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  1. I strongly suggest you get a 120 volt receptacle circuit checker to check all your outlets for correct wiring. It will tell you if the line, neutral & ground are wired correctly. The neutral conductor is required by code to be connected to the metal service entrance panel & bonded to the earth, 8 ft ground rod or rebar in the foundation. Therefore, if house/building is up to snuff the resistance between ground conductor & neutral will be near zero. The small UPS's used in homes/home offices are not line interactive or double conversion type that isolate the load from the power source. They are offline type which instantaneously switch from input power to inverter & back. Very few will even have a power conditioner. Surge suppressors only protect load from power line spikes. The line interactive & double conversion types use true sinewave inverters & are expensive.
  2. The best gas grill I ever bough was a commercial unit that was on sale at a store that only sold high end gas grills. It had three 30K BTU burners plus radiant & had two side burners. It was made out of 16 ga 316 stainless. The burners were made out of thick stainless round tubing. To reduce grease flare ups it had inverted vee shaped shields over the burners plus ceramic rods between the guards and the heavy cast stainless steel grill. The grill grid had dished shape to catch grease & channel it to channels that drained it to a pull out grease pan. It also had a burner to heat a box for seasoning wood. Couldn't have taken it with me when we sold the house; since, I built a barbeque island for it. The brand was DCS. I believe it is an acronym for Dynamic Cooking Systems. P.S. It was expensive, $3,200 in 2003. I am sure it won't rot ou;t because, the burners & shields didn't show a spec of rust or corrosion after 9 years of use. I only wanted a two burner; however, the 3 burner floor model was less expensive than a factory order 2 burner unit.
  3. You have a non-islanding inverter(s); so, the inverter uses the utility voltage as frequency reference. When the voltage or frequency is out of the inverter's voltage & frequency range it goes into standby mode. Your inverter(s) can be replaced by dual mode inverter(s) which have a built in automatic transfer switch that senses utility loss & switches to internal voltage & frequency references. It will be less expensive to add batteries to the system than a gas or diesel standby generator; because, a microgrid controller in addition to a genset that has compatible governor & voltage regulator are required. Your Kohler, Cummins & GENERAC home standby's aren't compatible.
  4. I had my 1st colonoscopy in 2013 & a few benign polyps were removed. I knew the prep was awful; because; the last time I had Kidney stones the imaging required to diagnose it required cleaning out my GI tract. Initial symptoms was pink urine & a blood test ruled out an infection. Turned out it was a single stone the size of a molar. Until 1/1/2021 I have used the same HMO whose 2nd hospital I was born at. The prep besides 3 laxative tablets is a gallon of Golytley liquid. I was surprised last year when they scheduled one when in 2013 it would be 10 years to the next one. They must have changed their protocols; because, when I asked why so soon? the reply was it was the polyps. And when I left the colonoscopy suite a nurse said see you in five.
  5. I was turned on to whiskey in 1988 by a relative when we were adding onto a family cabin. He brought a couple of 1.75 liter bottles of JD. We spent a week at the remote site & ran out mid week. Needless to say we made a half day trip to the nearest liquor emporium to get 2 more bottles. I picked my email name to indicate my fondness for JD neat. A couple of years ago while at COSTCO I noticed Bullet bourbon & rye; so, a bought a bottle of each. After comparing them with JD I now buy Bullet rye. I am not big on diluting sipping liquors. I do like Knob Creek I am just to cheap to pay the premium over JD or Bullet. In the late 90's I vacationed in Mexico & acquired a taste for reposado & anejo Ta-kill-yas. I prefer Corralejo. I can drink some blancos neat if chilled. I do like liquors with a a slight aftertaste from the product it was fermented from, tequilla & grapa. I am not a fan of single malt scotches with strong aftertaste of dirt with a lot of decomposed plant matter. P.S. I have been known to drink good vodka if it is stored in a freezer. I have to drink it before it gets above 40F. Otherwise it has to be in a very dry martini. "Shaken not stirred", served up with stuffed green olives or cocktail onions. If made with gin it must not be a spicy gin like Bombay.
