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  1. The Stoeger Coach gun excludes the "Classic Cowboy/Classic Cowgirl" category; which requires a hammered double with manually cocked hammers. The revolvers excluded "Frontiersman" category which is limited to percussion revolvers.
  2. It was a "Vulture Capitalist" that forced the sale of Cabela's to Bass Pro. He saw that Cabela's stock was under valued & bought enough that he could force a hostile takeover or convince the Cabela's BOD that selling was an offer they couldn't refuse. He made quick millions. It pains me the guy is whale among donors to Republicans. When I lived in SF East Bay I would visit relatives in Washoe Valley (between Reno & Carson City). I remember after the Cabela's in Verdi opened. The parking lot was always full on weekends with cars & pickup trucks with CA plates. When I retired I moved to the "Oasis of Nevada" & my relatives moved to CA. When Bass Pro opened their store in Rocklin CA the parking lot has a lot few vehicles. I have noticed that there is more fishing gear since the Bass Pro ownership. I didn't buy a firearm from the Manteca CA Bass Pro when I lived in the East Bay; but I did notice the gun counter was always crowded on weekends. I bought a pic rail for an AR from the Rocklin Bass Pro. It was a rip off but I didn't want to wait for Amazon Prime 2 day delivery to mount some accessory on one of my uppers. It was to late in the day to make it to Sparks before Sheels closes. Sheels doesn't have the largest selection of firearms but no other Big Box Sporting Goods or LGS can beat their reloading equipment & supplies. Scheels is not where to go to find bargains; but everything is top shelf. You want to go into a store & walk out with a XL750 go to Scheels. Actually in Northern NV the biggest selection of firearms is in a LGS in a strip mall storefront in Carson City. There are glass cases full of handguns & optics along 3 of the 4 walls & long guns hanging on the same 3 walls to the ceiling. It is a satellite location of a LGS in Elk Grove CA. P.S. Since, 2014 I have only bought boots, jeans, shorts, shirts, on sale primers & other shooting accessories from Cabela's. I mostly have purchased related items from Scheels & Outdoor Sportsman or a LGS.
  3. I only heard the term barbecue gun a couple of years ago on a firearms talk radio show. The definition was similar to Levi's except it is worn to be seen. My daughter asked me to presided* at her second wedding which was held on a granite outcropping a block above our family cabin in South Lake Tahoe. The theme was old west. Since, this was after CA banned open carry nobody carried Vaqueros or SAA's. If the cabin was a 2 miles to the east in Douglas County NV some of us in the wedding party would have been. *I got one of those mail order licenses. The closest thing I have to a barbecue gun is a Lipsey's special blued Vaquero with an engraved cylinder with gold leaf inlay. I bought it off Gunbroker when I lost out on a SS 357 OMV match to the one I already had.
  4. This is our small male stray CAT Spooky. My wife says she thinks he may be related to a small black cat she has seen crossing the road our property is on, one mile east of our 1200 ft. driveway The 1st time she saw it she thought it may have been Spooky; but we have never seen him wander more than 400 feet from the house.
  5. Go to the Cowboy Fast Draw Association website & buy CFD cases & bullets. The cases have primer pockets for 209 primers & the bullets are a plastic cup filled with wax. At 7 yards the bullets punch holes in 3/8' plywood. https://www.cowboyfastdraw.com/
  6. Our cat Spooky is a stray that adopted us. I saw him hanging around our motor home for several months. In June of 2017 we had a 50th wedding anniversary barbecue at Dead Broke Ranch. My daughter & daughter in law noticed him & some how animals can tell which people are animal whisperers. He let them pick him up & he was in sad shape. We put him in a larger dog crate with food & water. On Monday we took him to our vet for a check out & treatment for any ailments. He was severely undernourished but otherwise OK. We set up a cat house on our front porch. He preferred to sleep at night on top of our Kia Soul. He wasn't scared of our doxidoor or golden retriever males. Eventually he found the pet door in our bedroom. We found him in the house & put him back out. Within 5 minutes he was back in the house. Since, we couldn't keep him out, he became an indoor/outdoor cat. Mostly indoor. The 1st year he would catch birds & eat them after he was tired of the play. Then he'd bring them in the house to play. Two times it took me 30-45 minutes to catch the birds to release them outside. Eventually he totally lost interest in hunting. This CAT follows my wife around inside & outside. He isn't interested in any normal cat play, laser pointer & light spots. feathers on a string, etc. But he sure craves affection. He reacts to specific cues. If I am sitting in my recliner or standing near it he'll come over and meow for me to sit down. Then he climbs up & lays on my chest. He'll stay there for 10-15 minutes. P.S. it didn't take long for his motley dull black fur to thicken and get shinny & his body to thicken. His fur is like stroking rabbit fur. He is not much bigger than a 12 week old kitten. He was also neutered when we found him.
