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  1. Like others have said I haven't had any complaints about Verizon except for monthly cost when we 1st moved to Fallon NV; because, except for satellite the only option for higher speed than dial up internet service was a Verizon jet pack. Also, my daughter's AT&T service didn't work here. The only mobile phone store in town is Verizon. When the local land line co. put in fiber down the main rd. a 1.5 mile away they but in a box that was close enough to get DSL service we switched ISP) to CCCom. A couple of years later they ran fiber down my street & offered $50/mo internet service with free hook-up. They had to run 1,300 feet to get to my house. At that time we switched from direct TV to CCCom. Cheaper & no more sever weather dropouts. P.S. Verizon has been the misses mobile phone provider since the cell phone transceiver was installed in the car's trunk & phone on the hump. Before I retired I used a co. cell phone. The co. 1st used Netel (Notel) then Sprint Notel then AT&T*. With AT&T to get service where I lived I had to go into the window in the living room. *The co. switched to AT&T when it acquired the CAT franchise in Southern OR.
  2. I've been there done that! In my 8th grade general shop class there was a row of benches in the front of the shop. Next to the benches was a kitchen stove that was used to anneal ash trays made out of aluminum sheet. Ball peen hammers were used to shape the project. Once shaped each ash tray was placed on a stove burner with sawdust used to indicate when annealing was complete. If you were finished with your project for the day you were to site on the benches. One day I was sitting on the benches. A fellow student started to anneal his ash tray while I was sitting. Somehow the oven gas valve had been turned on & the oven's pilot wasn't lit. Eventually the natural gas cloud reached the burner flame. The explosion tweaked the oven door, enveloped me in a fire ball, scorched my hair & removed my eyebrows. If that had happened today the middle school administration, school nurse, city police & fire would have gotten involved.
  3. Have you had a COVID booster recently? There is data even the CDC acknowledges that there is significant risk for male senior citizens to develop DVT's, PE's or strokes. That is why won't get another COVID booster after the 1st one in Feb 2022. In March 2016 I had CAVG surgery & I had two complications; blockage in small intestines & 6 PE's in right lung. The PE's happened 2 days after discharge after surgery. The symptoms were similar to yours. The breathing difficulty was I could only take a shallow breath then cough. The ER before a CT was done put me on Morphine & Heparin drip. The Morphine stopped to cough so I could breath normally. 16 hrs after I was admitted two nurses rushed into my room to change the Heparin bag to saline. A blood test showed my platelets had dripped from >160 to 80. It took 8 days for my platelets to reach 160 & Arogatroban to dissolve the PE's and another 3 to get to a therapeutic dose of Warfarin. I had developed an allergy to Heparin in the 3 weeks from my 1st exposure during an angiogram. Obviously I didn't have the allergy when I was exposed during the surgery & recovery. I was on Warfarin for the next 18 mo's after bugging KP doctors to get me off the stuff. Since then when I have any procedure or injury that may cause clots my medical providers have proscribed Plavix as a propholactic.
  4. It is THE Pat Riot so you can distinguish him from all the wanabes.
  5. The reason the police officers had their guns drawn is all stops after dark a HIGH risk. I am not nor are my kids in the business but I lived in an affluent city in the SF East Bay that is separated from the high crime areas by the hills from the hoods. The chief of police wanted the residents to learn about policing so there was a Citizens Police Academy. What I learned was that night time traffic stops have a higher probability of shit happening. What I learned was you don't cross between your cruiser & the stopped vehicle & you stay out of the driver's view as much as possible. All the time with your hand on the grip of your handgun. Now in high crime cities I guess you my have your gun at the ready before talking to the driver? P.S. the night shift ride along was interesting. One traffic stop & one alarm call at an office building. This in a town where one office with the rank of Sargent liked to "harass" high school boys. He eventually picked on the wrong kid & got reassigned to the county jail. The city contracted with the sheriffs dept. to provide the personnel for the city police dept. Part of the training were physical contact rules and what is shown on the video is definitely verboten. The worst incident in the 27 years I lived there was a Chicago style gang shootout at a nightclub parking lot. The club on weekends catered to residents on the west side of the hills. The police department just about had to station a car there on Friday & Saturday nights because of the many fights. The city finally got the landlord to terminate the lease. P.S. I have a question for you law dogs. What do you do when in a situation where you can control a person like in Memphis & there is no reason to believe the subject is a danger to others if they are left to flee the seen on foot? To me other than being tall Tyre if not fueled by drugs like PCP wouldn't have the strength to break free & run away fast.
