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  2. It's like comparing a $16,000 Ford Focus to an $80,000 BMW X-Series. Either one will get you to the grocery store and back if that's all you're trying to do. But if you could have either one for free, which one would you choose?
  3. I tried watching Deadwood a few times, but their gratuitous use of the F-bomb kind of turned me off. And now they have have it on billboards.
  4. Yes .... No. The Rifles are Uberti. Uberti parts will fit .. maybe .. it is not unusual for Uberti replacement parts to require a little fitting. The factory Short Stroke is a combination of .... stuff. The links are a copy of Pioneer Gunworks links, the Lifter Arm is OEM Uberti, and the Finger Lever is a copy of the C & I fourth generation SS with a different step. To run well, the rifles with the Short Stroke will most likely need some springs changed out. Replace the trigger safety spring, Replace or re-work the Lever side springs, Replace or re-work the Main Spring, Replace or re-work the Firing Pin return spring. ALL of these spring changes also apply to ANY Uberti built Toggle Link rifle.
  5. I used the same method as Hollifer and it worked really well. One change I made is I epoxied a broken 1/4 drive drill bit to the dowel and use my power screw driver to spin it. The screw driver is a cheap B&D and turns pretty slow. Use a grip enhancing glove and be careful. That sharp blade will easily trim a finger. I have an old antique roll crimper and it works really well. Secret is to make sure it is securely mounted so that it cannot move.
  6. Ah. I see. Sometimes it comes down to the search phrase. I didn’t search Richards-Navy and could not pull up what I wanted. Thanks again.
  7. “Seeing as the gun is imported by Cimarron I would give them a call first.” “VTI has it listed as part number #154 and the little screw as #119” I am reaching out to Cimarron. I may have misses it when I was looking on VTI. Thanks
  8. “That sight gives a good sight picture but is sharp and doesn't "Look right" to me. If I had one, I think I'd remove the rear sight and replace it with a dovetail blank.” I am thinking of a blank off. It (the gun) doesn’t fit in my new holsters right.
  9. I'm sure that Mad Dane would help him out, but he may be too far west for your friend. Maybe your friend could bring them to Chipley for Mad Dane to look at.
  10. Well...it won’t work on my phone. Darn. Thank you anyway.
  11. THAT’S IT! I knew it couldn’t be that other word...Not on Deadwood...
  12. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how hard it is to lose your partner in crime
  13. Since I shoot a Propellant that contributes copious amounts of target obscure-a, I like about 5 feet lateral dispersion. Shotgun same same. I prefer lots of movement even though it tough on an old guy. Progressively moving forward is huge fun. STAND AND DELIVER is a lot like kissing yer sister. I really like contributions from new folks who obviously already know it all. Enabling that is. Since we're not gonna go with 5 feet ...... PLUS ONE to GRIFF!! You betcha.
  14. The really fast busy imeans there’s a problem getting to the final switching center. (Central Ofice) At some point all the lines are busy or out of order. First wife did a lot of the conversions from one switching system to another.
  15. A good friend of mine has an acquaintance who has some expensive old Colt revolvers and some VERY expensive grips he wants fitted to them and installed. Anyone know someone he might speak with about that work? He is in the Tallahassee Florida area and naturally someone he could carry them to in person would be preferred. Thanks. Cass
  16. +1 to July. I recall seeing some of those sights in the parts bin at Cimarron but that was a few years back. When those guns came out, there was no rear sight (because Clint's movie gun from back then had none). People that had them didn't miss the rear sight. That sight gives a good sight picture but is sharp and doesn't "Look right" to me. If I had one, I think I'd remove the rear sight and replace it with a dovetail blank.
  17. I don't know where RED KNEE lives, exactly, but he sent me an email pic of a twisty estimated about 2 miles from his house. He was taking the picture from his 'Safe Room'. No, it wasn't his gun safe room but rather a specific room built into his house for such an occasion. That 'Twisty' looked darn big and mean. ..........Widder
  18. Today
  19. Seeing as the gun is imported by Cimarron I would give them a call first. VTI has it listed as part number #154 and the little screw as #119 http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=32&cat=Uberti+Richards-Navy
  20. Personally, I don't care for the Call Waiting feature and I had it disabled on our phone. I consider it insulting/ignorant to be talking with someone, only to have them say: "OH! There's someone else calling" and click off from our conversation. If that happens, I just hang up. But then I am a GOFWG.
  21. A private citizen calling in information to the police CAN be grounds for the police to get a warrant, but a lot will likely depend on the circumstances and reputation of the tipster. A tip from Gladys Kravitz, being a known curtain snoop and busy-body with a reputation for unfounded and unprovable assertions, would probably have the judge tossing any police requesting a search warrant out on their ears, whereas a tip from Dr. Roy Hinkley would likely get a favorable nod from the judge. The maid going into a hotel room is reasonable and routine; the person who has a grudge against someone and breaks into their house to find out if they're up to something is neither.
  22. When I needed a barrel for my Remington, Uberti was no help whatsoever. Try Taylors, at least they will talk to you.
  23. I ZERO mine at the local Bow and Gun Club. Local indoor ranges are a bit testy about APP loads. Oh, forgot. I only "Zero" for windage. At 7 to 15 yards elevation is mute. I can't see a target at 100 Yds anymore so why bother??
  24. I have an Uberti 1851 Man With No Name conversion in a .38. (Cimarron) it has a rear site cut into the barrel and I need to order one. I have scoured the internet and reached out to Uberti but have yet to get a response. Anyone have any ideas?
  25. Prayers for he and his loved ones heading south from the Northern side of the Medicine Line. May the Light Perpetual Shine Upon Him and give peace and comfort to his family.
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