  6. Short reset is a curse when shooting an AR or 10/22 with with a binary trigger in binary mode. I have a lower with a Fostech Echo II trigger. The 1st time I tried binary mode I almost emptied a 60 round Magpul magazine when I pulled the trigger. The very slight recoil was enough to reset the trigger. I learned that to prevent simulated automatic fire you have to firmly hold the rifle butt against your shoulder & lean forward. If operated so that the gun doesn't fire the 2nd shot until you deliberately rest the trigger you get fast & accurate double taps. I bought it for grins & giggles.
  7. How many blades did they wear out milling eucalyptus? In the SF Bay Area there was a couple weeks in the 70's that the night time temperatures were in the low 20's. The low 20's temps. killed the ice plant freeway landscaping & most of the eucalyptus groves in parkland on the tops of hills. The dead trees were an extreme fire hazard as well as ugly. So the public agencies that owned the groves advertised contracts to remove the dead trees. The winning bidders lost money; because, the trees ate chains & wore out bars quickly.
  8. I live too far out from town to get cable; so, have subscribed to Direct TV until the local telephone company put fiber cable in the street last year. They offered free hook-up which required pulling the fiber cable through the 1200 ft. flexible plastic conduit that the copper phone line ran in.* It was also an offer I couldn't refuse because the copper cable in the street had deteriorated to the point that the guaranteed DSL bandwidth couldn't be met. They said copper service for DSL & landline voice would be discontinued in 2021. I only needed the free hook-up to induce me to sign-up. The bandwidth had deteriorated to the point that I couldn't watch Netflix until after 10PM. Also, I need DSL speed internet for my consulting work. The DSL service was so bad at times I used my smart phone as a wifi hot spot. The TV in the living room has built in wifi & the one in the bedroom I used a Blueray disc player that has wifi to access Netflix. *Even though the conduit was laid in a straight line the contractor couldn't run a fish all the way through it. They had to install a Christy box halfway between the street & house.
  9. The article says the property was bought by a north central IL oil company who will build a truck stop with hot food & gaming machines. I am sure that it will also sell items that every truck stop on a freeway on & off ramp sells.
  10. The SC DA's office started the investigation into bribery/extortion at the top of the sheriffs department with allegations that a CC permit required a substantial contribution to the sheriffs reelection campaign. There is a grand jury empaneled that has been investigating the sheriffs office.
  11. One of the 1st In N Out's in the SF Bay area was in San Ramon on a 4 lane frontage road on the west side of I 680. It was a block north of the freeway exit. For a least a year one of the north bound frontage road lanes was blocked from 11:00AM and 8:00PM. The lane was blocked for a 1/4 mile all the way to the freeway exit road intersection. The traffic was so bad the SR Police stationed one or two officers to control traffic on the road during lunch & dinner hours. On routes that I travel frequently I & the misses know where the In-N-Out's are located. My favorites are single & double double animal style. I do prefer 5 Guys. The meat rivals that served by restaurants. When in Carson City & hungry it is a dilemma deciding where to eat; since, In-N-Out & 5 Guys are <1/2 mile apart.
  12. You beat me to it. CFD uses 45 Colt cases that take 209 primers. The primers are loose so they fall out easily.
  13. The ATF's interpretation of the NFA has embarrassed US attorneys in other courts. The the ATF's determination that an AR lower is a firearm twice has forced them to decide not to appeal circuit judge rulings tossing cases involving AR lowers. The DOJ is afraid that they will loose at the court of appeals & definitely at SCOTUS. Especially now that there is a 6/3 conservative majority with several justices indicating that they want to narrow the Chevron doctrine.
  14. The microstamping law already exists. That is why the list of pistols today is 2/3rd's of what it was a few years ago. That is why you can only buy Gen 3 Glocks in CA. The 9th Circus case re the safe handgun law in CA the lower court's opinion was that as long as a gun was available for sale in CA the law wasn't unconstitutional.
  15. Scalping ammo using an internet auction sites is not illegal in CA if the buyer has a C&R FFL or the ammo is sent to a CA FFL or CA licensed ammo dealer that is willing to handle the transfer.
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