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  1. I have a couple of macchinettas* given to me years ago when I drank a double cap before driving to work. The giver of the gifts is a 1st generation Italian American couple. The reason for the gift was so I could make expresso at a family cabin that is off the grid in N. CA. After I retired & moved to Dead Broke Ranch I quit drinking cappuccinos; because of limited counter space. Not enough room for the drip coffee maker & the Starbucks Barista expresso machine. I tried to convince the misses to drink cafe americano. She wasn't convinced. The Barista is on a shelf in my shop/garage building. If I ever get around to building a man cave in it I'll set it up so, I can enjoy cappuccinos. * Single & double sizes. P.S. The Barista is bullet proof; because, it doesn't have any printed circuit boards in it only good old fashion switches. The Barista is still prized & you can by them used on the internet. The machine I had before had a circuit board & it died when the solder connecting the power relay contacts to the PCB circuit foils crystalized creating a bad connection which generated heat which carbonized the board.
  2. There are two rules in pro football that were created to deal with two plays that the Las Vegas Traitors were involved in. One where they were the victims, "The immaculate" reception & one where they were the beneficiary, the Stabler to Casper "Holly Roller" forward fumble.
  3. Because these blackouts will happen for many years to come; an emergency generator is a wise investment. Hire a licensed electrical contractor to install it. Never ever plug a portable generator into your house wiring. You need a manual transfer or automatic transfer switch. I worked in the business for 35 years & installed a manual switch after my service entrance panel & reconnected the 3 feeders to distribution breakers in the transfer panel and the 200A feeder to the house to 200A feed through lugs in the transfer panel. I installed it because, since I moved here in January 2013 I have averaged 1 outage lasting 1 or more hours every year. Two have lasted more than eight hours. The town I live 8 miles from has 2 transmission lines from the substation miles 15 miles west. These two transmission lines run on the same poles until 10 miles from town. The last pole with both lines is 100 feet off highway 50 on a long sweeping curve. Last year an 18 wheeler going West missed the curve (fell asleep) and didn't stop until taking out the pole. I was glad I had a gasoline/propane engine generator.
  4. It is legal. The program was created after high winds blew tree branches into a power line in Butte County. The fire moved so fast it blocked the road exit from Paradise. People had to drive down a road that had trees burning on both sides of the road. *5 humans lost their lives in the fire. The town of Paradise was burned to the ground. This wasn't an isolated incident. It will take many years for PG&E to improve their transmission & distribution in forested areas. Some of the fire danger reduction will be done by the state like clearing excess tress & brush within a few hundred feet from highways.
  5. Another word for friends like Mortimer Smith is "Fudd". Those who can't get it through their thick skulls that the 2A has nothing to do with hunting.
  6. These days before you buy a gun in a caliber you don't already own a gun in you'd better determine if ammo is available especially if you live in Kalifornia. I hear 40 S&W is coming back.
  7. Because I was born there. However I moved 230 miles north east when I retired. The only thing to burn here is rabbit brush & sheet grass. Our problem is escapees from SoCal that brought their politics with them to Clark County. The state government is BLUE; so, they have been following CA when it comes to energy. Retiring base load coal and replacing with intermittent PV sources. In northern NV wing is not a factor because the only places that have reliable wings it is too gusty and those conventional prop blade turbines can't take the gusts. PV is pretty reliable in a state with very few cloudy days; however, because, it is sooo dry particulate quickly coats the PV panels limiting their output. To maintain their efficiency they have to be washed frequently. Not good in a state that is one of the driest places on earth.
  8. Rather than buying a charge bar for every caliber & load you reload on the press buy the Uniquetek micrometer conversions for the Dillon charge bars. For a size you don't have buy the micrometer charge bar. That way unless you are changing from a calibers & the change requires a different size charge bar you don't have to drain the powder bin. Within a year of purchasing my XL650 I bought the conversion kit & when I started reloading 380ACP I bought the small bar with micrometer.
  9. I've got to renew my driver's license this month. The information that came with the notice says I have to supply a doctor's note or go to a DMV office for a vision test. The DMV is a lot more convenient than getting a doctor's note; so, I'll make an appointment with the DMV. I wonder should I pay the extra for a real ID? I use my passport to board planes. At least I'll bring my DD214 so the license will indicate I am a vet. Good for discounts at some businesses.
  10. I wanted to order a Garand from the CMP late last year. The misses stopped me when she was mad when I tried to sneak a PTR-109 into my shop/garage. Before I went to the FFL to pick it up I told her I was going to the hardware store. It took an hour longer than my normal hardware store run; so, she was not accepting my excuse for the time length. Had to buy flowers & a card to calm her down. I told her it was my Christmas present. She said I don't need any more guns; so, when Interarms imported a large number of rifles that had been stacked like cordwood in Ethiopian warehouses for 50 years I jumped at the chance to acquire an early production M1 Carbine in good condition. I asked "Mother may I" before buying one. The Ethiopian's had 1880's vintage antiques, C&R's & 1950's vintage rifles. They had various models & vintages of Carcanos & Enfields as well as Polish 98K's & Polish refurbished Mauser 98K's. There are more Ethiopian rifles to be imported. Checkout Royal Tiger Imports if you collect military firearms. Hopefully the CMP won't run out of Garands in 6 months. Maybe by then she will allow me to add a 2nd rifle to my US military rifle collection. With a M1 Carbine & Garand in my collection I am sure I'll have the rifle my dad carried when driving his landing craft to and from Pacific island beaches. The only landing he ever talked about was the one time he told us kids his experience spending a scary night on a Siapan beach after his landing craft was shot-up. The only war story he told multiple times was a drunken liberty incident where one of his motor machinist mate buddies rode a bicycle off the end of the pier the APA-9 Neville was tied up to.
  11. When I worked a Ford Aerospace i(L3 now) in Palo Alto in the mid 70's every once in a while a vehicle w/CA Gov plates would drive down every aisle in every parking lot photographing out of state license plates. Then a marked car would come back a few days later & place citations on the windshields.
  12. If you ever have to have another MRI tell them it has to be with an open MRI. For the 3 MRI's I have had the confined space only caused minor discomfort. In January this year I developed very uncomfortable shoulder & upper arm pain. Acetaminophen didn't make it bearable. The ER doc prescribed acetaminophen & a mussel relaxer. Didn't help; so, I went to my primary care doc who listened to my description of symptoms. Because my symptoms included numbness on the pinky finger side of my right arm I was prescribed Duloxetine. The pain went away with the medication. To find where the irritated nerve passed between vertibrae an MRI was done. The long length of time require to do it was mentally uncomfortable. Did a lot of deep breathing & attempted meditation. Unfortunately the irritated nerve passed between the last in the thoracic spine & last in the cervical spine therefore the image(s) left unacceptable doubt in the doctors diagnosis. Had to do another MRI argh!
  13. Hide'n Biden's cognitive abilities have deteriorated to the point he has started to have difficulties reading a promter. In his so-called news conference Thursday he flubbed a long sentence. He obviously read to far ahead & lost his place.
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