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  1. Hardpan, Thanks for the pump tip. Fountain pumps are magnetically coupled, so the humid environment inside a swamp cooler won't rust the stater & rotor steel & lower the winding insulation resistance to the point that leakage current overheats the windings.
  2. I doubt the turkey my daughter dispatched with her 2" barrel Rossi 3/8 5 shot revolver was hit in the head. Where she lived one year there was an issue of a flock of turkeys hanging around her & her neighbor's property. The poop on the patio wasn't the worst damage they did. They ruin paint jobs on vehicles. Just before Thanksgiving a hen would spend most of the day on her patio & roost on her car. To chase it off permanently my daughter use the Rossi. As she told me she didn't want to kit it. So she pointed in the turkey's direction & pulled the trigger. Back then you cou
  3. Fairchild Semiconductor produced the 1 st integrated circuits. The 1st was a darlington pair. Followed by a operational amplifier. The introduction was in the early 60's. early enough to be used in the AN/TPS 25 radar.* The 1st microprocessor on a chip was introduced by Intel in 1971. Before that a CPU required multiple IC's or discrete semiconductors & resistors on a printed circuit board. *I was given a box of semiconductors, Fairchild darlington pair & op amp IC's by an AN TPS 25 crew when the 25th ID redeployed to Schofield Barracks in 1970-1971. They didn't want to go
  4. Sounds like you need to have a well service company out to test the resting water levels. Worst case the wells & pumps will need to be replaced. You could add large black plastic tanks with level switches to control the submersible pump & a pressure controlled pump to pressurize the pressure tanks. Rather than use a pump protector that monitors the submersible pump running current install water level control. This requires pulling the pump to install the two level probes, one just above the pump & one higher up. The one just above the pump is the shut-off level and the other
  5. Swamp coolers are only effective in dry climates & they require more maintenance than. I have a Mastercool that uses a proprietary resin impregnated paper media. The water source is a well. The water has a high level of soda ash*; so the media lasts two seasons, May through September. Also, circulating & purge pumps are good for 3-4 years. *I live a half mile from a lake that in the 19th century had a business that boiled the brackish water in giant caldrons to extract soda ash that was used in the many gold & silver refining facilities in Norther NV.. The predecessor of
  6. My favorite Mex breakfast is Chilaquiles. Not many restaurants have it on the menu. Easier to find Huevos Rancheros.
  7. Joe, Those snails in your garden are not native to the Bay Area. They were brought from France by French emigrants. I used to occasionally watch KQED cooking shows and one the host prepared escargot from snails gathered in her garden.
  8. Royal Tiger Imports has a few of the M1 Carbines they imported from Ethiopia left. https://www.royaltigerimports.com/category-s/1900.htm
  9. In the 9th Circus if a judge has a least one case on an issue all cases that are filed on that broad issue are assigned to that judge. That is why Judge Benitez has issued opinions on magazine limits, The anti 2A majority in the 9th Circus have repeatedly shown they can generate illogical anti 2A opinions. Just read the recent opinion that the people have no right to bear arms outside the home. To support their opinion they didn't cite any US case law, only international law. They also ignored their recent opinion in Peruda. They like other anti 2A circuits they continue to
  10. I can second the Hardpan's statement that the prices aren't out of line. I bought an early production Inland in good to very good condition that has the flip-up rear sight. The gun was imported from Ethiopia which acquired it before the M1's were arsenal upgraded. The importer was Interarms & sold by Royal Tiger Imports. They still advertise M1 Carbines. The only thing I can tell isn't original is the handguard which has 4 rivets instead of two. P.S. It is odd that Midway USA won't sell to customers in CA. Their website doesn't list any restriction on CA firearms sales.
  11. Since you are unable to receive PM's I'll post the question I have: I noticed from this thread that you were near Tay Ninh in April 1970. I was in country and assigned to the 25th ID staring in June 1970. Because of my education & employment when in college I was recruited by the assistant division signal officer to move the 11th ACR's pirate radio station gear from An Loc to Dau Tieng. I wonder if you listened to any of "WTLB"s broadcasts on the FM radio band.
  12. I found that cases with a cannula will split in the cannula. before the case mouth splits.
  13. The wife & I have been eating In-N-Out since the San Ramon store opened. I believe it was the 1st in the SF Bay Area. It is located two blocks north of the 580 Crow Canyon exit on San Ramon Valley blvd. The back fence is the freeway boundary fence. For a couple of years at lunch & diner the drive through line blocked the no. 1 north bound lane. The city police had to station an officer there to keep traffic moving. After clicking on a click bait link re. off menu items at In-N-Out I had to try both the burger & fries animal style; since I prefer cooked onions & love chil
  14. If it is made with spicy sausage & ladled on biscuits I'll eat it. Mom made it with salty chipped beef & like creamed peas or peas & carrots I never ate it after I married in 1967. I think I tried it once in Basic Training & it was too bland to bother in the future. The lack of taste is not enough to overcome the picture in my mind of the contents of an infant's soiled diaper.
  15. The advantage of the 460 S&W Magnum is its' chamber can fire 454 Casull & 45 Colt. Also for critter protection in brown bear country you can load it with 460 ammo. I would not own a revolver that fired 44M or more powerful cartridges if it wasn't ported & have energy absorbing or Jerry Miculek grips. The gift my wife & I gave to my son when he graduated from paramedic school was a 44M Taurus Raging Bull in 44M. I decided on the Taurus after renting it and a model 29 at a indoor range. The unported model 29 was not pleasant to shoot.
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