  6. For CA residents get an FFL 3 (Curios & Relics) license. With one besides not having to go through an FFL if the firearm is 50+ years old you can buy ammo from an out of state FFL. I think this was a provision added for CA residents that are sponsored competitors. A FFL 3 is cheap.
  7. At least he didn't respond like he did when a 9th Circus 3 judge panel upheld St. Benitez opinion declaring CA's AWB unconstitutional per Heller's "In common use" standard. He had verbal diarrhea. After Bruen he knows that CA's gun safety laws will fail the one step textual & historical (pre 1868) test. There were no firearms types restriction before the 14th Amendment was ratified.
  8. I agree with some gun rights advocates who have predicted that 2023 & maybe continuing into 2024 will be big for gun rights. Bruen set the test for 2A infringements. The 2A cases that were in the cert. hopper were remanded to the Circuit courts & these cases are only in the preliminary injunction stage now. Residents of deep blue states & some red states are highly likely to regain constitutional rights they lost in the 20th & 2ist centuries. The defendants (state) lawyers briefs have tried hard to find pre 1868 analogs to the challenged statutes as evidence satisfy the Bruen single step test. NY used laws that banned keeping arms by Catholics, African Americans & Native Americans. Talk about whistling past the graveyard present those. P.S. At least no state invokes the Declaration of Independence like many hoplophobes who cite "life liberty & pursuit of happiness."
  9. What astonishes me is that most of lawmakers are lawyers. And either they are morons when it comes to Constitutional law or they are just virtue signalling. They should know that there are minors & adults. All the "people's" rights in the Bill of Rights apply to adults. Adulthood begins on one's 18th birthday therefore any law that encumbers an adult's right to keep & bear arms until they are 21 years old is obviously unconstitutional. Arguing otherwise is BS especially if alcoholic beverage consumption is used as proof. Like the drivers license required to operate a motor vehicle on a public roadway alcohol use is a privilege. Unlike keeping & bearing arms which is a god given right that shall not be infringed. P.S. I beginning to think this week that many lawyers are morons. This week the Senate Judiciary Committee members were questioning a nominee for a seat on the Eastern District of WA federal court. Senator Kennedy asked the nominee simple questions re. What are Article II & V of the Constitution when this "two baggar" (woman & minority) couldn't answer he asked her what some judicial principle here reply was she had spent X years in the WA AG's office & 8 years as a state court judge.
  10. Right after the Route 91 Harvest festival when there was a lot of talk about classifying bump stocks & devises that increase the firing rate I decided I'd buy a binary trigger. I chose the Fostech because with the Franklin Armory binary trigger your finger could outrun the Franklin trigger & you'd have to eject the round in the chamber. That is why they are on III model. The Fostech didn't have the problem. The installation recommended that the AR buffer have 3 tungsten weights so I replaced the 2 aluminum weights with tungsten weights. I used a lower built from an Anderson stripped lower. Latter during the 2020 Democrat primary season after Sniffy Joe got in a verbal spat with a IBEW construction worker while he toured a FCA (Chrysler) factory under construction Joe's retort to the electrician's Modern Sporting Rifle question was his signature put down "Dog Faced Pony Soldier". PSA came out with a "Dog Face Pony Soldier" stripped lower. I showed the misses an article about it. I had no intention on buying one however she told me to buy it. I did and in Oct. I completed it. Since it had engraving in the auto selector position I decided to move the binary trigger to that lower. The only issue I had was the written instructions weren't clear on how to close the upper so you can insert the rear takedown pin. Fortunately the video on their website showed how to do it. I never had a issue in binary mode in either lower. I have a suggestion that you swap the bolt carriers. The drop-in trigger assembly has a lever like an auto sear which holds the hammer in the cocked position until the trigger is reset. When trigger is reset the binary sear it tripped. The problem with the 1st Franklin trigger is if you reset the trigger before the bolt was in battery the firing pin couldn't indent the primer enough to ignite the priming compound. P.S. At the time I bought it the typical online prices were $700 which is $200 premium over MSRP. Then Brownells had a special for approx $400.
