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  1. I don't have 1st hand experience; however, I watched a episode of Shooting Gallery which the marketing mgr. for Polymer 80 demonstrated the finishing of a Glock clone. The kit includes a jig & mill bits required to finish it. A drill press was used as a milling machine. I have though of trying an 80% AR as a project; however, the biggest drawback is they can't be transferred. P.S. The Urban Survival Arms kit includes the Polymer 80 frame, jig, drill bits & mills. The Polymer 80% is a cost effective wat to build a custom Glock. Rather than buying a Glock & then replacing the trigger, barrel, slid, etc.
  2. Caller ID is your friend. My policy is if I don't recognize the number I let it go to voicemail. If it is important to the caller they will leave a message. P.S. due to degradation in the local phone co's buried copper cables I haven't been able to reliably use Netflix. The issue was fixed when they finally installed fiber all the way to my house.
  3. If the guns are double action revolvers or semi-auto handguns that aren't C&R's there is a legal way for your nephew to take possession of these guns through his mother or father. The guns have to be transferred as gifts through a CA FFL. My wife gave our daughter a sub-compact Taurus 380 pistol she wanted. The pistol has never been on the CADOJ list.
  4. The reason these ordinances are passed is not the stated purpose of raising revenue. It is a legal low cost way to close retailers of the taxed products. Changing zoning would credibly be challenged in federal court as a takings. The city council majority knows it will result in lost sales tax revenue; since, they have ample historic data from other cities that have adopted similar ordinances. The City of Oakland CA, Fremont CA, San Francisco & Seattle.
  5. H.W.'s "sporting purpose" regulation is worse than a bump stock being classified as a machine gun.
  6. The primary reason for the B-26's unflattering nickname "widow maker" was primarily due to it's unconventionally high wing loading which is the same reason the century series fighter F-104 received the same moniker. The thin short wings that allowed the aircraft very high top speed made them their unforgiving flight characteristics.
  7. The scene with the attack on a Japanese airfield was before the battle of Midway. Unless I heard it wrong the island was Roi in Kwajalein Atoll. The mountainous terrain got my attention since having spent a week on Kwajalein island in 1985 I know the highest point on any of the many islands of the atoll is approx 7 feet. I am sure this scene was not a depiction of real events. I liked the movie a lot since it is more historically accurate than 99% of war movies built around real events. Not like that stinker Pearl Harbor.
  8. The DA in Lake County knows the potential jury pool & didn't want to waste the county's meager funds. If had happened in Marin County it would have been another story.
  9. Sorry to hear that. The last time I visited San Diego was 20+ years ago. 17 & 15 years ago I drove through there going to & from Rosarito Beach. The 1st time for a short vacation & the 2nd time to purchase outdoor folk art.
  10. The State supreme court conferred that the city's statement that it didn't violate the state preemption law; because, it was a modification of an ordinance that was in effect before the state preemption was in effect July 20, 2013. The judiciary didn't accept their rational.
  11. He should have waited till he reached an SF station. The new DA who's is the product of 2 cop killing Weather Underground members & raise by none other the Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dorn platform was not to prosecute quality of life crimes. So, when visiting SF you don't need to find bathroom facilities, just do it on the sidewalk; even when checking out the homes of Nancy & other elites. Just remember to carry TP & moist towlets.
  12. The South has oppressive humidity. I lived for 8 mo's, 1969-1970 in Columbus GA & the summer's were like a sauna. Best weather, mildest, in continental USA is San Diego. Shirt sleeve & shorts weather almost all year; except May Gray & June Gloom. Except for the 30 mo's I was Government Issue I lived in the East SF Bay Area. At least until I retired at the end of 2012. My desire to live else ware started in the late 90's due to changing political climate & increasingly crowded freeways. This is sad for a 3rd generation Californian. Besides the politics the cost of living is the reason I retired in N NV. I can't name anything that costs more in NV.
  13. He only shoots coyotes & bobcats that kill his chickens. He can't effectively do that anymore; because, of the progression of Parkinson's.
  14. It depends on the age of the GENERAC. In my experience as an engineer for 35 years at the largest CAT engine product dealer in the US I am very familiar with GENERAC's commercial/industrial gas & diesel fueled gensets. In the early 90's CAT distributed GENERAC gensets under the Olympian brand. CAT terminated the agreement when CAT acquired FG Wilson in the mid 90's. FG Wilson is a genset mfg. located in N. Ireland. Starting In 2006 when the EPA required stationary spark ignition (gas) engines to be emissions certified the Olympian gensets were mfg. by GENERAC. There was a noticeable quality improvement between the 90's & 2006 gensets. Digital replaced analog controls & Delphi connectors replaced Molex connectors. While the 90's GENERAC's couldn't be drop shipped at the jobsite because they all required warranty work to run. The 2006 product could be drop shipped without risking expensive site warranty work.
  15. Allie, I hope you have a standby generator! My wife's brother & his wife live near Diamond Springs & they were without power for 5 days during the last red flag blackout. He doesn't have a generator large enough to start & run their 3HP well pump. At least he has a wood stove for heat.
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