskan cruise booked for September. And right smack in the middle of it, my youngest daughter's first baby is due - my 6th grandchild.
  23. Nope, stage can be restarted if a round hasn't left the barrel. The embarrassment should be enough to teach the lesson.
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