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  1. Sort of like you have to say "Unsweetend" when ordering ice tea in the Southeast. If you don't you get diluted sugar water.
  2. The latest Federal podcast by the CEO explains that in 2015 they expanded ammo manufacturing capacity which in addition to competitors expanding capacity lead to an overcapacity after Trump was elected and demand for firearms and ammo dipped from the Obama years levels. In 2020 demand for firearms & ammo increased to the point that Federal hired & trained employees to operate operations to 24/7/365. This included operating production lines that had been shutdown due to overcapacity. He also said they have in the months; since, acquiring the Remington ammo manufacturing assets they h
  3. Col. Cooper liked the CZ75 when they couldn't be imported into the US. I have a CZ85 (Ambi 75) and it is a tack driver. For me it's very ergonomic as opposed to Glocks due to grip angle grip angle. P.S. I also have a CZ452 Silhouette which has a synthetic stock scope ring mounting groves. This rifle groups 1 MOA at 100 yards. I bought after researching silhouette shooting. It was recommended as the best value; because, its' performance was equal to Winchester & Remington rifles costing twice as much.
  4. Before I started reloading, 45 Colt in late 2000's the two boxes of Winchester cowboy required for a club match set me back $120. I realized I had to take up reloading to afford to play. Now this was in Kalifornia were everything is more expensive.
  5. Kiwi's is the nickname for New Zealanders.
  6. I worked for the manufacturer of Gyrojets, MB Associates, for about 8 months after graduation from UCB in 1968-1969. They had a vacuum chamber where they tested chaff dispensing gyrojets.
  7. In the 60's those girls were in the Haight Ashbury district of SF. In the East Bay in the early 60's those girls "Seedy Sluts" were shunned. The Pill liberated single girls.
  8. Dementia Joe & his RAT's in Congress will fix it by passing a $15/hr min. wage
  9. Vista Outdoors bought Remington Outdoors ammo related intellectual property & Lonoke AR ammo facility. From end of Nov articles the typical no. of emplyees was 700-800 but they were down to 400 after the bankruptcy filing the employment dropped below 400. Vista stated they are bringing back at least 300 previously furloughed & laid off employees.
  10. I don't get the "Are you still interested? emails from Primary Arms. I do get their other emails. I have found that they pretty much have all the misc. parts you need to complete an AR build or replace the little springs & pins you loose when installing or removing a buffer tube or bolt catch. The buffer retaining plunger is difficult to prevent launching when removing the buffer tube.
  11. In NV it the each county's health dept. that determines how the vaccines they receive from the Gov. Sucks-a-Lot. In Churchill county the vaccines have been put into the arms of 70 & older residents who line-up in cars at the fairgrounds one day a week. The 1st time was a couple of weeks ago where they administered 400 doses for the approx. 1100 residents aged 70 & older. There was another injection event this week.
  12. Franklin Armory at $300. I can state that binary triggers are fun. I have an AR-15 lower with a Fostech ECHO II binary trigger. I bought the trigger right after the Las Vegas mass shooting. At the time Franklin Armory's binary trigger had a issue with the shooter being able to out run the gun. If you reset the trigger before the bolt was in battery the hammer would drop on the bolt before it was in battery. Then you had to cycle the charging handle to cock the hammer. The Fostech trigger has an interlock that works the same way as an auto-sear except the trigger won't drop until both t
  13. You should have dropped your tire pressure to 10 PSI. This trick was taught to me by my father who learned it from a old timer tow truck driver in in 1960. Who pulled him out of a snow bank along Hwy 50 in CA. The car had chains on & it still slid into a snow bank. I remembered the trick on Dec 7th 1971 while driving I40 in TX. I had been discharged from the Army at Ft. Riley that day. Couldn't drive I80; because, it was closed at Little America due to a nasty storm. When we hit TX we ran into freezing rain. Rather than buying chains I remembered the tire pressure trick. Besides
  14. St George Orthodox Church of Prescott AZ https://prescottorthodox.com/
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