  11. In January 2019 when Hodgdon discontinued the 5lb jug I paid $143.40 to Powder Valley. It included $29.90 for shipping & Hazmat fee. In 2013 after Sandy Hook I couldn't find Trail Boss in any LGS in SF Bay Area so, I bought it from Cabelas over the internet & I know I paid over $230 with sales tax, shipping & hazmat.
  12. Gas turbines with liquid fuel systems will run on any hydrocarbon liquid. In my 34 years working for a CAT dealer'''s engine division there were many times where the end user was the Navy or Air Force. When the site was an air base the fuel was JP-8. JP-8 has a lower density than no. 2 diesel. JP-8 spec. has a wider range of sulfur allowed, lower lubricity & lower energy density. The lower density means that fuel consumption is higher. Lower lubricity means injection pumps, unit injectors & high pressure pumps have shorter lives. Unless the injection system is calibrated for lower heat value the engine derates 5-8%. I am sure the Leopard II's use JP-8 since it is NATO fuel. Depending on the ATG-2500's fuel control system there should be no loss in performance running fuel oil available in Ukraine. GT's fuel control whether mechanical or digital control fuel flow to combustors & compressor guide vanes based on throttle position, compressor discharge temperature & hot stage input gas temperature. If digital control more parameters are monitored. In the winter the combustion air density is high & temperature is low which results in lower hot stage gas temperature will be lower so unless there is a fuel flow limiter the shaft power will be higher thanATG-250 factory rating. Therefore the M1 will be faster than in the sandbox. The APU will like DF-2 fuel.
  13. The only assault weapon I own is a 1999 Colt Sporter A2 HBAR. It is so because it was registered with CA DOJ in 2000. I am sure the registration form is in some warehouse in Sacramento. Until the 9th Circus or SCOTUS shit cans AWB's I legally can't possess it in CA because I moved it to NV January of 2013.
  14. In the 40+ years I lived in CA after I turned 21 is served on one driving under the influence jury. I was called 3 other times & was dismissed before noon recess twice. The 3rd time I sat until 2:30PM before the panel I was one was dismissed: because the defendant accepted a plea bargain. Within a year of moving to Fallon NV I was called & selected for a jury. The defendant was charged with grand theft. His occupation was salvaging metals. He & his partner located underground phone company cables in the open spaces of Northern NV and dug a hole to cut the cable(s). Then hook a cable or heavy rope to the cable. Then pull a few hundred feet up with their Pickup truck. Then chop it int 4 - 6 foot pieces. AT&T doesn't abandon copper cables unless they have deteriorated to the point they can't be used as a backup to the current active fiber optic cable. The cable these crooks targeted connected Reno with Ely. The section they chopped runs from Hazen to just north of Fallon on 95. The two had very bad karma the day the got caught by a Churchill County sheriff's deputy who who served eviction notices. That day his tasked was to post a notice on a POS travel trailer that had been located for some time on property owned by a mining company. There was currently no mining activities. The deputy spotted the perp's truck from the sand road to the property with the trailer. This is out in the middle of nowhere. The deputy's spidy senses went off because there in no one living out there. It took one & 1/2 day for the trial & jury deliberations. That year after the trial I turned 70 which you are no longer selected for jury duty. A couple of years ago I was notified by the Federal court to submit a questionnaire online. I haven't heard back.
  15. If he lives in a state like CA which has a 50 caliber ban he can't buy or transfer a 50-110 through an FFL. Also the recoil will be worse with smokeless powder; because it generates gas faster than real black or subs. Faster burning produces higher acceleration of the bullet which means more recoil. Newtonian physics: Force Equal Mass times Acceleration also For Every Reaction There Is An Equal & Opposite Reaction. As stated by others the heavier (mass) the firearm the lower the recoil force.
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