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  1. After the Craftsman gas line trimmer wouldn't start I took it to a local small engine repair shop. He checked the compression pressure & said it was well below minimum pressure. I did some research & determined that the best brand was the one he sold, Echo. Also, at the time he condemned my Craftsman he explained that the USEPA has two classes of small gasoline engine duty classes which have drastically different guaranteed lives. As I recall the consumer class was about 30 hours & commercial class was a lot longer. Because, I put 30+ hours a year trimming weeds where I can't use a brush hog I bought a commercial grade Echo. I always empty the gas tank of my line trimmer, chain saw & post hole auger after each use then run the engine dry. So, when I filled the tank with the mixed fuel that was stored in a sealed container that I had added fuel stabilizer & it would start I took it to the shop were I bought it. He told me that the mfg. recommends that pump gas shouldn't be used because it has min. 10% ethanol in it. He recommended that the only place you can buy pure gasoline with high enough octane is at the local airport. He said that I buy high octane pump gas because, the only available non alcohol gas available at a gas station is 87 octane; therefore, buy high octane pump gas & don't use it after one month. I put what's left in my Kia Sol.
  2. A green flash across the sky is a sign to bend over & kiss your ass goodby. In 1985 I spent a week on Kwajalein island when they did a test of an ICBM. The RV's gave off a green glowing plasma as they passed through the atmosphere.
  3. It looks like an AR because they wanted a very short learning curve. For the non reciprocating charging handle I wish they had used the H&K design where the bolt locks open wo/pushing a bolt catch. Once you get use to slapping the charging handle to close the bolt it is very instinctive. I like shooting my PTR106 and used G3 magazines are 1/4 the cost of SR25 magazines. P.S. The powder must be very fast burning to prevent a huge muzzle flash. The British special operators tried a short barrel FAL for a short time but discontinued use due to the ridiculous muzzle flash.
  4. Mini Dachshunds when the ground is wet. Over the years I have had 4 females & every one of them would fake pee when they were put out after it rained. After they were let back in the go in a room where you weren't and wet the carpet.
  5. Just go the MJ store for edibles to get high.
  6. I'm sipping on a couple oz's of Bulleit Rye. When I came back into the house after feeding our two horses I was cold. It's been 50F all day with wind velocity of 20-35 MPH.
  7. There are roll pin starter punches that take a lot of frustration out of installing roll pins. They are almost a necessity when building AR's.
  8. I use ammoseek.com to find ammo & reloading components. A couple of months ago I was looking for 10mm & 350 Legend which I bought from vendors listed. At the time last August when the CMP emailed that the Garand I ordered was on the way I tried to find M2 Ball or equivalent that wasn't Turkish surplus. No one had any; so, I bought match ammo from the CMP which was backordered for a couple of months. I was leery of Turkish surplus because I read in several places on the internet that 8mm Mauser blew up people's transferable German machine guns. Later I learned the issue is only w/8mm Mauser. P.S. Current listing one clean fired @ 58 cents & two @ 60 cents & one @ 68 cents. OUCH!
  9. Watched it yesterday and got me to find the link to the music by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.
  10. I am so sorry for your loss. This thread reminded me of the many special canine & feline companions I have had over the last 55 years. Remembering them has brought tears to my eyes.
  11. I live on a country rd. that the USPS doesn't deliver mail. All the mail boxes are located a mile away at the intersection with a rd. that runs to the interstate hwy. In the 9 years living here we have always put outgoing mail in a box at the post office. Years ago I had someone steal a package containing a XL650 press enhancement out of our box. The funny thing is I found the open package with the part in it 6 months latter on the side of the rd. while walking the dogs. A few months ago when checking my mail box I noticed every box (approx. 10) on the corner had the door open. The misses talked to a clerk at the post office for advice on getting a locking type box. The delivery person can't open it so it is built like a USPS mail box with a door that is constructed so that when opened you can't reach in and remove the contents. It must have been >30 years ago when living in a suburb in the SF East Bay that some thief lifted a box of checks from our mail box. It was an observant bank teller in a city 15 miles away that caught a forged check when a woman tried to cash it. Either the bank had experienced recent fraudulent checks from the city I lived in or the teller thought it odd that my wife would have visited a hair dresser in East Oakland & had services more appropriate for nappy haired women. The teller called the misses who verified the check was bogus. We change account numbers.
  12. The 40 has a reputation of having a sharp recoil which I agree with. The 1sr auto handgun I bought (1999) is a K&K USP40 variant 2. Variant 2 is SADA with south paw manual safety/decocker. It has aggressive diamond pattern grips. Firing it bites your palm. The misses who has no problem shooting 357M in her S&W model 66 with 4" barrel doesn't like the recoil impulse of USP40. When I get around to finishing a P80 20/21 frame kit I'll share the difference between 40S&W & 10mm.
  13. It will work in Garands with mil-spec gas plug. The description states "This is a "Government style" load with mostly similar properties to original mil-spec, and is ideal for M1 Garands"
  14. Because, NV doesn't have a Prop 65 or any other Kalifornia only restrictions so you can buy ag chemicals cheap in NV at ranch supply retail stores, like CA Ranch Supply & Big R stores, etc. You can also visit the Big Box sporting goods stores and the many LGS's to drool over all the firearms you can't buy in Kalifornia unless you are a LEO with permission from your department. That fact & my firing range is a magnet for my kids. Not so much for my grandkids because the boys are government issue located outside Kalifornia. Two of them have stated they will not become residents again.
  15. My nephew was an Army MP & when I visited him in April 2014 in Stuttgart he carried an M9.
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