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  1. In March of 2016 I had triple bypass surgery. Two days after discharge I went to the ER due to a breathing issue. I could only take very shallow breaths wo/coughing. A CT showed PE's in my right lung. I was in the hospital for 15* days until a therapeutic dose of warfarin was determined. I was on it for 6 mo's. I didn't ride my horse or climb ladders when on warfarin. Also, I wore mechanics gloves when using tools. *I wear 24/7/365 a medicalert bracelet indicating I am allergic to heparin which is the IV blood thinner of choice. I developed the allergy between the bypass surgery & the ER visit. P.S. I bruised easily. Many I couldn't trace to a noticeable impact.
  2. My experience with french press coffee has been one week a year for 30 years at our off the grid cabin. The press was a gift from my daughter's boy friend. Also when RV'ng we use a press. The coffee is great; however, my gripe has been by the time you pour the last cup the temperature is barely drinkable. The one in the motor home broke; so, it had to be replaced. I did a duckduckgo search I bought two SS insulated presses.
  3. Since rimless cases index on the case mouth case length is very important. The first time you reload once fired rimless cases you have to resize & then trim them. An exception would be if only shot in revolvers with moon clips. Also with the 2 times I bought new Starline 45 Colt cases I had to be resize them. The 1st time I had to disassemble 100 cartridges when most failed a case gauge check.
  4. Agreed! If you install under the shell plate you can't install the washer. Been there done that!
  5. All mfg's quit submitting auto's when the CA DOJ said microstamping was commercially available. When that happened all new submissions have to have the feature. Ruger & other mfg's sued in the 9th Circus re CA safe handgun law. The Judge ruled that as long as 1 handgun was available for sale there was no unconstitutional infringement on the peoples right to keep arms. So, until SCOTUS grants cert on a safe handgun or EBR case, residents in CA have to move to a free state or receive a gift from your parents or child who live in a free state of the handgun you want that isn't on the list. Of course the gift has to be transfered through a CA FFL.
  6. If you are shooting subsonic I suggest you buy 300BO mags. The bullet shape of the 190-240 grain bullets likely will not feed reliably from 223/5.56 mags. It isn't an issue for supersonic ammo.
  7. Ruger makes a Single Six in 32 cal for Lipsey's. The Ruger is lighter than any model P junior.
  8. If the plumbing is for sewer the material is WRONG! Sewer piping is ABS (black) not PVC (white).
  9. Plus high blood pressure from the salt loading.
  10. I am in the same boat since 12-7-1971. Always thought I wasn't eligible since I didn't have any disabilities. Based on my wife talking to several friends who's husbands a vets receiving care through the VA she made an appointment with the VA benefits consultant at the local VA office to determine my eligibility. Apparently the VA now assumes all VN vets are assumed to have suffered from exposure to agent orange.
  11. I suppose it could be water glass with sand mixed in. Yum!!
  12. If 4" conduit punch rental is a bust you can buy a cheap Harbor Freight pneumatic knibbler.
  13. I played the video many times today to observe the actions of the shooter, the 2 victims & the hero who stopped the shooter with one shot. It appears that the shooter gets up & walks to an open window to ditch a backpack. Then he walks up to the standing victim & they exchange some words. All the while the seated victim is observing what is happening. When the shooter starts to withdraw the shotgun the seated victim leans slightly forward to standup. Then he uncovers his handgun & withdraws his handgun as he stands up. It appears the shooter is backing up towards the front before he notices the armed threat & engages the immediate threat. The armed victim was shot before his handgun is pointed at the shooter. My Monday morning quarterbacking is; besides not burying his gun under 2 layers of clothing he should have started drawing before standing. That would have lengthened the time before the shooter realized he was armed & dangerous. Also, he could have remained in a crouch minimizing his exposure. The shooter's movement towards the alter indicates that his intended target wasn't the 2 victims.
  14. One of the Bizarre Foods episodes was in VN. Andrew Zimmern the host visits VN. One place he visits is Hanoi. On an island in the harbor there is a historical business that manufactures a world renowned nuoc mam. Manufacturing is placing fish in barrels & adding salt. The fish is then mashed & left to rot for 1 year. The liquid is removed & filtered before bottling.
  15. For a post Korean War "military style" rifle I acquired a PTR-109 for Christmas. It is a copy of a H&K91 with pic rail. The 109 has the German Navy G-3 assault rifle. I like firearms with unique operating systems. The rifle uses a roller delayed blowback action like the HK MP5 & CETME rifle. PTR 109.pdf
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