  7. Covid 19 has to penetrate a cell to replicate. Once the host cell is dead its cell wall bursts releasing many new copies of the virus that invaded the cell. The stated reason reason for wearing any mouth & nose covering is to stop the liquid droplets that are exhaled or expelled with a cough. It isn't to prevent infection of the wearer.
  8. Knob Creek - higher - higher My handle JD Daily says it all. For years I always sipped JD neat. Others introduced me to Marker's Mark & Knob Creek which my order of preference is JD, Makers Mark & Knob Creek. I just can't justify the price premium for Markers Mark or Knob Creek for daily 2 shot consumption. After trying Bullet bourbon & rye whiskeys I have settled on Bullet rye whiskey. For all but Thanksgiving or Christmas treat which is Knob Creek. I have had shots of single malt scotches; however, I prefer the taste of agave cactus vs. peat moss.
  9. Use it as your match rifle. Since it is a clone its' value is in its' use, not as a collectable. As a family heirloom it doesn't matter if it has wear from use.
  10. Until the long time controller for the company I worked for from 1978 through 2012 retired direct deposit was never offered even though it was the most popular employee suggestion. A branch of the national bank was 3 blocks from work & right off the Nimitz freeway. There also was another branch about 4 miles south right off the freeway. There were 3 robberies of these branches in a short period of time. So, shortly after these incidents there were counter to 10+ foot high 2 ' thick LEXAN panels. No more bank robberies. I haven't seen these panels since I moved to Northern NV. Now when I made 3 trips to Colombia in 1980-1981 I saw armed bank guards, some sitting on platforms like in saloons in some westerns. The hotel Tecandama in Bogota had a assault rifle carrying guard at each lobby entrance. There were as many police & military personnel carrying assault rifles there as I saw every time I visited Siagon in 1970-1971. I didn't want to send much time there; but, to get to & from the job site you had to pass through there.
  11. Rather than the Amprobe test tool buy a universal circuit tracer that you can use to test landline phone wiring & deenergised wiring. I bought one in 2003 when the structured media box (phone lines & CAT 5 Ethernet) in my new house weren't labeled. It was well worth the money spent; because, I have had to use the circuit tracer twice to troubleshoot dead outlets in my 6 year old modular. 1st I lost the outlets in my living room & later the outside outlets on the living room side of the modular. The subpanel feeds all circuits is located in one half of the house. The break in the living room receptacles feeder is in the wiring between the panel & marriage line & the break in the outdoor receptacle circuit is between the outdoor GFCI receptacle on the panel half of house and the marriage line. If I lived near Chandler AZ I'd visit the mfg. to determine where the likely location of the breaks are. For safety reasons I abandoned the defective wiring by disconnecting & cutoff the wires at both ends. Fortunately Churchill county requires a main disconnect on the outside of a dwelling unit; so, a 200A main breaker panel was installed by the contractor I hired to install the modular. The panel had plenty of spaces for me to install 15A breakers for the purpose of bypassing the bad wiring. Otherwise I would have had to fish wire from crawl space through the floor up to the panel. P.S. knob & tube wiring is good wiring as long as no combustible material is touching the wire. I wouldn't trust the asphalt impregnated cloth insulation. Nor would I trust old Romex either. There is a reason that electrical codes in the last several code cycles have required arc fault interrupters in dwelling units*. The PVC insulation on the conductors breaks down over time due to temperature. The Feds studied electrical house fires and found many were caused by arcing faults from deteriorated wire insulation. *The 2019 code requires AFCI's for all interior 120V circuits. Also GFCI's are required on 240V circuits feeding appliances regardless of amperage. The reason for the change from just 120V 15A, 20Acircuits is because of a couple of kids being electrocuted retrieving things from behind cloths dryers that had ground faults. Also all crawl spaces & attics with HVAC equipment have to have GFCI protected receptacles.
  12. J.D. Daily

    Trail Boss

    A while back they discontinued container size greater than 2 lb.
  13. I agree from the DuckDuckGo internet searches I found that it produces very little smoke do much so that rangers that ban black powered allow it.
  14. The 99 with rotary magazine in 250-3000 take-down is the most valuable version of the model 99. Mine is a take-down with most of the bluing gone & many dings & gouges in the stocks. It must have spent most of its' life on the floorboard of a pick-up truck. Except for the post 1950 box magazine types the 99 is the best looking lever action rifle chambered for metal tipped spitzer bullets ever with its' shallow receiver. In tube magazine feed lever action rifles it's the 1873 with CCH receiver & half or full octagonal barrels. If the misses would let me I would collect Savage 1895, 1899 & 99's.
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