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  1. To the Mountain Clan: Sorry for your lose. Yankee & Boston Lady
  2. No. It looks awkward and why would take the cylinder out anyway? It is simpler to keep the gun whole and load it.
  3. HHH, Congratulations on another win. Now go to EOT and enter and win a new Category as you move into a new age bracket.
  4. Congratulations Grazer on another win.
  5. YANKEE: A life long resident of New England!
  6. TB, Boston Lady & I could help out on side events. However, we are shooting the warm-up match @ 11AM, then at 4PM I have the Posse Marshal meeting. Yankee
  7. Boston Lady & I put our Applications in the mail today, looking forward to going back to Comin' Back at Cha
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